Monday 2-17-03 Recaps

Monday 2/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Heather

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ATWT by Dione

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B&B by Matt

Thomas is rushed to the emergency room. His condition is stable and eventually he wakes up asking for Bridget. Ridge feels guilty for what happened, but Mass assures him it was not his fault. He does suggest that Ridge do whatever it takes to get Bridget back. After being kicked out of the ER by Mass, Brooke prays at the chapel. She asks God to watch over and help Ridge and his kids, even though she wasn't able to do it. Mass warns her to stay away or suffer the consequences. Stephanie and Bridget discuss Mass' pressure to create more than brotherly feelings between her and Ridge. Stephanie is horrified when Bridget admits she isn't sickened by the idea anymore. The two begin fighting and Bridget points out that Stephanie has a lot to lose if the truth about Ridge's paternity comes out. Mass rushes into the apartment screaming that she is needed by Ridge and Thomas. Stephanie slams the door and says she isn't going anywhere.

Days by Rebecca

Bo & Hope spend the night at the Green Mountain lodge and Bo had roses and a heart box delivered up to the room. In the heart box was little figurines that reminded them of their past. They did lots of flashbacks of when they were first dating and then we saw them in bed making love. When Jen woke up there was ringing at her door bell and Abby dressed in a cupid uniform was there eventually she left and went to Joe and Vern's. Jen and Jack talked and they showed flashbacks of Jack proposing in a Santa suit and Jen came downstairs in her Santa suit and proposed to jack he said yes and carried her upstairs. Belle was packing and she packed a picture of her and Shawn then Rex comes in and gives her Shawn's valentines present that he orders for was a snowman ..meanwhile Cassie is at Shawn's house talking to him hinting that its valentines day and Mimi walks in and gives him belles present which is a book she made with old journal entries she wrote about her and Shawn...Cassie and Mimi leave and Gran walks in and convinces him that he's still in love w/ Belle and she makes him go after her. Shawn gets to the airport and finds out he's too late as Belle is sitting on the plane thinking about him....

GH by Megsaqt

Jax told Brenda that he wasn't going to marry her because she was kissing Sonny..he didn't trust her anymore. Brenda went to her room, and Skye came to gloat about her failed wedding. Brenda told Skye she loved Jax, and wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn't with her. Brenda left and waited outside of Jason's. Sonny came, and she told him that her and Jax didn't have trust, and they couldn't get married. Ric was at Jake's when Carly was drugged, and took her back to a hotel room. She asked him to call Jason and he agreed, but never did. Carly fell asleep, and Ric sat next to her stroking her face. On the docks, Cameron told Alexis that Kristina admitted to killing Alcazar. Alexis worried that if someone found out what she did, they would take away baby Kristina. Ahe begged Cameron to keep her secret, and to help her keep her daughter. Cameron told her she wouldn't lose Kristina or herself. At Carly's club, Courtney yelled at Sonny for betraying Carly. He told her and Jason that they didn't understand what happened with him and Brenda. Jason told Courtney to leave, and then kicked everyone else out of the club for the night. When Jason and Sonny were alone, Jason told Sonny that he should have protected Carly...Jason yelled that he turned over his family to Sonny because he thought Sonny would protect them and love them better. Sonny left to look for Carly. Jason stayed at the club in case Carly came back, instead of Carly, Courtney arrived and told Jason that she was hurt that she couldn't help him and make him feel better.

GL by Barbra

Harley enjoys having Zach home. Gus gets ready to tuck him in when Phillip arrives, but Phillip is cool. Phillip and Harley start talking and Phillip is looking at Zach's book which has something in Italian. Long story short, Phillip inadvertently gives Harley information about an italian nanny that he had as a child who disappeared one day and that he thinks that Alex got rid of her. Harley and Gus put 2 & 2 together and figure that this is his mom. Now who got her pregnant? Michelle and Bill get a room, but run into a drunk Beth before they can make it upstairs and Bill begins to feel guilty. Michelle leaves him and takes a cab home. Olivia yells at Cassie's kids and Cassie loses it with her. Olivia lets it slip that she is going to be a terrible mother. Cassie is shocked. Alex and Alan spar over Alan thinking Olivia is pregnant. Alan doesn't realize that Phillip and Olivia actually slept together. Phillip goes to see Olivia at the Beacon after calling Alan on the carpet for trying to trick him into signing away his voting shares.

OLTL by Sandy

Blair tries to intimidate Mitch. Mitch calls Todd. Natalie finds a gun in the glove box. He takes it away from her. He tells her that he plans to trade her for Blair. He promises everything will be okay. Cris is close behind. Cris sends someone for help while he tries to go help Natalie. He finds Blair and gets her untied. She tells him what Mitch has planned for Todd. He enters the theatre alone. Todd takes Natalie to the theatre. They have a spotlight turned on them, as Todd tries to find Blair. Mitch tricks Todd with a dummy. Natalie tries to calm Todd down when he becomes angry. Mitch orders Todd to leave Natalie. Todd won't leave. He shoots Cris, thinking it's Mitch. Mitch laughs. Natalie sees Cris's body and becomes hysterical. The officer sent to check on Cris and Natalie report on their disappearance. Bo realizes Todd went after them. Bo finds Blair. Todd realizes he's the one who shot Cris and drops the gun. Mitch knocks him out and grabs Natalie. Jessica tries to take Starr's mind off things. Starr tells her about her bad dream. Jessica realizes Mitch has Blair. She calls Bo. She and Antonio talk about how Mitch couldn't possibly love her. Antonio gets word about Cris and takes off. The old man waits. He mutters "the girl keeps me alive."

Extra OLTL recap by Jessica!

Starr tells Jessica that Todd is using Natalie as a bargaining chip to get Blair. Jessica calls Bo and Antonio to come over. Jessica tells them and they set out to go find Todd, Natalie, Mitch, and Cristian. In the meantime Todd tells Natalie that everything will be ok. When they get to the theater, Todd tells Mitch to give him Blair but Mitch tells him to leave Natalie there. Outside Cristian finds Blair struggling with two guys and knocks them out. Blair stays outside as Cristian goes in the theater. It's dark and Todd thinks that Cristian is Mitch and shoots him. The lights turn on and they see who is shot. Mitch then walks up and hits Todd unconscious and drags Natalie away. Bo and Antonio along with other officers show up and Blair says that she heard a gunshot.

Passions by Ashley

Over at the Bennets' house the Theresa invites Ivy to come home as long as she can get along with Theresa. An aggravated Ivy accepts and Theresa is shocked. Theresa follows Ivy up the stairs to tell her how she really feels and Ivy pulls a crazy stunt...throwing herself down the stairs! At Beth's house Luis shows up to update Beth on his status with Sheridan. In the meantime a nurse shows up to take care of Mrs. Wallace. Mrs. Wallace tells the nurse all about Beth's threats and her plot to steal away Luis. At the hospital Sheridan tells Pilar her heartbreaking decision to let Luis go. At the Book Cafe T.C. and Liz see Eve and David together sharing a secret. When T.C. asks about it she says she cannot tell him. But she finally tells him that the secret is she knows who Liz's sister really is.  

PC by Beth

Ian and Lucy confront Kevin about harassing them and violating the restraining order, but Kevin informs them that he was sitting far enough away until they approached him. Frustrated, Lucy and Ian leave the restaurant. Caleb sits down at the bar and is annoyed to learn that Kevin is just a few seats away. Kevin accuses Caleb of either losing his touch or giving up on Livvie, because she was supposed to be back by now. He thinks the vampire is now obsessed with Tess instead. Kevin also believes that Caleb has fooled himself into believing that he's in control while knowing deep down that it isn't true. Meanwhile, Livvie lets Jack know that she's back. He notices the music box and quickly closes the lid, which brings Tess back with a jolt. Confused, she remembers her intention to play the music, but Jack stops her before she can do it again. He talks her into getting rid of the music box because of the bad memories he associates with it. She trusts him to return it to Caleb, but instead he takes a hammer to it and throws it away. Ian thinks it may not be Lucy's status as a slayer that helps him. Instead, he believes it's the fact that she allows him to love her. Elizabeth reads Ian's notes and realizes that there may be a way for her to be normal again. Without revealing what she knows, she tries to get Ian to tell her how he manages to stay in control without feeding or drinking the special water. Jealous and territorial, Lucy orders her to stay away from Ian, claiming that she's taking care of him just fine. Realizing that making love with a slayer may be the answer, Elizabeth places a call to Rafe. While Jack and Tess are inside, the music begins to play from inside the garbage can.

Y&R By Jodi

It's over between Nick and Sharon as he confronts her and says he didn't believe his father was the aggressor and that any guy will do for her. Victoria and Diego say goodbye. Colleen is depressed at the dance and tries to warn JT not to come (Brittany has already done this). John gets called away to the office during the last song. The song JT sang to Colleen starts playing. She wants to leave just as JT starts singing a song he wrote for her. He comes down to tell her she's beautiful and gives her a kiss as the whole place applauds.

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