Monday 1-20-03 Recaps

Monday 1/20/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Edmund gives Maria her drugged drink; she feels woozy and goes to lie down.  David shows up and yells at him for using an untested drug.  Maria screams so Edmund rushes upstairs.  She tells him about a horrible dream she had.  He tells her it was no dream, it was a memory of when Kelsey wanted Sammy back and Maria tried to escape with him, only to have Edmund stop her at the airport.  He goes back downstairs and argues some more with David, who insists on examining Maria.  When they go upstairs, they find Maria has gone.  Jake has prepared a romantic dinner to make up with Mia, but she is busy at work and never gets his messages.  Greenlee keeps her hopping and won't let her phone Jake, either.  Kendall, upset that Mia took her photo shoot, nastily tells Jake that Mia said she is too busy to take his call.  Tad visits Jake to talk about Dixie's foundation.  Jake tells him to get a life.  Tad has a heart-to-heart talk with Jake about why he and Mia are engaged and whether she's ready for it or not.  Kendall and Greenlee argue because Kendall wanted to be the face of Fusion but they've picked Mia because of her photos with Jake.  Mia is a little overwhelmed about it all.  Greenlee knows that Kendall was with a guy; Kendall lashes out, saying that if Leo were here, Greenlee would not be such a workaholic.  Greenlee snaps at her and goes back to business.  Aidan is held captive by Morgan, the female assassin (Alias ripoff chick).  We find out that she & Aidan used to be an item and she is mad at him for not getting more serious with her. She is now sleeping with Julian, the man who killed his wife and pinned it on Aidan.  He warns her that Julian will cast her aside when he finds out that she was skimming from his profits.


 Emma and Rosanna have a "mother daughter" talk regarding her pending nups. Emma's concerned about Rosanna marrying Craig due to her finances and his inability to remain "faithful". Emma's concerned about Rosanna's finances once the wedding takes place and suggests that she makes some sort of legal arrangement. Mike congratulates Rosanna on her engagement and Rosanna gives Mike the keys back to Molly's apartment. She walks on could nine while she explains how happy she is to be with Craig & she no longer wants to try to make anyone else's life miserable. Mike covers for Henry in the IR when Henry tries to explain the reason Mike roughed him up at JU. Mike gets into a deeper lie with Jack. Jack tells Mike that he is like family. Rose announces that she wants to open a beauty salon. She's upset by the lack of enthusiasm everyone has as she announces her good news. Rose give Paul back his ring. She explains that she feels like she's not being "honest" by wearing it. They gave it to Lily to hold on to when they need it in the future. Craig figures that Carly is pregnant by Mike due to her defensive explanation surrounding her pregnancy. He tells her that he's going to tell Rosanna the truth & that Carly need not call in any more favors from him. He tells Carly that "no one or nothing" is worth losing Rosanna over! They argue & as he leaves, Carly doubles over in pain. She wants to call Jack, but he prepares to rush her to the hospital.

B&B by Matt

 Brooke tries to find something to eat in the cabin, while Ridge looks for Bridget's cell phone number so he can call her and get her to take care of the kids. Bridget and CJ were supposed to go out on a date, but before they can, she gets a call from Ridge asking her to baby-sit. Bridget isn't thrilled to have to cancel her plans with CJ and seems even more disturbed that her mom is up at Big Bear with Ridge, alone. She agrees to watch the kids. Brooke makes up the sofa for Ridge and states she is going to bed, but not before a kiss. The two share a passionate kiss. Before the kids get to bed, Bridget calls up to the cabin. She seems a little chagrined that Brooke answers the phone. Ridge says goodnight to the kids and notes that Thomas doesn't sound very happy. Bridget warns her mom to be smart and take thing slow with the Ridge for his and the kids' sake. Brooke attempts to send Ridge out of the bedroom, but he persists and the two wind up making out with very little clothing on.

Sally is rushed to the emergency room, but doesn't die. She's in critical condition, but is at least breathing on her own. After finding some blocked arteries, Dr. Cooper and Mark did an angioplasty and put some stints in the arteries to keep them clear. Clarke realizes the reason Sally had the heart attack was because of Macy's disappearance. CJ blames Thorne for Sally's heart attack. He is mortified to hear there is a chance that Sally could still die. Before she leaves on her honeymoon, Macy and Adam discuss Sally. He knows she would be thrilled that Macy is finally marrying a good man. Macy tries to reassure herself that Sally will be fine without her.

Days by Sandy

 Marlena confronts Tony about having the twins think of her as a mom. When he reminds her that she's a caring, nurturing person, she says she doesn't love them. She gets upset when she sees a happy picture of the twins. She remembers singing "rockabye baby." When Abby leaves Jen and Jack to spend some "quality" time together, Jen has flashbacks about being with Colin. Jack promises to stand by her. Roman literally forces Kate on a date to Tuscany. She tries to tell him he's not her type. She and Tony talk (After Roman takes the cuffs off). She tells him she doesn't want to deal with him either. They (Tony and Kate) have dinner together. Jen and Jack visit Bo and Hope, where Jen tells Hope she is trying to work things out with Jack. Hope confesses to Jen, Jack, and Marlena (Who popped in for a visit) about her "Larry sightings." Jen talks to Marlena about what happened with Colin. Larry tries to push Hope over the edge. Putting white make up on his face (to make himself look pale), he hangs around outside the Brady house, where Hope sees him but realizes something is different. He drops something on the ground.

GH by Suzanne

Jax angrily yanked the cord on the closed-circuit TV so they couldn't see Brenda any more.  Jax hatched a plan to get Brenda and he out of the country.  He pretended to leave her in front of Scott and then gave her a cell phone on which he would call her in a few days to tell her what to do.  Later, Scott told Brenda that the trial would probably only last a day or so at most.  She panicked and left the hotel, then met with Jason to convince him they need to leave the country.  Courtney wrote in her journal about how she loves Jason, but she couldn't bring herself to tell him when he visits.  Elizabeth quizzed Ric on why he was at the hospital to see Brenda; he admitted that he wants to work for Sonny and is trying to impress him.  Lucky tried to get Summer to go to the hospital and/or the cops about the senator beating her up, but she insisted that she was fine and just needed rest.  Later, Lucky spied Scott accepting a payoff from the senator in exchange for Scott getting rid of Summer permanently.  Zander woke up and rushed to the Quartermaines, thinking Emily needed him.  After yelling some, he fell down.  Alan and Monica called 911 to get him taken to GH for an overdose.  Gia visited Cameron as he was throwing things around his office in anger.  She tried to tell him what Zander is like but he's not that interested.  Later, Gia told him about the OD and made him look at how he had messed up his son's life.  The judge took a recess because of Brenda's closed circuit tv not working but refused to declare a mistrial or let Alexis postpone the trial.  Alexis told Jason that she has no idea what to do now.

GL by Barbra

 Cassie and Blake in the bar discussing the wedding. Danny come in and Cassie reacts. Blake asks what is going on? Cassie says they are just friends. Marah comes to Michelle's house and they talk about Bill. Meanwhile, Bill is comforting Beth, making him late to pick up Michelle. Beth assures Bill that she is fine. He needs to go. Ross and Phillip discuss the charges from the SEC. Phillip confides in Ross regarding Olivia. Ross tells Phillip to give in and give Harley shared custody because if this affair comes out at the trial Phillip will lose his son. Gus and the PI are talking at Company. Eden comes in and Gus ignores her. Danny and Cassie talk about divorce and he asks her to help him with Michelle, then decides to sign the papers. Harley is talking to the french detective who is digging up dirt on Alexandra. Eden intecepts the package at the door which was coming to Harley. Harley comes to the door and finds Eden. Slams the door in her face when she says that she won't testify for Gus at the trial. Ed

OLTL by Sandy

 Lindsay asks Troy why he stood her up. He tells her to get a boyfriend or Nora will get suspicious. Lindsay tells Nora her boyfriend is there. RJ consoles Liz when she gets upset about Keri's condition. Later he tells Lindsay about his conversation with Troy. Natalie confronts Mitch demanding to know how he got Allison into jail. He tells her he had nothing to do with it. He tells her he wants a divorce instead of annulment. In order for that to happen, she'll have to consummate the marriage. Allison threatens Natalie to Cris. Cris fills Nora in on the situation. Hank questions Allison about Dr. Balsom. She says she doesn't remember him. When Sam picks up Blair for a romantic getaway, Todd offers them the use of the penthouse (He'd leave with the kids). They turn him down. Sam tells Blair about Jen's involvement with Mitch. He notices someone following them. Carlotta visits Cris, bringing him some cake. When no one is looking Allison pours some kind of liquid on it (Her lawyer slipped it to her). Carlotta ends up eating it and collapses.

Passions by Ashley

At the hospital Eve tells the Lopez-fitzgeralds they have options about Antoino's life. They make a decision but Eve tells them they have to see his tape he made before they come to a conclusion. They start to watch and Antonio tells them there's something hes been keeping from them. Kay starts to leave in the snowstorm but Grace has a heart to heart talk with her but they still disagree about Kay having Miguel. Ivy calls her friends to find a place to stay but no one will take her in. Sam tells her he'll take her to his house. Liz keeps up sleepwalking and seducing T.C. but he finally gets her to sleep. 

PC by Beth

 Alison and Rafe's reunion in Capri is interrupted by room service for the wrong room. The order is really for a honeymooning couple on a different floor. To make Alison feel better, Rafe gives her a faux honeymoon dinner of fruit and whipped cream. They talk about the honeymoon that should have happened, but Rafe still won't reveal their destination. They're both hopeful that things will get back to normal tomorrow, because dreams really do come true. Back in Port Charles, Jack accuses Kevin of setting a trap for his own daughter. Kevin denies that Tess is even his daughter. Disgusted with his unfeeling attitude, Jack punches him out, and his vampire strength sends Kevin flying across the room. Afraid of hurting Lucy, Ian stops himself from making love to her. Now that he knows she'll wait for him, he has a reason to beat vampirism. He'll step up his research efforts, but in the meantime, he'll go ahead and drink the special water. In the woods, Caleb performs "Surrender" to draw out his Olivia, and it works. Their reunion is sweet until Tess manages to overpower Livvie. Caleb tries to reach her again, but the very protective Tess won't let him. Tess has a flashback of when they both fell into the river, almost drowned, and merged. Gasping for air, she collapses in Caleb's arms; she isn't breathing, and her heart isn't beating. Caleb tries to coax Olivia to wake up and breathe, but it's no use. Not reaching her, he calls out to Tess. Ian and Lucy run into each other again at the hospital. They're both trying to make off with some hospital supplies for Ian's research. An angry Kevin gets off the elevator and sees them together, which makes him angrier than ever. He tells Lucy that Jack hit him, and Jack tries to tell the others what Kevin did to provoke him. As they try to sort it out, Caleb gets off the elevator with an unconscious Tess. He asks for help, because he's afraid that she's dying.

Y&R By Jodi

Nikki and Brad talk about Ashley's bomb about Abby's paternity and wonder if Victor knew all along. Lily is impressed that Colleen is dating a college guy. Larry tells Jill there will no more hanky panky at the office. He now has a respectable job and wants to be treated with respect. Phyllis thanks Paul for his help in finding the evidence that proved her innocence, now she wants to hire him to find evidence against Diane. He agrees, but only if he doesn't have to come into contact with Michael Baldwin. Det. Weber comes to ask Diane questions and she denies any wrongdoing. Michael stops the questioning and gives Diane her retainer back saying he doesn't want to be her lawyer. Phyllis walks in and finds out that the police aren't going anywhere with Diane's case. J.T. spills coffee on Lauren and ends up hitting on her until Colleen shows up. Ashley is worried about losing Abby since what she did was illegal. Brad is ready to talk.

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