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Friday 2/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Adam gets angry when J.R. gets another bad grade. J.R. doesn't care about anything since he left Laurie. Adam finds Laurie
at school and offers to pay her way through Harvard so that J.R. will follow her there. Laurie isn't sure what to think;
Jamie tells her that she should go for it. She and Jamie hug again. Laurie has another fight with her dad. Liza tries to
get Adam to stay out of J.R.'s life but of course he doesn't. Kendall yells at Erica for trying to ruin Fusion. Boyd also
gets angry at Erica for trying to interfere with his personal life. After they leave, Bianca tells Erica she went too far
with Fusion, but she's worried about Fusion's success, too. After a long talk with Anna, David decides to do the operation
on her baby. Jake and Janelle will assist. Another doctor in Boston will help via teleconferencing. Kendall runs into
Boyd again at the Pine Valley Inn bar. Kendall accepts Boyd's invitation to lunch but then Michael arrives so she blows Boyd
off. Kendall and Michael flirt in the bar over a wheat-grass smoothie.

ATWT by Dione

Rosanna tries to help Lucy with her memory by writing down things she remembers. Lucy asks Rosanna how you can tell if you're a virgin or not and if a Dr. can help with the answer. Aaron and Alison share a kiss after they discuss his break up from Lucy. Since Alison initiated the kiss, Aaron asks her to never do that again. Craig sees Mike at the Lake View having a drink. Mike tells Craig that Jack and Molly are together in every sense of the word. So Craig pays a visit to Jack's house. Jack tells Craig that him and Molly are an item and he doesn't care who knows! Jack's gives Craig Carly's intinerary in Cancun. Craig books a flight on the first plane out of Oakdale. Marshall gets placed into Jessica's custody since he is a flight risk. Evelyn accused Jessica and "her lover" for messing up Oakdlae's D. A.'s office. Katie comes home as Simon and Bartleby are talking. Bartleby says that he's low on cash and Simon gave him $50. Katie insists that she has more and hands over $100. Later, Bartleby follows Simon to the police station. Bartleby is upset and asks Katie to leave with him. Simon comes home to a note from Katie.

B&B by Matt

Thorne calls the reporters on Macy and leaks the story that she is still alive to them. The Spectra group has a fun homecoming but is rudely interrupted by reporters and telephone calls. Tricia isn't sure Thorne is being smart when it comes to Macy. She thinks she might resent what how he forced her to stay in LA. Thorne believes he is doing what is best for her by revealing the truth and making her see what is important in her life. Macy seems upset when Thorne calls Sally's place and she realizes what he has done. Bridget reveals how she found out about Brooke and Deacon's affair over the baby monitor. The two embrace each other and Ridge promises to always be there for her.

Days by Sandy

Belle tells Sami about going to Paris. Sami tries to talk her out of it. She tells Belle that Belle may lose Shawn if she leaves. Sami fills Belle in on the problems she's having with Brandon. Belle offers Sami help with Brandon. Sami fantasizes about telling the truth to Brandon. Belle fantasizes about Shawn stopping her at the airport and telling her he loves her. Marlena tells them that she and John are going out of town. Belle says goodbye to her parents as she head for Paris. Marlena tells Roman Kate wants to see her. He asks Marlena if she (Marlena) is the mother of the Gemini twins. Marlena becomes upset and sidesteps the question. He talks to Marlena about his relationship with Kate. Marlena accuses him of loving Kate. He denies it. Roman takes Kate some flowers and champagne. He locks her into her office. Kate beats him with her flowers. Jack tells Jen he has never loved her more and that he will stand by her. Jack gives Jen a pregnancy test. They head upstairs together, leaving the test downstairs. Kate tells John about her visit with Tony. John yells at Kate for talking about Marlena with Tony. Kate offers to help but John turns her down. John tells Marlena about his conversation with Kate. Shawn and Brandon play basketball. Brandon tries to help Shawn with his problems, but Shawn becomes defensive. The game becomes rogh as Shawn loses his temper. Brandon gets tired of it and leaves. Belle calls Shawn before she leaves. Shawn hangs up on her. Shawn thinks Bo knows.

GH by Megsaqt

 Outside Kelly's, Gia tells Nikolas that she doesn't think their realtionship is going anywhere. Gia tells him that he was wrong to try and pay Zander to stay away from him, she would never do that to anyone he cared about. Gia tells Nikolas it is over with them, she gives back her engagement ring, and kisses him on the cheek, before they seperate. Lucky and Laura have another go-around about whether or not they could become a couple. Lucky tells Laura that she should call him when she is through with her "universe of one", something that she had just read in a note Luke had written to his Laura. She questions him about where he heard that. She leaves, and later shows up at his room at Kelly's. They began kissing, when Luke knocks on the door. At Kelly's, Alexis doesn't remember ordering her drink, she tells Cameron it is something that her sister would have ordered. Ned and Faith walk in, and Alexis jumps up yelling at him, for going around town with a mobster's widow. When they leave, Cameron tells her that she is not handling herself well. Later on the docks, Alexis is dressed as Kristina, and Cameron sees her. "Hello Kristina, I've been waiting to meet you" he tells her. A cop comes by and rescues Jason and Courtney who are brought to the hospital. Jason is taken into surgery, and Brenda rushes to the hospital after being called about his condition. Courtney is kept overnight for observation. Sonny and Carly visit Jason and Courtney. When Jason wakes up, he tells him that he cannot be with Courtney. Carly visits Courtney, and tells her that her relationship with Jason is not going to be as easy as she though. Luke tells Bobbi that he thinks they need to have a manager for Carly's club, in case Sonny's mob friends start hanging around..he decides to ask Lucky who is upstairs with Laura. Elton arrives at Brenda and Jax's to discuss wedding plans. Brenda tells him she doesn't want to rush into anything, and she'll call him in a few months, when she is not so overwhelmed. Jaz asks her if she is okay, because she looks unsure about getting married.

GL by Barbra

Roy gets whisked away before Mel can stop the orderlies only after he tells Mel "secret". Mel talks to Harley and they head to the airport to stop the Spaulding jet. They arrive just as the door closes. Harley finds a note on the floor. Cassie dreams of kissing Richard- who turns into Danny. She is freaked out especially when someone knocks at the door and it is Danny. She brushes him off. Later she apologizes. Cassie tells Blake about the dream. Blake says that it may be a sign that she is ready to move on in love. Cassie says that she will never replace Richard. Danny and Michelle argue over Robbie and Bill being in Robbie's life. The police come to the Lewis house after Josh calls. The stalker watches. Holly comes to talk to Reva about the Spaulding expose. Reva wants to go back to work but Josh and Holly buck at the idea. Holly leaves and stands outside looking back at the house as Josh closes the curtains. Cassie tells Danny that Lewis construction has come in as the lowest bidder. Danny says great, but she explains that since Josh has so much on his plate he wants to pass the torch to Bill. Danny calls Bill and offers him the job of refurbishing the Towers Club. Bill tells Michelle that he is probably going to take the job. Michelle is concerned

OLTL by Sandy

Mitch threatens Cris via cell phone. Natalie and Cris make plans to leave the cabin. Natalie accidently breaks a mirror and slices her leg. They think the cut might be infected. She fears Mitch is nearby. Mitch tells the nurse to keep the old man alive and he would bring "the girl." As Mitch watches Starr sleep, he picks her up and carries her out of the house. Viki asks Jessica to stay. Joey and Viki promise to help Jess deal with Mitch being her biological father. Todd talks to Viki about printing a story on Mitch. Todd tells her Blair left and why. Viki, Joey and Jessica give thanks to God. RJ is not happy to be handcuffed to a booth at the diner. He tells Liz what Antonio is about to do. Liz leaves to stop Antonio. Flash helps RJ out of the cuffs. Antonio tells Keri about Liz and the baby. Keri tries to walk out but Antonio stops her. Liz shows up. Keri starts to feel serious pain. Al takes an unconscious Jen to the ER. Al tells Bo about Jen calling for the police. Bo realizes she was very close to Mitch's place. Troy tells Sam and Lindsay that Jen will be okay. Jen tells Bo about Jess and Natalie's files. Sam, Lindsay and Bo go over the robe Jen was wearing when she collapsed. The notice the monogrammed L. The same L that is on the robe of the old man. Jen thanks Al for saving her.

Passions by Ashley

At the Bennet's house Ivy and Sam talk and she tries to get him to see that she's sorry about Kay's "lies". Sam also assures her that nothing will ever come between Grace and him. Grace and John spend time together. David and Grace talk and she tells him how she fears Ivy is out to destroy their marriage. At Tabitha's house Tabitha learns who her new assistant is...Kay. Kay is going to use this to her advantage to win over Miguel's affection. At the hospital things look bad for Antonio and Luis comforts Sheridan while Pilar stays by his side. Luis and Sheridan both vow to leave Harmony while Beth swears she will never allow it.

PC by Suzanne

Ian tells Lucy that he might be able to fix the problem with their blood cells, but it could take some time.  Kevin phones Lucy, so she goes to his jail cell and says she took out a restraining order.  Kevin tells her that he no longer loves her but he's not through with her; he intends to pay her back for what she's done to him.  She gives him back her ring before leaving in tears.  As Jamal & Alison watch on the monitor, Tess yells at Stephen not to bite Jack.  She is horrified and runs out, so Jack follows her.  He tells her that there is no good to save in Stephen.  She agrees to go away with him.  Rafe suggests to Caleb that he has nothing left in Port Charles so he should just leave town.  Stephen/Caleb remembers Tess saying he has great love and how she looked at him when he was holding Jack.  He swears that they will all pay.  Then he spots the hidden camera and tells Rafe through it that he's not leaving Port Charles because he has some "unfinished business".  He takes out some dusty, mystical-looking book from a hidden place in the wall and opens it, saying "Forget the war, Rafe...this is gonna be a massacre".  The lights flicker and go out all over town.  When they come back on, Tess is gone from Jack's side.  He tells Rafe and the rest what happened.  Rafe tells them that Caleb's revenge is beginning.  Caleb prays to the devil and calls out all the vampires.  He is transported to the park (or some clearing) where the two band members appear.  Ian is in the bushes.  They all chant "Against the righteous, condemn the blood."

Y&R By Jodi

Neil catches Wes and Dru making out in his apartment. He had hoped they would get back together but Dru tells Neil that's not going to happen. Neil goes to get a drink. Lynne tells Christine her suspicions about Michael and Isabella. Chris arranges to meet Michael as "Kelly" to find out more information. Isabella tells Michael that Paul slept with Christine and he is furious. Nikki tells Sharon she should get a divorce and that she is not worthy of her son. Sharon lets on that something happened with Victor that made Nick furious. Nikki ends up ordering a drink at the bar a few seats from Neil. Nick tells his dad the whole story about that night and how he saw them kissing. We see Victor having a tear running down his face.

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