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Wednesday 2/5/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Kendall panics and shuts the door on Michael's face because she's so shocked to see him on her doorstep.  She lets him in but rants about how she doesn't usually look like this (lipstick all over).  He thinks she looks great and invites her to dinner.  Simone tells Kendall she should go for it and then she leaves to tell Greenlee that Kendall will be late.  While Kendall's showering, he gets a maid to clean up her messy kitchen (the maid calls him "Mr. Cambias", not Kinsey) and brings in a romantic dinner, totally charming her.  She is reluctant because of all the bad relationships she's had.  They talk about her company.  She tells him that Erica is her mother.  He is not put off by the fact that she wants to destroy Erica.  She is surprised that he flew all the way there just to see her.  David tries to phone Anna or her doctor in Switzerland but can't get them so he is worried; Edmund comes in and wants to get him to help Maria.  He is very impatient and hangs up David's phone.  They argue.  Finally David tells Edmund that there's nothing wrong with Maria; she just has the flu.  David can't understand why Edmund told Maria about the drug and risk them going to jail.  Anna arrives so David's mood changes.  She tells him that she didn't want to have the surgery in Switzerland by herself, so she is having it here in Pine Valley so David can be with her.  David worries but is very grateful. The surgery is tomorrow.

Greenlee is in her usual bad mood and griping at Mia, who is worried about her relationship with Jake.  A cute guy who doesn't speak much English comes by to fix the plumbing.  Jake phones for Mia and Greenlee gives him a hard time about bugging Mia.  Simone arrives and so Greenlee is rude to her, too, and complains about Kendall's having dinner with Michael instead of working.  Simone admires the cute maintenance guy.  She tells Greenlee off for the way she's acting.  Mia shows up and hears that Greenlee hung up on Jake and told him not to call back.  Greenlee says they should all learn that there are no fairytale happy endings.  Mia goes off to see Jake with Simone's blessing.  The cute guy, Carlos, helps Simone take a box of lipstick out to her car.  Greenlee hears the pipes banging and goes over to them.  She bangs back on them and then it springs a leak.  Carlos comes back in and they both get very wet when it springs more leaks.  He picks her up to carry her away from the water but she gets angry and yells at him never to touch her again.Trey and Reggie argue over whether Reggie is going to study   for his history test or not.  Reggie doesn't care about school because he thinks he'll be dead by the time he's 21.  Trey yells at him for being a quitter and loser and tells him to leave.  He finally convinces Reggie that he can help him study for the test.

ATWT by Dione

Lucy and Aaron argued about the "girl" that he was with in St. Louis. Aaron tried to convince her that it was a lie. While Aaron was trying to keep Lucy from leaving, she fell out of her wheelchair and was rushed to the ER. Later, Lucy told Craig that she didn't want to see Aaron anymore. Rosanna tried to convince her not to do that and that she could trust her. Barbara and Hal agrued about Chris' unexperienced diagnosis of Will. They agreed to act civil in family court for Will's sake. John came down on Chris for telling Barbara about Will's condition. Chris apologized while Bob asked John to back off. After Lily told Simon about the strange Aussie she saw, Simon confided to Holden that he knew the man she was talking about. The Aussie followed Lily and Holden to the cottage and was hiding in the bushes.

B&B by Matt

Ridge is at a lost for words after hearing the truth about Brooke. Horrified about what Bridget went through, Ridge storms out of the house, along with Deacon. He can't believe he was going to "replace" his kid's mother with her. Amber tells Rudy to stay put because she is coming over. Amber screams at Rudy that the tape was supposed to just be for them. She is mortified to find out he has sold over 4,000 copies. Bridget has trouble focusing at work while she daydreams about Ridge. Thomas calls Bridget about what is going on between Brooke and Ridge. Even though he isn't ready for Brooke, Bridget reluctantly advises Thomas to be happy for his dad. Stephanie tells Eric that Bridget isn't over what happened with Brooke and the repercussions will hit Ridge if she marries him. She believes Bridget is lying to herself about what Brooke is capable of as a way of coping with the disaster. Despite all that, they head over to Ridge's to congratulate the new couple.

Days by Rebecca

 Nancy is angry and tells Craig that someone lied about Chloe years ago. He leaves, and she calls her dad who she wants to see ASAP. Craig comes back and wants to check her blood pressure. Brady is blaming himself for Tony's paralysis, but Chloe cheers him up. They eventually have sex. Belle tells Shawn about her acceptance to a program in Paris, and decides to accept it. Shawn tells himself that he can't get Belle involved in his problems. Marlena rejects Cassie and Rex and Cassie rushes out and bumbps into John. She rants on about how the Dimeras are to only people who accepts them and she is ALL Dimera now! She tells him that atleast he's honest about hating them, and his wife/daughter are only out for themselves. John goes to a hurt Marlena who feels guilty. They plan to go to the Dimera island and find the answer. Rex and Cassie show up as Belle and Shawn arguement intensifies. Belle ends it saying 'You are like a stranger to me. In fact, I don't even know if I ever really knew you. Either way, I was definitely wrong about us, wasn't I?'

GH by Megsaqt

he fixed the problem. Elizabeth tells Sonny that Jason left town again, and this time with Courtney. She tells him it looked like they were eloping. While driving to the cabin to tell Sonny about their relationship, Jason and Courtney's car got of the road, and their car got stuck. Jason tells her they are not going anywhere until the next day because his cell phone was dead, and the car had to be towed out. Jason has a cut on his hand, and seemed to be in a lot of pain. At Alcazar's suite, Jax gets Skye to come back over the ledge. She explained to him that she needed to tell him she remembered a woman being there, because she thought nobody else would believe her. Scott tells Taggert to arrest her, and he does. Alexis agrees to represent Skye, and meets her at the PCPD. Scott comes in and says he is ready to process Skye, Alexis tells him he has no grounds, and he lets Skye leave with Jax.

GL by Barbra

 talk & Phillip tells Gus in so many words that he will be watching for him or anyone else who might hurt his son. Gus tells Harley about the results of the DNA testing. Gus makes plans to go to Chicago after visiting with Roy and finding Alex at his bedside. He throws her out. Alex makes a call to have Roy moved to Switzerland. Mel comes to see Roy & walks in just as the orderlies are moving him out of the hosptial. As he passes Mel Roy grabs her arm as if asking for help. Danny tells Tony & Marah about his partnership with Cassie. Cassie tells Josh & he objects. Tony cautions Josh that badmouthing the Santos name could drive Marah out of his life. Josh & Tony come to an agreement and shake on it. Reva confronts Alex at the hospital telling her that she is going ahead with the expose on the Spauldings. Alex is not pleased, especially when Reva tells her that they have caught the stalker. Reva returns home to find the back door to her house standing open. As she enters the phone starts ringing, showing it is a private call. She then searches the house to make sure no one is there. As she walks back in the den she notices something on the wall. In big red dripping letters "I'm still here".

OLTL by Sandy

 Troy tells Nora about Joanna's death and Lindsay's blackmail. He asks for another chance. She compares him to Colin. She said she could have accepted what happened to Joanna. But she can't accept the lies and the cheating. It's over. Lindsay feels hopeful about her relationship with Troy. A bunch of men come in and grab her. They demand to know where Jen is. She tries to find Jen. RJ storms into the diner looking for Antonio. Liz stops him from telling Keri about Antonio. She begs him to let Antonio tell Keri about the baby. Al gets his grades from school. They aren't too good. Renee worries about Max. Max thinks about his family. Andrew tells Renee and Al Max is staying with him. Jessica heads home (Not knowing Viki is headed to London) and runs into Antonio. He fills her in on what's been happening in Llanview. She tries to call Viki but the connection is really bad. Jess and Antonio prepare to help people who are hurt in an accident. Keri hears the news report and fears Antonio was in the accident. Antonio calls and lets them know he's okay and that Jessica is with him. Jess comes up with a way to feed everyone. Jen is unconscious in the snow. Some kids find her but are called away before they can help her. Someone picks Jen up out of the snow.

Passions by Ashley

 At the Bennet's house Sam, Grace, and Kay fight about whether Kay should come home or not. She tells everyone she will only go home if her Mother does not. Kay blackmails Tabitha into letting her stay. Gwen tells Ethan she does not want to leave the Crane mansion. Fox and Theresa talk about what he overheard Rebecca saying. She tells him shes not worried and that shes happy Ethans staying longer. Simone walks in on Chad and Whitney but they quickly cover it up. Liz, Eve, and T.C. talk about what happend and Eve isn't buying it.

PC by Beth

At the overlook, Tess persuades Caleb to tell her what he was like before becoming a vampire. This is the first time he's ever been asked that question. Having been born into vampire royalty, he was always expected to fulfill his destiny, but he rebelled and had a huge falling-out with his father. He found love and peace with the first Olivia, but his attempt to use his deceased mother's wedding ring to protect her was his downfall. He went to retrieve the ring from his stepmother, unaware that she had been turned. She tricked him and sank her fangs into his neck. When he went back to Olivia, he mistakenly thought they could work it out together. His attempt to turn her into a vampire resulted in her death.

Jack fills Jamal in on the situation with Tess and Livvie. Since he's not strong enough to take Caleb on physically, he intends to love Tess so much that Livvie won't be able to get any stronger. After Jamal leaves, Tess informs Jack that she was with Stephen. Ricky and Casey share a park bench as they work on some lyrics for the band. Unaware that "Marissa" is actually her angelic sister, Ricky admits that he's never stopped loving Casey. This makes her cry, but she tells him that she loves hearing about his relationship with Casey. She persuades him to play and sing "Hey, Sister" for her, spontaneously kissing him. Ricky thinks the kiss feels right and very familiar. Their next kiss is interrupted by the sound of thunder, which Casey takes as a warning from Ed. Elizabeth has another encounter with Joshua, who mocks her from beyond the grave. Alison thinks her mother simply needs water, and when she goes to get a bottle from the refrigerator, Elizabeth shoots herself. Shocked that the bullet had no effect, she becomes more upset when Rafe informs her that a full-fledged vampire can only be killed by a slayer, and that's something he won't do.

Y&R By Jodi

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