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Friday 2/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

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ATWT by Dione

Lucy wants to confirm with Will that Alison started the fire, so Rosanna pulls some strings to make a late night visit to him. When Rosanna told Will that Alison "confessed" to it, Will admits that Alison started the fire, Later, Lucy wants to confront Alison and Aaron and find them both sleeping naked after drinking. Barbara and Hal go to Chicago to meet with a child psychologist to testify at Will's hearing. Chris comes to the Munson house to tell Emily that Rosanna and Lucy visited Will. He thinks Alison started the fire, Emily wants to keep the information under wraps from Hal. When Carly walks in on Jack and Molly barely clothed and hugging, he tries to convince Carly that there's nothing going on between them. Molly tries to keep the lie going along with trying to start a fight. Jack kicks Molly out so that him and Carly can sort things out. Carly feels the baby move for the first time and Jack declines the bonding session. Carly reluctantly tells Jack that she'll be living with Mike. Molly visits Mike and sees her belongings all packed, she doesn't understand why. In reply, Mike questions why Molly told him not to ever touch her again while at the Lake View. Mike continues to say how much loves her. He tells Molly that Carly and Parker are moving in. Molly becomes enraged and doesn't like the fact that Carly will be sleeping in her bed. ...Dione, Daughter of Heaven and Earth

B&B by Matt

Thomas sneaks the bottle of Wyye vodka up to his room and drinks his misery away while recalling moments with Taylor and Bridget. Eventually he gets too drunk and passes out on the floor. Brooke tries to explain how the affair happened though makes no attempt to justify it. She adds that she thought Deacon and Bridget's marriage was over. Ridge doesn't care to listen to her. Mass stops by and announces he has Lakers tickets for the kids. Ridge goes upstairs to get Thomas while Mass lays into Brooke. He says she will be out of their lives once and for all. CJ and Bridget discuss how she seems to be making Ridge and the kids her number one priority, but hasn't stopped to look after herself. Bridget admits she doesn't know what is best for them, but reiterates her decision to live at Ridge's after Taylor died was hers and hers alone. Ridge finds a passed out Thomas and realizes he had been drinking. He shouts for Mass and Brooke to come upstairs. Brooke calls 911. After seeing Thomas, Mass coldly looks at Brooke.

Days by Sandy

Mimi and Rex leave Shawn and Belle alone together after Rex takes Shawn's keys. Shawn pops a pill when Belle isn't looking. He starts shaking Belle. He tells her about Larry. She grows scared of Shawn and runs off. She blows up at Rex for the set up. Mimi checks on Shawn. She notices how badly he's shaking. Roman tells Bo that a lot of people think Bo is using Larry as a suggestion to protect the real killer. Larry shows up with roses for Hope. He pulls a gun on her. He kisses her. When Bo barges in, Larry shoots him. She wakes up. Bo tells Hope he reserved a room at Green Mountain Lodge. Brandon tells Lexie he won't diss Abe anymore. Lexie reminds Brandon that he has no connection with her baby. Abe shows up. Abe vents about Brandon after Brandon leaves. He gives her a heart-shaped ring. Sami tries to convince Abe to protect Lexie from Larry. Abe is suspicious of her motives. Brandon tells Sami about his talk with Lexie.

GH by Megsaqt

While getting ready for her and Jax's wedding, Jason came and talked to Brenda about whether she wanted him there in case she wanted a way out...Brenda told him that she was happy with Jax. She also told Jason that her and Sonny talked and they respected each other's marriages. At the wedding, Skye stood outside the room, holding a loading gun. She looked like she was about to shoot. After Brenda repeated her vows, Jax wouldn't say "I do's" and told Brenda that he wouldn't marry her. At the opening of her club, Carly was upset because she thought Sonny was going to leave her for Brenda. Carly told Ric he was too good to be true, and he should mind his own business. When Courtney came, Carly told her that she thought Sonny was still in love with Brenda. Sonny came after visiting Lily's grave, and told Carly that he wanted to talk to her. She stormed out, and Faith had one of her men follow her. She ended up at Jake's and the guy slipped something into her drink. At the wedding, "Alexis" was hitting on Ned. Cameron knew that she was Kristina, and made her leave. On the docks, Kristina told Cameron that Alexis was gone and may never come back. Cameron asked about Alcazar and Kristina admitted that she killed him. She then threatened to kill Cameron if he didn't keep her secret.

GL by Barbra

 Danny brings Cassie flowers to apologize. Cassie is shocked and both end up saying they are sorry. They go to Towers to check out some repairs that need to be done. Bill and Michelle are getting very cozy on the dance floor when Danny and Cassie walk in. Danny comes to speak to Bill. Michelle is nervous thinking Danny will make a scene. Bill tells Michelle that he wants her and all she has to do is say the word and he will take her upstairs. Cassie gets a call on her private line cell phone from the stalker. He threatens her. A package is delivered to Reva. Josh stops her from eating the chocolates. They call the police. Enter Shayne who announces that he purchased the chocolates and had them delivered to his mom for Valentines. Holly and Ed have dinner after Holly tries to brush Ed off. Holly is asked to step down from the TV station after it hits the news that she is suspect in the stalker case.

OLTL by Sandy

Today's episode is a special Valentines Day episode.

Cris flags down a ride to follow Todd. He passes out in the truck. The driver wakes him up. Blair dreams that Todd gives her a white rose. They end up in Capricorn where everyone is wearing white. He tells her she can trust him. Everyone disappears. Todd reminds her that it's her dream, and she brought him into it. When she wakes up a white rose is sitting next to her. Mitch mocks her. Natalie dreams that she goes to. Capricorn, wearing a tacky green outfit, while everyone else wears white and shuns her. Bo asks for identification. Jessica tells her she doesn't belong. Mitch shows up everywhere she goes. She tells him he'll never have her. Cris defends her as Bo and Antonio arrest Mitch. Jessica dreams she walks into Capricorn and everyone wears white and praises her. Antonio arrests her. Her pretty pink dress turns black when he reminds her that she's Mitch's daughter. She wakes up. She comforts Starr when Starr awakens from a nightmare. Flash dreams about Joey. He takes her to Capricorn where, again, everyone is wearing white. In the dream everyone compliments her. She tells Joey she lost the most important person in the world to her. She and Joey dance. They kiss and she wakes up. Nora dreams she goes to Capricorn wearing her wedding dress (the one she bought for her wedding to Troy). Lindsay and Emily make fun of her. Troy tells her he prefers Lindsay. All of her exes agree she can't keep a relationship going. Everyone choruses that she's alone. She apologizes for causing pain for everyone except Troy. She wakes up feeling reassured that she'll make it and tears up her wedding invitation. Michael sings and Bo and Gabrielle dance throughout all the dreams. Todd calls Starr to give her an update. The old man spills wine on his robe (Over the monogram L) as he waits.

Passions by Ashley

 T.C. and Eve have a fight about how she puts her job first over her family. So Liz just happens to be there to comfort T.C. in his distressed state. Liz also has a moment with Antonio. She talks to him and tells him everything her heart feels. At the hospital Gwen and Ethan are bonding and excited about the pictures of their child. Theresa comes up with another one of her plans to show Ethan how Ivy really is. At the Bennett's Grace and Sam try to get Ivy to move out and into a nursing home! She uses guilt to make them feel bad and pleads poverty. Sheridan still tries to get Luis to forget her and move on with Beth. Beth is ecstatic. Gwen and Ethan show up and Gwen talks sense into Sheridan. Ethan tells Luis he should just do what Sheridan asks.

PC by Suzanne

Lucy's Valentine's Day gift to Ian goes hilariously wrong when the Taste of Ireland romantic dinner she thought she ordered turns out to be an adult entertainer who tries to strip for her. Instead of being offended or jealous, Ian is amused and grateful to have a reason to laugh again. He takes her out to dinner, and Kevin sends a bottle of champagne to their table. Elizabeth is sickened by the thought of feeding on Joshua, who insists that he's her only option. In his opinion, the special water is nothing like the real thing. Elizabeth vows that she'll never feed on him, but Joshua is confident that she'll soon find it necessary. Letting herself into Ian's loft, Elizabeth is disappointed to find that he's not there. She waits around impatiently, glancing at his research notes. She's not happy to realize that he may be sleeping with Lucy. Rafe informs Jack that he and Lucy will deal with Caleb. Alison is appalled to hear how they plan to use Tess, and she's even more disgusted to learn that Jack plans to give his wife a doll for Valentine's Day. She insists that Jack and Caleb are pulling her in two directions, never giving her a chance to be a complete person. At the overlook, Caleb plays "Newborn Heart" for Tess. After tenderly kissing her cheek, he also presents her with Olivia's music box, and the music has a subtle effect on her. Tess promises that he will find love again. Rafe gives Alison a dozen pink roses for Valentine's Day. She's still upset with him but agrees to let it go for now. They promise to always talk things out in the future. As Tess prepares for a romantic evening with Jack, she finds her eyes drawn to the music box. Unable to resist, she opens the lid. As the music plays, a change comes over her. She signs the card to Jack with Livvie's name.

Y&R By Jodi

Brad and Ashley try to get back on track now that they are having a baby. Olivia comes by their place to apologize and hopes that someday they can be friends again. Victor hopes that none of his children will tell Nikki what happened between him and Sharon. Sharon and Diego find comfort from one another by talking about the problems in both of their relationships. Colleen is devastated when she finds out that Billy is driving her to the dance and John is chaperoning, ruining her plans to meet J.T. there.

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