Tuesday 2-18-03 Recaps

Tuesday 2/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

At Fusion---Kendall, Simone and Mia are planning the launch party for that night.    A flower delivery arrives for Greenlee from a mystery man.  The girls know everything is riding on the success of the opening.  Mia finds a manufacturer to make their produce and extend them credit.  Simone invites Carlos to the launch party as her guest and he accepts.  Michael unexpectedly shows up at Fusion.  Maggie tells Bianca about how she and Henry shared a good kiss, and she freaked.  Maggie hasnít seen Henry so she goes to look and finds him playing his guitar. He shows her how to play.   Laurie and Adam talk about his offer to pay for college education.  J.R. interrupts them and is angry when he hears what his father has done.  He tells Laurie he wonít let his father win.  Laurie doesnít agree and leaves for work.  J.R. tells his dad he canít run his life.  Adam pleads with J.R. to think of his future and not throw it away because his father has made mistakes.

Edmund visits Anna and tells her he canít give up on Maria. David arrives and doesnít want Edmund bothering Anna.  Edmund accepts Annaís offer for help.  Anna finds out that Aidan and Maria are in the Bahamas using fake identification and posing as a married couple.   A messenger finds Aidan and Maria on the beach and tells them King wants to meet Aidan alone.  Aidan searches the aquarium for King, but Morgan finds him instead.  He slips away with a tour group, but Morgan finds him again.  Julian shoves Maria into the hotel room where Aidan has a gun on Morgan.  Julian shoots and kills Morgan. Maria punches Julian in the stomach as Aidan grabs the gun and shoots him. Maria collapses and Aidan calls for a doctor.  At work, Laurie talks with Jamie about J.R. and Adamís offer.  She thinks J.R. is only using her to get back at his father.  Jamie and Lori kiss.

ATWT by Dione

Dusty eyes Rose with Paul. After Paul leaves, Dusty sneaks behind her, covers her eyes, and kisses her on the neck. She is shocked when she realizes it's not Paul, he is shocked to realize she is not Lily. Alison confesses to Chris about starting the fire. She tells him she did it because she loves Aaron. Chris goes to get his celly to contact the authorities, Alison leaves for Aaron's. Aaron pleads to Lucy his innocence. She tells him to leave and Criag is happy. Rosanna and Craig have a parenting talk regarding Lucy and her love life. Rosanna says they bonded because they were both recently released from the hospital.

B&B by Matt

Stephanie, Mass, and Bridget head over to the hospital looking for Thomas. While Bridget and Ridge watch Thomas wake up, Stephanie and Mass have a drop down fight over his sick insinuations regarding her son and Bridget. Mass feels this is the best thing he can do for Ridge in this time of crisis in his life. Stephanie sees through him and retorts she knows she is really about his desire to reveal the truth about Ridge's paternity. She tells him she will not let him interfere anymore. Bridget agrees to spend more time with Thomas and the girls. Tricia breaks down in front of Thorne when he admits he is only in love with Macy and sees no future with Tricia. Jonathan drops by and explains how Macy's marriage to Lorenzo is invalid and technically she is still married to Thorne. A heartbroken Tricia watches as Thorne rejoices about the news and is adamant things will work out for he and Macy in the end.

Days by Rebecca

Doug and Julie have a romantic evening, as do Brady and Chloe. Chloe worries about the operation, and gives Brady a CD of hers to listen to when she is away and they make love. Sami and Brandon arrive at Tuscany and with a little help from Maggie, Brandon asks Sami to move in with him. She's elated and agrees. Mickey and Maggie also celebrate their 25th anniversary today! John and Marlena are at the Dimera compund and have a romantic Valentine's Day. They hear something loud and John turns to Marlena, telling her they are not alone...

GH by Megsaqt

A drugged Carly was "out of it", and at the hotel with Ric, he took advantage of her, and they slept together. In the morning, Carly told Ric they weren't friends, as he claimed they were. Carly told him that she was going to see Sonny so he could tell her about Brenda, and she could tell him about her and Ric. Ric tried to stop her from leaving..Carly told Ric if he wanted to stay alive, he better run. Ric returned to his room at Kelly's and pulled out a gun. While he loaded in bulllets, Elizabeth walked in his room. Carly called Jason who was at Sonny's. She wanted him to come and get her, but Sonny went instead. On the docks, Carly told Sonny that he lied to her, and he knew that she would be hurt if he went back to Brenda. Sonny told her she didn't understand, and Carly told him to stop lieing. Jax went to see Edward because he wanted in on the plan of destroying Sonny. Edward shot him down, and Jax next went to Ned. Ned told Jax that Brenda was leaving town, and he had time to make things right with her. He would regret it forever if he didn't go after her, Ned told him. Before finding Carly, Sonny went to see Ned and Faith. Ned told him that whatever was going on with Carly was his problem. Sonny, angered, grabbed Ned and threatened him for info about Carly. Faith grabbed a gun, and told Sonny to back off. Sonny told them they better keep that gun, if they did anything to Carly, they would need it. Faith went to the club, and talked with Courtney about her relatives who had owned the club. Courntey told Faith to leave, the club was closed. Brenda and Skye had another argument about Jax. Brenda went to the Quartermaine's and Ned showed up and told her that he loved her. Brenda told him she was leaving town. She proceeded to Jason's and asked him to help her go back to Europe..he agreed. Jax showed up and handed Brenda a check for a million dollars, tellling her he thought she shouldn't come back.

GL by Barbra

Phillip apologises to Olivia and she tells him she is pregnant with his baby-- in her daydream while Phillip is standing in front of her calling her name. They talk and he goes to meet a client after telling Olivia that his life had been one mistake after another. She asks, was being with me a mistake even if something good could come from it? He leaves only to daydream about their lovemaking session. He goes to her and says that it wasn't a mistake, he's not proud of what they did, but even if nothing good ever comes out of it, he doesn't regret anything they said or did. Olivia tries to tell him her news but he gets a call from Lizzie asking him to come see her. Meanwhile Olivia gets a phone call from Monica Parker, the PI that Alan fired. She tells Olivia that Alan did bad things to her but not nearly as bad as what he did to Olivia. She tells Olivia that Alan replaced her birthcontrol pills. Gus has Alex and Edmund brought in for questioning. Alex freaks out under the pressure of interrogation. She tells Gus that Regina was under the protection of Miguel Santos when she died. Gus is shocked to think that Miguel could possibly be his daddy. Alex tells Edmund that she didn't tell the whole story to Gus and that he won't like what he hears if he finds out what she is hiding.

OLTL by Sandy

Jessica tells Jen about Cris being shot. Jen tells Cris what she found at Mitch's house. She tells him about Mitch's threat and why she didn't press charges. Bo and Antonio find Todd and a shot Cris. Todd tells Bo that Mitch shot Cristian. Bo has Todd arrested. Cris tells Bo that Todd shot him. Todd confesses about shooting Cris. Viki reams Todd for taking risks with Natalie's life. Bo complains about Jen not bringing charges against Mitch. Viki freaks when she sees Mitch's scarf on Bo's desk. It's identical to one Victor used to wear! Carlotta blames Natalie for everything. Troy tells them Cris is going to be fine. Cris tries to leave the hospital. Jen distracts Antonio and Jessica so Cris can sneak out. Blair tells Nora what happened with Cristian. She blames herself. She tells Nora tht Mitch had hair dye. Nora tells Bo about the dye. Blair goes to the kids. Mitch takes Natalie to a hotel. He tells her Cris is dead. He colors Natalie's hair blonde. He puts a necklace on her with the letter J and then injects her with something. She goes unconcious. Surgical instruments are set up. Mitch refers to the old man as "Mr. Lord" and introduces Natalie as his granddaughter. The old man calls her "Jessica."

Passions by Ashley

At Tabitha's house Tabitha tells Kay all the damage shes done to the people of Harmony and demonstrates powers of evil. Kay is intriqued and asks for Tabitha to teach her how to use her own powers she has because shes a Standish descendent. At the Book Cafe Eve tells T.C. about Liz's sister's past. Liz gets emotional and Julian overhears the whole thing and is absolutely stunned. Mrs. Wallace's nurse tells Luis and Beth everything that her patient has told her and all her accusations. Luis tries to defend Beth but her mother insists it's the truth. When Ivy throws herself down the stairs after a screaming match with Theresa she is knocked unconscious. Ethan is totally furious with her and she swears it wan't her fault and she locked her wheels. But once Fox checks the lock and finds it unlocked everyone becomes very suspicious.

PC by Beth

Elizabeth rationalizes her intention to seduce Rafe, but a talk with Alison changes her mind. Jack fills Rafe and Jamal in on what happened with Tess, Livvie, and the music box. Rafe worries when Jack reveals that he smashed the offending box to smithereens. He thinks they need the music box to get to Livvie, and ultimately to Caleb. They decide to retrieve it from the trash and try to put it back together, but it's gone. Rafe thinks they still have a chance, but having the music box would help. Jamal wants to know how to kill Caleb and actually make him stay dead. Rafe is confident it will work this time because a slayer will be the one to kill him. Alison stops by the house and asks Rafe to pay her mother a visit. Ricky confronts "Marissa" about her "bipolar" behavior. Caleb informs the band that from now on they'll be playing rock music instead of songs like "Newborn Heart." He finally gives Reese permission to turn Ricky, and she shows her gratitude by letting Caleb feed on her. Ricky accepts Reese's invitation to be her date to the band's party, and he won't listen when "Marissa" tries to talk him out of it. Elizabeth regrets calling off the visit from Rafe, and she's pleasantly surprised when he shows up at her room anyway. After hearing Caleb give Reese permission to turn Ricky, Joshua tries unsuccessfully to reach Elizabeth. Jack and Jamal sift through the trash again but eventually give up. Tess carries the music box into the living room and shows it to Alison. When Tess allows the music to play, Livvie returns.

Y&R By Judy

Nick gets Sharon's letter. She tells him that she is a failure as a wife and mother and that she is leaving. Cassie fakes getting sick at school and Nick has to tell her that Sharon left. Cassie becomes very upset and questions Sharon's love for them. Jill rags on Elizabeth about her decision to tell Katherine that she was adopted and then says that she feels she was being used to work and support her brothers when she was young. Elizabeth tells Jill it is in the past and to live for now, but Jill wants answers about her messed up life. Anita gets jealous when Fred looks at a young waitress and asks him why he isn't sexually interested in her anymore. He admits that they are out of the habit of lovemaking and that they need to fix the problem. She goes to get a room for them which puts a little grin on his face. But then Jill sits with Fred and tries to get him to go have some fun for the day. Isabella and Michael discuss Kelly (Christine) but Isabella is firm about finding out who Kelly is. Isabella is very sarcastic about Michael's involvement with encouraging her to go after Paul. Lynn bashes Isabella's parenting skills to a worn out Paul. Then she pushes him about Isabella's attitude towards Christine as Paul admits he slept with Christine saying there is much more to it. Michael interrupts their conversation saying he needs to talk to Paul and then verbally rips into him. Victor tells Neil not to involve him with Nick concerning business projects. Neil tries to give him a pep talk but Victor feels his personal life is a shambles. Victor then shows up at Nick's and Nick has all he can do not to pop him in the mouth again.

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