Tuesday 2-04-03 Recaps

Tuesday 2/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

 did not air today due to Colombia memorial

ATWT by Dione

 Craig and Alison pretend to argue so that Lucy can "overhear" them talking about Aaron. Alison makes up a story about Aaron getting mad at Lucy for not having sex with him. She further tells her that he was with another girl while they were in St. Louis. Alison insists that Aaron will get mad and lie if Lucy asks him about it because he only wants her to remember good things. Lucy confronts Aaron with her physical therapist in tow. Holden and Lily suggest that Aaron should back off from Lucy. Aaron refuses and says that Holden and Lily have loved each other since teens and have been through a lot, so why should he give up on Lucy? An Aussie tells Lily that he's Simon's "mate" and wants to know how to locate him. Lily gets suspicious when the man says that he didn't get Simon's wedding invitation not, knowing that Simon and Katie didn't mail any. The man says he'll locate Simon anyway. Katie tells Margo and Tom that her and Simon plan to move to Austrailia. Katie tells Simon that she wants to make a baby in Australia. Chris tells Barbara that he thinks Will is lying when he says he remembers playing with matches and doesn't remember the rags covered with gas. Chris' diagnosis is that Will didn't do it. Barbara storms off to tell Hal.

B&B by Matt

 did not air today due to Colombia memorial

Days by Sandy

 did not air today due to Colombia memorial

GH by Megsaqt

 Scott and Taggert went to see Skye, and Scott asked her to read a confession into a tape recorder to see if it matched the confession of the killer...she did. Later she went to Alcazar's room to try and jog her memory of the night he died. She remembered there was another woman there. Scott and Taggert came in, and Scott told Skye she was under arrest. She ran out to the balcony and threatened to jump if Jax didn't come. At their house, Brenda told Jax about the storm in the Dominican Republic, and how she didn't sign the annulment papers, because she wanted to file for it in Port Charles. Jax told her it would take months and he would go back to the Dominican Republic in the morning, get the annulment, and they could be married within a week. Brenda thought they should wait. They were interrupted by a phone call from Scott, telling Jax about Skye; he left to go to her. Sonny planned on taking Carly to a cabin. Before leaving, he gave Ric a job-to find a college for Courtney out of state. After they left Ric at the penthouse, Jason showed up and told Ric they were leaving...Ric filled Jason in on Sonny's plans for Courtney. At the cabin, Carly told Sonny she wanted to try and have a baby with him. At their apartment, Courtney and Jason planned on going to the Caribbean after Jason told Sonny about their relationship. After returning from Sonny's, Jason told Courtney he went away w/ Carly, and about his plans for her. Courtney said they should go anyway, Sonny wasn't in charge of their lives...Jason said they were going to go to the cabin and tell Sonny about them together. Outside of their "secret" place, Ric and Elizabeth stood outside watching Jason and Courtney's shadows through the windows. Ned went to Kelly's and asked Elizabeth about a red haired woman. Cameron overheard and questioned Ned about her. He pulled out a picture of Kristina and told Cameron that the woman looked a lot like her. Alexis came in, and Cameron sat down w/ her telling her that he was worried about Ned. He also told Alexis he was wondering about the things she had been doing, and how she had been acting....doing things her sister would have done.

GL by Barbra

Old friend Keith Devlin from Chicago comes to see Danny. Keith comes onto Cassie, insulting her in the process. Danny throws him out telling him that the lady isnít for being hit on. Keith says he dropped by to let Danny know that he was available. Danny sends the message that his family is no longer in the family business and definitely not interested. Danny worries that the club at the same address and name will send the wrong message. Cassie invites him to take a ride to a new location & address. Alex is examining the bracelet & talking to her assistant. Olivia enters and they get into a cat fight.  They are told that Zach is in the hospital and both Alex & Olivia race to the hospital. Alan comes to the hospital and ends up picking a fight after overhearing Phillip & Harley talking about Zach. Zach survives surgery & will be fine. Olivia rushes to Phillipís arms and offers comfort. Phillip accepts until he sees Alan watching, then he rejects Olivia. Gus & Harley bond. Harley worries that Phillip will change his mind about the custody battle. Alex listens to Gus & Harley talk about the ring & Alex. Harley tells Gus that someone got to the box before them. Harley comes to the conclusion that Alex was on Phillipís side as a smokescreen.

Sonny brings Gus his DNA results. He is the son of the dead Jane Doe. Gus wonders if they can get a name.  Cassie & Danny come back from The Towers. Apparently management is looking to sell. They shake on a partnership & hug.

Alan & Olivia argue. Alex goes to see Roy & tells him that she is going to have him moved thousands of miles away to recuperate. She says she will just let Gus & Harley think they have all the answers. Roy watches Alex leave.

OLTL by Suzanne

 Nora walks in on Troy and Lindsay having sex. Nora gets physically sick as Troy chases after her. She calls him Colin. She falls apart in Angel Square. Troy shows up. She doesn't want anything to do with him. Mitch catches Jennifer in his house. Since she's stuck there, she goes to take a shower while Mitch checks his files. He realizes someone has been in them. He looks at a file with Jessica's name on it. He gives Jen some tea and starts brushing her hair. He wraps a towel around her neck. She dumps hot tea on him and runs out. Mitch throws a fit when his men don't find Natalie. He then looks at a file with her name on it. Jen collapses in the snow. Cris talks to Natalie about Angel Square. He tells Natalie about hurting his hand and not being able to paint like he used to. Natalie asks him to draw for her. He will only if he can draw her. She drops her blanket and poses nude. Natalie loves the drawing Cris did of her. He thanks her for getting him to try again. Rex and Roxy discuss her bankruptcy. Roxy tells Rae about her beauty school days. Rae tells her it's time to go to work. Marcie flirts with a curate that stops in the diner. The curate offers to pay for a woman's meal. The woman steals his wallet but he catches her and carries her back to the diner. She takes his cash and gives him back his wallet.

Passions by Ashley

 At Tabitha's house noone believes Kay because of her condition. Sam agrees to tell David that he made a mistake and is sorry and Sam tries to get Grace to apologize to Ivy. Julian and Rebecca get caught roleplaying in the living room with one million dollars. Theresa and Fox both want to know what it's for especially when they find out it was withdrawn that night. Ethan says that he and Gwen will be moving out but Rebecca tells Gwen to stay. Simone sees Chad and Whitney kissing on their couch in the dark. Eve comes home to T.C. and Liz's heated moment and is furious.

PC by Suzanne

Lucy kissed Ian to make him normal again.  Police arrived to see what the commotion was about.  Kevin tried to cover but Lucy told them that Kevin kidnapped her, so they took him away.  She told Ian that she couldn't have sent her Doc to jail but that was not her Doc, and she is glad to have Ian in her life.  Chris told Jack that Tess has DNA now.  Jack figured out that Livvie and Tess are one and the same.  Tess was afraid he wouldn't love her any more, but he assured her that he always would.  He knows now that Caleb was trying to get Olivia to come out and take over.  Elizabeth told Stephen that she needs him but he told her that it's definitely over.  She asked about Olivia so he told her.  She begged him to kill her or turn her back to being human, but he said he won't kill her and he can't turn her back.  He said he will always take care of her and she asked if she could take care of him.  Later, Elizabeth heard a noise behind her and turned to find Joshua there.  Caleb thought about the times when Livvie offered herself to him and vowed to get her back.

Y&R By Judy

 did not air today due to Colombia memorial

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