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Thursday 1/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Kendall does a great job at the cosmetics convention in Aspen.  She sees someone that she thinks is Aidan at first.  She meets a handsome businessman named Michael Kinsey and they hit it off great (the bartender calls him by another last name).  Erica is incensed that Kendall is there, doing well, and using Erica's name to get people to listen to her. She tells Kendall off, even though Kendall says Erica inspired her.  Michael disappears but Kendall is just glad about the great night they had (he has to leave early the next morning).  Petey gets into trouble when he's left on his own, buying ice cream for the other kids and making everyone sick.  Chris surprises Erica by showing up and they make up.  They aren't happy to see Kendall when they go out to dinner. Chris urges her to ignore Kendall but they decide to leave.  Bianca makes plans to go on a lesbian cruise.  She is surprised when Boyd tells her that he's in love with Kendall and that Kendall really was eager to learn about the business when she was there.  Lena comes in and says she needs to get into some important files on the computer but it's not taking her access code.  Bianca tries to get it for her but Val says he can't give her the code without Erica's authorization.  Lena chats with Bianca and when it comes up that she's from Europe, she suggests that perhaps Bianca would like it more there (since she's a lesbian).  Lena compliments her and it almost seems like she's flirting.


B&B by Matt

 Bridget visits Brooke in her office and is none too pleased that she managed to get Ridge away from his kids last night. She's also angry because she had plans last night with CJ. Brooke apologizes for what happened, but says they were having fun and didn't realize the roads would be closed due to snow. Things turn more serious when Bridget accuses Brooke of pulling the wool over her eyes again. She says she defended Brooke to the rest of the family about how much time she was spending with Ridge. Well, once again Bridget says she has to eat her words and congratulates her mom for getting Ridge into bed. Brooke defends her actions and explains that she turned Ridge down on sex. Bridget eats her words, again, and says that if Ridge and she are being smart about this, then she is fine by it. Adam reads that Sally had a heart attack. Lorenzo and Macy come home from their honeymoon and are shocked to hear the news. Macy blames herself. Lorenzo suggests that they go back to the States to see her. Macy doesn't want to leave her dad because she can never come back to him. The idea doesn't thrill Lorenzo either, but he says Macy driving herself crazy there in Portugal isn't a viable alternative. Macy says goodbye to Adam in an emotional scene. Lorenzo and Macy head to the airport together as Adam sobs.

Massimo tells Ridge that he shouldn't be playing hooky so much, especially with Brooke. They get into it about Brooke and what kind of person she is. The fight escalates to Ridge grabbing Mass' jacket. Ridge says he will never change his mind about Brooke and storms out. Mass manages to track down a mystery person, though it's obvious to me it's Deacon. Ridge drops by Brooke's office and unloads some of the problems with Mass. Ridge assures Brooke he cannot be turned against her and the two kiss passionately. At the Lair, Mass meets with el Deacon who is drunk in the middle of the day. Mass tells Deacon it's time for his luck to change for the better.

Days by Sandy

 Today's show was centered around Alice Horton's birthday. A party was set up at Tuscany where guests included Mickey and Maggie, Julie and Doug, Belle and Shawn D., Jack, Jennifer and Abby, Bo and Hope, Lucas and Will, and Brandon and Sami (Who was standing in for Marlena and Caroline). Julie, Maggie and Mickey gave testimonials on Alice's life and her effects on all of them. Bo even told about the time Alice went undercover to help Bo and Roman. Gifts were donations to various charities in Alice's name. One gift includes the new Tom and Alice Horton Fund set up at University Hospital. Lucas was asked to oversee it while Jen and Hope were asked to be co-chairs. They all happily accepted. The highlight of the party was a video of Alice's late huband, Tom as he read a poem about "The Girl". She also received a quilt made by pieces from all of the family members to symbolize what she means to them.

The pieces include: A boat lifesaver ) to symbolize how often she has saved their lives) An angel (In honor of her late daughter Addie) A tree (to symbolize Alice being the root of the family tree) A ruby (to symbolize the ruby Shawn and Belle recovered) A gavel (to symbolize how she taught them about law and honor) A silver heart (Self-explanatory) A candle (eternal light) Red Dancing Slippers. And of course, a doughnut

Sidenotes include: Flashbacks from years past Sami and Lucas fighting again. Sami badmouths Colin in front of Maggie and Brandon (At least that's what they think). Hope mistakes Bo for Larry as Larry watches them. Later Larry hears Belle and Shawn talking about his worries about Hope and Colin's murder. Shawn is shaken when Belle tells him he's killing a plant he was shaking. Later Hope hears Larry call her a murderer and "reminds" her that she killed Colin.

GH by Megsaqt

Kelly's: Jason left to go tell Courtney he stayed and found her on the docks, praying to keep him safe. They kissed.  Courtney told off A.J. again at Kelly's, and so did his parents.  Felicia interviewed Winona, the stripper, who was a go-between for Coleman and Ida.  Felicia chatted with Coleman about it and was frustrated about trying to get to the truth about what Coleman had to gain from Jason and Brenda going to jail.  Courtney went to the courthouse, even though Sonny didn't want her there. Zander told his father to stay out of his life because he isn't his father. He picked Peter as his son a long time ago, and never came after Zander when he ran away.  Cameron said he is the one to sign the release papers.  Zander told Ned about what he did for Faith; Ned agreed to let Zander keep his job in return for staying in therapy (with Gail, not Cameron).  Then he met with Faith on the docks and told her that they're through.  The Trial: Ric found a note on his mirror saying that someone has info that would prove Brenda and Jason are innocent. He tried to talk to Sonny and Carly about it ,but they wouldn't listen.  Later, he got a call from the mysterious person to meet him on the docks. At the trial, Jason and Brenda  greeted Dara, their new attorney.  Brenda went on the stand and told her story; then she was cross-examined by Scott, who badgered her and then said the only way she can be sure Jason didn't kill Alcazar is if she did it.  

GL  by Barbra

 Alan intercepts an envelop sent overnight to Phillip. He tells Nolan to forget he ever saw this envelop and to remember who pays his salary. Phillip later asks if he got any mail and Nolan says no. Alan suggests to Beth that Phillip go with her and Lizzie to check out Alston, the boarding school Lizzie wants to attend. Phillip decides to go when Beth asks him, not realizing that Alan put Beth up to it. Beth realizes that Alan wants Phillip out of town. Alan reads the letter which is from Olivia. Olivia declares her love for Phillip and asks him to meet her tomorrow night at the Beacon and they can be together. (Olivia will be in for a surprise). At the Beacon, Alex enlists Edmund to detain Roy Baker until further notice, and reminds Edmund that she makes a better enemy when double-crossed. Gus and Harley continue to search for details regarding his parentage. Gus thinks his mom was having an affair and that he was the product when he finds his birth announcement which indicates that he was born 3 months prematurely and weighed over 7 pounds. Thinking something is amiss, they go to Roy Baker's empty apartment. The safe is empty, but Harley spots a 30 year old newspaper article about a 23 year old Jane Doe killed 5 days before Gus was born. Gus calls a friend in Chicago and asks for a copy of the police report. The friend faxes a picture. Gus asks about the police report and the autopsy. The report is there but no autopsy was filed. Strictly against regulation procedures with a Jane Doe. The report was signed by Joe Augustino. Phillip and Rick argue when Phillip asks Rick to be a character witness for him at the custody hearing and Rick tells him that he can't because he is going to testify for Harley.

OLTL by Sandy

 Liz tells RJ she's leaving Llanview when the baby is born. RJ accuses him of not caring and storms out of the room. Antonio sees his daughter for the first time (Via ultrsound). RJ tells Antonio Liz's plans. RJ overhears Liz and Antonio arguing. Nigel sneaks into Max's place to find the divorce papers for Asa. Rae tells Asa she knows about his plan with Max. Rae tries to deal with Asa. He agrees to give her 10% of his wealth. But he doesn't read the papers first and winds up signing over 90%! Roxy REALLY lets Max have it!! Max tells her he doesn't want a divorce after all. Rae tells her Max is just sweet talking her. He tells Roxy he's sorry, then leaves.

Todd wants to know why Blair didn't stay with Sam. She admits she wants to be with Todd. She forgives him for what he did with Jack and confesses her love. They head upstairs. Jen tells Marcie Sam knows everything. Marcie convinces Jen to be the first to tell Cristian the truth about the baby. Maybe he'll feel sorry for her? Al and Gabrielle talk about his past friendships Jessica and with Jen. Gabrielle implies that she's lonely. She tells him about Bo being so busy. Al tells Gabs about Max and Roxy.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa tells Fox that Ethan's marriage to Gwen is only a detour for the kind of love they have. Fox tells her that that's what Ivy thinks about Sam and Grace's marriage. He also tells her that kicking Ivy out has now cost her what she wants most....Ethan. At the Bennet's house Grace blames Sam for Kay being out in the snow and possibly being dead. They recieve a call from the police that the girl who was found dead is not Kay. David, Sam, and John go looking for Kay while the Bennet women pray for her safe return. Kay who has woken up from hitting her head on a fountain starts to wander off but the cold makes her pass out in the woods. Gwen asks Ethan why hes making excuses for Theresa when she unforgivably threw out his mother and then asks does she still have your heart? At the hospital Eve asks Sheridan for her decision on whether or not to give the experimantal drug to Antonio. Shes torn on what she believes is best and what Pilar is pressuring her to do. Luis tells her it's her decision and to follow her heart. She tells Pilar to just back off because its her decision and hers alone and she'll do whats best for Antonio.

PC by Beth

 When Rafe doesn't return from the yacht, Alison takes off to look for him. Elizabeth orders Joshua to leave her daughter alone, but he insists that it's Alison's decision to make, not hers. Trying to get him to back off from his obvious efforts to seduce Alison, Elizabeth spills the beans about her daughter's real reason for travelling to Capri. Joshua insists that she won't find what she's looking for. He tricks Elizabeth into having another drugged drink. On the yacht, the captain prepares to throw a chained Rafe overboard. His plan is interrupted by a problem on deck, which was arranged by Alison. Rafe informs her that the captain is on Joshua's payroll, and she concludes that Caleb and Joshua probably killed her father. Alison wants to rescue Rafe, but he assures her that he has a plan. He sends her back to her room and tells her to lock herself in. After receiving orders to kill Rafe as soon as possible, the captain points a gun at him. Rafe magically removes the chains, and the gun flies from the captain's hand. Instead of going straight to her own room, Alison rushes to her mother's room and is caught by Joshua, who tells her that she shouldn't have interfered. Back in Port Charles, Ian's research isn't going well. When Lucy stops by to help, Ian insists that there's nothing she can do. Frustrated, he admits to feeling like a trapped animal. Believing that a change of scenery would do him good, Lucy urges him to go to his cabin, where he can continue his research in peace. Agreeing, Ian asks her to drive him there, but he won't let her stay with him. At the cabin, they discover that the extreme cold has cracked all the water bottles, and every drop of the special water is gone.

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