Thursday 2-20-03 Recaps

Thursday 2/20/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Greenlee interrupts Michael and Donald Steele, and escorts Steele out.  When Michael turns around, Kendall is gone.  Jake tells Mia he wants her to blow off the party because he doesnít understand why it is so important.  He gives in and agrees to come to the party.  Greenlee wants Mia to entertain a client.  Jake gets a call from the hospital.  Greenlee wants to know who the flowers are from, as well as another mysterious email.   Michael finds Kendall on the roof and tells her it was Erica who arranged the meeting.  Kendall canít believe her mother didnít mention her because Erica always says Kendall is a monster and will hurt people that get to close.  Kendall says Erica never wanted her.   Michael tells her that Erica should be jealous of her.  She asks him to stay for the party but he cannot. 

Erica asks Jordan to find out what Michael Cambias is up to.  Bianca thinks they should counter attack or Enchantment will lose their younger demographic.  Jack stops by with flowers for Erica.  Jack wants to take Erica out, and tells her he is not playing games.  She says she is engaged and made a mistake.  Jack tells her one dinner will keep him quiet.  Later on, Jack barges into Ericaís office.  Chris is close behind and wants to know what is up.  Aidan and Maria are mobbed by press at the airport.  They run into Edmund.   He apologizes for pushing Maria to be something she is not, and tells her he has to let her go.  Maria apologizes for not being able to be that woman he remembers.  Edmund gives her a Valentine from Maddie. She tells him she wants to be a part of the childrenís lives.  He gives her a custody agreement so she will always have access to them.  Bianca asks Boyd to go to the Fusion party.  She wants to see what they are up to because she sees them as a threat.  

ATWT by Dione

Emily and Chris stroll down memory lane while driving to Chicago. Emily tries to think of places Larry (Ali's dad) used to take Alison when she was little. Meanwhile, Richie, some guy in the ice cream shop snatches Alison's purse. He finds out her name and he says that he loves 17 year old girls and makes her leave with him. Simon and Henry set up the affair with a woman named Bambi. Henry video tapes Simon and Babmi getting close and such. Katie comes in trying to fight when she seen the scene and yells asking what the woman is doing with her husband! Simon says that he misses his old life, makes a big argument with Katie, she storms off saying for him to never crawl back to her. Simon' s not convinced that she won't back down & tries to think of a new plan. Mike goes to Carly's sonogram appointment after Jack says he has work to do. At the appointment, Mike blurts out that he's the father of the baby. Kim tells Molly that she and Carly are friends forever and she should get over the affair.Susan sabatoged another phone trace with Alison, so Jack warned her that she will be brought up on charges.

B&B by Matt

Bill joins Stephanie at the main house. Seems as if Stephanie asked him to get Bridget involved in a prestigious pre-med program in Copenhagen to keep her extremely busy for the next few months. Later, Stephanie plays it off to Eric like she was "accepted" into the program and has to leave tonight. Eric agrees to make all the arrangements as long as Stephanie takes Bridget to the airport. Bridget and Ridge get Thomas home and into bed. Bridget and Ridge get closer when she receives a call from Stephanie to meet at her apartment pronto. Macy drops by Sally's office with news about how Lorenzo isn't really her husband, in the legal sense and Tricia overhears. Macy admits that she is confused about what to do, or who to stay married to. Sally breaks it to Macy about Thorne's roommate Tricia. Macy isn't sure what to make of that, but Sally knows that Thorne is trouble. Stephanie congratulates Bridget on her acceptance into the overseas Institute. At first she is thrilled, but then realizes Stephanie set her up.

Days by Sandy

Marlena starts sleep walking. Tony follows her. John goes looking for her. She collapses in Tony's arms just as John walks in. She comes to and jumps out of his arms. Marlena remembers waking up in the big bed. Marlena is ready to face her past. Tony has an idea. Chloe and Brady enjoy a bubble bath together. Brady washes her hair. Chloe lets Craig know where she and Brady are. Chloe can tell something's wrong and they decide to head home. Roman tells Bo the tuxedo stud from the crime scene came from Shawn's tux. Bo tells Roman that Shawn was on the terrace after Colin died. Roman tells him the stud was ripped out of the shirt. At the station Shawn takes another pill. Bo asks Shawn what happened. Shawn takes another pill as Roman and Bo fight. Cassie bursts in and tries to stop Shawn, who says he wants to end things now. Shawn goes beserk then collapses. Rex takes Belle to the Dimera mansion. Belle tells Cassie she (Belle) won't run away from her problems. Rex wants to know what Cassie is keeping from him. Cassie blurts out that Shawn killed Colin. She tells him how it happened. He threatens to go to the police. Shawn, Hope and Alice all grow sleepy. Shawn pops a pill. Bo asks him to come to the station. Alice goes home. Belle stops by and Hope fills her in on the Larry investigation. They talk about Shawn. Hope tells her she thought the break up was mutual. Belle sets the record straight. Hope grows sick. She sees a blurry image and realizes it's Larry. He forces her to touch him to see that he's real. Nancy confronts her father about giving Chloe up. Chloe and Brady walk in on Nancy's rant. Nancy forbids her father from ever coming near the baby when it's born. He asks Chloe to forgive him. Chloe turns away. Nancy's father leaves and Chloe tells her that she is letting go of the past. Larry waits and watches. He hears Hope talking to Belle. He checks to make sure the gas line is still leaking.

GH by Megsaqt

Faith had Coleman try and get information out of Courtney at Kelly's. Courtney told him that Sonny had Jason break up with her. Coleman told Faith what he found out. Outside of Kelly's, AJ provoked Jason about Courtney, and Jason started beating him up. Ned came out and broke up the fight. Jason told Ned he should drop his grudge against Sonny because he doesn't want to see him hurt. At her club, Carly and Ric had another discussion about the night they spent together. Ric told Carly she had more to lose if Sonny found out about them. Ric told Carly she had to ask Sonny to hire him as his lawyer if she wanted to keep their secret. She agreed, and told Sonny she thought Ric would be a good lawyer for him. Scott threatened to arrest Skye if they couldn't come up with a new suspect. She went to Jax and told him that she saw Alexis in Alcazar's room the night he was murdered. Jax left to tell Alexis that Skye saw her in the room, and she turned to Kristina. Cameron showed up, and told Jax about her personality problem. Jax went back to Skye and told her that Alexis was the killer, but she couldn't tell the police. Scott and Taggert heard their conversation because Scott had a wire on Skye that she didn't know about. Lucky and Liz ran into each other at the hospital, and he told her that he had missed a lot of acting classes because his reason for going was no longer there. Liz figured he meant Laura, and they talked about her. Laura, was at Luke's and telling him she was scared to be happy. They agreed to go out that night.

GL by Barbra

Bill confronts Danny about threatening him. Michelle asks Bill to leave. Michelle and Danny talk and Michelle tells Danny she wants a chance at happiness. Danny leaves and Bill returns. They kiss and go up to Michelle's room. They get naked and kiss for a long time. Michelle keeps seeing Danny's face and Bill realizes that Michelle is thinking about Danny. He is hurt and leaves. Tony and Cassie wait for Danny to come to discuss the project at Towers. Tony grills Cassie about her relationship with Danny. Alex and Olivia spar with each other as Olivia is leaving for Mystic Island. During the argument Olivia tells Alex she has solidified her decision to keep this baby. She likes a challenge. Olivia calls Alan and prepares for the kill. Olivia arrives at the cabin to candlelight and romance. All for me she asks and Alan says he wants their relationship back on track. Olivia spikes Alan's wine. He drinks and she tells him that the pills he switched with the help of his PI has caused her to miscarry and she can never have another baby, and that he will pay for what he has done. He says she is lying. She verbally assaults him and tells him his plan has backfired. He begins to feel tired. She admits to slipping him a mickey telling him it is poison. He looks stunned. She sits him down. Just kidding she says, you will have a nice long nap. It will take months for you to be found. I will be with Phillip. She takes his cell phone, and cuts the power lines and the phone lines. Bye Alan.

OLTL by Sandy

Blair tells Todd that someone always gets hurt with him. She's upset with him for taking Natalie to Mitch. Todd admits he messed up but he was only thinking about Blair. He tells her they need each other. He won't give up. Blair asks Todd to love the kids enough to leave them. He leaves and Blair starts crying. Starr overhears. Cris hot wires a police car, but is caught by Antonio before he can go anywhere. He tells Cris that he will drive. Antnio flips on the lights. They try to get in to see someone. Cris fakes being in pain so the secretary will go for help. The Vegas start to head into the office. Viki and Jessica go through Victor's things. The find the scarf that matches the one Mitch had. They come across a necklace Victor once gave Viki as a child. Viki wishes she hadn't been the one to kill Victor (Even if it was an alter that did it). Bo and Nora tell them that Victor's body was removed immediately after it arrived at the morgue. They think it's possible Victor wasn't buried. Bo and Nora try to find a connection between Mitch and Victor. They talk about Victor's past. Gabrielle brings dinner. Troy talks to Bo about Jessica's rare blood type. Victor had the same type. Nora notices something in the files. Nora literally bumps into Troy. He tells her he's not with Lindsay. Nora gives him back the engagement ring. A weak Natalie is taken to the old man. Mitch tells the old man to keep up his end of the bargain. Natalie is prepped for surgery. The old man signs some papers.

Passions by Ashley

Eve and T.C. talk and she asks if he could ever forgive a woman with mistakes like Liz's sister. Both David and Julian tell Eve that they will be there for her and shes doing the right thing. Even though Eve isn't happy with the results of T.C.'s answer she keeps on telling him the truth of her past. Tabitha shows Kay whats happening over at the Bennetts' house to Ivy. Sam is grief strickened and is desperate to save Ivy. Kay realizes that Ivy's on her way to hell and fears that shes destined to go there too. Grace is horrified by Sam's reaction to Ivy's condition. Fox is desperate to save his mother and begs Ethan to help her. Beth realizes the only thing that could keep Luis away from Sheridan is to kill Sheridan and thats waht she plans to do. Then Sheridan shows up at Beth's house and Mrs. Wallace is hrrified when Beth plots to kill her. Sheridan does the worst thing she could do when she confides in Beth about Luis.

PC by Beth

Casey enlists Jamal's help to protect Ricky. At the party, Caleb celebrates being himself again. Reese prepares to bite Ricky, but Jamal picks a fight with him to get him away from the vamp. Casey worries when Caz steps in to help Ricky. Ian is frustrated about the failure his antidote. Rafe informs Lucy and Ian that it's time to go after Caleb, adding that Lucy is the one who has to actually slay the vampire. Lucy doesn't like this, but Rafe convinces her that she's the only one who can do the job. Lucy worries about what will happen to her cousin when she kills Caleb, but Rafe really doesn't know what will happen. They just have to hope for the best. Lucy is encouraged by Ian's belief in her, and when Rafe hands her a silver gun, she feels confident that she can use it. Jack tells Tess that the only way to help Caleb is to make him stop drinking the water. Tess is happy to be working with her husband on this, but he feels very guilty about his deceit. Tess finds Caleb, but he doesn't want to talk to her now or ever again. It hurts Tess that he could turn his back on her so easily. She tells him that she does love him in her own way. This clearly has an effect on him.

Y&R By Judy

Nick and Vicky wonder if Sharon left town with Diego but then realize that Cassie is no where to be found. They search for her and see evidence that she may have fallen through the ice so Nick dives into the water to find her. Victor sends for Sharon's mom and asks her to help find Sharon. Paul runs into Christine, posing again as Kelly. During their conversation they exchange personal questions and something Kelly says reminds him of Christine. He asks her to go back to his place to check on his son and she agrees. Michael finds Lynn at Christine's apartment and they exchange heated words about Paul and Christine. Michael thinks that Lynn hired Kelly to dig up information. Katherine and Larry talk about Jill's attitude and Larry stands up for Jill and tells Kay he has a surprise lined up for her. A frantic Jill is caught screaming her lungs out by John and she whines to him about the fact that she was adopted. He tries to encourage her to move on, but she is reluctant to take his advice. Larry then calls and asks her to come to the Colonade room. She goes but is ticked at the surprise he has for her. After explaining the set-up, Jill calms down and unwinds while admitting to Larry that she wants to look for her real parents.

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