Wednesday 2-19-03 Recaps

Wednesday 2/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

Chris wants Erica to take a vacation.  Donald Steele claims he has pictures of Erica having an affair.  Erica fears they are of her and Jack, but they are of her and Michael Cambias.  Chris complains about Erica using he sexuality in business, and tells her it was stupid to meet alone with Michael.   Erica wants to spy on the Fusion party, and Lena is more then willing to go for her. Kendall is happy to see Michael.  Simone and Liza want to know what Michael is doing at Fusion.  Kendall defends him and his intentions. Michael says he just wants to see Kendall happy.  Donald Steele shows up to bother Michael and find out why he is in Pine Valley.  He lets it slip that he knows that Michael had a private meeting with Erica on his private jet.  Tad asks Jake about his tryst with Allison, and tells him to be careful.  Allison asks to speak to Jake alone.  Allison makes advances on Jake.  Tad heads Mia off and she doesn’t see the kiss.  Jake reminds Mia that they are all supposed to go to his parents for dinner, but she convinces them to go to the Fusion party.  Mia invites Allison to come.  Edmund tries to explain to Maddie how mommy won’t be coming back- that the mommy she remembers is gone.  Jack stops by and tells Edmund that Maria was hit by a bullet but she will be ok.  He also informs him Aidan and Maria are on there way back together.  Reggie, Janelle and Trey celebrate Reggie passing his test.  Janelle cancels her plans to celebrate with them.  Janelle tells Trey she is impressed with his foster parenting skills.  Reggie is confronted by Luis who says he will hurt Janelle if Reggie doesn’t give him the keys to Trey’s loft.  Trey asks Janelle to be his date to the Fusion party. 

ATWT by Dione

Alison calls home. Jack tries to trace the call. So that Alison doesn't incriminate herself, Susan hangs up on Alison, making it appear as if Alison hung up on her. John orders Chris to work a 48 hr. shift, so that he can't try to locate Alison. In the heat of the argument, Chris discrespects John and suspends him for three days. Chris later goes to the Munson household to help locate Alison in Chicago. Rose tells Lily about Dusty kissing her on the neck, mistaking her for Lily. Dusty arrives at Lily and Holden's and gives Lily two big kisses on the lips. Lily decides to plan a welcome home party for Dusty. Rose is not pleased thinking that Dusty will purposely ruin Lily and Holden's marriage. Katie confides in Margo about her recent marital problems. Margo asks if Simon is having an affair. Katie thinks problems may be due to pressure to have a baby. She tells Margo that Simon's been acting strange ever since Barlteby has come to town. Simon hires Henry to catch him having an "affair". Simon stages an agrument after he retuns to the cottage. Katie pleads with him to tell her what the problem is.

B&B by Matt

Thorne visits Macy and gloats that they are still married because she never signed the divorce papers. She is reluctant of course, but the two kiss before Thorne leaves. Stephanie seethes when she sees Mass encourage Thomas' attachment to Bridget. Eric cheers Thomas up with some Lakers tickets. Sally has another erotic dream about Fabio but is awakened with some flowers from Stephanie (Darla brought them in). They both guess that Stephanie wants Sally to support Thorne's quest for Macy. Sally admits it wouldn't be awful if they were reunited. Tricia drops by and seems to mislead Sally and Darla. She mentions how she and Thorne live together and how she is setting up a practice in LA. She adds she knows Sally's family is adjusting right now and offers her services. After she leaves, Sally thanks God Macy hasn't been taken in by that shameless Thorne. Stephanie reiterates her feelings concerning Bridget and Ridge. Mass says that because Ridge's life is so chaotic now, he feels that now is the time to reveal the truth. They argue but nothing is covered. Stephanie calls Bill Spencer and asks for an important favor.

Days by Rebecca

Alice is concerned about Shawn-D so she calls Bo and Hope and they head home. Shawn gets very upset about this, and Larry realizes that Shawn has been taking his poison pills! He fixes it so that gas goes into the house as Alice decides to spend the night. Rex convinces Belle to go back to Salem. Kate and Roman also chat as Roman asks again about Stefano, and they also talk about John's investigation of Tony. Meanwhile at the Dimera Island, Ton shows up also wanting to know the truth about the twins. Later, he finds a letter from Stefano telling him 'to tell Marlena that the more she searches for answers from her past, the more she will wish to be back in a long and dreamless sleep.' It also talks of the twins being Tony's destiny, and in his rage he tears it up to pieces. After this, John and Marlena agree to team up with Tony to solve the mystery!

GH by Megsaqt

Jax went to see Brenda and tried to give her a million dollars to stay out of Port Charels. She refused to promise to stay away. She told Jax she didn't want his money. Jason came back, and Brenda told Jax he should donate the money to charity. At the airport, Brenda's flight was delayed, and she told Jason he could go. Before he left she told him that nobody desreved happiness more than him. She also told him that she thought him and Courtney should be together if they loved each other. He left her at the airport.[Unable to display image] Sonny told Carly that he loved her, and wanted to be with her, not Brenda. He told her that she was his life. Carly told Sonny that she loved him too, and they went home. Later they went to the club, and saw Ric. Carly told Ric to forgot about what happened between them or Soony would kill him. He agreed. Faith came to the club and tried to use Courtney to get information. Jason came and told Courtney that she needed to leave town. She refused because he wouldn't go with her. Mike came and told Courtney that she was never going to be happy with Jason, he would never put her first. Later she waited at his penthouse, and when he came back she told him that she wasn't going to give up on him. At Kelly's, Skye staged an argument with Coleman when Jax came in. Jax threatened him to stay away from Skye. Skye and Jax left together and on the docks they talked about Brenda, and they agreed to be friends. After Jax and Skye left, Faith told Coleman about her plans to bring down Sonny and told him she wanted his help using Courtney to get to Sonny.

GL by Barbra

Dr. Sedwick comes to the Beacon looking for Olivia. She tells her that she had her birthcontrol pills tested and that they were all placebos. She suggests that she have this checked out. Olivia says she will handle it. Olivia calls Alan and asks him to meet her at Mystic Island to talk about children. Olivia daydreams about telling Phillip about their baby. Alex questions Phil about going to see Lizzie. Phil wonders why Alex is so eager to have him out of town. Danny confronts Michelle about the games they are playing. Michelle admits that she is scared to death because of her love for him. She says that she won't fight him anymore. They start to kiss and in walks Bill. Danny tells him it would be best for him to leave. Rick and Phil talk about his feelings for Olivia and Rick tells him he wonders what happened to that man who said that he would fight for Olivia.

OLTL by Sandy

Fan February on OLTL!! Viki conducts a "tour" through the different fantasy storylines. In, "The Buchanans Ridge Again" starring Asa, Bo, Joey, and Clint Buchanan (The story is in faded color). Asa wants to go after Mitch. Renee is Asa's wife. Clint carries in an unconcious Jessica. Viki takes care of her. Bad guy Mitch is dressed in black. Bo and Clint put guns to the guard's head. Clint holds a gun to Mitch, demanding his daughter. The Vortex is a superhero story.Cristian and Antonio Vega wor with Flash to rescue a tied up Natalie (The Vega boys are all decked out in leather and shades). Keri shows up to help. Flash bypasses the security system. Jen shows up as an evil person. She pushes Cris around. Antonio and Keri use stun guns on the guards. Jen puts a gun to Natalie's head. A bomb is ticking as Natalie and Jen fight. "Goldmover" has Max dressed as James Bond. Luna is his boss. Luna is "Miss Goldmove" and works with an evil RJ in a casino. Max shows up and watches Roxy. She puts a powder in his drink. With a special crystal he sees Roxy has a heart of gold. RJ aims a gun at Max. Roxy drinks the poisoned drink to save Max. RJ shoots. In a Lauren Bacall/Humphrey Bogart type story, Lindsay meets Tad Martin (From Pine Valley) in Capricorn. Al servs as the waiter. Tad and Lindsay dance. A phone call interrupts them. He tells the caller he doesn't love her anymore. Troy watches in the background. Tad asks Lindsay to marry him. Troy tries to talk her out of it. Nora shows up. Lindsay finds out Tad is engaged to Nora. Tad breaks up with Nora. A night club revue that Blair prepares to perform (In black and white) is being shut down. Todd is a newspaper man who declares he's bankrupt. Viki, in a mink coat, come in to save the day. She gives them fifty thousand down. Todd becomes VERY chipper! Rae hobbles in on crutches. Starr begs to be in the act. Starr puts on a showgirl outfit and the scene is colorized.

Passions by Ashley

At Tabitha's house Kay gets her self into trouble and puts her life on the line. Tabitha realizes whats going on and doesn't want to save her but gets some advice saying that she should. Over at Beth's house Beth is furious about her mother blabbing to her nurse and tries to kill her. But Mrs. Wallace's nurse comes in and stops her. Eve continues on with her revalations about Eve's sister and her story. Julian also gives his knowledge of the story. T.C. learns even more about Liz's sister and her past. Ethan and Theresa have words and he tells her he'll never forgive what she did to Ivy and he'll make her pay for it. She tries to get everyone to believe the truth of what happend and her innocence. Everyone fights to save Ivy and bring her back but are stunned when she is pronounced dead. Ivy is even more stunned when she realizes shes having an out of body vision.

PC by Beth

Ian believes that he's found a cure, but the only way to know is to test it out on himself. Despite her initial protests, Lucy gives in and agrees to let him inject himself with the serum. Within seconds of the injection, Ian's symptoms return, and Lucy is unable to help. He turns violent, and she pulls out a knife for protection. They struggle for control of the knife, and Ian begs her to kill him, but she refuses. Lucy eventually manages to calm him down, and he reverts to normal. Alison is stunned by what "Tess" says to her until she realizes that it really isn't Tess at all. When Jack closes the music box, Tess returns, sending Livvie back inside. Jack sends Alison to get Rafe. He shields Tess from the truth about what what really happens during her memory lapses. Convinced that having sex with a slayer will cure her, Elizabeth makes every effort to seduce Rafe. He thinks this is crazy, but Elizabeth pushes him down on the bed and climbs on top of him. Alison arrives just in time, and she's furious to see what her mother is up to. Elizabeth tries to explain, but Rafe insists that it wouldn't have worked. Alison is tired the way her mother makes everything out to be about herself. Walking out of the room with Rafe, she fills him in on what happened at Jack's after he left. She goes back inside to talk to her mother, who's ashamed of herself. As long as there's hope that Alison will forgive her someday, she can handle it. Jack promises to hide the music box from Tess. She doesn't ever want to open it again unless Jack is there with her. She's thrilled to receive the rag doll he bought her, which is identical to the one she had when he found her. She promises that they'll soon have a baby of their own. Rafe tells Jack that it's time to put their plan into action.

Y&R By Jodi

Michael confronts Paul about sleeping with Chris before she left town. Paul spots "Kelly" at Crimson Lights. Frederick Hodges doesn't get his nooner with his wife because she's lost the mood after seeing him flirt with Jill. Victoria and Neil talk about the problems with Nick and Victor. When Neil tells her that Victor went looking for him, she runs out of the room. Miguel tries to cheer Cassie up who is very upset about her mother walking out on the family and she goes out to look for her dad. Nick tells Victor he's no longer his son. Cassie falls into snow covered pond.

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