Friday 2-21-03 Recaps

Friday 2/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Party preparations continue at Fusion.  Meanwhile, Simone is arrested for solicitation.  Kendall and Greenlee are mad Simone isn’t back. Kendall thinks that Greenlee’s mystery man will be at the party.  Simone calls Kenny, and bonds with her cellmates. He calls Fusion for Simone and gets her released to his custody.   Kenny gets Simone’s cellmates released also, and they decide to make an appearance at the Fusion party.  Chris wants to know what is up with Erica because she is acting strangely.  Jack says he is there to talk about Bianca’s trust fund.  Chris doesn’t believe it and says they are covering up something and he is past caring.  He tells them to go for it, and that Jackson is the only one he trusts her with Jackson.  Erica tells Jack the game has to stop.  He tells her to be honest with herself.  What he is feeling is not one-sided.  They go to dinner.

David tells Anna the baby is doing well.  David runs into Aidan & Maureen.  Aidan visits with his aunt.  Anna tells him she is glad to see him safe, and David took good care of her and the baby.  In the hall, David tells Maria that Edmund stole the serum. He doesn’t want Anna to know about the serum and what Edmund did. Maria promises she won’t say anything, but Aidan might.  Anna wants Aidan and David to get along.  David bursts into the room to stop Aidan.  He makes an excuse to cover up.  Anna and Maureen are speaking alone about Edmund and Aidan when Anna has a contraction.  Liza & Adam have another therapy appointment.  They talk about their date.  Adam talks about control, and realizes it is all about him giving up control.  He asks if he can take her to the Fusion party.  Luis confronts Reggie at Fusion-he wants the key to Trey’s place and threatens to hurt Janelle. Reggie gives him the key. 

ATWT by Dione

Emily and Chris rescued Alison from Richie. Emily was so mad at Alison for running away, she threatened to pull all of her blonde hair out! After they got back home, Ali confessed to Hal. Hal was speechless, that was part of the show's cliffhanger. Bob tells Barbara that Alison confessed to the fire. Heads will roll! Ben was shocked to see a 1/2 naked Marshall in Jess's house. Jess explained, Ben understood, they kissed, all is well. Marshall, on the other hand throws in Ben's face the fact that he's living with Jessica, despite the fact that Jess loves Ben. Jack went to Carly's sonogram, after Molly persuaded him not to miss out on hearing his baby's heart beat. Jack walks into the waiting room to see Carly sleep in Mike's arms. Jack and Carly share the joy of seeing "their" little girl on the monitor. Jack leaves to tell Mike to take a look at "his" baby.

B&B by Matt

Stephanie manages to convince Bridget that leaving for Copenhagen is best for everyone involved. It'll be a chance for her to focus on just herself and excel in her studies to be a doctor. Eric has had a party prepared for Bridget at Forrester. Brooke isn't sure why Bridget would be leaving now, especially since she is so close to Thomas and the girls. She hopes that Bridget isn't running away from her problems. Eric assures her that Bridget is doing this for herself. Ridge confides in Mass that Bridget reminds him of Taylor. He says his feelings for her have changed, but he still thinks of her as a sister. Rick and Amber argue about the erotic tape. Rick claims he is trying to be objective, but doesn't want to discuss it right now. They join the party in Eric's office. Mark and CJ join the festivities too. CJ is surprised that neither Bridget nor Stephanie mentioned anything about this beforehand, especially since he had just seen Stephanie. Mass bumps into Bridget outside of Eric's office and attempts to persuade her to stay in LA and be with Ridge.

Days by Sandy

Tony and John have a sword fight (A duel). Marlena hears crying. They slice each other. Marlena starts screaming "Don't go!" over the cliffs. John pulls her away from the cliffs. She tells John she wants Tony to help her. Victor gives Nicole a document of things Nicole has done in the past. Victor tells her she will pay for her mistakes, for the rest of her life. He tells her she is going to become his servant. He belittles her then he kisses her, as she cries. Shawn is taken to the hospital. Roman questions Cassie. Shawn is going to be fine. Craig shows Bo the pills Shawn was taking. Rex tells Cassie that families protect each other, no matter what. Shawn panics when he realizes Bo can't reach Hope. Kate notes the tension between the twins and Roman. Shawn suffers through withdrawals. Roman overhears Shawn say he (Shawn) killed Colin. Shawn apologizes to Bo. Bo finds out the pills were amphetamines. Belle sees Larry threatening Hope. Larry tells Hope about the gas leak. Larry sees Belle's reflection and stops her from hitting him with a vase. Hope collapses. Larry blocks the locks on the door. When he leaves, he handcuffs Belle to a railing. He tells Belle how he's going to get out of the house. Larry collapses in the basement, while Hope comes to upstairs. She tries to break a window but collapses again..

GH by Megsaqt

At her club, Sonny questioned first Ric and then Carly about what Ric had against Carly. Both denied anything, and Sonny ordered one of his mean to do a better backround check on Ric. Ric threatened to blackmail Carly if she didn't convince Sonny to give him a job. Outside of Kelly's, Courtney was kidnapped by two men. They took her to a cabin in the mountains, and Jason got a phone call from Coleman, who had disguised his voice telling him to get to Courtney. Jason arrived at the cabin, and then got his tires slashed so that he and Courtney were stranded together. Sonny then got a call from Coleman, who let him on where Jason and Courtney were. Lucky and Laura had another conversation about dating, and they agreed to go together sometime. Lucky asked if the other guy in her life knew she wasn't there for love, she said he did. She later went to see Luke, and told him she didn't think they would work together anymore. He agreed to let her go, instead they danced and decided to be friends. Lucky walked in as they danced. Scott went to see Alexis to question her about why she was wandering through an ally when Alcazar was murdered instead of being with the baby. Kristina then appeared and told Scott that she killed Alcazar, and if he tried to hurt Alexis she would kill him too. At the hospital, Tagert requested all the times that Alexis came and went from visiting her daughter, but overheard Cameron request papers to have Alexis commited.

GL by Barbra

Harley and Gus meet at company and discuss Gina. Harley goes to the mansion to see if she can find some pictures of Gina. Alex catches her leaving with Zach's clothes and some scrapbooks and makes her leave them. Unbeknownst to Alex Harley hides a picture of Gina. Reva brings the family together and tells them what is going on and to change their phone numbers. Marah admits that she got a call from the stalker. Reva is determined to make this person come out in the open. Michelle remembers what happened with Bill the night before and apologizes to Bill. Bill tells her not to give out romantic advice until he gets over Danny. Bill goes to Towers and tells Danny that he will not work with him. Danny goes to see Michelle. Frank and Rick talk about Frank's non existant love life and Frank expresses interest in Michelle and Rick tells him NO WAY, Holly meets with Ross and Blake about being fired and filing a lawsuit against the station. Blake expresses doubt and Holly leaves hurt believing that Blake thinks she is guilty.

OLTL by Sandy

Bo and Nora realize Mitch is trying to pass Natalie off as Jessica. Viki reminds them that Victor's body was exhumed. Bo says they couldn't tell for sure that the body was Victor's. Viki refuses to believe Victor is alive. Hank gives Bo an arrest warrant for Mitch. Todd tells Viki that he and Blair split up. He tries to get Viki to let go of the things Victor did. Todd goes to the mausoleum and stands over Victor's tomb. In Victor's will, Viki sees he left money to the Coleman Clinic. She also remembers a "charity" he was involved with. She remembers where it was and begins to wonder...She goes to the site and sees a living Victor. The Vega boys question one of Mitch's employees. Cris finds a file on Jessica while Antonio finds a bag of blood with Jess's name on it. The file shows Jessica was never at the Coleman Clinic. Antonio tells Bo what they found. Victor tells the doctor that if he doesn't survive, neither will the doctor. Mitch tells Natalie she will be giving her heart to someone else. Victor collapses. Andrew and Joey discuss the community center. Andrew lectures him about working too hard. Flash looks at Joey's card. Andrew tells Joey Marcie has a crush on him. Joey tries to connect with Flash, but she blows him off. He follows her to a band rehearsal. She storms out. He asks questions about her.

Passions by Ashley

Luis and Hank talk and he tells Hank what Sheridan has said and what she wants him to do. He says that maybe he should just do what she wants him to do and move on. Back at Beth's house Beth is still plotting to kill Sheridan. Sheridan has words with Beth's mother's nurse who tells her all of Mrs. Wallaces' accusations about Beth and her intentions for Luis. Liz is furious with Eve and promises to destroy her and becomes even more outwardly angry towards Julian. At the Bennetts' Grace and Eve talk and she begs her to help her get rid of Ivy. But Ivy orders Eve to kepp her there by use of blackmail. Sam questions Theresa about the accident and she tells the truth which is she is 100% innocent.

PC by Beth

When Rafe doesn't return any of her calls, Alison becomes convinced that he went after Caleb. She's worried that if his plan to kill the vampire succeeds, she'll lose him forever. Rafe, Lucy, and Ian go to the overlook to wait, unaware that Kevin is following them. Caleb doesn't understand how Tess could say that she loves him, considering what she knows about him. Tess believes that he created her to love him for who he is. She knocks the water out of his hand, saying that it keeps her from reaching the man inside. She persuades him to go with her to the overlook. As soon as they're gone, Jack comes out of hiding but is immediately stopped by the band's security guards. He assures them that he doesn't want to crash the party. Casey watches nervously as Jamal throws Caz a sucker punch and runs out of the building. Jack is still there when Jamal gets outside. Suddenly, Caz swings, Jamal ducks, and Jack ends up on the ground. When the police arrest Jack, Jamal creates a diversion to let him get away. Reese prepares to give a clueless Ricky "the gift that keeps on giving." Casey arrives in time to see the vamp bare her fangs, but she doesn't know what to do about it. At the overlook, Tess continues to work on Caleb, but he doesn't want her help. Despite her insistence to the contrary, all he wants is to have Olivia back. Tess vows that she'll never let that happen. Caleb is puzzled when he hears the familiar sounds of the music box. When Livvie surfaces, he is absolutely thrilled. Kevin comes out of hiding to see what's going on. He steps into Lucy's path just as she takes aim at Caleb and fires.

Y&R By Jodi

Nick and Victoria pull Cassie out of the pond and Nick starts CPR while they wait for the paramedics. Cassie is taken to the hospital where Nick begs her to wake up and not die. Victor goes to Crimson Lights looking for Sharon. Neil makes Dru a romantic dinner to cheer her up from getting dumped by Sid. Paul confesses to "Kelly" how much he still cares about Christine. Also confesses that he knows she is really Christine, who is very shocked.

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