Friday 1-31-03 Recaps

Friday 1/31/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

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ATWT by Dione

 I missed the first 15 minutes of the show! Barbara's upset because she learns that Dr. Michaels has a private session with Will. She blames Paul for leaving Will alone at the barn, thus resulting in the fire. Joan, the woman Jack was talking to at the bar, tells him that she's married. Jack gets mad and she leaves. He makes a visit to Molly. She's still wearing the same dress from the day she learned about Carly and Mike. Jack tells Molly not to cry, he offers to give her a massage, they get too close to one another and kiss. Emily tells Susan that she thinks that Alison has ADD. Susan is appauled by the accusation and tells Emily that she was just like Ali when she was her age. Alison gets permission to visit Will one last time. She tries to convince him that Aaron's oil rags were on the floor, which started the fire when he tried to stomp out the match. Will denied that story and accused Alison of starting the fire! Marshall told Jess the history of him and Zara's mother. He said that they'd both be alive today if he weren't so selfish. He admittied to loving only two women and Jess is one of them. Ben walked up to Jess and Marshall's door when he saw the "Privacy Please" sign and heard Jessica telling Marshall that everyting would be okay. He decided not to knock. Rose, Lucinda, and Lily had lunch and discussed her beauty parlor. She's going to hire Mitzi as one of her hair dressers. Mike and Lily talk about his night with Carly.

B&B by Matt

 Bridget continues to study for her tests, though she can't stop thinking about Ridge. Amber does some design work at Insomnia and is surprised to meet a huge fan. It turns ugly when he wants her to sign a porno film Amber has supposedly starred in. Classic. Thomas isn't thrilled about the dinner, but he gets through it. The girls have a great time. Ridge gives Brooke the pre-engagement ring and they profess their love and commitment to each other. Eric warns Deacon to stay away from Brooke and Ridge. He does exactly the opposite and crashes the Brooke/Ridge kiss-fest. Ridge is stunned when Deacon reveals he is Hope's father. Mass prays that he is doing the right thing for Ridge and his grandkids.

Days by Sandy

 Nicole and Jack bait each other. Jack tells her she's a suspect in the murder. She denies doing it. He asks questions about the photographs. Sami follows her from the bar. Nicole tells Brandon about Sami trying to incrimainate Nicole for Colin's murder. Sami admits it's true. Jack talks to Alice about his relationship with Jen. Bo questions Brandon about Nicole and Colin. Sami tells Brandon she knows he killed Colin. Jen passes out in Hope's driveway. When she comes to, she tells Hope she (Jen) might be pregnant with Colin's baby. Hope slips and tells Jen that she killed Colin. Rex gives Belle some support. He admits to Belle that he's lonely. Belle tells Rex Shawn doesn't want her. She is accepted at a school in Paris. She decides to go. She'll be gone for two months. Shawn goes visit his great grandfather's (Tom Horton) grave. He tells Cassie some family stories. Shawn starts to feel better and "thanks" his great grandfather. Larry prepares to scare Hope again. He plants what appears to be a bloody rag in her trash can. Bo finds it.

GH by Megsaqt

 After shooting at Sonny and Carly, the man ran out, and Ric went after him. He caught him, and questioned who sent him. Sonny and Carly came out, and Sonny wondered if he should call the police. He let the man go, and sent Ric after him. Later, Sonny came knocking on Faith's door, and Ned answered. In the other room, Faith was on the phone w/ Edward telling him Ned was about to get what was deserved. At the hospital, Alexis was zoned out, as Cameron tried to takl to her. She finally came to, and he told her that sleep deprivation could cause physcosis. He followed Alexis back to her apartment, and he watched a man deliver boxes to her. Inside, Alexis put on a long red wig, and make up that matched Kristina's. Cameron yelled for her to open the door, and she replied to herself "Alexix doen't live her anymore". After the "shooting", Elizabeth and Courtney had another fight about Jason. Elizabeth told Courtney she stole from Jason from her by learning from her mistakes. Courtney defended herself and Jason. Elizabeth told Courtney that she had turned into the perfect mob girlfriend. Jax went to visit Skye, and offered her money, a place to live, and a new identity in Lisbon. She told him she couldn't go, she had plenty of reasons to stay in Port Charles. When AJ arrived, Skye told him she found a way to get Jax back. On the plane to the Dominican Republic, Brenda questioned Jason about his relationship with Courtney, wondering if he had married her to keep Courtney at a distance. He told her to mind her own business. When they arrived, they were stuck in a hut because the bridge they needed was closed. A guy came in a nd told Jason his cousin was a judge. Jason paid him half the money and sent him to get the cousin. When he finally came back, Jason signed the annulment paper, but Brenda said she felt sick, and couldn't sign it. When the judge asked why, she replied, "because I love him"

GL by Barbra

 Harley picks up her ring from the jeweler and retrieves the numbers from inside the ring, thanks to the jeweler. Alex calls Edmund frantic to know if the numbers matched Roy's safety deposit box. Alex and Phillip talk and he tells her about Alan's antics. Enter Alan, whom Phillip tells off, calling Olivia a tramp and that he is moving out. Alex lets it slip that Olivia won't be coming back to the house so he can stay. Phillip gloats. Olivia takes a walk to mull over the events of the day. Up walks Beth, they chat. Gus visits a comatose Roy in the hospital and spills his theory about what went down and that Roy was a dirty cop. He tells him he will prove his theory and leaves. As he leaves, Roy opens his eyes. Did he hear everything? Harley show up at the mansion and runs into Phillip, Alex & Zach. They are going skating. Edmund comes to the mansion and runs into Alan. Edmund is obviously working Alan against Alex. Harley questions Alex. Harley tells Alex that the safety deposit box was empty, but that she already knew that since she cleaned it out and she asks for the details of the contents. Gus sends his blood to Chicago for DNA testing. Gus goes to meet Harley at the park. Zach runs into Olivia, she turns and sees Phillip and that she is leaving, he says stay. Phillip and Olivia about what happened and what she said in the letter. She apologizes. Olivia leaves feeling rejected. Edmund gives Alex an envelop from the box. In the park, Zach is on the bench waiting on Mommy, Phillip is on the phone. Zach sees his mommy and runs to her right in front of a car.

OLTL by Sandy

 Blair tells Todd she isn't marrying him. She says it's too fast. She becomes suspicious. Todd lets her think that it's because he's worried about Sam. She decides to go through with it. Starr asks Andrew to bless her lizard (Named after the nanny that died). Todd becomes agitated when Starr talks about Suzanne (the nanny, not the lizard). He talks about how important his family is to him. Sam interrupts the wedding, dragging in Suzanne. RJ is not happy when he figures out Antonio and Liz were together. RJ tells Liz what he figured out. She admits it's true. She tells him the details. RJ walks out. Troy visits Allison in jail. She tells him he's stuck with Lindsay. Tillie tells Troy the only way to get rid of Lindsay is to kill her. Lindsay finds her art gallery trashed by Troy. He paints a scary scenario for Lindsay. Nora shops for a wedding dress. Lindsay baits her about Troy. Lindsay points out that they always wind up being involved with the same man. Emily unloads on Lindsay. Mitch is released from custody. He threatens Viki. He visits an elderly man in a wheelchair. Keri is released from the hospital.

Passions by Ashley

 At Tabitha's house Sam tells Ivy how devious she is to make up a plan like this. Ivy tries to get out of it by saying John has to be Grace's son because their DNA matched. In the kitchen Eve and David talk about all their mistakes and how they got involved with Ivy and her schemes. Eve also tells him about her past and that Liz is her sister. Sheridan and Pilar talk about how she lived her whole life alone and how Sheridan will cope without Luis if she has to take care of Antonio forever. At the Russel's house Liz wakes up and plans the ultimate revenge on her sister by taking what she loves most....T.C.

PC by Beth

 Lucy tries to talk Kevin into letting her go, but it's no use. He's determined to hold onto his wife and keep her away from Ian. Despite her protests, he insists that they still have a chance at happiness. The limo takes them to a hotel, where Kevin has booked a suite and arranged a romantic dinner, but Lucy's eyes are on the phone. As Ian looks all over for Lucy, his symptoms return. He realizes that Kevin must have taken her, because she wouldn't have left him of her own free will. As he succumbs to his curse, he's horrified to see himself in the mirror. Rafe and Caleb have a confrontation in the park, where Caleb warns the slayer that killing Joshua was a declaration of war. If Rafe didn't do it, Alison did, and he has no qualms about going after her. Rafe phones Jack to warn that Caleb may be on his way. Elizabeth bitterly complains about what Caleb did to her. She's haunted by visions of Joshua, and she's convinced that he knows how much she enjoyed killing him. Alison believes that exhaustion is causing her mother's hallucinations. As Alison sleeps on the couch, Caleb stands over her with fangs bared.

Y&R By Jodi

 Nick, wanting to make up with his wife, finds her in the arms of another man, his father! Victor and Sharon realize they've made a mistake and he encourages her to get her marriage back together. Olivia discovers, and must relay the news, that Ashley is pregnant. Jill and Larry make love, as her mother enters the house downstairs. Mrs. Foster tells Jill that she is having surgery for something in her head and that Jill was adopted. Ashley wants to file for legal separation and speak through their lawyers. Nick talks to Nikki about his wife, but doesn't tell her what he saw.

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