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Tuesday 1/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Maria shows up at Pine Valley University.  Maggie is chatting with Henry, her lab partner, when she sees Maria, so she goes over to chat with her.  Maria doesn't recognize her and is sarcastic when Maggie mentions that she's David's cousin.  Maria is looking at a course catalog.  David and Edmund bicker and are just about to go out to look for her when she shows up.  David tries to see if she's okay but she doesn't want anything to do with him.  He leaves, asking Edmund to call him.  Maria tells Edmund that she was at the university checking into taking classes because she wants to go through medical school again.  He takes this as proof that she's getting her memory back.  David drops by PVU to see Maggie and have lunch, but she made plans to study with Henry in her dorm room.  Anna phones David to tell him that the doctors are going to have to operate on her baby in utero to fix the heart problem, as they expected.  He fills Maggie in on what's been happening.  Simone and Kendall are at the Pine Valley Inn.  They talk about how it would be great to show off their cosmetics at this big convention in Aspen, but it costs a lot of money.  Kendall thinks she knows a way to get the money but doesn't want to tell Greenlee about it.  Kendall runs into Boyd there and he is steamed because he thinks she was trying to steal him away from Enchantment again. She swears she wasn't so he softens.  He meets Lena Kundera there for drinks and she is bitchy at Kendall; then she kisses up to Boyd.  Morgan brings food for Aidan, who has been struggling to get out of his restraints.  He challenges her to a game of chess while he works on her, trying to get her to let him go.  Kendall proposes to Palmer that he pay for her and Petey to go to Aspen.  That way she can baby sit him and go to the convention at the same time.  He agrees.  Henry and Maggie bond during their study session.  Aidan beats Morgan at chess and asks her to untie him so he can eat.  She reluctantly agrees.


Craig rushed Carly to the ER. Mike, Jack, and Emily are there, also. As Dr. Susan tries to help Carly to the examining room, she has another painful cramp. Carly rambles a guilt-filled conversation about her loving him & her making a BIG mistake before they married & if he would leave her forever. He figures that she's just upset about the baby & reassures her that he loves her, etc. Jack asked her what she was doing when she got into such pain & she had to mention Craig. At that moment, Jack became furious & yelled at Craig about making his wife go back to work. He said that he had to "let off some steam" and left Craig to chit-chat w/Mike. Mike thanks Craig for "taking the bullet" for him & Craig states that he didn't do it FOR him, but he will pay. Carly gets carted off the sonogram while Jack's away. After she gets back, her and Emily include Susan into the lie of conception. She explains that she wants Jack to think that she's eight weeks preggers. Susan doesn't want to know the details of why. Back in Milltown, Carly tells Jack that they're going to have a baby in July.

Jack and Aaron have a nice family talk about obsessive women & broken down cars while at Java. Jack leaves when he hears the news about Carly. Aaron tells Alison that she lookes cute in overalls and boots & of course, she's glowing with joy. Aaron has a letter for Lucy and tells Alison that he's going to deliver it himself. She suggests that he not do that & he decides that he's going to call her, instead. Alison doesn't approve of that idea, either! Alison asks Aaron to the show & he tells her that his heart is with Lucy and in other words, back off! He leaves & Craig walks in. Alison is pondering about the previous leters that she was supposed to deliver & decides to give them to Craig!

Simon and Katie invite Henry over for pot roast, only, there's nothing cooking! He brings expensive Brandy and Cuban Cigars, thinking they're going to have a good time. They question him about the blackmail of Carly & force information out of him by ripping up his cigars, watering the flowers with the Brandy and putting scissors too close to his cashmere coat! He blurts out that he got 50K to keep shut!

Molly and Holden talk about kids. Holden's happy that he gets to see the new little ones grow up when he missed out on Abigail and Aaron. Molly says she thinks that Mike will be a good daddy, for some reason. She claims it's too soo after Jake to have a baby, get married and all of that. Molly beats herself up about not being there for Carly. She claims to spend more time with her.

B&B by Matt

 Bridget cleans up after the kids played Monopoly. She hopes her mom isn't seducing Ridge. After she begins to read a story to the kids, Mass stops by. The kids are thrilled to see him. Mass becomes angry when he finds out Ridge and Brooke are snowed in at Big Bear. After the kids go upstairs, he tells Bridget that Brooke is shameless to go after Ridge in this way. More talk ensues about Bridget being perfect for Ridge, though she nixes the idea. She suggests Mass set up Ridge or Brooke with someone else, but to leave her out of it. Eventually he leaves, but adds he just wants the best for his grandkids. After putting the kids to bed, Bridget dreams about what Mass said about her being perfect for Ridge. Then she dreams about her coming home from work (duded in a doctor's coat and glasses) and being the new "mom" of Ridge's family. The two profess their love for each other. Mass is in the dream too and makes the whole family dinner. At the end of the dream, Bridget says the best part of her day is coming home to him and the kids. The two get closer and closer like they are about to kiss, but suddenly Bridget wakes up in a sweat. She panics and says this can't be happening.

Brooke pulls away from Ridge and says they need to take things much slower. Ridge says he is ready to "make love" to Brooke. She doesn't think so, but adds that she isn't ready either. When Ridge gets ready to leave the room, Brooke calls him back and says they can do other things besides have sex. This turns into Ridge getting a rub down from Brooke. Ridge is shocked when Brooke suggests they wait to have sex until their wedding night. Brooke dubiously says she was kidding, but realizes it would be the most ideal way to do things. Ridge isn't sure they'll get that far, but hopes they do. The two discuss what they would do to each other on their honeymoon.

Days by Sandy

 Brady and Chloe help Belle move her stuff into the dorm. He gets upset when she isn't there. When she shows up with the twins, he tries to warn the twins against the DiMeras. They remain loyal. While visiting the DiMeras, Tony shows Belle a picture of his mother and gives her (Belle) his mother's pin. She accepts it. Cassie grows jealous about the attention Tony pays to Belle. Sami tells Brandon that she forgives him. He gets upset with her for bringing it up again. She asks him to stop seeing Lexie completely but he doesn't want to give up his friendship. He tries to assure Sami nothing will become between them (Brandon and Sami). Marlena tries to get John to accept Tony as his brother. He says he can't. Later she meets with Kate. They discuss Will getting treatment for his attitude. Marlena then tells Kate about the connection between John and Tony.

GH by Suzanne

Alexis tells Carly and Sonny that she is quitting as Jason and Brenda's attorney; she has to take her daughter somewhere to have an operation.  Carly is livid when she finds out that the surgery is not an emergency.  Ned is furious when he finds out that Alexis took the baby for the operation without consulting him or even letting him know.  Summer phones Luke's answering machine to leave a message, just wanting to hear his voice.  Lucky tears into Scott for getting a pay off from the senator to harass Summer.   Scott doesn't know what Lucky is talking about in regards to the senator beating her up, so Lucky grabs Scott and hauls him over to see her bruises.  Scott questions her about why she didn't go to the police and she talks about what the police think of hookers.  He has Lucky and Summer meet him with a detective on the docks.  They hide while he talks to the senator.  He yells at him for beating her up, gives him back the money, and tells him he'd better leave and never bother Summer again.  Summer is very grateful to both him and Lucky; Scott gives her a ride home.  Cameron tells Gia that Zander is a coward and he doesn't believe that his shooting of his brother Peter was an accident.  He says he didn't make Zander such a loser and he can't help him now.  Zander wakes up and tells Cameron that he thinks about the shooting and how it affected his dad every single day.  Cameron is unmoved and Gia can't understand why he won't reach out to his son.  Cameron leaves and Gia tells Zander that he can lean on her, so he cries as he talks about his brother.  Nikolas comes up and takes her away, annoyed that she didn't show up for some dinner they were supposed to have with this other couple and that she's spending time with Zander.  Brenda talks Jason into leaving and they agree to meet at the airport.  Jason tells Sonny and Carly that he has to leave the country with Brenda; Sonny agrees to get him money.  Carly hugs Jason goodbye.  Jason visits Courtney and tells her but won't let her go with him.  He promises to send for her later.  Sonny brings the money to the airport and says goodbye to Brenda (no kiss! Boo hoo!).  He talks to Carly about how hard it is to leave when you know you can't come back, remember when he left.  Cameron runs into Ned, wondering where Alexis is.  Ned talks about what she did; Cameron sympathizes but suggests that Ned cut her some slack.  Ned tells Cameron that if he's looking to have a personal relationship with Alexis, then he'll be out of luck in that area.  Ned meets with Faith and she is slightly put out that he cares more about Alexis and the baby than their plans.

GL  by Barbra

 Gus and Phillip talk outside Company. Gus tells Phillip he has the goods on him regarding his affair with Olivia. He tells Phillip he needs to back off and let Harley have Zack back. Phillip says that he will gladly give him back once Gus is gone. Gus says that if he won't back off the news will drop quickly into the newspapers, courtroom, boardroom and into daddy's lap. Phillip says that he isn't threatened by Gus. He tells him that Ross had just advised him to back away and let Harley have Zack but after spending this time talking to Gus he has changed his mind and will see Gus in hell before he lets him raise his son. Gus says tell it to the judge. Harley and Reva talk outside the Beacon. Harley gives Reva the court papers allowing the tapping of her cell phone. She tells Reva that she is sure they will catch this freak who is making these calls. Cassie walks out just in time to hear about the calls and asks Reva why she hasn't told her. Cassie assumes that she didn't tell her because she thinks she is responsible for the calls. Reva assures her that this is not the case. Cassie tells her to be careful. Harley suggests that she go see Annie, since she offered to help, even though she is living in a fantasy world provided by Alan. Cassie tells her to let Josh go with her. Reva leaves and Harley and Cassie contemplate if Reva will really get Josh to go. Eden arrives at the Spaulding mansion to see Alexandra. Alex wants to know why Eden was there. Eden says that she has proof that Harley is not as good a friend as she thinks. She says that she has proof that Harley is up to something and she wants to know why Alex is paying her dad's former partner. Alex states that she is paying him to be a consultant for Harley's custody trial. Eden tells Alex that she will tell the truth if Alex will. Eden tells Alex that she has proof that Harley is having her investigated. Alex tells Eden that she thinks that she should go away and wants to know how much money it would take to get her to go away, and that it should be some place warm. She gives Eden a large check and tells Nolan to have Eden escorted by security out of the house, to her home, and then to the airport and onto the plane. Eden asks if Alex will get back at Harley and Alex says no, but she will take better care of Gus than she did.

Harley is at home when the doorbell rings. It's Alex. Harley thanks Alex for the attorney who is helping them. Alex says that she has arranged for all of the bills to be sent to her. Harley tells Alex that she is a good friend. Alex says that's good to hear, because she is a bitter enemy and wants to know why Harley is having her investigated and she wants it stopped. Alex wants to know why Harely doesn't trust her anymore. Why does she doubt her? Alex tells Harely to let go. Everyone at Spaulding stands to lose something. Alex says Harley doesn't really want to know what is going on. Alex says she will be sorry. In walks Gus. Marah and Tony come to Josh and show him a re-router that they found outside the house. This is how the phone calls were made to look like they were coming from inside the house. Marah is scared because this person has been close enough to touch them. She asks Josh to find her mom and bring her home. Tony stays with Marah and says that he will protect her and her family. Reva arrives at the sanitarium to see Annie. Annie welcomes Reva and wants to know why she is there. Reva says she came to get Annie's help. Reva asks if Annie knew more about the calls. Annie says that Reva is a murderer because she caused the death of her baby. Annie says that she feels sorry for the person calling her. Josh goes looking for Reva at the Beacon and sees Cassie. Cassie tells him where she is. Josh wants to know if anyone ever told Cassie they wanted to get even with Reva. She says no one but Edmund and in he walks. Cassie and Josh talk with Edmund who denies any involvement in the phone calls. Tony and Marah are waiting at the house. Marah decides to get on line and research her art history project. She says that she has email. Phillip calls Nolan and asks for Olivia's sister's phone number. In walks Alex and she asks if he is going to cut and run. Phillip says he would take Zack and run if that's what it takes. Alex tells Phillip to yield and he says no. Gus tells Harley about Phillip and Olivia. Harley is shocked. She doesn't want to use the information. Marah's email says: all my sympathies on the death of your mother….from a friend. Tune in tomorrow.

OLTL by Sandy

 Lindsay tells Nora and Troy that RJ is her boyfriend. RJ backs her up. Keri tells Nora Liz and RJ are getting back together. RJ tries to tell Nora that Troy is just like Colin used to be. Liz tells Keri about RJ saying he wants Liz back. Keri convinces her to give it a try with RJ. It doesn't help when she walks in on RJ kissing Lindsay (Lindsay caught RJ off guard). Liz runs out of the room. RJ finds her and they wind up in a kiss. Carlotta collapses after eating the cake Allison poisoned. At the hospital Troy tells Antonio she will be okay. It looked like food poisoning but he sent some tests to a toxicologist. He tells Nora he doesn't think he was food poisoning. Mitch tells Natalie the only way to get him to back off Cris is to sleep with him (Mitch). That way he can file a divorce, not an annulment. He outlines how someone would walk in on them so he'd have proof. Natalie agrees to have sex with Mitch to protect Cris. Hank puts two and two together and realizes Allison may have poisoned the cake. He feels guilty. Cris threatens to kill Mitch.

Passions By Ashley

At the hospital, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds watch Antonio's tape. He tells Sheridan not to administer the drug that could possibly save his life. Pilar fights with both Sheridan and Luis to tell Eve to administer it anyway. She asks Luis if he could actually let his brother die and he says yes so she slaps him. Kay hides out in the woods in the storm, while the Bennetts look for her but have no luck. They go back home and Sam arrives....with Ivy! Grace is furious when she realizes Sam wasn't there for her because he was with Ivy. Kay comes out of her hiding space and realizes that she has no place to go. She gets her luggage caught on the fountain and hits her head and passes out in the snow.

PC by Beth

 Kevin and Ian team up to help Tess. Ian has trouble focusing on his patient, who goes into cardiac arrest. When she's out of immediate danger, Kevin confronts Caleb, and Ian soon follows suit. Caleb denies Lucy's claim that she saw love for Livvie in his eyes. Lucy tells him to leave Tess alone, because he'll never be able to recreate his vampire bride. Jack threatens to go after Kevin if he ever does anything to Tess again. Unwilling to stay away from Tess, Caleb materializes in her room. Marissa is angry with Jamal for lying to her about the urgency of visiting her mother. Jamal explains that he needed to get her out of town in order to protect her. Marissa is stunned to hear that Jack saw Stephen's fangs, proving that he really is a vampire. Tired of Stephen's lackadaisical attitude toward rehearsal, Ricky throws a tantrum and urges Caz and Reese to cut loose from the band. After warning Ricky to be careful, they agree that they're also tired of Stephen's behavior. Ricky in! troduces a new song that he wrote, and they like it. Reese can barely contain her hunger for her "drummer boy." Alone with Ricky, she's all over him, and just as she prepares to bite him, Caz returns and puts a stop to it. After Ricky leaves, Caz bawls Reese out for her impatience. Marissa goes to the rehearsal hall to look for proof that Stephen is a vampire. When she starts going through a backpack, Reese catches her.

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