Wednesday 2-12-03 Recaps

Wednesday 2/12/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Today's stories were ones that fans created and will not be "real" stories.  Tad is supposed to marry Erica but first goes to bed with Brooke, Simone, Mia, Maria, Anna, Kendall, and Myrtle!  Erica's hair is very frizzy as she gets ready.  Kendall is Erica's dutiful daughter; Bianca sabotaged Erica's shampoo because she's tired of Kendall getting all the attention.  Adam works as a waiter because he has amnesia.  Anna gets mad at David for treating Adam badly and being so selfish    Maria gets her memory back but Edmund is married to Brooke and doesn't remember Maria.  Brooke tells him that he blanked out Maria and her death; he forgives Brooke for keeping the secret and stays with her over Maria.  Chris wants Jack to go undercover with him--in drag.  An alternate story has Kendall beating Tad up for cheating on her mother.  Jackson has to perform the marriage ceremony as a preacher.  Joe reminds Erica that they have a child together.  When asked if anyone would know why they shouldn't get married, everyone who slept with Tad stands up and there is a big fight between many people.  Tad escapes to a bar and finds Liza waiting for him.

ATWT by Dione

Aaron asks his friend, Brady pay Lucy a visit and tell her that Aaron loves her and only her. Lucy thinks she smells a rat and tells Brady to get out. Chris confronted Alison at the garage about the fire. Emily came in and asked him to apologize. He said he was going find out who started the fire. Alison anxiously asked Emily if Will was on his way home and if the nightmare was over. Emily became suspicious. Rosanna downloaded some pics of Washington U to help Lucy regain her memory. Lucy said that she can recall her and Alison arguing, but couldn't put her finger on what or why. While holding the pics and recalling the day, she remembers that Alison started the fire. Craig, Carly, Mike and Molly are in front of the Lake View when Carly and Molly argue over Jack. Molly said the Jack was the best she ever had and threw in a few more lies right before Carly puched her down to the ground. After Molly got up, she said that she was going to pay a visit to Jack. Carly is not convinced that her husband would commit adultery. Mike offers his place for Carly to stay. Holden talks Jack into letting Carly's things stay in the house, instead of sending them off to storage. Later, Molly seduces Jack upon entering his front door. Jack is trying to talk through all of the kissing to try to figure out where all of this is coming from.  

B&B by Matt

Amber manages to convince Rick and Eric the "Ambrosia Undressed" video is promo tape. She and Rudy jet to her office. Once there Rudy explains how he couldn't get the videos back, but also shows her what hot ticket they are right now courtesy of a good review in a nudy magazine. Infuriated, Amber screams the video isn't a real film or art and insists it's just X-rated garbage. Rudy realizes the tape isn't his, but rather, is the video Rick and Eric were watching earlier. Amber dashes to Eric's office to find a stunned Rick and Eric watching Amber's sex tape. Thorne tries to convince Macy they have great chemistry and a special bond. Macy counters that he is the same argument Brooke used to lure him away. She insists she is committed to Lorenzo end of story. Stephanie asks Sally to support Thorne in his quest for Macy, but she can only promise to support her daughter's decisions. Things get tense when Lorenzo gets home with groceries. He is cordial at first, but makes it clear that Thorne is not welcome in their home.  

Days by Rebecca

Shawn is really anxious (because of taking the fake medication) and ticked off today, even punching Belle's window, and Belle says goodbye to everyone before her trip to Paris. Including her sister, who would rather her stay and go after her love. Chloe takes another blood test with Brady at her side. Bo cannot find Larry and informs Roman about his suspicions. Nicole and Brandon talk on the terrace about eachother's loveless relatinoships. She informs her brother that Victor knows about her affair. Lucas gets to boss Sami around (yay!) and Kate throws a few words at her also. She also gets to meet Cassie who has nothing good to say about Marlena. She then goes to Shawn as Belle is saying goodbye to him. He brushes it off and leaves with Cassie. 

GH by Megsaqt

Sonny went to see Courtney at her loft and told her that he wanted to start over somewhere else. Courtney told him that his feelings were not the only ones that mattered, and she didn't want anything from him. Courtney told Sonny that she hated him, and he wasn't her brother. She kicked him out of the loft. Later, Jason arrived to get his things. Courtney asked him to stay, but he walked out. At the hotel, Brenda got her annulment papers back from the Dominican Republic. She invited the Quartermaines to her and Jax's wedding, and they all agreed to attend. Brenda told Jason that she wanted to thank Jason for everything he did for her by inviting him to the wedding. He agreed, and she left to invite him. Sonny sent Jason to send Faith a message. He met her on the docks, and told her that the next time she moved, Sonny would strike back at full forcre. Alexis went to see Cameron, and he mentioned Alcazar which caused her to switch to Kristina's personality. Kristina told Cameron that she purified Alexis's life by getting rid of the toxins, that included people. Cameron asked if she had gotten rid of anybody lately, and she admitted she had. Kristina told Cameron that he was getting to be a toxin to Alexis.  

GL by Barbra

Josh goes overboard in accusing Holly of being Reva's stalker. Holly is bitter and talks with Blake and Ross. Ross calls the Josh and Reva and asks them to come for a meeting. Reva isn't convinced but Josh lays it on pretty heavy. Blake confides to Ross that she is worried about her mom, afraid that she might be drinking again and that she might be guilty. Frank and Buzz have a father/son moment. Ben is sent by Alan to get Phillip to sign some papers, in which is included a proxy for Phillip's voting rights for the next Spaulding board meeting. Phillip signs the papers and sends the proxy back with a message "BITE ME ALAN". Alan rushes to Phillip to cover his tracks but Phillip isn't buying it. Olivia has an ultrasound after running into Phillip at the hospital. Alex sees Olivia talking with Dr. Sedwick and a young couple with a new baby. She puts two and two together and comes up with pregnancy. Olivia denies the accusation.  

OLTL by Sandy

RJ tells Liz he doesn't want anything to do with her. Antonio asks Keri to forgive him. She tells him to get out. She and RJ make plans for her to move in with him. Hank offers Nora a job as an ADA. Nora promises to think about it. Bo thinks it's a good idea. She talks to him about her break up with Troy. She starts to cry. Gabrielle walks in just as Bo comforts Nora. Bo tries to find out why Mitch has Jess's and Natalie's medical records. Mitch denies knowing what happened to Jen. Mitch threatens a lawsuit against the LPD for a supposedly illegal search and seizure. Jen tells Al what happened with Mitch. He becomes angry when he realizes she still has feelings for Cristian. He decides he doesn't want to be around Jen anymore. Jen has a nightmare about Mitch as Mitch watches. The clock is ticking. Blair tries to talk to the guards, but they ignore her. Kicking a bucket, she manages to blow out the power. She manages to break her bindings, but hides it from the guards. The old man looks at some important papers. He becomes impatient. Natalie and Cris are gone when a police officer shows up at the cabin. Todd knocks the officer out. Cris's car won't start. Cris carries Natalie to a cave to stay warm. Todd finds the abandoned car. He finds Natalie and Cris in the cave.  

Passions by Ashley

At the Crane's Ivy packs up and tells Rebecca and Gwen that she will have Sam and Gwen tells her she is just like Theresa. Ivy leaves and Gwen and Rebecca talk about Rebecca's plan to get rid of Theresa. Sam and Grace discuss Ivy and how Grace wants her out. They decide to get her another place to live. Ivy comes back and they tell her and she is devastated. Ethan, Theresa, and Fox have a business meeting that Theresa slacks off at due to her tired state. Her, Ethan, and Fox have words about Ivy and what a horrible person she is when Ethan leaves upset. He comes back to tell Theresa about Antonio's condition and she cries and Ethan comforts her in his arms. Luis and Sheridan talk about the future and she gives him back his ring. She tells him hes free from any promise and they can never be together and he should not wait for her.

PC by Beth

Lucy offers words of encouragement to a very discouraged Ian. When she surprises him with a visit from Tim and Danny, Ian gets to spend some time with his little boy. At Kevin's request, Caleb visits his jail cell. Kevin wants his help getting out of jail. Caleb agrees to help, with two conditions. The first one is that Kevin has to keep Lucy out of the Caleb's hair. As for the second condition, Caleb will ask a favor of Kevin at some point in the future, and Kevin must comply. Reese and "Marissa" face off in the park, and the angel uses her powers to knock her adversary off her feet. Jamal witnesses this and later confronts her about it. He knows that she's really Casey, not Marissa. Casey is upset about blowing her cover, but she's relieved by Jamal's offer to teach her how to be Marissa. Home again, Kevin thinks about his plans for his wife and her lover, and they're not pretty. Alison explains why she's changed her mind about letting Tess try to heal Caleb. Grateful for Alison's belief in her, Tess goes to try to find "Stephen" so that she can heal him. When Jack finds out, he's furious with Alison for talking her into this and endangering her life. At the studio, Joshua informs Tess that they have some unfinished business. Alarmed, Tess tries to get away, but Joshua insists on straightening things out. He apologizes for trying to kill her, then says that he doesn't want her to stay away from "Stephen" after all. Jack and Alison come to her rescue, and Alison is stunned to see the man her mother killed. Caleb is very angry with Joshua and asks for a reason not to kill him. 

Y&R By Jodi

Against Michael's advice at first, Diane decides to give up her baby for her freedom. Brad gives Ashley the house keys and talks to Abby about her parents splitting up. J.T. and Colleen start meeting at Mac and Billy's former secret meeting place. J.T. goes to see Lauren at her new boutique that she bought from Jabot to see if she can help him get Colleen a Valentine's gift. Lauren shows him a bracelet. John asks Lauren to fire Billy because he doesn't want him staying here and living with the other teens, especially Raul and Brittany who helped Colleen hide out. 

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