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Thursday 1/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Aidan, Kendall and Maria are arguing about their options when Isabella visits to get Kendall to sign the lease.  Kendall does, but Isabella notices a scarf that Maria got for Christmas.  Kendall claims it is a similar one that she bought at the mall.  Later, Aidan, Kendall and Maria argue some more.  Kendall whines that Maria has everything.  Edmund visits David to get the formula he's working on, but David says it's not ready (I think Edmund steals it anyway).  Joni breaks up with Jamie because they are too different (she thinks he's too wild for her).  Laurie talks to JR at the boathouse during a break from school and wonders why he wasn't in school.  She doesn't want JR to make major life decisions because of her, so she breaks up with him.  He begs her not to but she is firm and leaves.  Adam goes to school looking for JR and begs Laurie to tell him where JR is. He pours his heart out and in his zeal, grabs her arm.  Her dad, nearby, yells at Adam not to touch his daughter.   They argue; Laurie yells at them both to shut up because they got what they wanted: she and JR broke up. Janelle gets Reggie ready to go to social services so they can put him in a group home, but Trey arrives and says that he is now Reggie's temporary legal guardian.  Reggie and Janelle don't think that will work.  Trey tells Janelle in an impassioned speech about how well he knows the system, so Reggie is convinced to give it a try.  Trey warns him that if he tries to steal anything, he will be back in the system.  Isabella visits Edmund and tells him about the scarf, so Edmund puts two and two together.  Aidan decides to go after Morgan, the assassin who tried to kill him, as well as Fiona's husband.  He convinces Maria and Kendall that they're safest if they stay there.  As he is about to leave, Edmund is outside and turning the key in the lock.  Jamie and Laurie tell each other about their breakups, and Joni and JR run into each other at the boathouse, both feeling miserable.


B&B by Matt

 Thorne visits Sally, much to CJ's anger. He realizes she was going to tell CJ the truth about Macy. He doesn't think it is a good idea. He thinks he wouldn't understand and that his pursuit of her might drive Macy even farther away. Thorne thinks that eventually Macy will want to come home to them all. Stephanie berates Ridge for letting Brooke take the kids to school in the limo. She thinks she is creating diversions for Ridge and the kids, but becomes alarmed when she sees it might be a little bit more serious. Ridge tells her to back off. Stephanie tells him that a Joan Vicksburg would be in town this weekend and wants to set him up to show her around LA. Brooke plans a getaway for her and Ridge to Big Bear. She made up a fake meeting for him. Amber thinks things are more serious than Brooke is willing to admit. Brooke poses as Ridge's driver and drives him up to Big Bear. Up there, she admits the meeting was a farce and the two eventually begin horsing around on the sofa. Lorenzo tells Macy he wants to marry all of her, problems and all. She isn't sure what she wants to do and continues to struggle with her decision.

No Days

GH by Suzanne

Lucky & Summer go out on a date to play pool at Jake's.  He is amazed at her but also wishes he knew more about her.  A former client of hers comes over to say hi and wants to have another "appointment".  She tells him that she's out of the life but he doesn't want to listen.  Lucky comes over and threatens to beat him up.  Summer thinks maybe Lucky is some kind of weirdo but when he explains that the guy set him off because he knew two women who were raped, she softens.  They kiss goodnight after he walks her home.  Nikolas dives into the harbor to rescue Brenda, who has almost drowned in the cold water.  They rush her to the hospital.  Meanwhile, Jason tells the judge he doesn't know where his wife is.  Courtney tells Sonny that Coleman is the one who hired the fake witness against Brenda and Jason, and she thinks he might have killed her.    Taggert comes in to announce that they found Brenda and she is on her way to GH.  Skye hopes that Brenda is dead, but Coleman knows that she's not as unfeeling as she seems.  He tries to keep her from drinking from her flask, and so does A.J., but to no avail.  Most of the courtroom rushes to see Brenda.  A.J. makes snide comments to Courtney and Carly.  Carly advises Courtney not to get so involved in what's going on with Jason, to learn from her mistakes.  After Brenda is stabilized, Jax visits her and she gives him a key, while Sonny watches.  Jax takes off; Sonny tries to get him to tell him what Brenda gave him, but Jax denies it.  Sonny follows Jax instead.  Scott doesn't want Jason to talk to Brenda, but Jason pushes his way in.  Brenda tells Jason that she went to Alcazar's yacht because his lawyers told her that the police were about to seize all of Alcazar's safety deposit boxes, of which she's the heir.  She gave Jax the key and told him which bank to go to.  Jason and she share a warm moment; he says Sonny should be the one to take care of this, not Jax.  Jax opens the box and takes out a tape that says "murder".  He turns to find Sonny asking him to hand it over.  Zander is stoned at a bar, where they won't serve him.  He decides to phone Emily because it's her birthday.  At first he just wishes her happy birthday and does some reminiscing, but then when he hears some guy's voice, he gets angry and belligerent, so she hangs up on him.  He gets angrier and smashes the phone against the wall as the bouncers go after him.  He dukes it out with them and then gets arrested.  Mac tells him that he's got no second chances.  He either goes to counseling or goes to jail.  Gia goes to the police station to help Zander because Alexis is busy.  She advises Zander to take the counseling, so he does.  Guess who his counselor is--Cameron!  Cameron is shocked to see him but says he'll find another shrink for him.  Zander yells at him for running away again.  The judge asks Alexis and Scott why he should postpone the trial.  Alexis says that she just got Jason as her client and Brenda's doctors won't let her into the courtroom.  Scott says that may not be a problem.


OLTL by Suzanne

Cris asks Jen if she was working with Mitch, but she plays innocent. He asks about the champagne glasses but she sticks to her story.  Sam pays a visit to Mitch and roughs him up a little, warning him away from his children.  Mitch claims that Jen came to him, then Jen shows up at Mitch's door.  Jen still claims that the article is not true, but Sam doesn't believe her.  He says he loves her no matter what and begs her to confide in him.  Natalie consoles Viki, who is upset about Jessica's departure.  Todd and Blair bicker over where she's jealous or not.  Shana shows up so Blair hides.  Shana and Todd flirt heavily.  Blair is upset after Shana leaves so they bicker some more.  Blair says that Sam has asked her to go away with him to a private place.   Todd says she's not going and they argue some more, then they kiss.  Asa phones Roxy to say her time is up and she must decide now if she wants him or Max.  Roxy says she'll come over and tell him.  Meanwhile, she tells Max about Asa's offer.  Max is stunned that she's being honest with him.   She says she won't run off with Asa if Max asks her not to. She knows he doesn't love her but says maybe they can try again.  Max is torn.  Al comes in and takes him aside to say he knows that Roxy is planning on running off with Asa.  Al is happy but Max says he doesn't want Roxy to humiliate herself by getting caught in Asa's trap.  Meanwhile, Roxy leaves to show up at Asa's door.  Rae questions Nigel about whether he knew that Asa is going after Roxy.  He confirms that Asa asked Roxy to run off with him; he tells her about the whole plot with Max.  Natalie goes back to the jail to see Cris.  Roxy tells Rae that she's going to take Asa's offer.  Mitch gets a phone call from Allison with some good news.  Max phones Asa to say the deal's off.  He doesn't want to divorce Roxy if it means humiliating her.  Rae tells Roxy that Max and Asa have been playing her for a fool.  As Cris and Nat are trying to figure out if Jen lied and whether Mitch can get to him in jail, Allison arrives.

Passions by Ashley

Things heated up at the Crane mansion while Ethan and Gwen returned to get in between the dispute between Ivy and Theresa. Ivy mistook Ethans return as he found a legal loop hole so she was not legally forced by Theresa to leave. This sent her on a verbal rampage and she let Theresa know exactly what she thinks of her. But once she found that Ethan had no loop hole Theresa called the cops and continued to demand Ivy get out. Over at the Bennets Kay was hastily packing and telling Simone that you'll never know just how dirty a girl can play when someone else takes away the man she loves. Sam gets a call from the police station to settle a domestic dispute at the Crane Mansion and tells a very upset Grace he has to leave. Simone, Chad, and Whitney head home in their parents vehicle but the storm is too bad and they end up in a accident. At the hospital Pilar voices her opinion on Antonio's condition and the fact that Sheridan neglected his medication. Luis tells her it's not her fault and he'll stick by her no matter what his family says. Beth overhears it all and tells Sheridan that she has tore apart the Lopez-Fitzgerald family and that she won't stand by and watch it. Liz is still sleepwalking and not only does she kiss T.C. she asks him to make love to her.

PC by Beth

 Jack is alarmed to hear that Tess received a visit from Kevin, who claims to want to be her father. He's still very suspicious of Kevin and doesn't want Tess to be alone with him. Kevin tries to figure out why Lucy hasn't come back, then assumes that she's with Ian, as always. He records a message for her on his tape recorder, justifying what he's about to do for Livvie. To prepare for his plan for Tess, he sets the table for two, and is unpleasantly surprised to see that she has invited Jack to join them. On Caleb's private jet, Joshua puts the moves on Alison, who fends off his advances as tactfully as possible. She discovers Rafe hiding in a closet and they argue about his presence, which Alison fears can't possibly remain a secret from the others. Joshua drugs Elizabeth so that he can have some uninterrupted private time with her daughter. When Alison returns, Joshua comes on strong, unaware that he's under the slayer's watchful eye. When he hears a noise, he goes to investigate, and Alison cozies up to him to keep him from finding her co-conspirator. After drinking the special water, Chris is thrilled to think that he's actually a vampire. Ian and Lucy try to explain that this isn't good, but Chris escapes. They receive a tip that he's about to "fly" by jumping off a scenic overlook. As soon as he jumps, Ian grabs his wrist and dangles him in mid-air, then drags him to the ground. Chris angrily threatens to bite Ian, who gives him an injection to knock him out. They take Chris back to Ian's place, and Ian expects the symptoms to be gone by the time he wakes up. Lucy is proud of Ian for his heroics, and Ian appreciates her belief in his goodness.

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