Thursday 1-30-03 Recaps

Thursday 1/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Henry & Maggie study. Another Asian person, Regina, tells Maggie ominously that if she gets involved with Henry, it will affect her whole future.  Maggie asks him what Regina meant.  He just says that Regina is very competitive and jealous that Henry always does better than she does.  They chat about their families. He is an only child with no father.  They talk about how Henry doesn't have a lot of friends because of his brain.  He charms Maggie and even makes jokes.  Simone is  arrested for defacing public property because she plastered Pine Valley with ads of Mia and Jake.  Maria is very sick so David tends to her, chewing out Edmund as he goes.  He tells Edmund that he has to take some blood and run tests before he can figure out what's wrong with her.  Jack tries to romance Mia but Simone's problems cause her to have to back out of a planned romantic weekend.  She stupidly doesn't tell him that Simone got arrested or what happens later.  Mia, Greenlee and Kendall go to the police dept. to help out Simone.  Greenlee is furious at Simone for tarnishing their reputation.  Simone was just trying to do her advertising job with no budget.  Smarmy lawyer Kenny rescues Simone and gets her out of trouble.  She has to pay $100 and take down all of the posters.   The women groan at the prospect of having to do all that.  Jake is very annoyed at Mia and also at the posters which feature him (without his permission).  Simone flirts heavily with Kenny.  Maria has a dream about Aidan; she is mostly unconscious but tells Edmund she just wants to die.  David can't promise him that she won't die but says if anything happens to her, it is Edmund's responsibility.  Edmund tells Maria that he caused what is happening to her.

ATWT by Dione

 Ben and Lien arrive at Jessica and Marshall's room to tell him that Zara is dead. They explained to him that where James said she was located in Brazil, is a cemetery. Ben tells Jessica that he wants to talk about their relationship when they get home. Jessica's worried about Marshall and tells Ben that he's too weak to travel. Chris gets chewed out by John for reading Will's confidential psych file. Chris explains to Bob that he thinks that Will didn't start that fire. During the whole conversation, Alison is eavesdropping. Mike arrives at Molly's hotel room to tell her that they're made for each other and he's sorry for what he's done. She said that he could've slept with anyone but Carly. He begs her to come back home, but she insists that she doesn't have a home or a future with him. Jack arrives to work sharply dressed in a suit and tie along with a chipper mood. Magda, the perp, gave him the video tape of Carly and Mike. He threw it across the room and started getting mad at everybody in his sight and asking who knew about the big secret. Hal ordered him to go on a two week vacation. As he sits at the bar at the Lake View, a brunette slithers up and gives him the eye, Jack downs his shot.

B&B by Matt

 Mass tells Deacon to act now and explains that Brooke will be angry with him at first for revealing truth, but she cannot deny that he is Hope's father. Deacon mulls over the idea and wonders if Ridge might forgive Brooke anyway. Upping the ante, Mass says he will forever indebted to Deacon if he tells Ridge the truth. Deacon agrees to do it and soon. Brooke and Amber discuss her dinner plans with Ridge and how they are looking toward the future. Brooke thinks it might actually work out this time and describes how happy she is right now. Tricia pays Ridge a visit, concerned about Thorne's recent pensiveness and lack of interest in her. They also discuss Ridge telling the kids about a higher commitment with Brooke. Tricia admits she misjudged Brooke before, but that Ridge must use his own judgment on when he thinks it is best to tell the kids about Brooke. Ridge calls Brooke. They both talk about how happy they are. Mass is ecstatic that Deacon is going to free Ridge of Brooke.

Days by Sandy

 Nicole gets drunk. She and Victor argue about the tape. Bo overhears them talk about confessing. Victor tells Bo that the chauffer thought Hope was acting strangely at the wedding. Bo explains Hope's problems. She remembers the night of the wedding (Her veil caught on a bush while she was outside. She started to cry). Tony comes back from surgery. Cassie tells Tony he's their father. Lexie says that isn't necessarily true. Tony tells the twins he loves them. Rex doesn't think Tony is their father. Tony tells John he doesn't expect Marlena to mother the children. John swears Marlena to secrecy about their theory on the twins' parents. Lexie fills John in on the twins belief. John believes it may be true. Belle talks to Marlena about Shawn. Marlena tells her should give Shawn some space. She tries to get Shawn to change his mind. He refuses. Rex chews him out for hurting Belle. Shawn asks Rex to take care of Belle. When Rex gives Belle a hug, Shawn is jealous. Cassie tries to comfort Shawn. Hope wants to go to the hospital. She's scared of the memories she's having. Hope talks to Marlena about the night of the murder. Bo stops her from confessing. Shawn overhears Bo vowing to catch the killer.

GH by Megsaqt

 Jax proposed to Brenda, who accepted. Taggert came to see Jax, and question him about what Skye might have said to him about the murder of Alcazar, Jax told Brenda that he felt an obligation to help Skye. Brenda told him he had to do what he thought was best. Jason came and told Brenda they were going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. At Carly's club, Ric came clean to Sonny about how he got on Alcazar's bad side; a problem with his money laundering. Sonny told Ric that he had made a deal with Carly, and she wanted to hire him, and he would respect that. After Ric left, Courtney came to see Sonny, who told her to stay away from his lifestyle. She said she couldn't. Alone in the club, Carly told Sonny the story of what happened in the original club. While talking about the shooting, someone came down the stairs and started shooting at Sonny and Carly. Cameron went to see Alexis to warn her that Ned was mad that she took Kristina to have surgery w/o asking him first. Instead, Cameron began trying to analyze Alexis's dreams until she stopped him. She got a phone call from Scott, and went to the PCPD, and told him if he tried to frame another innocent person, she would defend them. Back at the hospital, Alexis was talking to Kristina, but couldn't hear Cameron talking to her.

GL by Barbra

 Cassie comes to see Reva & Josh. Cassie questions them about their conversation concerning Jonathan. Cassie downplays the possibility of the stalker being Jonathan. Reva leaves, the phone rings and Cassie answers. It's the stalker. Cassie pretends to be Reva to keep him on the phone. The call is traced and they arrest Dale Hanson. Reva calls Marah to tell her the news. As they celebrate, someone is watching from outside the house. Reva visits Alexandra & finds Edmund there. Edmund forces Alex to tell him what Roy Baker has on her. She admits that she was being blackmailed. Gus & Harley think his daddy was having an affair and he was the product. He further says that 5 days after Jane Doe was found his parents announce his "arrival, not his birth". Gus calls his friend and asks to perform a DNA comparison with the Jane Doe body. Harley takes her ring to the jeweler and ends up having to leave it. Enter Edmund, to examine the ring, then calls Alex and tells her what he discovered. Marah and Tony make love again.

OLTL by Sandy

 Mitch says he didn't do anything Natalie wasn't asking for. Bo says they can't press charges because there's no evidence. Natalie and Cris decide to leave town until Bo can get evidence. Mitch quotes a violent passage from the Bible as Natalie and Cris leave. Max talks to Andrew about losing "everything." He tells Andrew how he humiliated Roxy. Max admits he misses his twins. He feels unloved. Roxy visits the casino. She runs into her mother. Stella puts her down again. Roxy tells her Max doesn't gamble. That's why he isn't with her. Rex defends Roxy when Stella calls her a loser. Stella tells Roxy just because Roxy got the assets, that doesn't mean she's a winner. RJ tells Liz he loves her. She tells him that she doesn't love him. She says there's another man in her life. She tells him about the night she spent with Antonio, without mentioning names. RJ tells Keri about Liz's "other man." Keri tells RJ about Antonio's one night stand. RJ sees the similarity between Liz's story and Antonio's. Antonio tells Hank he plans to tell Keri the truth. Keri finds out Carlotta almost died. Keri fears that her baby may be poisoned by the cake Carlotta ate (She doesn't know that Allison poisoned only one piece. The one Carlotta ate). She panics. Antonio calms her down. Keri asks Antonio not to keep secrets from her. Sam tells Todd he knows Todd arranged everything. Sam starts to tell Blair everything. He changes his mind. Blair tells Starr about Suzanne's death. Sam tries to find out more. Todd tells Blair he wants to marry her.

Passions by Ashley

 At the hospital Beth's mother has a heart attack and Beth does nothing to help her in fact she does everything not to help her. Luis and Sheridan have one last kiss and then say good-bye. Luis walks into the hospital and Beth manipulates him by using her mother's heart attack. Sheridan goes to Antonio and tells him she will put his happiness before hers to save him. Pilar and the rest of her family pray for a recovery for Antonio. Theresa starts to leave the hospital along with Gwen and Ethan and steals him away to talk about work while an annoyed Gwen tags along. Charity calls Miguel to check on him and Antonio. He breaks down and begs her to take him back, but she says that's not why she called. Sam tells Grace to look into Kay's eyes and see that she's telling the truth about Ivy and David scheming together. She does and says that she knows that Kay isn't lying.

PC by Beth

Ian discovers that making love with Lucy alleviates his vampire symptoms every time. Kevin lurks outside the cabin and abducts his wife when Ian is out of the room. After some romantic time alone, Rafe and Alison strategize about how to do battle with Caleb. Jamal is puzzled by the behavior of the woman he assumes is his girlfriend. He has no idea that Marissa has left town with no memory of ever being there, and that Casey, her dead identical twin/guardian angel, is taking her place. Caleb is frustrated by his inability to stop thinking about Tess and start concentrating on his music. Casey is happy to be reunited with Ricky, even though he believes she's Marissa. A catfight breaks out when Reese sees the way Casey looks at her little drummer boy. Although Ricky and Jamal pull the women apart, it's a furious Caleb who actually breaks up the fight. Jamal argues with "Marissa" about her continued association with the band. Caleb learns that Joshua hasn't checked in with the band since the first day of his trip to Capri. After making a few phone calls, he announces that the manager has disappeared. Being nothing like her sister in abilities or personality, Casey worries about pulling this off. Caleb realizes that Rafe had something to do with Joshua's disappearance.

Y&R By Judy

 Nikki blows up at Ashley and accuses her of conceiving Abby in order to keep Victor in her life. She demands that Ashley stay away from him. Brad meets with Colleen and she admits that she is worried about his and Ashley's marriage. Bradley comforts her and heads over to see Abby. He and Ashley have a heated argument about Victor. She begs him to stop and ends up collapsing on the floor. A wounded Victor downs some pain pills just in time to get into a confrontation with Victoria. She blames him for all her relationship problems and continues to bash him even though he tells her he is in pain. She ignores his obvious discomfort, calls him a failure and leaves Victor teary eyed. Raul, Brittany, Mackenzie and Billy are cut off financially by their families who do not want the couples to share an apartment, but as luck will have it, Loren comes to the rescue and offers them all jobs. Sharon shows up at Crimson Lights and sits with David. Nick then comes in and prepares to surprise her with flowers but before he gets the chance, he's served with the divorce papers. He becomes very upset when he sees Sharon sitting with David. He explodes and orders David to leave the coffeehouse and then has it out with Sharon. His accusations of infidelity push Sharon hard and she tells him to sign the papers.

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