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Thursday 2/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

At Fusion the girls read their reviews from the papers. They were a great success and their dream is coming true. Mia tells Simone that Jake never came home. Greenlee gets another E-mail from her mystery man. Kendall tells her to read it and not run away from the situation. Greenlee asks Chris to look into her mystery E-mailer, and he agrees to help her. At enchantment Lena tells Erica the Fusion party was successful. Erica thinks Michael is positioning himself for a takeover. She has a lunch meeting with Michael, and tells him she doesn't believe he is being completely honest. Kendall discovers them together. Michael admits he is concerned with Kendall's feelings. Erica blames Kendall for the hostility between them. Michael says it is more than a casual fling. Kendall interrupts and asks Erica why she is always trying to ruin her life. Kendall asks Michael how he could fall for Erica's act. Michael and Kendall argue and she tells him to fly off on his jet. He leaves. Kendall runs into Boyd. Tad stops by to see Jake, and Allison is in his office. She leaves and Tad finds a note from Jake saying he is leaving town. Simone finds Tad in Jake’s office. He tells her Jake has left, and Simone is upset about how Mia will take it. Tad and Mia are interrupted by Mia and she asks what is going on. Isabella wants to know why Maria/Maureen isn't with her husband and children. She asks Edmund how he can give her up. Aidan and Maureen enjoy breakfast in bed. They are interrupted by Isabella. Isabella tells Maureen she is ashamed of her and doesn't understand how she can leave her children and husband behind to take up with Aidan. Back home, Maddie asks Edmund if mommy is leaving them. Edmund tells Maddie that Maureen doesn't remember being her mommy and they have to except her as Maureen. There is a knock at the door, and it is Maureen.

ATWT by Dione

Katie decided to go to the Lake View to have a few words with Bartleby. While there, she staged an argument so that he could threaten her. Margo arrested him after he grabbed her by the arm and threatened her life. Bartleby told Margo that he would be leaving town that night, after she wanted to contact INS. Meanwhile, Simon was at the cottage, packing to leave with Bartleby. He sulked around looking at Katie's picture and told Snickers to take care of her.  Dr. Michaels escorted Will to the hearing, against Barbara's wishes. At the hearing, Will stated that he wanted to live with his father. Barbara began to cry, Will changed his mind, finally, he got the approval from his mom to stay with is dad. Lily and Jack talked about ending his marriage to Carly. Jack doesn't like the fact that legally, the baby is his. Lily tried to talk some sense into Jack, but he ran over to Mike's. At Mike's, Craig was there convincing Carly to return to work. Mike wants her to take it easy. Jack told Carly that he wasn't making a social call and wanted to talk to her about their future.

B&B by Matt

Sorry, no recap (Matt is on vacation for two days)

Days by Rebecca

Belle confronts Shawn, then Cassie about keeping the secret. Abe tells Shawn about his story not matching up with forensics. We learn that Nicole is the real killer, and Victor goes to see Larry Welch with evidence that may lead to HIS arrest for the murder of Colin Murphy. Jack and Jennifer are there for support as Hope is on the brink of tears. She also learns that Jennifer and Jack are engaged. Family pleads with Shawn to plead innocent at the arraignment, and Mickey informs them that it doesn't look good. Kate convinces Roman to stand by his family as they are confronted by Shawn Sr. and Caroline. Finally, Shawn pleads guilty to murder...

GH by Meghan

Summer walked into Kelly's and sat down to talk with Luke, meanwhile Lucky walked in. Lucky left to go to class, Summer following close behind. Lucky ragged on her for scheming because of her relationship with both him and his father. She denied it all, and Scott came to the docks. Lucky told them they deserved each other, and they left together and Scott put the pieces together, and figured out the Spencer's were dating the same woman. Courtney met Jason on the docks, and he told her he wanted her to ID a man who worked for Faith...when he came Courtney confirmed it was Faith's man. He ordered her to leave, and he started beating him up. Courtney didn't leave and tried getting in the middle to break up the fight. Taggert came and arrested Jason. When Courtney broke the news to Sonny and Carly, Carly convinced Sonny to let Ric help Jason..reluctantly he agreed, still unaware that Ric was blackmailing Carly. At the police station, Jason didn't want help from Ric but agreed with Sonny's order. Ric blackmailed another man, (the one who worked for Faith), telling him that Sonny would kill him if he ever found out that he was the one who drugged Carly. Alone at the penthouse, Carly told Courtney that she was making things worse for Jason even though she loved him. Alan and Skye had breakfast together, her admitting that she was still in love with Jax, but she wasn't sure what to do. Alan gave her advice that love should make her happy. At the hospital, Ned tried to convince Alexis to let him bring home baby Kristina. She refused, and he told her it was better for the baby. Ned left, and Cameron brought a picture of Kristina and Alexis and had her try a technique to understand her and her sister were different people. Cameron promised Alexis she would do minimum time, and Alexis announced to herself that she planned on spending not even one night in jail.

GL by Barbra

Gus pumps Harley for info about the exhumation. Harley admits that there was no body to get DNA from. Someone is setting them up and they will have to start back at square one. Olivia calls Phillip and asks him to meet her at Company. Alex tells Phillip that Olivia is pregnant and that she thinks Olivia was already pregnant when they slept together and that she is just setting him up. Sam meets Olivia and they talk about the baby. Phillip talks to Rick about his feelings. Olivia experiences abdominal pains and is carried to the ER crying about her baby. Reva meets the TV station execs and they discuss her show. When they say no, she threatens to walk. They quickly change their minds. Someone watches from the shadows as the promo for Reva's show comes on. Until tomorrow- let the light shine.

OLTL by Suzanne

Starr begged Blair to go to Mitch's hearing so she could see Todd, but Blair refused. Later, Starr conned Hedy into taking her to the hospital to see Troy, feigning a stomach ache. Blair was called and Starr told her that if she didn't get to see Todd, she would live with Troy or someone else. Blair argued with her and Troy helped calm Starr down.  Joey saw Flash's wad of cash and mentioned the break-in but did not press her, just wanting to warn that they might question her. There was sexual tension between them. Joey heard Flash sing (she was very good) and tried to convince her and her friends that they should go back to high school, to no avail. Todd got caught breaking into the lawyers' office by a security guard. He tried to charm his way out of it but the guard called the cops instead. Todd convinced Antonio that what he did was for his kids, to stop Mitch Lawrence. Mitch seemed concerned before his hearing and said the usual stuff to Viki, Jessica, Jen, Natalie, et al. He tried to take Viki up on her previous financial offer but they laughed in his face at the idea. Antonio asked Sam if he would help him get the right to see his child. Sam and Blair heard that Todd was in trouble with the cops but decided to mind their own business. Nora was nervous before the hearing since it was her first case as assistant D.A. At Mitch's hearing, the judge reviewed the charges and after hearing both sides, granted bail to Mitch, much to everyone's shock and outrage. Mitch assured Viki that he would get what he wanted and no one could stop him. Todd arrived and told Nora, Bo, et al. that Mitch plans to kill Victor so he can get all of the Lord money and possessions. Natalie and Cris went to the diner; Carlota thought Natalie would take her room but Cris had other plans. She relented but Natalie insisted on sleeping on the couch so as not to make Carlota uncomfortable. Troy told Victor that they can't wait for a donor heart so they hope to get him an artificial one instead. Victor, very stressed, asked Troy for a pen and paper; Troy was concerned about his getting upset so he ordered a sedative, but Victor refused. He had a heart attack while he was furiously writing something and flatlined. Mitch arrived outside his room in time to see it and smile.

Passions by Ashley

Kay asks Tabitha to help her start witchcraft so she can finally get what she wants...Miguel. Charity and Miguel start to talk and get close over Antonio's recovery. But there is still a wall up between them but he tells her he'll never give her up. Kay and Simone talk and she tells her the low things she stooped to get Chad. She tells her the fake suicide attempt she pulled with aspirin. Eve and Grace are at odds when she obliges Ivy's blackmail to keep her at the Bennetts' home. Grace is distraught Ivy will be staying there longer. Both Theresa and Whitney try to talk sense into Ethan to realize the "accident" wasn't Theresa's fault when she is placed in handcuffs. Theresa has her last plea and tries to tell him what Ivy's truly like but he stands up to what he believes and doesn't believe her.

PC by Beth

Rafe asks his dad for some advice about how to beat Caleb, but Ed's not talking. Rafe recognizes Casey immediately and is encouraged by her presence in Port Charles, especially now that she's a guardian. He thinks that she must know how to get rid of Caleb once and for all. Casey reminds him that he's not an angel anymore. Therefore, he can't have any inside information. She doesn't know which side will win, but she's glad to have her own job to do in the fight. Caleb's confession that he wants Tess makes her very uncomfortable. Caleb believes that they are meant to be together. He instills doubt about Jack's love for her, and her love for Jack. He believes that what she feels for Jack is gratitude, not love. In Caleb's eyes, Tess chose him the moment she placed her hand on his chest and brought him back to life. He kisses her, and she returns the kiss at first, but then she gets scared and runs out. Wallowing in self-pity, Jack drinks beer after beer while burning all his photos of Tess. Alison tries to reason with him, but he insists that he and Tess are finished. If she really loved him, she wouldn't have betrayed him. He maintains that his betrayal of her was justified. He now realizes that he's been blindly in love with the same person for three years, and while he always finds his way back to her, she wants and loves Caleb, not him. He's tired of trying to fight this. Alison reminds him that Tess is the Livvie he used to love. She's afraid that Tess won't be able to survive without Jack if he turns his back on her. Jack doesn't care, because he's just trying to save himself now. After she leaves, he throws the doll into the fire just as Tess returns home.

Y&R By Judy

Nikki and Ashley argue over Abby's paternity as Nikki threatens to tell Victor the truth. Cassie's doctor is getting concerned that she is still in a coma and a teary eyed Victor speaks tenderly to her. Fred offers to help Jill find her real parents as Larry overhears the conversation. Larry then tells her he has another surprise planned but Jill turns him down, saying she is busy, then they have words about her plans to start the search. Despite Elizabeth's feelings and her refusal to help, Jill hounds her for information. Fred forgets his lunch date with Anita and shrugs off her offer to rendezvous again. Larry shows up at Fred's office and suggests that Jill should let go of her intention to look for her real parents. Andy encourages Diane to see Kyle but she fears a confrontation with Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis hash over Kyle's adjustment woes and Phyllis does not want Diane around at all. Diane gets up the nerve to call Jack but hangs up when Phyllis answers. Then in Diane's defense Andy show's up at Jack's with an attitude.

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