Friday 1-17-03 Recaps

Friday 1/17/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Adam tracked JR down at the boathouse and apologized to him and Joanie.  Joanie left; Adam and JR argued a lot.  JR claims he doesn't feel anything for his father any more, but Adam knows better.  JR left rather than face his feelings.  Maggie was called on in class to answer a difficult question; she couldn't answer it but brainy Henry did.  She asked him later to be her lab partner again but he tried to blow her off. She wouldn't let him and they quarreled.  Henry seemed intrigued by her bossiness and tried to be a little nicer.  He learned that people are put off by his attitude. Edmund came in the condo and tusselled with Maria and Aidan.  Maria begged Edmund not to turn Aidan in.  Edmund was horrified to learn that Maria and their children might be in danger from a hit woman.  Edmund finally agreed to keep mum about Aidan, but only if Maria leaves AIdan and comes home with him.  Maria and Aidan said a tearful goodbye and she went with Edmund.  Aidan and Kendall had a nice chat and she left.  He heard a noise outside and went out to investigate, then got hit on the head and dragged inside by the hitwoman.  Back at Wildwynd, Maria called Isabella to let her know she was back home and took a drink that Edmund offered her, unaware that he had drugged it with David's new formula.


B&B by Matt

 Ridge and Brooke toast marshmallows and goof off more. Things still pretty light, but unfortunately they get snowed in at Big Bear so they can't get home. Fortunately they have a bottle of wine and a fire to get them through the night. Sally becomes angry at Macy for leaving at her and says she doesn't have a daughter anymore. Clarke overhears and despite Thorne's attempts, Sally finally must reveal that Macy is alive. Clarke can't believe that Macy would leave Sally hanging like that and not even say goodbye. During an angry rant by Sally, she has what appears is a heart attack and falls to the floor. She appears motionless. Lorenzo and Macy get married and she ALMOST looks happy, but we'll see. Later gators!

Days by Sandy

 When the twins show up to welcome him to their family, John tells them he's NOT a DiMera. He flips when he finds out they think of Marlena as a mother. Cassie remembers seeing Shawn D. pick something up near Colin's body. Shawn remembers picking up a gun. Hope admits that she keeps seeing Larry. She knows something happened (at Victor's wedding) with Jen, but she can't remember what. She dreams about standing over Colin's body. Tony tells Sami he didn't kill Colin. He kisses her as Brady walks up. Brady tells her about Tony's connection to John. Today on Days; Rex, Cassie, Belle, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Shawn D. Shawn, John, Marlena, Brady, Sami, Tony, Bart

GH by Suzanne

Zander & his father, Cameron, have it out. Cameron still blames Zander, the screwup, for shooting his good son, Peter, even though it was an accident (some shrink!).  He can't help Zander, and tells that to Mac and Gia.  Mac lets Zander out anyway.  Gia finds Zander at Kelly's and gets the story from him about the shooting.  She feels bad for him and notices his hands are cutup.  Nikolas sees her holding Zander's hands and gets jealous. He warns Gia away from helping Zander out.  Jason is taken to court.  Courtney visits Brenda, telling her that Jason had to go to court.  Brenda wonders why she's there and starts to realize that Courtney is Jason's new girlfriend.  The judge agrees with Scotty's idea that they can proceed with the trial by having Brenda be on closed-circuit TV in her hospital room.  Edward gives Skye, Coleman, & AJ a hard time.  Sonny tells Coleman that if Jason and Brenda get convicted, Sonny is going to kill Coleman.  Sonny doesn't want Courtney at the trial, but she insists on being there to support him (not mentioning Jason).  The police take the tape away from Jax & Sonny while they argue about who should have it.  Jax visits Brenda and tells her what happened; he ends up staying with her while the trial starts.  Scott & Alexis question Skye, who is a bit drunk.  Alexis makes Skye look really bad, as well as a questionable witness.  Mac and Scott get the tape and Taggert presents it in court to Scott.  The tape is shown of Brenda and Alcazar arguing, and she tries to stab him.  Lucky & Summer have the end of their date as he walks her home.  They make plans for their next date.  When she goes inside, she finds her old customer the Senator waiting for her with a mean look on his face.  Later, Lucky stops by to give her some CD's and finds her on the floor, beaten up.


OLTL by Suzanne

Passions by Ashley

Over at the Crane mansion Sam arrived to settle the domestic dispute. He told Ivy that Theresa had every legal right to throw her out unless Julian had something to say about it. Julian told Ivy she's been there far too long and he's had enough of her. Both he and Fox agreed on having resented her for lying about Ethan being a Crane. Sam told her that since both owners of the mansion wanted her out that he had to warn her to vacate the premises or be under arrest. Simone, Chad, and Whitney were all okay after the accident but the vehicle was wrecked. The got out to see the damages and Chad told Whitney they should be honest with Simone about their love. She said there's no way they could risk it after Jessica and Kay's fight. They went back home and headed upstairs to tell Eve and T.C. about the accident. Meanwhile upstairs T.C. is still trying to get the key to the room he and Liz are locked in from Liz. She is still sleepwalking and kissing him. Eve calls but he is preoccupied with Liz and cannot pick up the phone. At the hospital Eve tries to call T.C. but gets no answer the nurse tells her the phone lines are down from the storm and he'd call from his cell phone if something were wrong. Beth tells Sheridan that she will not let her take Luis from his family and that Antonio's condition is her fault. Eve talks to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family along with Beth and Sheridan to tell them about his condition. She says its much worse and they have options. But in the middle of the discussion Antonio flatlines and they call a code blue. At the Bennetts'. Grace is upset that Sam left. Kay comes down the stairs with luggage and tells Charity, Jessica, and Grace that she's leaving for good.

PC by Beth

 Joshua is suspicious of Alison's motives in cozying up to him, but she appeals to his ego. From his hiding place, Rafe sees Joshua putting the moves on her, and the plane suddenly jerks, as if in turbulence. This wakens Elizabeth, who confronts Joshua about what he's doing with Alison. The pilot announces that they'll be landing soon, thanks to some tailwinds. This makes no sense to Joshua, who insists that there are no tailwinds and that they shouldn't be landing for another two hours. Convinced that something's up, he takes another look around. Instead of finding Rafe, he finds a beeping travel alarm. After they all retire to their respective hotel rooms, Alison is relieved to see that Rafe made it there safely. Meanwhile, Chris is confused about waking up in Ian's room. He insists that he heard Ian and Lucy talking about vampires, but they deny having any such conversation. Lucy manages to convince him that he passed out from drinking heavily, and an apologetic Chris goes h! ome to finish sleeping it off. Ian thanks Lucy for stopping him from feeding on Elizabeth, and Lucy lets it slip that what upset her was seeing him about to make love to another woman. She tries to take it back, but it's too late. Lucy and Ian kiss. At the lighthouse, Kevin is displeased to see that Tess brought Jack with her, but Jack informs him that he isn't staying for dinner. Instead, he'll be waiting outside in case Tess needs him, because he absolutely doesn't trust Kevin. Alone with Kevin, Tess falls victim to hypnosis. Kevin is furious when Caleb appears and takes her away. Hearing Kevin's shout, Jack rushes in, then accuses Kevin of selling his own daughter out to a vampire. Caleb carries Tess to the woods, where it all began. He sings "Surrender" for his Olivia, and when the young woman opens her eyes, that's exactly who she is. Caleb and Livvie kiss passionately.

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