Tuesday 1-28-03 Recaps

Tuesday 1/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Edmund & Maria share a nice moment.  David phones Edmund and threatens to come there if he doesn't meet him to talk about Maria.  Isabela brings Sam and Mattie by to say goodnight.  Edmund goes to meet David.  Isabela was heartened by the fact that Maria called her mama and brushed Mattie's hair the same way she brushed Maria's when she was a little girl.  Maria starts coughing and feeling a little feverish so her mom takes the kids.  Edmund hears that Maria is sick so he rushes home.  David wants to come along but Edmund won't let him.  Morgan decides she's going to steal from Maria; Aidan tries to stop her so she hits him in the head with her gun and takes off.  When he was trying to get her to release him, Aidan told her how to get inside the house.  Morgan visits Maria, claiming to be from Scotland Yard.  Kendall meets Reggie when she visits Trey.  She tells Trey about her new boyfriend Michael.  Janelle goes to Trey's and yells at him for not telling social services that he set Erica's house on fire.  Trey and Kendall try to defend him.  After Janelle leaves, Kendall says she thinks Janelle has the hots for Trey; she also thinks Trey is helping Reggie because he misses Leo.  Reggie goes to the restaurant where Laurie works and they share sob stories.

ATWT by Dione

 Rosanna accepted Craig's ring. Craig apologized for lying on Carly's behalf. Lucy gave Rosanna and Craig their blessing and said that Rosanna is now a part of their family. Lucy and Aaron had a date at Java. While Alison stood by listening to their happy conversation, she came up a with lie about work she was doing on a car and that she desperately needed Aaron's help. Lucy suggested that he leave to help their friend. Jack confronted Carly and Mike about the night they slept together. Jack was calm, at first, but became understandably furious with the pair. Jack told Mike to get out, then, Carly. Carly stood her ground and told Jack that they were going to work it out. Jack compared her to Julia by making him think that baby was his. He figured out that she was having morning sickness, instead of the flu when she was actually pregnant back in November. As Jack left the house, he placed his wedding ring on the table. Lien came to the hostpital to tell Marshall that his daughter is dead. Jess and Marshall were already on their way to D.C. .

B&B by Matt

 Macy is shocked to hear that Sally wants her to leave the hospital room. Sally says that if Macy isn't planning to stay in LA, then she wants nothing to do with her. Eventually Macy agrees to stay. Lorenzo is adamant with Thorne that they are heading back to Italy after Sally gets better. Clarke meets Lorenzo and is surprised to hear he is married to Macy. CJ tells Bridget about Sally's heart attack, but makes her go study for her exam rather than go to the hospital with him. Back at the hospital, CJ almost walks in on Macy and Sally, but Clarke, Thorne, and Mark keep him busy. Mark adds that Sally's test came back good. Bridget stops by Ridge's for a book, but is delayed when he asks her to check out a ring he is going to give to Brooke. At first she says Brooke will love it, but becomes alarmed when Ridge hints it might be an engagement ring. Ridge notices something is up, but Bridget quickly leaves. CJ finally bursts into Sally's room and is mortified to see Macy standing there.

Days by Sandy

 Jack tells Sami about Tony. He then calls Harold about the story. Marlena asks Sami about her friendship with Tony. Jack takes care of Jen while she's sick. John tells Marlena about Brady and Tony's accident. Brady thanks Tony for saving him. Tony needs blood and John finds out the twins have the same blood type. Lexie says Tony has no idea if he is the twins' father. John tells Brady his theory that Tony killed Colin. He thinks someone Tony hired killed Colin. Shawn overhears. Belle demands an explanation from Shawn. She tells him that she'll wait for him. They (And Cassie and Rex) find out about Tony and Brady. Shawn overhears Tony talk about Colin and becomes agitated. Belle notices. Belle tells Brady Shawn broke up with her. Brady is not happy. The twins tells Tony about their conversation with Marlena (Saying she couldnt be a mother to them). Tony tells them he is devoted to them. Cassie tells Rex she's taking a big risk to help Shawn. She doesn't clarify. Marlena tells the twins about the blood type. They believe that Tony is their father. Cassie agrees to donate blood so "Tony will always care about her." When Lexie checks into her blood type (To see if she's a match to help Tony), Sami realizes that Lexie may find out about the paternity switch.

GH by Megsaqt

 Courtney held AJ at gunpoint in the courthouse, trying to force him to admit that he paid Ida to say she saw Brenda kill Alcazar. AJ, gave in and admitted that he got Coleman to find Ida, and he and Skye paid her to say she saw Brenda, and that he knew Jason was innocent. Courtney caught it all on tape, and brought it to Scott and Taggert. Taggert told her to leave the tape out of the press, or they would have to arrest her for pointing a gun at AJ. Taggert told he would find out the truth. While waiting to be put in their cells, Jason and Brenda discussed their options. He told her that there best chance of escaping was on their way to the high security jail. They agreed on a plan, after much reasurrance from Jason. Brenda admitted that it always bothered her that Jason never liked her, because she had never done anything to hurt him. Jason told her that he respected her, and what she did about Alcazar. After being put in her cell, Mac brings Brenda her cell phone, because Jax called every five minutes. Brenda tells Jax not to come she would meet him as planned. Ric went to Carly and AJ's penthouse to tell them about the new evidence that he had. Sonny told him that he was too good to be true. Carly hoped for the best, thinking the evidence had to prove that Jason was innocent.

GL by Barbra

 Alan meets Olivia at the Beacon and asks her to talk with him in her suite. She says that she wasn't expecting him, she was expecting Phillip. She tells him she sent him a letter and he was supposed to come to her. Alan tells her that Phillip was home all day until he left with Beth to go to Connecticut. He waits until she reacts, hurt by what he said, then tells her that Lizzie went to because they were checking out the boarding school. Olivia is very emotional and tells Alan she can't stop feeling what she feels for Phillip and that she never meant to hurt him. Alan tells her that her affair with Phillip was fleeting and what they have is lasting. He plays on her emotions, holding her and comforting her because he knows she is hurting. They end up kissing. Marah is very nervous around Tony and leaves the lighthouse, telling Tony she is going home to check on her mom. She goes to Company. She runs into Michelle and tells her that she suspects that Tony is the stalker. Tony having come to Company to get something to eat overhears Marah telling Michelle. Lizzie and Beth and Phillip discuss the boarding school. Beth and Phillip talk about his situation with Olivia and Alan. He complains about Alan manipulating lives again. Beth lets it slip that Alan wanted her to get him out of town. Phillip is upset. Beth tells him to call Olivia, since he has been trying all night. She leaves. Phillip calls Olivia. Olivia is out of the room and Alan answers the phone. Phillip is stunned and says nothing. He hangs up and says, "oh no you don't". He grabs his suitcase and starts packing. Alan lies to Olivia and tells her the phonecall was the front desk checking on her.

OLTL by Sandy

 Nora invites RJ and "a guest" ("Anyone but Lindsay") to her wedding. RJ says that was all a mistake. RJ tells Nora that she and Liz aren't together. He also tells Nora not to count on her relationship with Troy to last. He says that Troy is not the opposite of Colin. He won't explain. RJ tells Lindsay Troy and Nora's wedding plans. Max is wasted...again. He tells Nora about his divorce. Nora invites Max to her wedding. RJ agrees to let Max stay at his place. Max watches his tape of Luna. Liz arrives and they talk about Luna. Lindsay visits Allison in prison. She begs Allison not to tell anyone her (Lindsay's) part in the jailbreak. Tillie announces Allison told her (Tillie) about the jailbreak. Lindsay finds out Allison didn't tell her about the escape itself. Lindsay begs her not to tell. She then tells Allison about Troy. Allison compares Troy to Ben. Nora overhears them talking. She tells Lindsay that she is representing Allison. Allison offers to tell Nora who Lindsay is really sleeping with. Emily talks to Troy about Lindsay being in his office. Emily figures out that Troy is sleeping with Lindsay. He tells her he's trying to get her sent back to Statesville. Roxy tells Viki about Natalie's plans to sleep with Mitch. Cris overhears. Cris and Viki head to the Palace to stop them. Roxy goes to Capricorn looking for Max. RJ tells her what kind of shape Max was in. Mitch begins his seduction of Natalie. Natalie changes her mind. Mitch starts to call the jail. Natalie agrees to go through with it. She cries as Mitch kisses her. Cris busts in and pulls Mitch off. Viki consoles Natalie. Natalie tells Bo about Mitch's threats. Bo arrests Mitch. Natalie is upset because she didn't stop Mitch from trying to make love with her.

Passions by Ashley

 Theresa, Ethan, Fox, and Gwen go to the hospital for support for Sheridan and Antonio. At the hospital Sheridan starts to tell her decision but Pilar interrupts her and tells her that if she doesn't give Antonio the drug she will be a murderer. She finally tells them to give him the drug. Just before Tabitha can put Kay in the basement Charity shows up with the Bennets. They beg her to come home and she tells Sam that all she sees around her is lies. He asks what she means and she gives Tabitha a concerning look since she knows shes really a witch. But in the end she blows in Ivy and David and their scheme.

PC by Beth

 Kevin realizes he shouldn't be surprised to see Ian at the cabin with Lucy. This is familiar territory, since Lucy wouldn't be the first wife Ian stole from him. Kevin apologizes to Lucy for the horrible way he's been treating her. He loves her and wants to be with her. He decides to wait for her in the car, and if she doesn't come to him, he'll never bother her again. Ian is stunned when she chooses to follow her husband, but he's overjoyed when she returns with the news that she left Kevin for him. After having Reese's film developed, Marissa is shocked to see photos proving that Caleb and Reese are vampires. Caz and Reese confront her, and while Marissa tries to talk her way out of this, they're determined to kill her in order to avoid Caleb's wrath. Marissa is saved when her twin sister--her very own guardian angel--falls from the sky and stops the vampires in their tracks.

Alison and Elizabeth hide Joshua's body in Alison's room before opening the door to Caleb. They pretend to have been arguing about him, and Alison bawls him out for sending Joshua along on the trip. She makes up a story about how Joshua abandoned them, and Caleb promises to check into it. When Elizabeth informs her husband that she's leaving him, he responds by taking her to bed. Moments after Rafe finds the corpse, Alison returns and fills him in on what happened. He informs her that if her mother really did kill Joshua, there's no turning back; she's lost her soul and is now a full-fledged vampire. Rafe promises to protect Elizabeth to the best of his ability. While he gets rid of Joshua's body, Alison checks on her mother and finds her in bed with Caleb. Devastated, she would like nothing more than to find comfort in Rafe's arms, but it's not possible until they have proof that he's not her brother. Rafe is very happy to inform her that they have the proof they need. He shows her some authentic papers from her father's journal, and they prove that Malcolm's other child is a girl.

Y&R By Judy

 Christine continues to masquerade as Kelly Simmons and comes face to face with a very curious Michael. Paul's passionate flashbacks with Christine continue and guilt forces him to spill his guts to an already agonizing Isabella who storms out when she hears the truth, leaving Paul in his misery. Brad and Victoria have a pity party over cocktails. Later Victoria puts off Diego's plans for the future when he tells her the details about Victor's involvement with his and Larry's success in catching the thugs. Diane gives Andy a big false sob story while everyone is glad to blame her for John's chest pains.


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