Wednesday 1-29-03 Recaps

Wednesday 1/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Laurie's dad showed up at the restaurant bar where she worked to get a drink; she put a beer in front of him and dared him to drink it.  J.R. came back to talk to her but she didn't want to talk to him.  Jamie came in and chatted with her; J.R. accused Jamie of trying to steal his girlfriend.  Joni was also there with her dad.  J.R. promised Laurie that he would work hard to turn around his life on the off-chance that he will get her back.  Jamie told off Laurie's dad for hitting her, which J.R. heard.  Laurie's dad told Laurie that he liked Jamie.  Adam & Liza had therapy with Lysistrata.  Liza realized that she has been acting wimpy like her dad and Adam has been acting like Marian.  Adam was not thrilled with the therapy.  Lysistrata made them go up to their bedroom.  She had Liza assert herself by first admitting that she liked the other side of the bed better and then she tied up Adam to the bedposts with her scarves.  Lysistrata locked them in, so Liza started kissing Adam.  Morgan questioned Maria, who is getting sicker, about her relationship with Aidan.  Morgan also found the safe that Aidan told her about.  Edmund came home and ordered Morgan out.  Maria got very sick and fainted.  Edmund phoned David to come help tend to Maria.  Aidan got free of the ropes just before Morgan came home but she got the drop on him with her gun and tied him up again (first she shot him when he tried to go out the door).  She said they're going to break into Wildwynd tonight and then go see Julian.

ATWT by Dione

 Mike went down to the station to talk to Jack. Mike reminded Jack that Carly loves Jack and that the baby might be his & not to turn his back on it. Mike apologized for sleeping with Carly. In the heat of it all, Jack laid a punch on Mike's face! Carly told Molly that she loves Jack only and that she didn't mean to hurt her. Molly said that she couldn't be with Mike anymore knowing that she slept with him and could stand the sight of her knowing that she might be carrying his child. Molly went back to the cottage to pack and was leaving with luggage as Mike was coming home. Later, Carly picked up Parker from Emily and headed off to Mexico. Rose and Paul decided to pretend like they were meeting for the first time after seeing Barbara. Babs tried to be nice to Rose, but she resisted and asked her if she knew what it felt like to be buried alive. Dr. Michaels told Hal not to let Alison visit anymore due to the fact that he would refuse to talk after her visits. Alison told Will to tell Dr. Michaels that he didn't remember anything. Alison bumped into Chris outside of Will's psych ward.

B&B by Matt

 Lorenzo is angry that Clarke and Thorne let CJ see Macy. Thorne chides Lorenzo about how Macy won't be able to leave LA now that she has seen her brother again. Macy and CJ are reunited amidst tears, laughter, and ample hugs. He isn't mad, but rather is thrilled to see Macy. Clarke and Darla join in on the fun. Lorenzo is introduced as Macy's husband and everyone but Thorne is happy for them. Bridget attempts to study, but is interrupted by Mass. Nothing new is covered, but Bridget does slip and tell him about Ridge's engagement plans. She warns Mass not to intervene and reveal truth about Brooke. Mass agrees to but says if Ridge finds out about Brooke's affair, it won't be through him. Ridge asks Eric's opinion about a higher commitment with Brooke. Eric says he won't put in his two cents about the timing, but does realize the solid connection between Brooke and Ridge over the years. Ridge says that Brooke and his relationship is based on complete honesty. After Ridge leaves, Brooke talks to Eric. He warns her about what Ridge said about complete honesty and asks about Deacon. Brooke says no one including Deacon is going to mess this up for them. Eric advises her to keep the secret about Deacon to herself for now. Mass pays Deacon a visit and gives him the heads up on Ridge's "proposal" plans. He tells him to strike back now.

Days by Sandy

No recap

GH by Megsaqt

 Lucky and Laura were set to go on a date. While going to Kelly's to meet Lucky, Laura ran into Luke who had returned from London. Laura told Luke about her date, and he told her to stop by the club later. Lucky and Luke walked around, and stopped in the park. Laura ran off to Luke's club after Lucky and her almost kissed. Jax returned to see Brenda. In court, Alexis took over as Jason and Brenda's lawyer, and she presented the new evidence to the judge, after he sentenced Jason and Brenda to 22 years to life in jail. After taking a break, the judge came back, and released Brenda and Jason, and announced that all charges had been dropped. Zander and his friend got kicked out of Luke's, after a waiter thought they were doing a drug deal. Luke came in as Zander was fighting the waiter, telling him he would leave when he was ready. Zander's father came, and announced that Zander was just trying to prove a point by being destructive. Zander told him to not bother caring, he never was a father when he had a chance, he shouldn't start now. Zander left, and Luke and Zander's father sat down and talked about being fathers, until Laura came in. Luke admitted that he had been in London visiting his Laura, who was not actually dead, as Luara thought.

GL by Barbra

Marah comes back to the lighthouse. Tony confronts Marah about her suspicions. She shows him the frame & he calls the Frank. Frank tells him that it looks like he is being set up. Marah apologizes to Tony. They make love.  Reva calls the boarding school to check on Jonathan but can’t find out any information. Reva wants to tell him the truth about his parents. Reva accuses Josh of not wanting Jonathan around. Reva calls Marissa. Marissa tells Reva that Jonathan knows that he is adopted. Frank comes to see Josh & Reva and tells them about setting up Tony.  Reva suspects Jonathan.

Olivia & Alan walk into the sitting area wearing bathrobes- obviously having made love the night before. Olivia says it was a mistake. Alan begins to bad mouth Phillip and Olivia won’t listen. She tells him that he can’t make Phillip go away. Olivia answers the door to find Phillip. He tells her that he tried to get a flight out as soon as he heard she was home but couldn’t until the morning. Alan says “good morning son” Phillip looks shocked. Olivia & Phillip go out into the hall to talk and discover that Alan set them up. Phillip confronts her about sleeping with Alan. Olivia throws Alan out. Phillip goes home and finds Olivia’s letter. Phillip burns the letter.

OLTL by Sandy

 Blair and Todd discuss going away together. When he leaves to make a phone call, Sam shows up. She tells him the story of the hitman who came to the penthouse and the events that followed. Sam is suspicious. The hitman Todd hired shows up for more money. Todd pays him and tells him never to come back. After leaving Capricorn, Max continues his drinking binge with RJ's liquor. He starts watching Luna's tapes again, falling deeper into the emotional pit in which he's already drowning. Liz comforts him. Roxy sees them and jumps to the wrong conclusion. She tells RJ, who promptly throws Max out. He calls Liz the "woman I love." RJ fills Lindsay in on Nora's wedding plans. Lindsay says the wedding will never happen. Troy will eventually realize Lindsay is the right woman for him. Allison tries to subtly tell Nora whom Lindsay is sleeping with. Nora doesn't want to know. When Troy walks in, Allison makes sly comments. She then becomes angry and tells Nora that Troy will betray her just as Mitch betrayed Allison. Natalie fears that Cris is disgusted with her for not stopping Mitch's "seduction." Cris is upset because he thinks he should have expected it. Cris then fills her in on Jen's involvement with Mitch.

Passions by Ashley

 At the hospital, Ethan tells Theresa that he's glad Sheridan gave Antonio the drug and he will pray for him. But then they start to fight about Ivy and how Theresa threw her out. Fox is amazed at Theresa and Ethan's bond and becomes inspired by love. He flirts with a married nurse and he gets turned down. Sheridan flees from the hospital and runs out into the snow. Luis follows her and comforts her and tells her she's brave and made the right decision and hopes they can still be together. Over at Tabitha's house John becomes angry with Kay's accusations and goes to find his father and Ivy and brings them back to Tabitha. They all ask if Kay's telling the truth and David is hesitant but Ivy declares Kay a liar. Kay tells Sam to look her in the eye to prove she's not lying and he says he believes her.

PC by Beth

 Alison and Rafe plan for a romantic night together. Caleb's willingness to leave without a fight hurts Elizabeth, who informs her daughter that she's ready to go home. Having no intentions of letting Alison leave yet, Rafe uses some magic to keep his soul mate in town for the night. When an annoyed Elizabeth informs her daughter that the airport is fogged in and no flights can get out, Alison returns to her room to find Rafe preparing for a romantic evening with her. Caleb joins Tess at the overlook, where he tells her that his wife left him. He asks Tess to honor her promise to help him find the good inside him, but Tess refuses. Knowing that he still loves Livvie, she accuses him of talking about his failed marriage as a trick to try to draw Livvie out again. Casey informs her mortal sister that she's fixing her mess. With a snap of her fingers, she sends the two vampire musicians to their beds and returns Reese's photos to her backpack. Marissa is thrilled to learn that her sister gets to stay, but her excitement ends abruptly when Casey informs Marissa that she's taking her place in Port Charles. Marissa has to leave; otherwise, she and Jamal will both be dead. She'll have a good life, but she'll never remember coming to Port Charles. With another snap of her fingers, Casey sends her sister away. As Casey explores the park, she's startled when Jamal sees her from behind and calls out her twin's name.

Y&R By Jodi

 Nikki berates Victor and tells him he should have his head examined for helping Diego with his scheme to get back at the muggers. She is still upset about how much time he spent with Ashley. Sharon tells Katherine that her marriage is over. Katherine tells her to pick herself up and move on with her life. The teens look for an apartment and all of them tell their parents their plans, with poor reception. Olivia brings Brad breakfast and tells him that he needs to listen to his heart when deciding whether to stay with Ashley or make a life with her. Ashley tells Jack that Brad found comfort in another woman's arms during her illness. Neil encourages Nick to not give up on his marriage. Papers are attempted to be served to Nick at the coffeehouse. Victor and Sharon comfort each other and she asks for his continued support during this time. Nikki goes to visit Ashley and says that she wants to lay some ground rules regarding the situation with Abby's paternity.

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