Thursday 2-13-03 Recaps

Thursday 2/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Mia and Simone bitch at each other but then make up later.  Simone keeps ogling Carlos and asks him about an upsetting phone call he had.  He is short with her, so later she apologizes for butting in.  They make amends and he offers to teach her Spanish.  Aidan and Maria enjoy their time on the beach in the Bahamas, but then Julian and Morgan arrive.  Aidan goes to find Julian but Maria and Aidan's old pal are greeted by Morgan (with a gun) and Julian back at their hotel room.  Brooke finds Edmund bleeding and seemingly unconscious at her desk at Tempo, but realizes quickly that he's passed out drunk.  He shows her that he injured his hand smashing a window and pours out his heart about Maria leaving him.  He says he's through with Maria as Brooke bandages up his hand.  Brooke tries to keep his hopes up but Edmund says he wishes that Brooke had never found Maria and that the two of them were still happily married (he and Brooke).  After Greenlee admits that she is not moving on with her life because she feels frozen like she did at the top of the waterfall when Leo died, Lysistrata takes Greenlee through some unusual sense-memory therapy that uses eye movements so that she can relive the experience.  They act out what happened and she urges Greenlee to do what she wishes she had done then.  Greenlee turns around and grabs Lysistrata by the throat, strangling her and yelling as if she were Vanessa.  Lysistrata is a little choked up :) but otherwise fine and Greenlee feels a lot better.  She goes back to Fusion with champagne and shocks Mia and Simone by saying they have to celebrate life.  Jack tells David he's jealous that David could save his daughter when Jack felt so helpless when Lily was sick.  David admits that he felt the same way even though he was able to operate.  Jack tells Anna that Aidan has been cleared in London of the murder charges; now they just have to find him and let him know he's no longer wanted.

ATWT by Dione

After going to Mike's place, and seeing Molly's belongings, Carly declines Mike's live in offer. She doesn't want to live where Molly planned to make her babies. He tells her that they're not going to share toothbrushes or a bed. They shake on it and agree to be roomies! Molly tells Jack that she wants him, repeatedly. Molly's 1/2 naked laying all over Jack. Jack says he can't make love to her. Molly is upset and says he still loves her and calls Carly "ruthless" and saying that Rosanna is right about Carly. Molly wants Jack to get rid of all of the boxes with Parker and Carly's belongings. After they decide not to make love and Molly says how wonderful of a man he is, in walks Carly! Jack and Molly are in an embrace and still 1/2 naked. Lucy puts the pieces together about Ali starting the fire and discovers that was the cause of their fall out; not Aaron cheating. She begins to realize that Alison is the reason why she's in the whellchair. Lucy calls Aaron, but since he's getting drunk and playing loud music with Alison at the garage, he doesn't hear his phone. Lucy's not sure if she's remembering correctly, so she then enlists the help of Rosanna, who's with Craig. Rosanna pretends it's Emma on the phone and she's ill. Craig wants her to stay with him, but Rosanna leaves to be with Lucy. Craig becomes suspicious, but vows to trust Rosanna. Aaron and Alison are dancing, or trying anyway while throwning back beers. Alison keeps trying to get closer to Aaron. He tells her that she's a "pit bull" for being so persistent. She gets offended, he says he's sorry and they hug.  

B&B by Matt

Ridge admits to Stephanie that she was right about Brooke. He confides that Thomas is having social problems in school and he is going to have to talk to him about it. Amber explains the origins of the sex tape and why Rudy is there. Eric lashes out that Amber is always doing this. He advises her to get an excellent press release to him ASAP. Bridget reiterates to Mass that she is not going back to Ridge's house, even after getting a pleading call from Thomas at school. Ridge talk to Thomas about his behavior at school when he gets home. They are interrupted by Brooke. Brooke and Ridge talk on the terrace. She wants to explain what happened. While they are doing so, Thomas sneaks back downstairs. After observing them, he pulls out a bottle of vodka from the liquor stand.  

Days by Sandy

Tony tries to walk but Lexie tells him it's too soon. He takes small steps. Bart tells Tony that Larry may be alive. Tony orders him to find Larry. Tony plans to get Cassie and Rex's mother. Hope doesn't remember dreaming about Shawn holding the gun. Bo tells Hope his theory about Larry being alive. Shawn blows up at Hope. Shawn causes his hand to bleed as he beats Bo's punching bag. Marlena finds crocheted baby clothes. John finds a book that he thinks will tell them about the twins. Marlena notices the queen is missing from the chess set John finds. Marlena accuses John of trying to find evidence that the twins aren't hers. John apologizes to Marlena, not realizing she's asleep. Marlena hears a voice telling her to sleep. Mimi catches Shawn taking one of Hope's pills. He passes it off as pain pills for his hand. She talks to Shawn about what's going on. Shawn blows up at her. Larry hides in the sewer system. He studies the blue prints to the Brady house and makes plans to get Hope. Kate tells Roman Stefano took something from her. They talk about all Stefano did to the two of them. Roman tells her he'll fight with her to beat Stefano. Kate can't make herself tell Roman what Stefano took. Roman learns out about a missing tuxedo stud found at the murder site.  

GH by Megsaqt

On the docks, Sonny and Carly argued about his control in Jason and Courtney's life. Sonny told Carly to remember all the times that she had gotten hurt because of him, and he wondered why it was wrong to protect Courtney from that. Carly told Sonny he was selfish, and he told her if she couldn't handle his life, then she could go. Carly left. Brenda later appeared and told Sonny that she wanted him to be happy because she was happy because of him. They kissed, and Carly looked on :-( At the hospital, Alexis prepared to take home baby Kristina. Cameron told her she wasn't fit to take care of her...Alexis morphed into her sister Kristina's personality. Kristina told Cameron if he didn't leave Alexis and her daughter alone, he would find a way to get rid of him. Alexis came back, and agreed with Cameron that she couldn't bring home the baby. While making finishing wedding plans at the hotel, Skye came to see Jax to tell him that she saw Alexis at Alcazar's room. She walked into the Versailles room that the wedding would be in, and told Jax to forget about her problems. She wished Jax good memories for him and Brenda. Skye left and went to Coleman's bar, and almost left with another man. Coleman closed down the bar, kicking everyone but Skye out. They slept together, and while he slept on the pool table, she started getting Coleman's gun out of a drawer. Faith:-/ told Ned about the messages from both Jason and Sonny, and told him she wanted to hurry along their plans. Faith told Ned that she wanted Sonny brought down ASAP, before Jason had a chance to kill her. When Faith shared her plans for Jason, Edward warned her that if she did anything to Jason, she would regret it. Felicia met up with Scott:-( who agreed to follow up on a lead that she gave him. Cameron and Felicia then got together, and she told him she stalled Scott, sending him on a false lead, and Cameron shared Alexis's problem with Felicia.

GL by Barbra

Marah and Tony play kissie-face at Infierno. Michelle goes to the Beacon to reserve a table for she and Bill for Valentine's Day. She confronts Cassie about her relationship with Danny and questions if she is falling into a relationship with Danny. Danny comes and tells Cassie that the financing came through for the Towers. Danny pretends that he doesn't see Michelle there. She leaves and Cassie confronts Danny about using her as a pawn to make Michelle jealous and that she won't be used like that. The partnership is over. Cassie tells him that if he wants Michelle go after her but she won't be used that way. Gus tells Harley that Miguel Santos may be his daddy. Gus gives Phillip the pictures of he and Olivia during their night together. Gus tells Phillip that he needs to realize that he loves Olivia and wonders if that night together was more than just a roll in the hay. Phillip wonders. Phillip throws the pictures in the trash in the hall as he leaves the hospital. Alex finds the envelop and looks insi Alex tries to get Olivia to admit she is pregnant. She faints and Phillip catches her. Mel takes her to the exam room to rest. Alan tells Alex that he knows Olivia is pregnant and that they will get back together. He tells Alex that he switched her pills. Alex threatens to tell Olivia what he did. 

OLTL by Sandy

Keri goes to see the baby and runs into Antonio and Liz. She ignores them. Antonio talks to Jessica about Keri and the baby. Dr. Conklin tells Keri tests on the date of conception were wrong. Liz is not the baby's mother. Keri is. Keri doesn't want Antonio to know. Troy tells Antonio, until his name is on the birth certificate, Antonio has no say with the baby. Gabrielle tries to be friendly to Nora. Bo tells Gabi about Nora's new job. Nora and Bo tell Gabi about some of their past cases. Nora rides with Bo to see Jen. He postpones lunch, to Gabi's disappointment. Nora and Bo run into Troy. She walks away. Nora tells Matthew that she and Troy broke up. Blair starts a fire but it's quickly put out. When the guards forget to tie her back up, she hides. She starts to get out, but Mitch shows up. She hides again as Mitch becomes enraged. When Mitch tells the guards to get Blair's kids, she comes out of hiding. She promises to follow Mitch's orders. Todd tells Cris and Natalie that Bo sent him. Natalie refuses to leave without Cristian. She collapses. Cris realizes Todd drugged Natalie's tea. Todd then sticks Cris with a needle and knocks him out. Todd carries Natalie away and leaves Cris. Todd tells Mitch he has Natalie. Mitch tells Todd if he doesn't bring Natalie, Blair dies. Cris comes to. Jen wakes up to see Mitch start to put something into her IV. He convinces Jen that she "misunderstood." Sam catches Mitch with Jen. She tells Bo that Mitch didn't try to hurt her. She says she made a mistake. The old man thinks he won't last much longer. .  

Passions by Ashley

At the hospital Luis talks to Antonio and tells him about his feelings for Sheridan and to make a full recovery or let go for his sake. Beth tells Sheridan to let Luis go by hurting him. A desperate Sheridan tries to use Beth's ideas to let Luis go and hes devestated. Grace tells Ivy shes got to go and Ivy is irate and tries to plead with Sam to let her stay. Fox and Theresa talk about how shes lost Ethan to Gwen and her unborn baby. Gwen and Ethan go to her sonogram appointment and bond over their unborn child. 

PC by Beth

A very panicked Alison rushes to give Rafe the bad news that Joshua is alive. Rafe realizes that Elizabeth failed to kill him and instead turned him into a vampire. Alison thinks this may be good news for her mother, who didn't actually make a kill and therefore didn't lose her soul. She and Rafe continue their discussion about Tess, and Rafe explains his fear that instead of healing Caleb, Tess will be corrupted by him. Alison decides that the perfect revenge on Caleb is to spend a few hours in bed, forgetting that he even exists. Jack is convinced that a part of Tess loves Caleb, and he doesn't know what to do. Tess doesn't know how to make him understand that she only wants to heal the man because he's hurting so much. She's tired of fighting about it. Pretending to relent, Jack tells her to give it a try, because he believes in her. Caleb demands to know what Joshua said to terrify Tess. Not believing his explanation, Caleb informs Joshua that he knows he's a vampire. Joshua produces a dagger and invites Caleb to use it on him, but Caleb declines. They discuss the new song and how it's intended to make Tess trust Caleb. He still wants Olivia, but he has to go about this much differently than he originally thought. After their talk, Joshua believes that Caleb has indeed gone soft. He expects to acquire the upper hand before Caleb has any idea what's happening. When Elizabeth comes to the studio, Joshua suggests a mutual feeding. Against her better judgment, she gives in to the desire. After making love, Rafe returns Alison's engagement ring to her finger, and she gives back the watch she gave him for their wedding. They're interrupted by Jack's obnoxious pounding on the door. Jack informs them that he just lied to Tess about believing in her ability to heal Caleb. He wants to be the one to drive the stake through the vampire's heart. As Tess prepares for some romantic time with her husband, Caleb watches from outside, then materializes in the room behind her.

Y&R By Judy

Diego asks Victor for a second chance but Victor tells him that he does not want to waste his time on fools. Diego points out that Victor must be a lonely man, Victor then tells him to leave. As Brad talks to Abby, Ashley hears him and then tells him she is pregnant. Brad seems pleased and later fixes Ashley something to eat and tells her she has to take good care of herself and he will help, things seem better between them as they embrace. Colleen schemes with Lily about her plans to go with JT to the Valentine Dance and Bill interrupts them, but they boot him out. John then tells Bill that he wants him to drive Colleen to the dance so she stays away from JT. Raul teases JT about being in love with Colleen. JT then goes to meet Colleen in their secret place and he gives her the bracelet. He asks her to be his Valentine she answers yes and he agrees to go to the dance. Victoria and Nick discuss their parents relationship and Vicki tells Nick she is reluctant to continue seeing Diego.  

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