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Monday 2/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Erica and Jack look like they've just had sex.  He leaves as Bianca arrives.  Bianca gives Erica a sample from when Fusion was passing out samples at the college.  Erica peels off the outer label and figures out that they are taking extra stock from a failed company and passing it off as their own.  She phones the woman from Lacey's and tells her about what Fusion is doing (she doesn't mention their name though).  The Fusion women try to come up with a good lipstick in the kitchen so that they can meet the demand for Lacey's Department Store.  The first one turns Kendall's lips green and the second one seals Simone's mouth shut.  Kendall calls Boyd and he doesn't want get in trouble, but he just tells them that they applied Simone's lipstick while it was still in liquid form, so the beeswax just hardened.  The ladies talk about Kendall's love life.  She says Boyd is cute but they figure out that he's too boring.  Michael, her date from Aspen, shows up at her door with flowers.  She is shocked and looks bad because she has lipstick all over her face and green lips.  Morgan and Aidan try to break into the safe at Wildwynd.  Maria is shocked when Edmund tells her everything he did to her.  She tries to sneak out but sees Aidan and Morgan holding guns on each other.  Aidan uses the distraction to hit Morgan over the head and stuff her into a closet.  He and Maria leave and make plans for an escape to an island.  She says she's through with Edmund.  Chris arrives at Wildwynd with a Scotland Yard detective to talk to Edmund & Maria, but they find Maria gone and the detective says that Morgan helped Aidan kill Fiona.  They find Morgan and arrest her.  Later, the detective visits Morgan in jail and we learn he is really the bad guy Julian.  He chews Morgan out for not doing what she was supposed to do.  She says she is sure that Aidan and Maria are headed down to Bahamas.  He plans to let them spend a little time together and then he will kill Maria in front of Aidan, getting his revenge, and then he thinks Aidan will beg him to kill him.

ATWT by Dione

 Aaron tries to refresh Lucy's memories. Alison eavesdrops to aid Craig in their break up. Wil agrees not to tell anyone that she started the fire. Molly and Jack share a steamy 1/2 naked moment. Jack stops them before they make love. Mike comes to the room and Molly lies and says that her and Jack made love and that it was better with him than with Mike. Rose takes Paul to see the location of the salon. While he checks the water, it shoots all over him and he sprays Rose and they have a romantic moment.

B&B by Matt

 Amber swipes the sex tape from Jimmy and takes it back to her office to watch. It's pretty graphic. Furious, she calls the producer, Rudy Delight, someone she knows and wants some answers. Stephanie and Eric argue about Ridge and Brooke. She is adamant that Brooke will not raise Taylor's kids. Eric says that Stephanie had better not depend on Deacon to break up Ridge and Brooke and adds they are going to give their blessing to the happy couple. Deacon reveals the sordid truth to Ridge. At first he doesn't believe him, but then after Brooke confirms it, is completely horrified. He feels for Bridget and Hope; the two innocents in all this. He begs Brooke to tell him this isn't true.

Days by Rebecca

 Hope confesses to Jennifer about killing Colin as Bo walks in and they argue. Jennifer leaves the room and finds the bloody rag Bo had hidden, and Bo tells her to keep it a secret and she leaves. Bo makes a call to have something tested as Hope thinks about enrolling in a self defense class. Meanwhile, Larry plans on faking Marlena's signature so he can toy with Hope's prescription. Jack and Alice chat as a drunken Nicole comes in and fights with Jack about trying to nail her for the murder. They pass remarks, and then he realizes that maybe Sami is protecting Brandon, the real killer! Nicole denies this, saying that the killer is never who you think! Marlena and John talk in her office about the twins. They think she might be their mother, and wonder if they could both handle it if it's true. Marlena says if she is, she wouldn't want to abandon them. They make plans to go to the Dimera Island for the answers when they are ready. Jennifer comes home telling Jack to drop the story. Sami tells Brandon that she was framing Nicole because she was protecting him, since he killed Colin. Brandon denies this, and at the end of their argument throws her out, Nicole looking on. Lexie checks up on Tony and later Rolf comes. Tony wants the truth about the twin's paternity; Rolf really doesn't know but doubts they are Dimera offspring.

GH by Megsaqt

 In the Dominican Republic, Brenda refused to sign the annulment papers. Jason sent away the judge and questioned Brenda. She explained that she had to stay married to Jason because she didn't want to rush her marriage to Jax. She told Jason that she's afraid to marry Jax, because every time that something in her life is going well, something bad always happens. Jason tells her she makes sense, and agrees to file for an annulment back in Port Charles. Cameron goes to see Alexis, who lets him in her house. He tells her she has a choice; have dinner w/ him or have him follow her around until he figures out why she is acting the way she has been. On the docks, Zander comes and tells Cameron to stop bothering Alexis. Cameron tells Alexis that Zander is his son. She tells Cameron that before he gives her advice about her family, he needs to fix his own. Sonny goes to see Ned, and tells him that he should get out of whatever arrangement he has with Faith, because he won't have another chance. Sonny threatens Ned, and then yells to Faith that she is making a mistake. When he leaves, Ned tells Faith their partnership is over, and she talks him into staying. At Kelly's Scott tells Jax that there is nothing he can do to save Skye. She walks in, and Jax tells Skye that Scott has a point about her. Jax leaves, and Skye sits; Coleman comes and sits w/ her, and Skye tells him she still wants Jax, and she's going to become a damsel in distress so Jax will come running to help her. Sonny tells Ric that he wants him to look into out of state colleges for Courtney because he wants her far away from his lifestyle. Ric agrees, and follows Courtney, finding the secret apartment of hers and Jason's.

GL by Barbra

Zach is rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. Phillip blames himself. Harley blames herself.  Phillip thanks Gus for stopping him from moving Zach. Rick says that Zach might have to have surgery due to internal bleeding. Bill meets with Ray and offers him $5,000 for the church. Ray refuses. Michelle wakes up from a nap to find Holly watching Robbie after Ed had to leave. Michelle isnít happy. Holly realizes that Michelle doesnít trust her with Robbie due to her history. Holly leaves extremely hurt.  Bill comes to see Michelle.  Ed goes after Holly and finds her at Company. They explore the possibility of a relationship together.  Rick comforts Phillip. Phillip comes to Harley and tells her that Zach will be coming home and when he does he will go home to her. He apologizes for fighting her. They hug as Gus watches.

OLTL by Suzanne

There is a big storm, and throughout a lot of the show, we hear this radio guy talking about it.  Troy threatens Lindsay's life, planning to murder her and make it look like she interrupted a burglary.  But, he can't go through it, so he has very passionate sex with her instead.  Marcie and Jen break into Mitch Lawrence's place to find incriminating evidence.  They split up and Jen finds a bunch of files about Natalie and Jessica, including some DNA test things.  Mitch visits this old dying guy on a hospital; he threatens him to sign the papers or he won't get the girl (whatever that means).  Mitch gets one of his messengers to find where Natalie is and orders him to bring her to him.  He is upset, screaming Natalie's name into the storm.  He comes home to find Jen in his house.  Natalie and Cris are at a cabin getaway. They make love.  At Todd's penthouse, everyone is shocked to see that Suzanne is still alive.  Todd is livid at Sam for finding out what he did.  Sam tells Blair that Suzanne never died, there was no mob, she didn't have to hide out...the whole thing was paid for by Todd.  Blair orders everyone out and then later tells Todd that what he did was unforgivable.  She says he always has the same excuses and he does stupid things out of desperation without thinking about the consequences. She takes the children and leaves him.  He falls to the floor and cries.  Nora visits Bo's office and finds Gabrielle.  She tells Gabi that she is fine with her relationship with Bo and he seems very happy.  Gabi is grateful for her words and shares some advice about looking at the good things in her life and not worrying about the bad, but facing it head on if it happens.  Nora likes the advice and leaves after saying hi to Bo.  Bo and Gabi share a dance at the precinct and make plans for a getaway to Washington.  Nora goes to Lindsay's place to "face the bad things head on" and walks in on Troy and Lindsay having sex.  Viki tells Bo that Clint called and told her that Jessie is not doing well, so she's flying to London.  She phones Natalie and Cris to say the same thing and make sure they're okay.

Passions by Ashley

Beth manipulates Luis by using her mother's heart attack to keep him close to her. He promises he'll always be there to help her. Sheridan talks to Pilar about her decision and Pilar's influence in it. Pilar leaves to pray for Antonio and Sheridan asks herself how she'll be able to resist thinking about Luis when hes always so near. Just then he walks up and they both look longingly at each other. Kay tries to get everyone to believe that Ivy and David are working together and Tabitha's a witch. They all think her crazy talk is because she hit her head. At the Russel's house things heat up with T.C. and Liz.

PC by Beth

Jack takes his new bride to the Recovery Room for their first official date, hoping that being in public will keep Caleb away from her. He's unnerved when she selects Livvie's favorite song on the jukebox. Chris arrives at the pub with strange news for his brother. Contrary to past findings, the results of the latest lab tests show that Tess now has DNA. As Caleb prepares to bite the sleeping Alison, he's suddenly thrown across the room by an invisible force: Rafe. Caleb had no intention of biting Alison; he knew that Rafe would take the bait. Rafe admits that he and Alison have discovered the truth about how he set them up. Caleb is astonished when Elizabeth admits to killing Joshua to protect her daughter. He warns her that she did a very bad thing and will be punished, but instead of biting her neck, he kisses her. Alison is relieved at having her relationship with Rafe out in the open again, but the slayer worries about Caleb's next move. Ian struggles in vain to fight off the symptoms of vampirism. Realizing he can't fight it, he sets out to find the one thing that will help. At the hotel, Kevin is hoping for a romantic evening with his wife. Lucy changes into the dress he brought, but Kevin's desire to get her into the teddy later on makes her very nervous. Her attempt to make a call is stopped by Kevin, who grabs her cell phone and hurls it against the wall. Lucy is frustrated by Kevin's refusal to see that this is wrong, and he's equally frustrated by her unwillingness to give their marriage a chance. When Lucy tries to leave, Kevin grabs her arm, but the arrival of a very angry and desperate Ian breaks Kevin's hold on his wife.

Y&R By Jodi

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