Wednesday 1-22-03 Recaps

Wednesday 1/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Maggie and Henry wake up in her dorm room (he's in the chair), having fallen asleep studying.  He's embarrassed and rushes off.  Later, they run into each other on campus.  They chat and she tries to make plans for more studying.  When the subject of where he lives off-campus comes up, he rushes off again, leaving her puzzled.  Tad visits Jake and they talk some more about Jake & Mia.  Jake thinks she's pulling away from him and Tad wonders if they really love each other and warns Jake not to let himself get hurt.  He thinks Jake is maybe just in love with the idea of being married.  Jake sharply criticizes Tad, using the memory of Dixie, and then quickly apologizes.  Later, Jake is in the ER helping out a pretty young doctor and they exchange glances.  She asks him to go out with her and some of the others so she can buy him a drink, to repay him for helping her with some technique in the ER, and he agrees.  Liza wants to take Mia to her wedding dress fitting but Mia says she has to work instead and must postpone it.  Liza wonders whether the job is more important to Mia than Jake.  Mia talks about how great the job is and says Jake and she are fine, too.  Simone and Liza tease Mia about how big she's going to be with her face plastered all around town.  Simone tells Mia about Kendall's secret trip to Aspen but asks her not to tell Greenlee.  Reggie is chillin' at Trey's place with some music when Greenlee visits.  She wonders who he is so Trey fills her in.  She laughs at the idea of Trey being someone's role model.  He talks her into letting Reggie work at Fusion after school.  The teens are at PVU to investigate it for the future.  Joni brushes off Jamie again.  Laurie gives her a hard time about it but Joni turns it around on her and says she's treating JR the same way.


 Marshall was delirious and hallucinating when Ben walked past his room. Oliver asked to help Ben Marshall and as a result realizes that Ben saved his life and apologized. Margo received information on the where abouts of Zara, Marshall's daughter. Jessica wants to help, but Margo suggested another lawyer should take on the case & said that she would contact Lien in D.C. While Jessica and Marsahll embrace, Ben walks past the room, not knowing that she delivered good news on Zara. Craig gave Lucy Aaron's letter. Lucy and Aaron have arranged to meet. Hal becomes suspicious of "who's the daddy" when he overhears Molly and Carly's conversation. Molly apologized to Carly for being jealous of her and Mike's friendship.

B&B by Matt

  Alright, Ridge comes home to find a sleeping Bridget. Bridget is nervous around Ridge, once she wakes up, especially since he calls her princess, like in her dream. She avoids spending a lot of time with Ridge and runs upstairs to get her purse. Meanwhile, Amber is shocked to hear from Brooke that she didn't sleep with Ridge, yet had a romantic evening anyway. Brooke says she wants to take things slow. Stephanie visits Ridge while Bridget is upstairs. She becomes angry, like Mass, when she finds out Brooke was up at Big Bear with him. Even after Ridge explains how Brooke put a stop to the sex, Stephanie still feels her intentions are suspect. Fed up, Ridge storms out in the middle of their argument.

Brooke stops by Ridge's to drop off his gloves, but finds Stephanie waiting for her. The two argue about what Brooke is really up to. Stephanie thinks this whole "no sex" routine is to get a solid commitment out of Ridge. Brooke denies this and reiterates she doesn't know where this relationship will go. While they argue, Bridget says goodbye to a sleeping Phoebe and Steffy. She isn't sure when she will be back and adds that there isn't any other place she would rather be. It's a very emotional scene for her. After that, she overhears Brooke and Stephanie argue. Stephanie tells Brooke straight out that Ridge will move on with someone other than her. Brooke asks who in this world is better suited for Ridge. The words ring in Bridget's ears. She thinks about them and then recalls Taylor (on her deathbed) telling her to never withhold her love. Bridget wonders if she was talking about her (Bridget) and Ridge. She steps back in to see the twins again, then shakes her head, and says that will not happen. Ridge visits Taylor's grave. He says he drove around for a while, and realized this was the only place he had to go to. He really needs someone to talk to. He confesses to Taylor how he was intending to sleep with Brooke last night. He adds how lonely his is and asks Taylor if being with Brooke is the right thing to do. He feels she has changed, but is there something he doesn't know about? That's the million dollar question.

Days by Sandy

 Hope throws a vase at Shawn, thinking he's Larry. Hope fills him in on her "Larry sightings." She talks him about Colin's murder. She asks Shawn if he's keeping something from her. Shawn questions Jen on what she knows about the murder. Larry makes a plan to push Hope's sanity over the edge. He follows Hope to Tuscany. Jack and Jen are back to work. He tells her if he moves back into the house it has to be permanent. They try to figure out who murdered Colin. Jack thinks it might be Nicole. He talks to Sami about the pictures. Belle and Cassie argue about whether or not the Blacks are "cursed." Belle tells Cassie that Tony is the prime suspect in Colin's murder. Cassie denies it. Cassie invites herself along with Belle to visit Shawn. Belle tells Cassie she isn't welcome at Alice's party. Fay and Brandon discuss Colin's murder. She comments on Brandon's temper. Sami eavesdrops and thinks Brandon did it. Nicole accuses Victor of trying to control her. They also discuss who killed Colin. Victor tells Nicole she could be considered a suspect. Victor tells her he has the sex tape locked up. Nicole points out that tape could throw suspicion on Victor. Preparations are made for Alice's birthday party.

GH by Suzanne

Jason and Brenda argue about getting on the plane.  He picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, and they hide because cops are looking for them.  After she realizes that he wants to stay because of his girlfriend, she says goodbye and gets on the plane.  Jason goes to Courtney's apartment and the land lady tells him that Courtney is moving out.  He sees Courtney's bags sitting there but she's not there, so he leaves.  Later, Jason goes home and Brenda also arrives, saying she won't leave him alone.  Taggert and some other cops arrive to say she is under 24-hour surveillance.   When they talk about leaving, Brenda says it's not because of Sonny that she doesn't want to leave. He asks who it is about.  Scott tries to be charming to Summer but she sees right through him.  He leaves his card.  Lucky goes to Kelly's and asks Bobbie about how hard it was to give up being a hooker.  Later, Scott comes in to Kelly's & chats with Lucky, who is going over Bobbie's books for her.  He tells Scott that if he's looking for a thank you, he won't be getting one, because it was Scott's attitude that allowed the senator to think he could get away with anything he wanted in the first place.  Summer phones Lucky, much to Scott's annoyance, to say she wants to go out with him again.  Zander and Cameron argue some more.  Cameron says that the bond between a father and son can never be broken, but mainly he's talking about the dead son Peter, not Zander.  Nikolas and Gia continue to argue about Zander.  Cameron comes up just as Nikolas is calling Zander a loser and asks him who the hell he thinks he is.  They don't like each other, clearly.  Nikolas tells Cameron why he doesn't like Zander, all the things he's done to Emily.  Cameron says he lacks empathy and compassions.  Nikolas has had it with arguing with both of them and leaves in disgust.  Gia goes back to visit Zander, but he just wants to be left alone.  Elizabeth and Ric go down to where Carly's new club is going to be and discuss it.  She puts on music and they slow-dance very romantically.  The news comes on the radio that Alexis has quit the case, so Ric phones Sonny and leaves a message for him with some ideas about strategy.  Elizabeth asks Ric why he's trying to get Sonny to trust him.  Instead of answering, he kisses her, and they kiss for a while.  He invites her out for dinner and she asks him to walk her home.

GL  by Barbra

 Harley is on the phone to Paris & is told that her package was delivered. Gus & Harley put two & two together & realize that Eden stole the package & sold it to Alex. Marina tells Ben to get a job. As Shane, Josh & Reva have family time in the den, someone is watching through the window. The caller calls & says that Reva isn't safe & neither is Marah. The stranger has a key & goes in the Lewis house. Harley & Gus read his parents old love letters & discover that Gus's mom might have been infertile. Ben visits Alex & asks for a loan, but Alex offers him a job instead. Alex confronts Alan with their father's will. Alex has a secret. Gus tries to figure out how Alex & his parents are connected. Josh, Reva & the kids come home to discover that the intruder was in the house & has taken a family picture.

OLTL by Sandy

 Blair and Sam make it to the cabin. Blair is really nervous and distracted. She tells him about her kiss with Todd. Blair and Sam break up. Viki visits Todd to tell him Jessica left town. Viki wants Todd to let go of his grudge against Mitch. Shawna shows up. Todd throws Shawna out after giving her a glass of wine. Viki accuses Todd of trying to make Blair jealous. He admits he loves Blair. RJ and Liz make out. They talk about their childhood romance. They make love. He tells Liz he wants to make a life with her. Lindsay and Troy make out until Nora's call distracts him. Lindsay tells Troy she knows he's just trying to shut her up. She subtly says she won't let him go. Emily warns Lindsay away from Troy. Hank and Nora discuss Troy. She tells Hank about RJ and Lindsay's "romance." She believes something fishy is going on. Natalie agrees to sleep with Mitch one time. Bo shows up before anything happens. Bo accuses Mitch of poisoning Carlotta. Bo tells Natalie that Allison was moved to Statesville. Mitch tells Natalie he can still get to Cris.

Passions by Ashley

 Over at the Bennet's house Sam and Grace fight over Ivy being there and over David getting into their conversations about Kay. Kay is still unconcious and bloody in the snow. Charity has a preminition about Kay in the snow. The rescue squad sees Kay and heads off to help her. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds fight over whether or not to give Antonio the drug that could save his life or take it forever. Ethan and Gwen talk about the side of Theresa they had seen when she threw out Ivy. Fox and Theresa talk about how Ivy treated him as a child as opposed to how she treated Ethan.

PC by Beth

 Jack confronts Kevin about why he's changed so much and accuses him of not caring about anyone. Kevin insists that he does care about Livvie, and he's well aware that Tess has her. Jack insists that his bride would never hurt anyone. Kevin warns him that Caleb will take her away and that Jack won't be able to do anything about it. On the other hand, Kevin may be his last chance. Jack points out that he trusts Kevin even less than he trusts Caleb. Meanwhile, when Reese catches Marissa going through her bag, Marissa covers by accusing her of theft. Reese threatens to tell Stephen that she's been snooping around, but she backs down when Marissa calls her bluff. Marissa leaves with a roll of film she took from Reese's bag. Upset about finding her at the rehearsal hall, Jamal finally manages to convey the importance of staying away. Caz and Reese decide to keep an eye on the lyricist and take action if necessary. Watching over the sleeping Tess, Caleb confesses that he was wrong to! try to separate Olivia from her. After he kisses her lips, she opens her eyes. Caleb admits that he doesn't want Livvie back if it means losing Tess. Tess realizes that he saved her life, but she doesn't know why. Hearing something in her room, Jack rushes in, but he finds her alone. As they embrace, Caleb watches from outside the window.

While Alison secretly meets with Rafe, Joshua tries persistently to get inside her room and demands to know why she locked the door. The two of them rejoin Elizabeth to head to the yacht as planned. On the yacht, Elizabeth is plagued by horrible memories. She blames herself for being asleep when Malcolm went overboard. Alison's attempt to comfort her brings ridicule from Joshua. At their request, he gives them some privacy, and Alison confides to her mother that she's looking for proof that Rafe isn't really her brother. She claims that Rafe has no idea what she's up to. Elizabeth helps look around, and Joshua catches them. When they can't get their stories straight, he picks a fight with Alison. Angry, Elizabeth puts him in his place and takes Alison back to the hotel without him. A man approaches Joshua to confirm that he gave the yacht a thorough cleaning before their arrival. He also told the police he hadn't seen Joshua, the "prince" they're looking for in connection with! Malcolm's death. After they leave, Rafe comes out of hiding and is immediately knocked out from behind. Joshua gloats about his victory over the former angel.

Y&R By Jodi

Victor wonders why Nikki is treating him so coldly and wants them to be happy like they were in the beginning of their latest marriage. Ashley and Brad arrive in time to tell Nikki that Victor does not know about Abby's paternity but ask her not to tell him. Can she keep that big of a secret from her husband? Paul and Phyllis go to the Olive Tree Bar to look into a lead about the man who called her cell phone. J.T. admits to Lauren that he cares about Colleen and likes that she trusts him completely and likes the view he gets of himself through her eyes. Colleen tells Lily how Lauren came back to the coffeehouse to tell her to go home so she wouldn't be found out by her grandfather. Colleen's tired of sneaking around, Lily's jealous. Jack asks Phyllis to let this situation with Diane go and get on with her life. She tells him she will, but her face says otherwise. Ashley has a dizzy spell when she gets home. Brad holds and kisses Abby before he leaves the house.

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