Monday 2-24-03 Recaps

Monday 2/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Kendall, Greenlee, and Mia getting ready for the launch party. They talk about Greenlee’s mystery man. Mia wants to spend the evening with Jake, but Kendall has her spending it with Andrew Miller. They enter the party only to find no one is there. Boyd and Bianca show up, and Kendall immediately blames Bianca for sabotaging their party. The girls are freaking out about tanking in front of the press. Next scene the place is packed and the party is a success. Everyone is there including Liza, Adam, Tad, and Jake, Lena and Allison. The girls are getting their pictures taken and answering questions. Reggie calls Trey and he is still at home waiting for Janelle. Kendall apologizes to Bianca. Jake is irritated because Mia is spending all her time with Andrew Miller. Jake drinks, a lot. Allison follows him around like a puppy dog, and Tad tries to distract her. Bianca figures out Erica sent Lena to spy on Fusion. Kendall and Boyd get into a disagreement over Michael. Andrew tells Mia he can help take Fusion to the top. Reggie comes in on Luis robbing Trey’s loft. Luis makes Reggie help him. Boyd drags Kendall to the roof to apologize. Simone’s cellmates show up. Kendall tries to shoo them out. Greenlee jumps all over Simone for inviting them. Tad tries to get Jake to stop drinking and have fun with Mia. Mia figures out that Andrew is Greenlee’s mystery man, and tells her. Boyd warns Kendall about Michael. Kendall and Boyd dance. Trey and Janelle return and hear someone in the loft. Luis threatens Reggie and pulls a gun. Trey comes in and Reggie knocks him out. Michael shows up looking for Kendall and finds her dancing on the roof with Boyd.  Simone goes looking for Carlos and finds Jake making out with Allison behind closed doors. Greenlee hesitantly approaches her mystery man, Andrew. Joanie tells JR that Jamie and Laurie kissed. 

ATWT by Dione

Holden suggests to Jack to be supportive of his wife and not rule out the fact that he can be father of the baby. Jack goes to Mike's and hears him and Carly picking out baby names while he's standing outside. Alison turns herself in to Hal. He suggests that Tom represent her. Alison feels the wrath of Barbara when she corners her and promises to make Alison pay for what she's done. Marshall ruins Jessica and Ben's dinner by pretending to lock himself out of her house and calling the ODPD.

B&B by Matt

Bridget refuses to listen to Mass anymore. Gladys drops by per Sally's request. She wants her to come up with a disguise for them so they can check on Thorne to see if he's really shacking up with Dr. Quick. Tricia fixes a turkey for Thorne, but is interrupted by Gladys and Sally in disguise. Mass intercepts Ridge to presumably tell him about his paternity. CJ tells Bridget it isn't to late to change her mind, but Stephanie jokingly says it is. Tricia catches on to what they are doing and makes it appear that she and Thorne are doin' the nasty later on that night. The family wishes Bridget well on her adventure to Copenhagen, but Thomas cries for her not to go. Tricia leads Sally and Gladys to believe she and Thorne are doing it.hardcore I might add. Shocked, Sally falls into hot tub. Stephanie realizes Ridge is missing and is concerned. Mass almost tells Ridge he is his father.but not quite.

Days by Rebecca

Chloe and Brady have a romantic evening in the hot tub, and Jack and Jennifer finally make love for the first time in years and Jack gives her back her wedding ring. John and Tony watch as Marlena remembers giving birth to twins. Tonyl realizes that the twins are their children, as John looks on horrified. Belle and Hope are saved by some cops and Shawn (who left the hospital) Bo chases down Larry and uses him as his personal punching bag. At the end, Larry is in custody and Roman arrests Shawn for the murder of Colin Murphy.

GH by Megsaqt

After Sonny gets a phone call about Jason and Courtney, he tries to go, but Carly tries to stop him until she realizes there might be something wrong...Sonny goes. At the cabin, Courtney asked Jason if he really loved her, when he told her it didn't matter, she persued it until Jason told Courtney she had to stay away because he loved her. He admitted that he thought about her all the time...they kissed as Sonny walked in. He told Courtney to stay away,Jason defended her to Sonny.When Sonny left, Faith arrived and harassed Carly about Sonny, and any problems he might be having. Carly, punched Faith :-) and they went after each other until Zander came in and broke it up. Gia told him to stay away from Faith. At Alexis's, Kristina admitted to killing Alcazar. Scott told Alexis she had to pay for killing him. Cameron explained about her disease, and told Scott Alexis didn't do it, her alter did...he refused this idea. They took her to the hospital to have her comited; Taggert let her see the baby 1 more time. Jax and Skye hired Dara to defend Skye, and stall the trial. Skye told Jax she wouldn't cover for Alexis for much longer; she wouldn't go to jail. Later, she decided she felt some compassion for Alexis, and agreed to cover for her. At his club, Luke and Summer shared a dance, and Lucky saw. He left to see Nikolas at Kelly's, where he watched Gia leave with Zander. Luke told Summer that he thought they should have a frsh start. They agreed to start over. Lucky told Nik about the relationship between his dad and Summer. Nik told Summer that Lucky knew the truth.

GL by Barbra

Josh and Reva argue about Reva trying to catch this crazy person. Marah tells Tony she received a threatening phone call. Tony blows and says that to keep her safe that Marah is moving into the carriage house with him. He will tell her parents. Marah says that he could move in with them, he says the Santos mansion would be safer. She is spooked by that idea. They talk to Reva and Josh and Josh says that's fine but they will live under their roof with Tony in the pool house. Reva tells Marah that the pool house is right outside her bedroom and that she needs to wear her slippers and make sure that they are not her only form of protection. They hug. Harley and Gus talk about Gina and the bracelet. Gus wants to find her grave. They visit the grave and meet the caretaker who tells them that she doesn't get many visitors. He tells them that she has a secret benefactor. Gus wants to know who it is. Danny and Michelle discuss their situation. Michelle admits that she still loves Danny and that she broke up with Bill, namely because he wasn't Danny. She feels they have to go their separate ways. Danny says he can't look at another woman. He kisses her.

OLTL by Jessica

Starr yelled at Blair about Todd. Sam came over and Blair told him that it was over between her and Todd. Sam told her that he still loves her. Viki and Jessica walk into the barn and are face to face with Victor. Mitch comes out and Viki starts yelling at him about Natalie. Victor questions Mitch about lying to him but Mitch soon covers himself. Victor makes Viki choose which daughter will die. As she stands there in disbelief, Bo, Cris, Antonio, and the police walk in. They are all arrested. Mitch grabs Jessica as he has a gun in his hand but Antonio soon takes it from him. Mitch is then arrested (Finally!!). Natalie and Jessica are saved. At the hospital, Viki tells Natalie that she never would have chosen. Mitch begs Jessica to talk to him at the police station. She slaps him in the face. Jessica thanks Antonio for saving her life. Viki says that Victor can't die because they have unfinished business. Later, Todd walks in the hospital room and says hello to his father.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan slaps Beth when Mrs. Wallace tells Sheridan she is trying to kill her. The nurse tells them all shes delirious and not to beleieve her. Luis goes and talks to Antonio who starts to pull out of his coma. Luis calls and tells an extatic Sheridan. Theresa, Sam, Grace, and Fox talk about the accident but Sam doesn't believe Theresa and says hes having her arrested. Grace is so angry and beleieves Theresa along with Fox. Ethan tells Gwen he can't beleieve Theresa would do that but Gwen says hes wrong. Even though she had a previous conversation with Ivy and believes Theresa could be telling the truth.

PC by Beth

When the music box brings Olivia to the surface, Caleb is overjoyed. Kevin steps in Lucy's path just as she fires the gun at Caleb. With lightning speed, Ian pushes Kevin out of the way, and the bullet hits its intended target. Livvie screams in horror. Ian stops Kevin from going to Livvie, who is devastated about the possibility of losing Caleb again. Caleb informs her that they were set up. Livvie accuses the others of being murderers. Jack closes the music box to bring Tess back. Alison is convinced that she has to stop Rafe from killing Caleb. When Elizabeth begins to feel some changes in her body, she and Alison both take this as a sign that Caleb is dying. Alison frantically rushes out to find Rafe. Meanwhile, Casey creates a tornado-like wind to stop Reese from biting Ricky. The police decide to let Jamal go so that they can focus on more important matters. Jamal congratulates Casey on the wind, but she explains that she'll be in trouble for interfering. Reese and Caz s! tart to feel weird and lightheaded, and soon Joshua feels the same way. Reese realizes that this is how she felt before she met Caleb. She's convinced that something awful has happened to him. Ricky accepts Jamal's apology for decking him earlier. Elizabeth is toasting Caleb's demise when Joshua pays her a visit. She confirms that she's feeling human again. Joshua realizes that something has happened to Caleb, which means that all his plans are ruined. Caleb tells Tess what happened, and she's very upset with her husband. Jack's attempt to drag her away is stopped by Kevin, who orders Jack to get his hands off his daughter. He is aware that he's looking at Tess, but nothing will stop him from getting Livvie back. Tess accuses her deceitful husband of being no better than Caleb. When no one's looking, Kevin takes the music box and leaves. Ian informs Lucy that his symptoms are gone. Tess tries to comfort the dying Caleb, who says that creating her was the best thing he ever did! . With that, he falls still. Alison arrives at the overlook and learns that Caleb is dead. She and Lucy panic when they realize that Rafe is gone.

Y&R By Jodi

Nick sits at Cassie's bedside asking her to wake up. Victor swears he'll find Sharon and bring her here. Nikki gets back into town after a business trip and rushes over to the hospital. She wonders why Cassie was walking by the pond all by herself. Christine doesn't know if she can forgive Paul. She puts on her "Kelly" glasses right before Isabella walks through the door and sees her and Paul together. Neil carries Dru off to the bedroom. After reading his fortune cookie which tells him to go with his intuition, Wes kisses Olivia, she returns in kind.

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