Tuesday 2-11-03 Recaps

Tuesday 2/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Trey phones Reggie at Fusion to see how his test went and how his job is doing.  Aidan and Maria are in the Bahamas.  They meet up with Kingman Muldoon, an old friend of Aidan's.  He tells Maria how Aidan once saved his life.  Aidan and Maria dance, drink, and have fun.  Kingman has put them under and alias and has assured them that Julian has not been sighted.  Aidan is still watchful.  David successfully operates on Anna and the baby, then rushes to the hospital chapel where he thanks God for letting them pull through.  Trey comes in while he is in prayer.  David visits Anna and tells her that the operation was successful.  Jack tells Erica that he is not going to be a pawn in her game where she plays him against Chris.  Lena tells Erica about Kendall being with Michael, which intrigues Erica.  Michael asks Kendall to trust and forgive him.  Kendall gets rid of Greenlee but is very grateful that she stood up for her.  Michael says he was going to tell Kendall his real name anyway.  He claims he uses the other name because he values his privacy.  She explains how her adopted parents lied to her about who she was so that's why she's very wary of anyone lying to her about important things.  He apologizes and says he hopes he has a lifetime to get to satisfy his curiosity about her.  Simone tries to compliment Greenlee about what she did for Kendall and hopes that she can count on her one day, too, but Greenlee is bitchy.  Greenlee gets the message that everyone has been having a hard time with her.

ATWT by Dione

Craig reveals to Carly about Molly and Jack's "relationship". Carly is furious and says she can't wait to get back to Oakdale to kill Molly! Craig tries to convince Carly to come back to Monte Carlo. Kim has a talk with Molly about her past infedelity problem with Bob. Holden tells Jack that he's happy with Lily despite the fact that she had a baby with Damian. Mike drops by to give Jack advice about Carly and the possibility of the baby being his. Jack gets mad and they get into a fight. Holden tells Jack that he should take Mike's advice. Chris stops by Fairwinds to question Lucy about the fire. While the fireplace is burning and Chris is talking, it jogs some of her memory. Alison visits and Lucy tells her to leave because some of her memory is coming back to her. Later, Chris confronts Alison about the fire. 

B&B by Matt

Brooke can't believe that after all their progress, Bridget would trash talk her behind her back. Bridget explains to Brooke that Ridge can make his own decisions regarding her (Brooke) without her (Bridget's) input. Brooke flat out asks Bridget to defend her and help her win Ridge back. Bridget refuses and Brooke storms out. Eric and Rick marvel over Amber's designs and want to get some PR on her immediately. Amber becomes unnerved at the idea of doing interviews and is even more on edge after Rudy shows up at Forrester in Eric's office. Rudy explains to Rick and Eric (and to Amber for the first time) that he is working with Amber to do a promo tape. Amber covers that she didn't want to let anyone know about it until it was a sure thing. As Eric and Rick leave, they spot the "Ambrosia Undressed" video and question her about this. Thorne reveals to Stephanie that Macy is still alive. Lorenzo wants to start a family with Macy right away, but she resists citing the whirlwind their marriage has been so far. Thorne and Stephanie visit and while she is talking to Sally, Thorne puts the moves on Macy. She pushes away but is backed into a corner when asked if she really loves Lorenzo. Eventually the two share a passionate kiss.  

Days by Rebecca

On the Dimera island, Marlena realizes that Stefano was the one who told her she wouldn't regret "it." She feels that she might have abandoned her children. They find a room with surgical equipment but they still don't know for sure. Bo wonders if Larry is still around and orders protection for his family. He tells Shawn about his suspicions. Cassie gives Shawn some of his moms pills which he takes. Jennifer takes the pregnancy test and it's negative! Bo calls her to update her on the towel, and Jennifer tells Jack everything. Later, Larry is back at the inn and so is Bo! He kicks open Larry's door... 

GH by Megsaqt

At the hospital, Jason told Courtney that he didn't want to have a relationship with her anymore. She told him he was wrong because she knew he loved her, and those feelings don't go away. Jason told her that he knew what was best; he wanted her safe. Courtney saw through him, and knew those were Sonny's words, not Jasons. He left her, and Carly came in after storming out of her penthouse. Courtney announed that she didn't care what Sonny said, her and Jason would be together. Carly told Courtney she should fight for Jason with everything she has. At their penthouse, Carly yelled at Sonny for being selfish, and for ordering Jason to give up his happiness. Sonnt told her that what he did was hard, but he knew best. Carly told Sonny that this wasn't about keeping anybody safe, it was about his need to control Courtney's life. When he told her it was dangerous for his sister, Carly told him that whatever danger she could be in w/ Jason, is because of Sonny. She left. After leaving the hospital, Jason went back to his penthouse, and Brenda came down to try and talk to him. She told Jason that she was afraid to marry Jax, and was afraid of happiness. Jason told her that she was the only person standing in her way. She questioned him about if he broke up w/ Courtney. Jason told her to stay aout if it; Brenda told him that if he knew deep down he could never give up his lifestyle, he did the right thing for Courtney. When he didn't respond, Brenda told Jason that him and Courtney could take off , and live w/o the life Jason has now. Jax came in and demanded that Jason sign annulment papers. He said he wouldn't. Brenda told him it was okay, she would try happiness, he agreed, signed, and her and Jax left together. At his club, Summer came in, and Lulu ran up to her announcing that her mother was home. When realizing she wasn't her mother, Lulu told Summer how much she missed Laura. Wishing she could help Lulu, Summer admired her drawing, and offered to take her for ice cream sometime. Luke took her home, and came back to talk to Summer. He told her that w/o Laura he didn't know how to be a father. Summer said he seemed ready. Luke and Summer talked about how the other was their safe place to go. At the hopital, Felicia came to see Skye who was meeting with Alexis. She was questioned about whether she remembered anything else, she said no, although Skye remembered that Alexis was in Alcazar's room the night of the murder. Felicia left, and then Skye told Alexis she had to go. Thet met up at Kelly's and Skye admitted that she remembered that Alexis being in the room. Cameron came in, and told Felicia he thought it was possible that Alexis killed Alcazar, but she probably didn't remember doing so. A confused Felicia was aked to try and stall the trial. Cameron told Alexis that she had nothing physically wrong with her that could be causing her take on Kristina's personality. Alexis was sure he was wrong, but Cameron told her that he believed she had multiple personalities. 

GL by Barbra

Holly comes to see Reva and brings clothing to the front door. No one answers so she leaves. Reva dreams about the stalker. Blake comes by to see Reva and brings her dry cleaning inside, they discover blood on the clothing. Reva calls Frank. The police officer watching the house says that he saw Holly hang the clothing on the door. The police bring Holly to Reva's. Michelle reads about Danny and Cassie's business venture and is bothered. She runs into Danny and Cassie at Company. Danny leaves and Michelle follows to the club. She fishes for information from Danny about his relationship with Cassie. Danny accuses Michelle of being jealous. Olivia discovers she is pregnant. Monica shows up for an appointment with Olivia's doctor. She reads Olivia's chart. Monica goes to the mansion to congratulate Alan on his impending fatherhood. He fires her since Phillip saw her at the mansion. Olivia and Alan meet to discuss the separation agreement. Olivia says Alan is being very generous, he says he is being fair since the pre-nup was voided. Olivia returns later to the hospital for an ultrasound and runs into Phillip. Frank comes by to see Rick and runs into Beth who was visiting. Frank quips with Beth. Beth leaves telling Rick that Frank will have to explain. Frank tells Rick that Beth turned him down for a date and if he knows of any hot nurses to hook him up.  

OLTL by Sandy

When Natalie and Cris prepare to leave, she becomes sick. Cris gets through to Bo, asking for a doctor. Todd follows a cop to the cabin. Mitch tells Todd to bring him Natalie if Todd wants Blair back. Mitch talks about a masquerade ball play that was performed in the theatre where he has Blair hostage. He forces her to put on a mask. Blair thinks Todd and Mitch are working together. Mitch convinces her it isn't true. He forces a kiss on her, so she spits in his face. Mitch begins a countdown. Jessica and Joey clean up the community center with help from Flash and her friends. Marcie brings in some food from the diner and finds out who Joey is. She agrees to volunteer at the community center, so she can work with him. Flash becomes defensive with Jessica when Jess tries to be friendly. Jessica is made to feel "out of place" by the kids at the center. Max finds Al's grade report. Al tells him he (Al) has everything under control. Max worries Al will become involved with Jen again. Al tells him it won't happen, then asks Max to leave. Al talks to Jessica about his problems. Joey tries to find out more about Flash. Flash looks at a picture of a baseball player and cries.  

Passions by Ashley

 At the Bennetts' house a fed up Grace searches for a new place for Ivy to live. Sam however thinks Grace is being a bit rude and is concerned on where Ivy will end up. At the Crane mansion Ivy and Rebecca talk while Ivy packs up her things to take to the Bennetts' house. She tells Rebecca she would willingly and gladly give up her riches for Sam to love her once again. Things between Ethan and Theresa complicate when he is harsh with her. She fears that kicking Ivy out of the mansion has cost her what she loves most....Ethan. She wonders will he ever forgive her and understand why she had to make that decision? At the hospital a reality shocked Luis and Sheridan face that they may never have a future with each other because of Antonio's condition and Sheridan's responsibility to him. Pilar is disappointed and at a loss for her son but still has much hope for miracles. Ivy may have cost her what she loves most....Ethan.

PC by Beth

 Jack assures Tess that he's not angry with her for changing her mind about leaving town. While he and Tess enjoy a lazy morning at home, the others meet at Ian's loft to strategize. Alison and Rafe both believe that Tess is the key, but their goals are very different. Rafe wants to use Tess to make Caleb vulnerable enough to be killed, but Alison believes that Tess can heal him and make him a good person. The others give them some privacy to argue, and Lucy shocks Ian by speculating about how having sex with a slayer might affect Caleb. Despite Rafe's assurances, Alison is afraid that Tess will get hurt by his plan. She visits Tess and expresses confidence in her friend's ability to help "Stephen." When Elizabeth struggles to understand how Joshua can be standing in the same room with her after she killed him, he answers her question by revealing a brand new set of fangs. He's grateful to her for doing what Caleb was never willing to do. Now he wants to take Caleb down, and he wants Elizabeth's help. She refuses until Joshua convinces her that her husband has had many affairs in the short time they've been married. Meanwhile, when Reese complains to Caleb about his behavior, he assures her that he knows exactly what he's doing. The Stephen Clay Experience plays "Newborn Heart" in its entirety as they make a live recording. Afterward, Caleb listens to the track and fantasizes that Livvie comes back to him.

Y&R By Judy

Jack and Phyllis are anxiously waiting for Diane to sign custody papers and tell John about the evidence they have against her. John fears they could be breaking the law and urges them to give the information to the police. Michael thinks out loud about Christine when Diane walks in on him and tells him that she is about to give up custody of Kyle. She whines to him as he chews her out about using Kyle to get Jack. But when she tells him about the evidence Jack and Phyllis have, he agrees to go along to her meeting with them. Michael then tells Jack and Phyllis that there is no way he will let his client sign the papers. Isabella tells Paul she blames herself for not trusting him with Christine. He tries to convince her that he wants to keep the family together but, when he tells Isabella that he has to see Christine one more time, she tells him he has to stay away from her and she runs out. Christine and Lynn share opinions about Paul and Christine's relationship. Lynn feels strongly that they should still be together and Christine recalls the good times and then the pain of their split. Neil admits to Olivia that he no longer thinks he and Dru have a chance at being together. Dru tells Wes about her miserable day but he turns down her advances. Wes tells her that she needs to confront her feelings about Neil. Wes confesses that he told Olivia about their problems and Dru does not like it. Neil then meets up with Dru and tells her that he should not have hoped for there reconciliation and that they should concentrate on making a home for Lily. When Dru finds out that Neil also has gone to Olivia to discuss things, she is very displeased that everyone is telling Olivia about her personal business.  

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