Monday 1-27-03 Recaps

Monday 1/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Morgan & Aidan continue to play their game.  He tells her that he has everyone in Pine Valley convinced that he's a nice guy but he says that he and she can con them like they used to.  She agrees and says that Maria should be their first target.  Maria studies for medical school.  Brooke drops by and sees her studying and says "it worked!" so she and Edmund have to cover.  Brooke can't believe that Edmund is testing this medicine on Maria and tries to get him to see reason.  Jake tries to stop having sex with Alison but she keeps him interested.  Tad visits Jake at his office and realizes he just had sex.  Jake wants to tell Mia what happened but Tad tells him that's a bad idea.  Mia prepares a romantic evening for her and Jake but he's having a little trouble with guilt and, er, performance problems.  He gets Tad to page him so he can claim that he has to go to work.  Edmund asks Maria how involved she was with Aidan.  Laurie and her father continue to argue; she learns that he might lose his job at the school.  She goes to her new job, working at a restaurant.  Jamie comes in and she takes his order but she's so upset over her dad that she keeps messing up.  She tells Jamie what's been going on.  Later, J.R. comes in and wants to confront her but Jamie convinces him that Laurie is having a rough time and he should leave her alone for now.

ATWT by Dione

 Carly frantically rushes down to the station to tell Jack that they can leave on an even earlier flight. He's still working & can't leave. After Carly leaves a perp, "Magda" told Jack that while she was doing a "job" at the Monte Carlo offices, she saw "the blonde designer doing the horizontal tango with a construction guy". Meanwhile, Mike pressures Carly into telling him who's the father of her child. Jack rushed home to confront Carly & walks in on her & Mike in an embrace. Rosanna's still furious with Craig for protecting Carly. Craig pledges his undying love for her & on bended knee, he says, "Marry me, will you?" Isaac tells Ben that he needs to make up his mind & give himself and ultimatum regarding him and Jessica. Jessica boards a plane to D.C. & to her surprise, Marshall sits in the seat right next to hers.

B&B by Matt

 In an attempt to save her clothing line, Amber comes with an idea to design haute couture clothing like Eric, but with a younger and much cheaper feel to it. In effect she wants to compliment not detract from Eric's designs. Eric, Kristen, and Brooke go for it. Later, Rick and Amber celebrate at Las Olas. Amber thinks things worked for the best and after what Eric has been through this year, living up to the great Forrester reputation is a must. The two kiss and some college jocks gawk at them. When one of them sends a drink over, Rick loses it and takes it back over. Amber manages to get Rick out of there, but it almost seems like they know her.

Macy confesses she married Lorenzo, much to Thorne's dismay. The two men leave her alone with Sally and exchange some unpleasant words. Thorne tells Lorenzo that he took advantage of Macy's need for someone. He adds that now that they are back in LA, things will be different. Lorenzo is sure that Macy's family would rather he be married to her than Thorne, but remarks that they won't be in LA that long. Thorne doesn't think Macy would leave Sally now. Macy sings to Sally the same song that she sang in the café that set off Lorenzo. Sally's vitals improve and she awakes. Sally is overjoyed to see Macy at first, but then tells her to go away in a fit of anger.

Days by Sandy

 Belle waits for Shawn. She and Rex talk about Cassie's crush on Shawn. Rex finds Shawn with Cassie. Belle asks Shawn about Colin's murder. He tells her he doesn't want to bring her down. He breaks up with her. Shawn tells Cassie about killing Colin. How Shawn and Colin fought for the gun (The silver bullet falls to the ground). How Colin antagonized Shawn about Bo. Shawn shot when Colin turned his head at a sound. Cassie talks him out of confessing. Hope wants to confess to killing Colin. Bo doesn't believe she did it. She fears if she killed Colin, what else is she capable of? Bo talks about putting Colin's killer away for life. Tony pushes Brady out of the way of Bart's speeding car (It was a set up to make Tony look good). Both end up hurt. John tells Tony he saw Tony save Brady. At the hospital they find out Brady only suffered a concussion. Tony, however, suffered a spinal cord injury. He may be paralyzed for life.

GH by Suzanne

Lucky & Summer talk about having sex; he thinks they should wait until she's sure.  Edward congratulates Faith on her work with Ned.  A.J. and Scott gloat about the verdict while everyone else is in shock.  The cops take Jason and Brenda back to the police station.  The mysterious woman gives Ric a piece of the sweater she was wearing when she killed Alcazar; it has his blood on it.  He says that won't be enough to get Jason & Brenda off.  He tries to convince her to come forward but she leaves instead.  The Quartermaines are upset about the verdict, except for A.J. and Skye.  A.J. keeps saying he just told the truth.  Skye is very drunk and says nasty things, causing Monica to order her out of the house.  Even Alan doesn't defend her.  A.J. asks Monica why she loves Jason more than him, when Jason isn't even her real son. She says she loves both of them but she's ashamed of A.J. right now.  Sonny visits Brenda; Courtney and then Carly visit Jason.  Sonny urges Brenda not to give up hope and advises her how to keep her strength and dignity while in prison.  They hold hands briefly and he swears he will get her out.  Jason at first doesn't want Courtney there but she tells him that she won't give up hope and they kiss.  Jason asks Carly to watch over Sonny & Brenda.  Sonny visits Jason to say goodbye, too.  At home, Sonny blames himself for trusting in the system.  He starts trashing the living room as Carly watches sadly.  Felicia tells Dara that Ida lied and that she knows Coleman paid her off.  Ric takes the evidence he got to Dara, too, and tells her that the real killer is a woman he met with.  Ric & Felicia go to Taggert and Scott to tell them their evidence.  Scott doesn't want to hear it.  The mystery woman phones Scott and he puts it on speaker phone so they all can hear.  She tells them that Alcazar also had a stab wound in the stomach, which only the killer would know.  Courtney gets A.J. to meet with her in the courtroom, hoping she can get him to help Jason, but he refuses.  So she pulls out the gun Jason got her and threatens to shoot A.J. instead.

GL by Barbra

 Gus & Harley find Baker out in the floor unconscious but with a pulse. Harley find the safe deposit box key and slips it around her neck. 911 is called. EMTs say he has had a cerebral bleed & can't talk. Edmund comes walking in & comes face to face with Harley & Gus. They question Edmund and tell him that if he thinks of anything he will find them at Company. Gus blows up at Harley for letting Edmund go & Harley says that Edmund will send Alex to see them. Alex & Alan argue when Alex tells Alan that he is jealous of Phillip. Marina & Frank talk about celebrating her 18th birthday. Edmund & Alex have words at the mansion. Alex says that she is tired of his games & threats. Edmund says I will give you a riddle. What do you get when you cross Roy Baker with 2 detectives hot on the trail of a safe deposit box. Alex heads to Company & tells Harley to lay off. The secret is better left uncovered. Outside, Alex tells Edmund to get that ring from Harley.

Marah is on the porch waiting for Tony when a gloved hand reaches out to touch her & she screams. Tony comes running and grabs the person, who turns out to be Olivia coming to tell Reva some news about Jonathan. Jonathan has been sent to boarding school in Switzerland. Olivia arrives at the Beacon & the clerk tells her a Mr. Spaulding is waiting for her upstairs. She turns to go to her room & meets Alan coming down the stairs. Marah & Tony go to the lighthouse where Tony has decorated the bedroom for them. He hears a noise & goes to check it out. Marah is looking at the room & sits on the bed. As she rubs the blanket she feels something. She reaches under the blanket & pulls out the silver frame missing from her house, engraved always.

OLTL by Sandy

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Passions by Ashley

 Gwen and Ethan talk about Theresa and their new life ahead. He says that their going to move out and hes going to quit working with Theresa just as soon as he can get another job. Gwen thinks it's a dream come true. Sam and Grace talk about how Kay is missing and the new found evidence...her bloody scarf. Kay finds her way to Tabitha's door and sees her in the middle of some bewitching. Tabitha sends her to the basement to get a sleeping bag. Pilar and Beth talk about Antonio's fate. Luis consoles Sheridan and tries to help her realize that Antonio's condition isn't her fault. He also tries to help her decide what to do about the experimental drug. Theresa talks to Fox about true love and the past and what the future may hold.

PC by Beth

 Kevin is alerted by a worried Gail that Lucy went to a cabin and didn't return as planned. Also worried by this news, Kevin promises to check things out and report back to Gail. After making love with Lucy at the cabin, all of Ian's symptoms are gone. Lucy tries to figure out what could have caused this reprieve, and she wonders whether Caleb died. Ian thinks Lucy is responsible, just because it feels so good to be with her. While he waits for her in the shower, Kevin arrives at the cabin and explains that everyone was worried about her. Lucy tries stalling, but Kevin insists that she ride back to town with him. He takes some things to the car, and Ian comes out to find out what's keeping Lucy. Learning that Kevin is outside, Ian goes out to confront him. Back in town, Tess takes a sleigh ride with Caleb, who is grateful for the chance to tell her how sorry he is for what he did to her. He shows her how Port Charles looks from higher ground, and Tess marvels at the sight. Caleb enjoys seeing how she looks at the world, and he asks her to help him see things through her eyes. When he says that the stars look a little brighter to him now, a satisfied Tess decides to go back home to her new husband. Disappointed, Caleb tells himself that he wants Olivia, not Tess, but he's clearly not convinced. Deciding to focus on on other matters, he's annoyed when his call Joshua's cell phone goes unanswered. At the hotel in Capri, Elizabeth is horrified by what she's done, especially in front of her daughter. She's convinced that Alison sees her as a monster. Alison admits that she already knew that about her being a vampire, and she's neither disgusted nor afraid. Elizabeth is still inconsolable, but Alison reminds her that she wouldn't be alive if Elizabeth hadn't come to her rescue. Alison persuades her mother to leave Caleb once they get back to Port Charles. They decide to hide Joshua's body in the armoire until later, when they can get him to the car unnoticed. As they drag the body across the floor, Caleb knocks on the door and calls out to his bride.

Y&R By Jodi

 Paul tries to help Andy forget about Diane by playing matchmaker with Kelly Simmons (aka Christine in disguise). Victor makes sure everyone is out of the house before they go through with the plan to get back at Diego's attackers. This ends with a fist fight and Victor being knocked out. Diane talks to John at Gina's and tells him to say goodbye to his grandson. John ends up making a scene and having chest pains. Jack and Phyllis take the note to Diane which proves that she paid someone to make the call to Phyllis which helped set her up for the fire. Either give Jack full custody of Kyle or they take the note to the DA. Diane freaks out! Isabelle runs to talk to Lynne to find out if she was behind sending Kelly Simmons to her to find out more about her past.

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