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Tuesday 2/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Anna is nervous about the baby. They are able to stop her contractions. David asks Aidan to talk with Anna to keep her calm. Aidan tries to get his aunt to stay calm, and tells her she can't control everything. Something is wrong and Anna has to have a cesarean section. They prepare her to go to the operating room. Michael interrupts Boyd and Kendall on the roof. Michael tells Kendall he couldn't miss her big night. Boyd intends to make sure Kendall doesn't get hurt. Boyd leaves. Michael asks if Boyd is competition, and Kendall asks if he is willing to go to battle for her. Michael tells Kendal he is taking her away. He tells her he is taking her to his villa in Tuscany. She says she can't go because should for the meeting with her partners. Greenlee tries to get information out of Andrew Miller. He dodges her questions all night. Greenlee gets herself locked in a room and Carlos finds her and lets her out. She hugs him and heads back to the party. Andy intercepts her and she agrees to breakfast. The girls ask Greenlee about Andrew Miller. She gets a text message and realizes Andrew is not her mystery man. Simone leads Mia away from Jake and Allison. Mia tries to get a straight answer from Simone and assumes she saw Carlos with another woman. Tad and Mia go to look for Jake. Tad finds Simone ranting on the roof about men. He asks her if Jake took off with Allison. He realizes she found them together. Simone realizes it wasn't the first time. Tad tells her she can't tell Mia because it will backfire on their friendship. Janelle finds Trey unconscious on the floor. The paramedics and police come and Reggie says he was the one who did it. Janelle wants to know the truth, but he refuses to tell the truth about Luis, and they take him to jail. Trey comes to bail Reggie out of jail.

ATWT by Dione

Emma pretends to invite Rosanna over to give Natalie a bath. Instead, Aaron wants her to talk to Lucy for him about Alison and him "sleeping together". Evelyn, the acting DA wants to charge Alison as an adult. Alison tries to threaten Craig by saying that she'll tell the judge about their co-conspiracy. Craig threatens that Susan will loose her license and Emily will loose her job at that intruder. Lily, Holden, Dusty, Paul, and Rose met for mimosa's at the Lake View. Rose suspects something fishy about Dusty. Especially since he jokingly said he wanted to take Holden's place.

B&B by Matt

Thomas says he and the rest of the family need her so much. Stephanie diffuses the situation and wants to get Bridget to the airport. She doesn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to Ridge. Out of time, Bridget says goodbye to everyone. Mass finally admits that he is Ridge’s father. Rick notices that Bridget doesn’t seem into going to Denmark. He thinks that maybe she should stay around and see what happens. Ridge says it isn’t possible that Mass is his father, and refuses to believe it until he explains how they all found out about it after Ridge’s accident in Mass’ office. He is also horrified that Eric doesn’t know. Mass points out that Bridget isn’t Ridge’s sister anymore. Ridge is shocked that Bridget knows about this and realizes this is why she pulled away from him after the Italy trip. Mass then adds that Bridget loves Ridge as a man and that is the real reason she is running away. Ridge runs to stop Bridget from leaving, yuck. He sees Eric in his office alone, but the party has ended. When Eric tells him that Bridget has left for the airport, he drives out there to stop her. Bridget gets ready to go through security check at the airport.

Days by Rebecca

Abe and Mickey are brought in and the investigation continues for Shawn as he gets support from family and friends. Sami and Brandon discuss moving in together, and the effect it would have on Will. Lexie has some Braxton-Kicks contractions as Sami listens in. Eugena asks her if she will tell Lexie the truth about her baby's father. Victor makes sure his wife knows whose boss, and Nicole goes to a bar to drink away her sorrows. Little brother Brandon comes to "rescue" her (but still doesn't know the full story), but Nico is the one to finally drive her home. After wards, Victor tells her 'You are mine, Nicole, body and soul - either here or in the penitentiary. After all, let's face the facts - finally. I have in my possession irrefutable proof that you murdered Colin Murphy...'

GH by Meghan

Lucky told Luke that he thought Summer had a hidden agenda, without admitting that he had been seeing her too. Summer walked into the club. Lucky pretended to have just met her, and excused himself from the club. Luke told Summer he would come around; she left to go after Lucky. He told her that they had no relationship, and he was done with her. Summer said she cared about Luke, and she wasn't going to tell him about the time she spent with Lucky...she told Lucky she had no alterior motive. Nikolas arrived to see Luke, and told him if him and Lucky were having problems, he would help.  At the hospital, Scott went to question Alexis; a nurse came in an tried to put on restraints, and Kristina came out. Cameron sent Scott away. Taggert saw Ned, Faith, Jax, and Skye at a restaurant, and he filled them in on what was going on with Alexis. Skye, Ned, and Jax arrived at the hospital, and Jax promised Alexis that he would get her out of the Alcazar mess. Ned went to talk to her, and told her he would bring home Kristina...Faith walked into the room carrying the baby.

Carly and Sonny talked about having a baby at her club. Jason came in after having a fight with Courntey, and Carly left after telling Sonny that he was wrong about Jason and Courtney's relationship. Ric came and told Jason and Sonny that Alexis had been arrested. She went to check on Courtney who told her that Jason wanted her out of town, and away from him. Carly encouraged Courtney to fight for Jason. Ric went to Courtney w/ college applications, and she told him that he shouldn't be so interested in Sonny...he encouraged her to fight for Jason.

GL by Barbra

Olivia comes to the mansion looking for her divorce papers. She is ambushed verbally by Alex as usual. They spar as only they can. Olivia sees Dr. Sedwick who tells her that there is a MD that can test paternity in utero if she would like for her to arrange it. Olivia says she knows who the daddy is, don't bother. Olivia runs into Lizzie and apologizes to her for being part of the reason she went to boarding school. She inquires about Phillip and Lizzie leaves. Enter Beth, they talk and Beth tells Olivia that she will tell Phillip she called. Alan awakens from his nap and finds Olivia's letter in which she tells him everything between them is gone, including the baby. He's MAD. Ben arrives at the cabin and prepares to take Alan home. Alan wants to make a stop first. Mel and Dr. Grant discuss a job offer for ER chief. She suggests Rick, he wants her. Rick encourages her to take the job. She says no, telling her mom she won't take her husband's position from him. Beth sees Rick and tells him what a jerk he is talking to Phillip about their love history. Rick apologizes. Gus and Harley spend time at Gina's grave. Gus pours out his heart to his mom. Gus realizes that the grave doesn't look fresh enough or disturbed to have been exhumed last week. He calls Sonny who tells him he took care of everything himself. Gus questions the headstone and Sonny says it was just a marker since she was a Jane Doe. Gus tells Harley, he is lying. He leaves and Harley calls Frank for help to have the grave opened but it must be kept secret from Gus.

OLTL by Sandy

Rex begins his new job at the hotel. He encourages Roxy to go after Asa. Rae won't divorce Asa. Asa has a heart attack. Later he tells Renee he faked the attack. Joey tells Flash about his past with Kelly. Rex barges in and makes rude comments. Flash runs out when Joey questions her. Mitch wants his lawyer to find the document Victor signed. Victor tells Todd that he is just like Victor. Victor orders Todd to "save the Lord Legacy." He gives Todd his ring. Viki sees Todd leave Victor's room. Todd questions Mitch about his connection to Victor. Natalie doesn't believe she will ever fit in. Cris asks her to move in with him. Viki enters Victor's room.

Passions by Ashley

Eve is very upset when she finds out the truth of what happend to Liz when she left her. Ivy is upset Eve plans to tell T.C. the truth and tries to stop her for her own agenda. Whitney hears all the talk about Liz's relationship with her sister and is upset her and Simone's relationship may end up that way because of Chad. When Chad tells Whitney that Simone is stronger than she thinks and she decides to tell her but than something shocking is discovered. Beth finally gets Sheridan to see that the only thing to do to keep Luis from seing her is to leave town with Antonio. But then Luis calls to say that everythings going to be alright because a miracles happening....Antonio is waking up!

PC by Beth

Alison panics at the thought that Rafe could be gone, while Lucy tries to explain why he didn't call her. They're both relieved when Rafe returns; he was just trying to call Alison. Tess begs Caleb to open his eyes. She just needs some time to heal him. Jack drags her home to keep her from getting that chance. Rafe and the others gather around Caleb's body to prepare it for the ceremony. They take it to a crypt. Rafe begins the vampire burial rite, which ends when he drives a wooden stake through Caleb's heart. At home, Tess is inconsolable. Jack's attempts to explain why he did this don't help. He goes outside for more firewood, and when he returns, she's gone. Lucy is thankful that Ian is back to normal, but she wishes there were a way to wash off what they did. Ian has a way; they take a shower together and make love. Rafe admits that he didn't know what would happen to him. However, instead of dwelling on that, he decided to focus on Alison and their love for each other. Alison can't stop thinking about how Tess was trying to bring Caleb back to life, but Rafe is looking forward to a nice, sunny day tomorrow. They make love. Tess knows exactly where to find Caleb's body. She pulls out the stake and cries about her failure to help him. Laying her head down on his chest, she says that she should have let him have Livvie. Standing up, she tells him that she would save him if she could. A tear falls from her face and lands on Caleb's cheek. The wind howls and blows through the crypt. Caleb opens his eyes and smiles at Tess, who smiles back.

Y&R By Judy

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