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Wednesday 2/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Anna has lost amniotic fluid and goes into surgery. David scrubs in. Anna temporarily loses consciousness. The baby is born and is healthy. David tells Anna how proud he is of her. They take the baby to NICU to be safe. Anna tells David she wants to name the baby Leora after Leo. Aidan and Maureen wait while Anna is in surgery. Aidan is worried because so much has happened. They talk about Morgan, Fiona and King. Maureen comforts Aidan, and tells him things will be ok. She tells him she doesn't remember giving birth and misses her kids. He asks what would happen if she got her memory back, and she doesn't know. After hearing that Anna and the baby are good, they go back to the hotel. Aidan tells Maureen he loves her, and she returns his sentiment. They make love. Greenlee is glad that her mystery man it isn't Andrew Miller. The girls decide they are not going to be scammed by him. Greenlee invites him over to her place. She tells Andrew she wants to talk business. He tells her if she doesn't put out, they won't do business. Kendall, Mia and Simone were listening and recording what Andrew said. They threaten him with the tape and tell him to resign. He tells them they will never succeed. The girls decide they will make it own their own. Kendall tells Greenlee she is proud of her. As Trey is picking up Reggie in jail, Jack shows up and hassles Trey. He says he is going to prove that Trey burned down Erica's house. Jack also tells Reggie he is going in front of the judge in the morning to have him removed from Trey's guardianship. Back at home, Trey tells Reggie he knows he is protecting someone. Reggie gets angry and demands Trey tell him the truth about the fire. Trey admits he burned Erica's house down and that it was a mistake.

ATWT by Dione

Barbara convinced Dr. Michaels to let her take Will for a walk outside. Instead, she took him to Alison's hearing. Evelyn gave a testimony of Will's medical state since the fire. The judge ordered that Alison be charged as an adult and be held without bail. Dusty kissed Rose at the Lake View. Rose decided not to tell Paul. Katie tried to beat the truth out of Henry about Simon and the woman at the bar. When Simon came home, Katie dressed up like a prostitute to try and convince him that she wants to go into the "family business" of conning people out of their money.

B&B by Matt

Today’s show is inundated with flashbacks on Ridge and Bridget’s part. Long story short, Ridge doesn’t make in time to catch Bridget’s flight. But it turns out she didn’t get on so the two hug at the end of the show. Mass hopes he did the right thing by Ridge and Bridget. Stephanie is more than chagrined when she finds out that Mass told Ridge the truth about EVERYTHING! Brooke and Deacon share an unpleasant visit. It culminates with Deacon wanting to be with Brooke and Hope. Brooke denies her feelings and reiterates Ridge is the only man for her, so Deacon can take his dreams and stuff it where the sun don’t shine. Deacon glares off.

Days by Rebecca

Chloe has a nosebleed so she and Brady leave, but not before he notices his cousin Shawn on the cover of the newspaper being charged with murder. Nancy goes into labor as they arrive! Because of Will, Brandon agrees to move in with Sami. After contacting Rolf, Marlena realizes he was the doctor when she was giving birth to the twins. Rolf reveals that he had tested Tony's sperm which makes him and Marlena believe that they are in fact the parents of Cassie and Rex. John gives her his support and they pack their things. Cassie and Rex go into the secret room and see Prof. Putnam who covers saying he is a friend of Tony's helping him with a project, and afterwards Rex trys to hack into Tony's computer.

GH by Meghan

~*~Fan Fantasy Day~*~

Jason and Sonny changed places; Jason was the big shot, and Sonny took the shots(literally)! Sonny, went up to heaven, where Luke played the gate-keeper. He forced Sonny to look back on his life, to see what could have/would have/should have been. As Sonny's life was looked at,Luke blew a whistle that stopped time every time Sonny should act differently. Alexis came clean about him being baby Kristina's dad(yay)!! He swore to get sole custody if Alexis din't give him joint custody.Luke blew the whistle... At the Quartermaine mansion, the Corinthos family stood around w/ all the Q's as Carly announced that AJ had gotten full custody of Michael. Sonny told Michael that AJ was bad, and he would never have to love with AJ..whistle was blown. Luke calling Sonny a hipocrit because he wanted Kristina, but wouldn't allow Michael to be with AJ. Also, Sonny came home to his penthouse, and Carly came into the room holding their baby son;the baby that they had wished for so long. Sonny thought he shouldn't be happt, and ran out of the penthouse, and demanded Luke blow the whistle. When he didn't, Sonny got back into the elevator, and met Luke back at the gates of heaven. Luke told Sonny that he had a chance, he could get into heaven now, or he could go back to his life, but would possibly end up in hell where he belonged because of all the things he did. Sonny went back to his life, and went home to find Carly and Michael studying together. After sending Michael to bed, Sonny told Carly how much he loved her. Alan and Monica had a talk about afairs, and Ned..not unusual...:-)

GL by Barbra

Gus goes to visit Alex to find out about the bracelet after he gets the cold shoulder from the local police. All the files concerning his mom are missing and no one wants to talk. Gus tells Alex he wants some truthful answers. He lies and tells her that Roy is talking again and wants his cousin to pick him up. Alex freaks and calls the hospital after Gus "leaves". Gus overhears the conversation and realizes that he got Alex. Alex confronts Gus at Company and asks why he lied about Roy. She comes close to telling him the truth. Edmund tells Alex that he is expecting a messenger from San Cristobel with an "offer" from his brother Alonzo. It arrives, and Alonzo has granted Edmund a full pardon meaning he is no longer in exile. Someone throws a brick through a window at the Lewis' home. A black van drives away. The police lend chase but can't catch it. Reva and the family decide the show is going live in an attempt to make the stalker expose himself. This after Shayne comes home with a sweatshirt that was mutilated while in his locker at school. Harley gets the exhumation order and has the coffin brought up. They open this fancy coffin and discover- IT'S EMPTY!!!

OLTL by Suzanne

Al woke up and realized he slept through his big test. He ran into Rex, who offered to sell him drugs to keep him awake, but Al was disgusted by the idea. He went to Carlotta's diner where he saw Bo and Gabi, who were waiting to meet with him (he forgot). They quizzed him about school and pressured him to do better, so he lied that he aced the test. He went to Rex and asked him to hook him up with his supplier. Todd grilled Mitch in jail to see what he could find out about why Victor warned him that Mitch was going to steal his legacy. He was going to strangle Mitch but thought better of it after Mitch called him a cold-blooded killer. Todd broke into a lawyer's office to find Victor's will. Viki went to visit Victor, who said he loved her. She yelled at him and told him that she hated him after what he did to her. He made excuses for wanting Natalie's heart but otherwise acted like she didn't know what he was talking about. She tried to force him to admit it but his heart monitor started beeping and then flatlined until Troy came in to help him, saying something put strain on his heart. Keri brought the baby home to R.J.'s where he had child-proofed the place. Liz arrived to see the baby. Keri told her that the baby was hers, not Liz's. Liz was shocked. She told Keri that she should tell Antonio the truth, but Keri said she wouldn't and that Liz had better not, either, or she would never get to see the baby. Antonio arrived and couldn't believe it when Keri told him that she and Liz are both moving away and that Liz is taking the baby with her. Liz tried to get Keri to tell the truth but Keri wouldn't. R.J. arrived and told Antonio that he was going to protect Keri and the baby now. Antonio threatened to have them arrested and said this isn't over. Cristian visited his mother Carlotta and asked her if he and Natalie could move in there for awhile. She agreed and reluctantly said she would try to give Natalie a chance. Jessica was shocked to hear that Natalie is moving out. Natalie seemed to have a chip on her shoulder about the way Viki treats her as opposed to Jessica. Rex tried to make friends with Flash, who wasn't interested. Rex insinuated that he knew she ripped off the room next to hers at the Palace. Cris picked up Natalie and her stuff so they could go to Mitch's arraignment. Natalie asked Jess not to tell Viki yet that she is moving out. Jess also planned to go to the arraignment, to support Viki. Mitch's lawyer visited him and told him that everything's under control.

Passions by Ashley

Sam tries to arrest Theresa for attempted murder. Sam and Grace argue she thinks that his feelings for Ivy are making him blind to Theresa's innocence. Theresa and Whitney talk and she tells her what Simone did and how her and Chad have broken up. T.C. thinks that no one could ever forgive the person who is Eve's sister. Ivy is frantic that Eve will tell the truth and she won't be able to blackmail her and urges her not to tell. Eve is upset over Liz's revalations about her Father's sexual abuse and Julian comforts her. Everyone is so excited about Antonio's full recovery especially Sheridan and Luis. He tells them he heard what they said when he was in his coma and that his sight is fully recovered.

PC by Beth

As Tess brings Caleb back to life, Rafe wakes up, sensing that something is wrong. Tired of waiting for his wife, Jack rushes out to find her. While still in the shower with Lucy, Ian feels the vampire symptoms returning. Tess and Caleb kiss tenderly. After finding a cryptic note from Rafe, Alison is visited by Lucy, who's looking for Ian. Elizabeth shows up next, complaining about the return of her symptoms. After insulting Lucy's competence as a slayer, Elizabeth begs her to find a way to get rid of Caleb for good. At the crypt, Ian and Jack find Rafe staring at an empty slab. Jack worries that Caleb took Tess, but Ian informs him that Tess obviously brought him back to life and is now with him willingly. In serious denial, Jack is ready to deck Ian, and Rafe has to intervene. After sending Jack home to wait for Tess, Rafe bawls Ian out for getting into it with Jack, who clearly isn't ready to face the truth about his wife. Ian believes that they all have to face the fact that they will never beat Caleb. Thinking his friend needs a wake-up call, Rafe says that when Ian is ready to give up, he'll put him out of his misery--after giving him a minute to say goodbye to his loved ones. Ian admits that he's not ready for that. He goes back to the loft. Lucy apologizes for failing him, but he doesn't blame her. He turns down her offer to make love as a way to make him feel better. When Rafe fills Alison in on what happened, she worries about how Jack is taking this. She begins to wonder whether they were too worried about using Tess to realize that they were the ones being made fools of. Jack realizes that Tess isn't coming back to him.

Tess takes Caleb to a secret place that Jack doesn't know about. She calls him "Caleb" now because that's who he is, just as she is Tess. Caleb doesn't understand why she brought him back to life, but Tess explains that it was the right thing to do. She is angry with Jack and the others for using her. Incredulous, Caleb asks whether she really does love him after all, and Tess says that she couldn't have healed him otherwise. This is Caleb's first experience with unconditional love. He realizes that Tess had to make a lot of sacrifices. He points out that Jack will be angry with her. Tess doesn't want to talk about Jack or anything else. She's tired of being pulled between Caleb and her husband. She's made a decision to let Livvie come out so that she and Caleb can be together. Taking her hand, Caleb admits that he doesn't want Livvie. He wants Tess.

Y&R By ?

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