Thursday 2-06-03 Recaps

Thursday 2/6/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Bianca overhears Erica talking to Maxie (head of Lacey's) about Fusion and figures out that Erica is trying to sabotage Kendall's company.  Simone and Mia bring Maxie the lipsticks but Maxie says she doesn't want the castoffs from a failed company.  They tell her that they did give those out for free as a marketing ploy, but this is their own original product.  Bianca comes up and asks to try it; she likes it and tells Maxie that she would buy it, so Maxie tells them that they have one month of sales to see how it goes.  They thank Bianca, who asks them not to tell anyone.  Kendall is surprised when Greenlee is nice to her and wants to know about her new boyfriend.  Kendall talks about how great he is and how worried she is about messing it up.  Greenlee advises her to just go with it and not think about it.  Anna is about to undergo surgery.  Jake and Joe talk about how risky it is.  David chats with her beforehand.  Anna phones Trey so he can come be with David.  Anna asks David to have faith.  Maggie and Henry are in class; the professor asks Maggie a question and she gets it right, surprising the professor.  Afterwards, the professor tells Maggie she got 100% right on her test and suggests she participate more in class discussion.  Carlos is cold to Greenlee; she apologizes to him for acting like a bitch yesterday.  He says he understand--she is grieving for her husband.  Simone and Mia return to tell Greenlee and Kendall what happened at Lacey's (but not about Bianca).  They figure that Erica must have tried to sabotage them, so she must be worried.  Kendall intends to go tell off Erica so she will stop bad-mouthing Fusion and also so Erica will get more rattled.  Erica is livid when she finds out about Fusion taking up shelf space at Lacey's.  Bianca shows her the lipstick and how good it is.  Erica doesn't think Fusion could have come up with something so great, so fast, so she calls Boyd in to yell at him.  He says the only help he gave them was one suggestion that they would have figured out anyway.  Erica realizes that Boyd is in love with Kendall when he defends her.  He tells her that she can't dictate his private life.  David talks to God in the hospital chapel.  Trey chats with him there about faith.  Regina makes more cryptic comments to Maggie about Henry but won't explain.  Henry comes along and tells Maggie that she won't understand because she's not Chinese.  Maggie is astonished at their attitude.  Joe & Jake tell David that Dr. Hoffman had a stroke right before he was supposed to operate on Anna's baby.  They also say that the baby is failing so David is the baby's only chance now.

ATWT by Dione

 Marshall gets read his rights by Margo while Jessica's wheeling him back into the hospital. Jessica's going to represent him. Marshall's going to plan Zara's funeral arrangements with Jessica's help. Ben tells Jessica that he loves her and that he wants to start over. He apologized for how he behaved in D. C. She agreed to make a new. Lucy called Aaron to Fairwinds break things off with him. He continues to proclaim his innocence, but because of Alison lying to her about the "other girl" and Lucy's lack of memory, she doesn't believe a word he says. He told her that they made love and Lucy thinks he made that up, too. Craig gives Rosanna a copy of their wedding invites while she's seeking solace in the gazebo. He says he wants to marry her right away. Alison comes into the gazebo and tells Craig that Aaron is in the house. Craig tells Alison that Aaron's going to need a shoulder to lean on after he gets the boot. Craig goes in to kick him out when Lucy's telling him to leave. Alison rushes back to the garage and primps in the mirror of a sunvisor to look cute for Aaron. Tom, Margo, Katie, and Simon have lunch after Simon's citizenship. Bartlesby, Simon's Australian "friend" calls and says he's outside of his place. Simon lies and says it's Holden. Simon rushes over to the cottage and Bartlesby makes him a job offer he better not refuse, if he wants to stay alive.

B&B by Matt

 Rudy finally gets the message that Amber isn't happy about her new erotic thriller. She makes it clear he better have closed down shop and retrieved all the sold tapes within two days or she is coming after him. Ridge visits Bridget and admits he knows about the Deacon scandal. At first Bridget refuses to discuss it, but after some encouragement, breaks down into sobs, releasing all her emotions. Eric and Stephanie find a destroyed Brooke. Eric goes to look for Ridge, while Stephanie stays to chat with Brooke. She admits she isn't thrilled the truth came out about Deacon, but now that it is out, she IS happy Ridge sees Brooke for who she really is. Brooke doesn't think Ridge has written her off, but Stephanie makes it clear they are done and leaves. Eric looks for Ridge at Spectra and bumps into Mass. The two argue about Brooke and why Mass is so involved in Eric's family.

Days by Sandy

 Kate visits Tony in the hospital. He tells her about being the twins' father. They talk about Marlena. Roman denies Marlena being the mother of the twins. A specialist checks out Tony's injuries. Kate leaves Marlena a note. Roman warns Kate against Tony. Sami tries to get through to Brandon. Sami tells Roman about Kate's visit. She also tells him about her fight with Brandon. Brandon tells her to back off Colin's murder. Roman becomes suspicious. Brandon and Sami agree to try again. Jen tries to get Jack to back off from the Murphy Murder story. She remembers finding the "bloody" towel. She tells Jack she thinks she's pregnant. She wants to know how Jack would feel if she is pregnant. He says he's sorry and leaves. Hope sees Larry in her basement. Bo finds her hitting his punching bag. He gives a prescription for anti-anxiety pills (He got them from Marlena). Larry is irritated that Bo found the bloody towel and not Hope. She tells Bo she signed up for self-defense. Hope overhears the lab tell Bo the blood on the towel was chicken blood.

GH by Megsaqt

 At his club, Luke starts cleaning his office, and finds a box of memories from his and Laura's relationship. Bobbi comes in and they talk about getting over their loses. When Bobbi leaves, Summer comes in to the office, after telling Lucky they should cut their relationship, because it is not going anywhere. Luke's office was empty, and she started reading a love letter he had written to Laura. She tells him that she always wanted someone to love her that way. They talk about being in love. Later, Lucky and her meet up again, and he questions her about falling in love with "the man who lost his wife". At the penthouse, Sonny asks Carly about Courtney and Jason. They fight about her keeping a secret from him, she tells Sonny that she didn't keep anything from him. Ric comes in and admits to Sonny that he knew about Jason and Courtney's relationship. He gives Sonny the address of their secret loft, and he goes there to look for clues about where they might be. Still trapped in the car, Jason is coughing up blood. He tells Courtney that he's hurt bad. Courtney agrees to keep him awake, and talking. Courtney begs Jason to hang on. They exchange "I love you's". Courtney tells him he needs to hang on or he is going to freeze to death. She beeps for help. At Kelly's, Nikolas offers Zander money to start a new life. He tells Zander that if he takes it, he can never come back to Port Charles. Zander doesn't accept. Outside, Nikolas and Gia talk about the distance that is coming between them. She tells him that Nikolas won't lose her. Before going inside, she finds the check that Nik wrote Zander.

GL by Barbra

Roy gets whisked away before Mel can stop the orderlies only after he tells Mel “secret”.  Mel talks to Harley and they head to the airport to stop the Spaulding jet. They arrive just as the door closes.  Harley finds a note on the floor.

Cassie dreams of kissing Richard- who turns into Danny. She is freaked out especially when someone knocks at the door and it is Danny. She brushes him off. Later she apologizes. Cassie tells Blake about the dream. Blake says that it may be a sign that she is ready to move on in love. Cassie says that she will never replace Richard.  Danny and Michelle argue over Robbie and Bill being in Robbie’s life.

The police come to the Lewis house after Josh calls. The stalker watches. Holly comes to talk to Reva about the Spaulding expose. Reva wants to go back to work but Josh and Holly buck at the idea. Holly leaves and stands outside looking back at the house as Josh closes the curtains. Cassie tells Danny that Lewis construction has come in as the lowest bidder.  Danny says great, but she explains that since Josh has so much on his plate he wants to pass the torch to Bill. Danny calls Bill and offers him the job of refurbishing the Towers Club. Bill tells Michelle that he is probably going to take the job. Michelle is concerned

OLTL by Sandy

 Blair and Starr pack up their stuff to move out. Blair confronts Suzanne. Starr gives Suzanne a swift kick! Suzanne tells Blair Todd loves her. Todd tries to smooth things over with Blair. Starr defends her father. Blair tells Todd she can't forgive him. Antonio and Jess are back in town. RJ tells Antonio that he knows Antonio's secret. Carlotta overhears. Viki prays for her family's safety. Mitch shows up at the church and eavesdrops. He confronts Viki. They argue about Natalie. Cris and Natalie talk about Jen. Mitch calls Cris's cell phone. Lindsay fills Sam and Bo in about the men looking for Jen. Viki Jessica, and Joey reunite. Max and Gabrielle talk about his divorce.

Passions by Ashley

At the hospital Beth hopes for her mother's death but is horrified when she finds out she's okay. She even tries to smother her and Luis catches her in the act. But she quickly makes up an excuse to cover up the truth. Pilar talks to Sheridan and tells her how sorry she is about how she acted and what she said. Luis and Sheridan both hope and pray for a miracle. At Tabitha's Kay tries to find proof Tabtitha's a witch. Tabitha's plans to get rid of Kay are ruined when she realizes how suspicious it will look if she's gone. At the Bennetts' house Grace is unsettled with Ivy there and knows she's plotting to get her claws into Sam. Grace and Sam talk but Sam wonders if there marriage is too far gone and if he's lost Grace to David. Ivy is in her highest glory and her plan is to remain at the Bennetts' as long as she possibly can which may just be forever.

PC by Beth

Lucy talks Ian into taking a blood sample from her to find out why being together alleviates his symptoms. Ian discovers that when their blood mixes, his cells temporarily become normal before mutating. If he can find a way to stop the mutation, he'll be a normal man again. Admitting that the timing of her confession is odd, Lucy tells Ian that she loves him. Ricky wants an explanation for the kiss, but "Marissa" says it was to thank him for the private concert. Ricky doesn't believe her, and he wants to know why she's dressing and acting like Casey. Although she stops herself before revealing her true identity, she does admit that Ricky is hot, which prompts him to try to kiss her again. Overcome by emotion, she runs. Ricky thinks about how much it felt like holding Casey again. Rafe and Alison watch on the monitors as an enraged Caleb trashes his loft. Jack solicits Rafe's help in stopping the vampire from taking Tess away from him. Alison tries talking to Tess about Caleb, but she insists that she can see the good in him. As the guys continue to watch the monitors, they get an idea about how to get to Caleb. Jack, Tess, and Rafe head over to Caleb's loft. As Alison and Jamal watch from Rafe's apartment, Jack provokes Caleb into an attack. Rafe arrives with Tess just in time to see Caleb preparing to sink his fangs into Jack's neck.

Y&R By Judy

 Sharon apologizes to Victor for the kiss she laid on him and Victor tells her that he fears Nick saw them. He shows Sharon the note Nick wrote to her and she cries. Victor wants to make things right with his son but she thinks it is too late. Worried Nikki finds Nick at Crimson Lights asleep at his desk. She presses him for information but Nick tells her he does not want to drag her into it. Then he is shocked to see Victor show up. Neil, Dru and LiIy have family time . The fun is interrupted when Wes comes to pick up Lily. Neil then tells Dru he wants to sleep with her and kisses her. Dru responds quickly but then sends him off to work. Wes returns and smothers Dru with kisses, she then goes after him whole heartedly and Neil comes back and sees her half dressed on top of Wes. Elizabeth gives Katherine the news about her brain tumor. They discuss Jill's adoption and Kay reminds Liz of Jill's self centered ways. Jill tells Larry that she was adopted as she boo hoos about her selfless sacrifices for her family. He tries to reassure her when Kay arrives and tells Jill she knows about the adoption. Jill and Kay argue and Jill tries to kick her out but Kay lets her have it telling her how selfish she is.

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