Monday 2-10-03 Recaps

Monday 2/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Carlos seems to have ideas for Greenlee, who ignores him for the most part.  Reggie points out that Simone is very attracted to Carlos so he should go for it.  Simone finds out that Kendall's boyfriend is really Michael Cambias, who likes to take over small companies.  Greenlee thinks that he is using Kendall so she finds Michael and Kendall at the Pine Valley Inn bar and accuses him of it.  He tells Kendall that his name is Cambias, not Kinsey, but he's after her, not her company.  Naturally Kendall doesn't believe him and slaps him in the face.  Chris drops by Erica's office and offers to whisk her away to Italy for a week, but she claims that she's too busy with work.  He doesn't believe her and wonders why she's being so argumentative lately.  Jack walks in, interrupting them.  Chris leaves.  Jack tries to work out the awkwardness between him and Erica because of them sleeping together the other day, saying it won't happen again, but she flirts with him.  He wonders why she's trying yet again to sabotage her happiness with Chris.  He thinks she has a great fear of commitment.  David works hard to save Anna and the baby by performing an operation in utero.  A Boston doctor is on the phone with him while Jake and Janelle assist.  The anesthesiologist tells David that Anna's blood pressure is dropping so he must wake her up, but David keeps working, saying he's almost done.  Maggie has a heart-to-talk chat with Jack, worrying about David and his family.  The press tries to get a statement but Maggie fends them off easily.  Trey arrives and is incensed that no one told him about David performing the operation (he was hanging out just yesterday so I wonder why he couldn't have gotten the news).  Maggie apologizes and then they worry together.

ATWT by Dione

 Bartleby threatens to kill Katie if Simon doesn't help him pull a con job. Simon says he's going to find a way to break Katie's heart, that way she won't follow him. Barbara asks Paul to go into a children's clothing line business with him and refuses. She tells him that if he changes his mind later, the offer is withdrawn. While Paul's talking to Barbara, in walks Mitzi. Mitzi's all excited about doing hair and Rose slowly tells Mitzi that there is no shop..yet. Jess and Marshall are now living together, Jessica has custody of him. Bonnie comes home and is enraged at her new roommate. Bonnie's concerned about Ben and Jessica reveals that he's unaware of the situation. Jessica tells Marshall that she feels comfortable around him. Chris apologizes to Hal and Emily about Will's diagnosis. Chris tells Hal that he still doesn't believe that Will started that fire, regardless of his apology. Chris confronts Emily privately about the fire and says that Will didn't have an accelerat. He promises to get to the bottom of it, even if it means his career is over.

B&B by Matt

 Ridge and Bridget enjoy some breakfast at her apartment. He encourages to let her true feelings out in the future if there is ever a problem. Brooke admits to Eric that she hasn't heard from Ridge since last night. She is relieved to hear that he is at Bridget's and believes that if anyone can get Ridge past this crisis, it's Bridget. Deacon explains to Mass how the plan to destroy Ridge and Brooke worked. However, Mass becomes angry when Deacon laughs at the sorry state Ridge is in now. Deacon wonders what Mass is getting out of all this and vows to find out. Brooke overhears Bridget call her a horrible person in front of Ridge. After he leaves, Brooke chastises Bridget for speaking to Ridge about her in such a way. Bridget shocks Brooke by admitting she isn't sure she (Brooke) is fit to be Ridge's wife and the kids' mother.

Days by Rebecca

no recap

GH by Megsaqt

 At the hospital, Sonny told Jason that he could not have a relationship with Courtney because he wanted a better life for her. Jason admitted that he loved Courtney, and he loved her enough to let her make her own decisions. Sonny told Jason he would let her go, because there would be nothing worse than knowing Courtney was in danger because of him. Carly told Courtney that Sonny was not happy about her relationship with Jason, and he was going to tell Jason to end it with her. Courtney told Carly that Sonny did not get a vote in her life with Jason, and they would be together, regardless of Sonny. When Carly left, Brenda came to check on Courtney, and to ask about the acident. Brenda told her that she once felt the same way about Sonny that she did about Jason, but she realized she couldn't live her life the way she had with Sonny. Alexis admitted to Cameron that she didn't remember buying the red wig, and she didn't remember getting to the dock's from Kelly's. Cameron wanted to run tests, so they went to the hospital. Alexis worried about having a brain tumor, and Cameron told her he thought she might have split personalities. When he left, Skye came to talk to Alexis about her case. When Alexis walked away, Skye began having flashbacks from the night of Alcazar's murder. She remembered that Alexis was in the room. Lucky and Laura made love. She told him that she thinks he is wonderful, and Lucky announced that he thought Laura treated him as a job, and didn't really enjoy herself when he was with her. She denied it, but later told Lucky he was right, she did treat him as a job because she doesn't know what to do with her feelings for him. She left Lucky's and went to Luke's club. She walked in to see Luke playing with LuLu, who saw her and announced that her mother was back.

GL by Barbra

 Ben begins his new job as Alex's personal secretary/assistant. Alan offers Ben a job if he gets tired of working for Alex. Alan tells Alex that fate will bring he and Olivia back together and he flashes back to having her birth control pills replaced with placebos. Alan calls his private eye and tells her to make an appt. with Olivia's ob-gyn after seeing Olivia coming from an exam. Olivia tells Phillip that Alan deliberately kept the letter from Phillip to keep them apart. Zach is moved out of intensive care. Mel tells Gus about Roy being moved. Harley withholds information from Gus. Gus goes to Danny asking about the Jane Doe who died in his dad's building. Danny allows him to go through the records as long as he doesn't implicate the Santos family. Gus agrees.

OLTL by Suzanne

will be late

Passions by Ashley

 At Tabitha's Kay gets ready to blow in Tabitha, Ivy, and David when Tabitha distarcts her by telling her Miguels on the phone. She shows her how the future will be and how it could be. Tabitha tells her the only way she can have her dream future is to work with her and keep her secret that she is a witch. At the hospital Antonio opens his eyes but is not responding and the staff has no idea whats wrong because it is the effects of the experimental drug. T.C., Liz, and Eve talk about how busy Eve's life is and how her marriage is suffering and whats worse she gets called away during the disscusion.

PC by Beth

 Unaware of each other's presence, Ian and Elizabeth watch in horror as Caleb orders Caz and Reese to turn as many people as they can. As Rafe and the others prepare to look for Tess, Ian rushes in and informs them of Caleb's plan. Despite Lucy's efforts to stop her cousin, Rafe accuses Ian of being a vampire, which Ian then admits. Caleb's orders to his progeny are interrupted by Tess, who vows to stop him. Reese wants to kill her but Caleb forbids it. He doesn't appreciate Reese's insubordination. Tess asks Caleb to choose between being a dark, soulless creature and a good man who doesn't want to hurt anyone. Choosing Tess, Caleb calls off the feast, angering Reese and Caz. It hurts Elizabeth to see how Tess can control her husband, but her musings are put to a halt when Joshua grabs her from behind and forcibly takes her to his place. Caleb leaves Tess alone as Jack and the others approach, and Tess informs them that they don't have to worry anymore. Casey gets called back to Ed's office for a little talk. Ed warns her to be more careful, because he doesn't have to let her go back to earth. She's supposed to be guarding Ricky, and she can't let her feelings get in the way of her job. Casey thinks she's been doing a good job in the short time she's been in Port Charles. Ed agrees to let her go back, but he warns her to keep her real identity a secret. When he sends her back, she materializes in front of Jamal's eyes before walking away. Her cover is blown when Jamal realizes that she's not Marissa after all. Caleb is pleased to know that Tess believes she has some power over him.

Y&R By Jodi

Dru is crushed when her agent drops her as a client. Victor takes the blame for the kiss between him and Sharon and ends up getting punched by Nick. Dru apologizes to Ashley for getting involved in the Abby paternity situation and gives her back the only video. Nikki and Neil find themselves in the same bar trying to help each other. Isabella worries that her family could fall apart if "Kelly" finds out any information. "Kelly" goes to get information from Michael. Mary butts into Paul's life...again. 

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