Friday 1-24-03 Recaps

Friday 1/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Greenlee gets angry at Kendall for running off to Aspen, so they start fighting.  Mia and Simone leave so they can be alone.  Kendall tells Greenlee to stop taking her grief out on the rest of them.  When the woman from Lacey's Department Store phones to rave about Kendall, Greenlee grudgingly admits that Kendall is right and she was wrong.  They make a sort of peace.  At a bar, Jake flirts with Alison, a resident, who is really coming on to him.  Simone and Mia arrive to get takeout.  Jake tries to get Mia to go home with him for a romantic evening, but she insists that she has to work.  They fight; Mia and Simone leave.  Jake, who is a bit drunk, takes Alison home because her car is not working, and they end up kissing, etc.  Kendall gets flowers from Michael, her Aspen date; Mia goes back to the bar but finds Jake gone.  J.R. chats with Laurie on instant messaging and tries to get her to make up with him.  He promises to do well in school from now on.  She still doesn't think it will work but almost tells him that she will love him and go back with him, but her father comes home drunk, interrupting.  He is in a bad mood and she is disgusted, so she tells him off.  She tries to leave, but he keeps at her ,so finally things come to the point where she says something horrid and he slaps her.


 Katie helped Craig pick out an engagement ring. Dr. Shiller told Rosanna that Carly's in her second trimester. Rosanna blasted Craig for being the daddy, then Craig confessed to not sleeping with Carly. Rosanna told Mike that he's going to be a daddy. Hal almost told Jack about the "lima bean". Jack was so happy about the baby & the trip, Hal couldn't ruin his day. Marshall tried to sneak out of the hospital, but was too weak. Marshall told Jessica that he wanted her to be happy with Ben. Bonnie told Jessica that she was wrong to judge her.

B&B by Matt

 Lorenzo attempts to comfort a distraught Macy on the plane, but to no avail. They arrive at the hospital and are almost spotted by Clarke and Thorne. Macy goes in to be with Sally while the other two are out. Macy tells Sally to be strong and that she is there with her now. Just as it looks like Sally is waking up, Thorne comes in. He and Macy step outside to talk. Thorne is overjoyed that Macy has come back to them, but is then shocked to hear that Lorenzo and Macy are married.

Brooke and Ridge have a heart to heart about Mass. Ridge says that in his weird way, Mass is looking out for him. Thorne calls Ridge and tells him about Sally's heart attack. Upset, Ridge realizes that he cannot assure his kids that he'll always be there for them. Brooke tries to make him feel better by saying she'll always be there for him.

Mass tells Deacon he is a fool to trust Eric. He needs to fight for Brooke and his child instead of being a pathetic drunk. Deacon doesn't want to hear it, but the hard talk from Mass gets through to him. Later, Mass tells himself that Brooke better enjoy what she has right now, because it won't last.

Days by Sandy

 Brady hacks into Tony's computer. John shows up to talk to Brady about protecting Belle. John believes it's his job, not Brady's. Chloe tries to convince Brady to listen when John tells him to stay out of the DiMera problems. John then shuts off Brady's computer to break the connection to Tony's computer. Then John leaves. Brady gets back into Tony's computer. Tony realizes Brady hacked into his computer. Tony tells Brady he knows what Brady did. Tony agrees to meet with him. Chloe waits at the loft, where she calls John to fill him in on the meeting. Tony waits for Brady. Chloe stops him from crossing the street. John is driving towards Brady but doesn't see him. Tony pushes Brady out of the way as we hear tires screech. The twins talk to Marlena about how they think of her as a mother. Cassie fears Marlena thinks of them as just an experiment. Marlena sets them straight. She tells them she does care about them, it's just not right for them to think of as their mother. Cassie tells Marlena they don't need her. Then Cassie storms out. Rex talks to Marlena about Cassie's desperate need for family. He then talks to Marlena about her work. Says he might be interested in doing it. He fears getting caught up in all the anger. John walks in on Rex hugging Marlena. Rex leaves then John tells Marlena about Brady hacking into Tony's server. Marlena stares at the picture of Cassie and Rex. Belle and Shawn make plans to be alone. Cassie walks in on them kissing. Belle tells them need to leave separately for their trip then leaves. Cassie tells Shawn she wants to talk about when Colin was shot. She tells him that she saw him on the terrace before Colin died. She said Shawn and Colin were arguing and Shawn had a gun and pointed it at Colin and fired. She tells Shawn she left before the police got there. Shawn admits he killed Colin. Rex meets Belle in her dorm room and tells her he is happy for Shawn and Belle. She kicks Rex out so she can get ready for Shawn. Belle lights the room with a bunch of candles then goes to Rex for his opinion. Rex is impressed. She worries about how late Shawn is. Hope tells Bo about hearing Colin call her a murderer. She then accuses Bo of not trusting her to take care of Zach when he cries. While Bo is upstairs taking care of Zach, Hope remembers standing over "Larry's" body and mutters "It's true. I did kill Colin." Bo overhears her. She tells Bo about seeing the body on the terrace. She tells Bo that she shot Colin. Bo tries to convince her she was wrong. She tells him about hearing Colin on the cell phone and she shot Larry thinking she was protecting Bo. After, she realized it was Colin. Bo tells her her memories are in fragments. Bo says it isn't possible that Hope killed Colin. She firmly believes she did it. Bo wants to wait and see what she remembers. Hope wants to confess. Bo says no.

GH by Megsaqt

 Ned/Faith: After Ned acuses Faith of going behind his back, he tells her they are finished. Later, he storms into her room, and kisses her. She tells him he can't come whenever he wants to. They end up in bed together, and when Ned left Edward went in. He tells Faith not to forget who her true partner is, him.

Felicia/AJ/Coleman: Felicia goes to see Coleman, telling him that before Ida died, she sent her an email telling her that someone paid her to give her statement. Felicia tells Coleman she is interested in setting innocent people free. AJ comes in, and tells Felicia if she continues to bother them, he'll take legal action.

Trial: Scott badgers Brenda on the stand getting her to admit that she wanted to kill Alcazar. Scott tells her that she doesn't know if Jason killed Alcazar. Courtney faints, claiming that she just had not eaten. Back in the courtroom, Dara and Scott give their closing arguments, Dara claiming the only thing the trial is based on is circumstancial evidence. The jury leaves to talk, and Courtney goes to the loft. After Brenda's encouragement, Jason goes after her. The jury makes a decision...guilty!

Ric: Ric meets the mysterious woman on the docks. She tells him that she's the killer, and can prove Jason and Brenda are innocent.

Laura/Lucky: Laura and Lucky share a "picnic" at Laura's house. She tells Lucky how lucky he is to have people who care about him, because she doesn't have that. She tells Lucky men want one thing from her, and she gives it to them. They share a kiss, and come close to making love, when Laura pulls away and tells Lucky she can't do it.

GL  by Barbra

 Reva and the family search the house to make sure nothing is missing and while they are inside, the stalker is watching through the window. Tony comes to the house and offers to help. Josh & Tony go outside to talk about "guards" to protect the family, while outside they discover an envelop on the porch. Inside is the missing family picture with Reva's face cut out. On the back are the words "Your children will miss you" Tony & Marah go outside and Tony leaves Marah on the porch while he checks around the house. While she waits a gloved hand reaches out behind her to touch her shoulder.

Edmund & Roy go back to Roy's old apartment. Edmund pumps Roy for information. Roy shows Edmund a key to a safety deposit box and bank statements. Roy says its the key to the Spaulding kingdom. Gus & Harley discover that Roy is back in the USA. They arrive at Roy's apartment to find him unconscious on the floor and no Edmund in sight. Michelle & Bill take their date public to Company, thinking they will beat the dinner rush. They walk in and Bill kisses her. When the kiss ends they look around to discover, Ed & Holly, Rick & Mel, Billy & Buzz all watching. Their quite dinner becomes a family affair. Bill & Michelle share a kiss. Ed & Holly share a kiss. Mel tells Michelle that Dr. Grant has asked her to be the chief attending at the hospital. The only problem, that is Rick's old job. Tune in next week and keep the light shining.

OLTL by Sandy

 Todd asks Blair to give their marriage another chance. She talks about when she realized that she was still in love with him. She asks him to make love to her again. He asks if she's really over Sam. She wants to know what he plans to do about Shawna. He says he's going to fire Shawna. The assassin shows up in Blair's bedroom after Todd leaves. Roxy testifies about the scam Asa and Max tried to pull. The judge is disgusted with Max and asks Roxy if she's sure about the divorce. Roxy tells her she does want a divorce (She thinks about the time Max told her a divorce would make him happy). The judge grants Roxy ALL marital assets. Rae gets on Max's case again. Shawna covers the hearing for The Sun. Rae takes Roxy home, where Roxy says she doesn't care about getting everything. She cries. Al and Max go to a bar where Max has a lot to drink. He then confronts Mitch. When Mitch insults Roxy, Max attacks him. Al pulls Max off. Max thinks about all he and Roxy had been through together. So does Roxy. Max gets plastered. Natalie has a nightmare that Antonio tells her Mitch got to Cris. Natalie wakes up and asks Rex for help. She tells him she has to sleep with Mitch and why. She tells Rex about Carlotta's poisoning. Rex tries to talk her out of having sex with Mitch. She swears Rex to secrecy. She meets with Mitch. Cris tells Antonio about his theory that Allison poisoned the cake. Antonio tells him about Natalie being at Mitch's house. Natalie shows up and Antonio leaves. Cris tells her to stay away from Mitch. She's paged by Mitch, telling her that he's waiting. She then tells Cris she couldn't bear to lose him. Jen and Sam discuss her talking to the judge about letting Cris go. Mitch interrupts them. Sam orders him to leave. Mitch talks about all the people who have threatened him, but only Cris followed through. Sam threatens Mitch. Sam confronts Shawna on her story about Jen and Mitch. Jen talks to the judge. The judge lectures Jen and tells her that Cris will not be immediately released (The judge needs to talk to Hank first). Jen begins to confess to Cris.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa and Fox talk about everything she has and the love her and Ethan share. He tells her that Ethan will never forvgive her for throwing out his Mother. Ethan and Gwen spend a little alone time. Ethan calls Ivy to check on her and she says everythings just great there's nowhere she'd rather be than Sams's house. Ivy and Grace exchange words. Grace tells her she knows why shes really here and she'll never get what she wants....Sam. Sam searches for Kay but all he finds is a scarf and traces of her blood. Kay wakes up in the woods and tries to find shelter. She ends up outside of Tabitha's house and sees her floating in the air while hiccuping butterflies and realizes Reese is right she is a witch!

PC by Beth

 Ian and Lucy can't drive back to Port Charles for more of the special water because the car battery is dead. They decide to spend the night at the cabin, then go for help in the daylight. Lucy's efforts to distract Ian from the pain and hunger are useless. Ian admits that he never expected to love again after losing Eve, but Lucy is the woman who changed that. He tries to push her away out of fear for her safety, but Lucy asks him to let her love again. They make love in front of the fire. When Jack takes Tess home from the hospital, she asks him to stop worrying about her so much. She tries to assure him that Caleb won't ever hurt her again, but Jack doesn't believe that. While they sleep, Caleb turns into a bat to get the attention of his sweet Tess. When she finds him, she's delighted to see that he has a horse and sleigh waiting for her. In Capri, Rafe persuades the captain to tell him what he knows about Caleb, Joshua, and Malcolm. Dante, the captain, fears for the lives of his wife and children, but he takes Rafe's advice to take his family and go far away. He takes Rafe to Malcolm's unmarked grave. Joshua threatens Alison, who finds her mother unconscious on the floor. Alison demands to know what he did to her; she already knows that he and Caleb killed her father. Joshua challenges her to prove it. Furious about her insults, Joshua lecherously informs her of his intention to have her and then kill her. To his horror, Elizabeth comes to her daughter's rescue by sinking her fangs into his neck.

Y&R By Jodi

Diane tells Jack that she has petitioned for a hearing to take Kyle to Florida for a few months because of his health. Jack goes through the roof. Phyllis tells him to relax and opens champagne and begs him to look down her shirt for a prize. He's not in the mood, but does it anyway and finds a note. After reading it, says "Oh, my God!" Victor is furious after learning of Diego and Wharton's plan to get the criminals to try and get to Vic's money. He threatens to kill him as a warning to them. But he agrees that Diego has left him no other choice but to go along with it, but with the police. Christine has gone into disguise to find out the dirt on Isabella to prove to Paul that she is a con artist. Isabella is freaking out to Michael and they figure out that Lynne is behind this. Christine and Lynn discuss whether she will tell Paul. They decide they don't have enough evidence yet. Paul can't work or think because of what happened with Christine. Was it mutual or did he push himself on her?

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