Wednesday 1-15-03 Recaps

Wednesday 1/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Simone is trying to keep it together at Fusion because Greenlee and Kendall are not there.  They have a top-level (rude) photographer there but no models.  When Boyd comes by to have lunch with Kendall, Simone makes him a model, along with Mia.  But they have no experience or chemistry so it's a bust.  Jake comes in at the end of the photoshoot.  Kendall, who is taking the day off work, parades around in her underwear and helps a shirtless Aidan with his bandages.  He gets upset when he learns Maria is gone.  Maria returns and he says they can't go out because they are targeted now, too.  They point out that if they go missing, it will not look good.  Maria fills Aidan in on what happened with Edmund; she feels bad for hurting Edmund.  Kendall comes in just as Maria is explaining that she's free now.  Kendall does not look happy.  Greenlee tells Trey that the kiss was her fault, too, and she forgives him.  When he suggests they might share more, she tells him she's not interested and the kiss was inappropriate.  She goes to Fusion and isn't happy to see what's going on there.  Simone and Greenlee notice that Mia and Jake have fantastic chemistry.  Jake is annoyed that Mia took the job there and hasn't told him anything about it.  Erica hired the Latina woman Lena as her vice-president.   Chris storms in and tells Erica that Enchantment is finished.  This is his way of getting back at her for her little deal with Jordan to try to get him a job.  They have a long discussion.  Chris tells her that he won't tolerate her trying to get him another job, or her degrading herself (like flirting with Jordan to get him a job).   Edmund tells Brooke about what happened with Maria and also that he's been paying David to work on her amnesia.  Brooke supports him on this so he wonders why.  She says she wants one of them to be happy.  David phones Edmund to tell him that he's made a breakthrough on the formula.

ATWT by Suzanne

Rosanna is very upset when Carly tells her that she's pregnant.  Carly tells Rosanna that she wants her to be a real part of the baby's life because family is important.  She also tells her that Craig loves her.  Craig asks Margo & Katie to talk him out of marrying Rosanna.  They do their best, but nothing seems to work.  He has bought a house that's better for Lucy's recovery & rehab.  They ask Craig if he loves her; Craig doesn't directly answer.  Marshall and Jessica chat; she is being nice because he told her that he loves her, but she tells him that she's not in love with him, even though she's attracted to him.  She says that what she feels for Ben is more lasting.  Marshall is upset about her choice and keeps claiming that Ben deliberately hurt him when he was operating on him; he also threatens Ben.  Jack arrives at Mike & Molly's to ask them for help with surprising Carly with a party because of the baby, but Mike says he hasn't told her yet, figuring it was Carly's place, so Jack covers.  Jack, Mike, and Molly get dressed up in Mexican attire and surprise Carly when she comes home with tickets to Cancun for a honeymoon.  Carly is stunned but likes the idea.  Ben & Isaac talk about Ben's feelings for Jessica; Isaac tries to get him to forgive her.  Rosanna tells Craig that she's taking back her marriage proposal.

B&B by Matt

  Bridget barges into Mass' office and they argue about the same old things involving her and Ridge's relationship. He tells Bridget that Brooke is using the kids to move in on Ridge. Bridget realizes he is manipulating her to get Brooke out of the picture. Mass tells her to not let Brooke hurt anyone else. Bridget retorts that the truth about Ridge's paternity would hurt everyone involved. Stephanie would never forgive Mass for betraying her. Bridget storms out after telling him, again to leave her the hell alone. Sally misses Macy something fierce. CJ drops by and realizes she is sad about Macy and that she thought about her a lot during the trip. Sally accidentally refers to Macy in the present tense, raising CJ's antennas, but then starts to admit something (we don't know what yet) to CJ. In Portugal, Macy and Adam talk about how sad she is and how she misses Sally. Adam thinks this is more about Thorne and asks her to try and get past her feelings and give Lorenzo, who is a wonderful man, a chance. Macy agrees to try. Lorenzo comes home and proposes to Macy.

No Days

GH by Suzanne

Summer is wondering where Luke took off to so suddenly when Lucky comes up and gives her a hard time for not showing up to their class; they have coffee.  Elizabeth defends Ric to Courtney.  A.J. comes in and makes snide comments so Elizabeth tells him to get lost, but she also tells Courtney that she agrees with his comments about not being able to trust Courtney.  Alexis doesn't think there will be a trial today, but Scott has other plans.  Ric tells Scott again that he didn't see Brenda or Jason at Alcazar's penthouse.  Courtney goes to leave for the trial; Elizabeth gives her a hard time for being seen supporting Jason, but she reminds Liz that Sonny is her brother and she's there for him.  But she does thank Liz for not telling anyone about her and Jason.  Maxie points out to Georgie that Lucas is too old for her and when Lucas comes up and wants to know what they're talking about, she says that Georgie has a crush on Nikolas.  Lucas laughs and says she should find someone younger, in her own class, so a mortified Georgie runs out.  Lucky introduces Nikolas to Summer at Kelly's.  Nikolas tells him that his dad is off in London trying to see Laura again.  Luke wants to see her before he gives his permission to do drug therapy, but the doctors think it's a bad idea.  Lucky talks to Summer about his parents.  Summer is happy to hear about people caring for each other and asks Lucky out.

Coleman finds Skye drunk and depressed; he chews her out for being drunk when she has to go to court.  He sobers her up with coffee.  A.J. is upset about Ric being a suspect but Coleman tells him that he'll fix it.  Taggert and Scott argue about the case more and things become heated.  Coleman tells them that he saw Lansing downstairs outside of Alcazar's place the night of the murder (supporting Ric's story).  Scott is glad to hear it but Taggert doesn't trust Coleman.  Courtney sees Coleman talking to A.J. and Skye at court and chews him out for siding with them.  She accuses him of murdering the old lady witness.  He denies it but she says she'll let Sonny handle it.  Ric wonders why Coleman lied for him but Coleman says not to worry about it.  Scott tells Alexis that the trial is on and wonders why she does what Sonny wants.  Ric, released, thanks Elizabeth for stopping by when he was arrested.

Jax barges into Carly and Sonny's place and says that he thinks Sonny and Brenda took off together, but Carly doesn't believe it.  Jason promises he will find Sonny.  Sonny asks Alexis to represent Jason since his lawyer is now untrustworthy, but she refuses.  He asks her to think about what's good for Brenda.  Sonny tells Ric that he's glad that he did something smart for once and kept his mouth shut.  Jason, Carly and Jax see Sonny but they wonder where Brenda is.  Sonny asks Jax what the hell he did.    They argue; Jason says they need to find Brenda.  Sonny blames himself for Brenda's taking off and Carly comforts him.  Jason goes to get dressed.  Carly brings him a shirt that she thinks will be better.  He shares his frustrations about the trial and his fear about being locked up, and they wonder again where Brenda went.

Zander gets more drugs.  Gia gives him a hard time about giving up on his life so easily.  She tells him that she is still in contact with Emily, who still asks about him.  She says Em can either hear about how great he's doing, or about how he's hit bottom.  The Quartermaines argue about whether to go to court or not. Monica says they shouldn't go because it will only make Jason feel uncomfortable.  Alan wants to support Skye during her testimony, and Edward wants to support Brenda.   Reginald tells them that there's a boat missing, but they are too busy arguing to care.  The trial starts but Jason and Brenda are missing. Jason comes in late so the judge demands to know where Brenda is.  Nikolas & Gia see something floating in the water and then realize it's a body.

GL by Suzanne

Reva & Josh investigated the threatening phone calls by visiting Annie at the institution.  She acted like she was married to Josh and lives in a room that looks just like his study.  They thought she was completely loony and believed that she's not able to make the calls, which scared Reva more.  Marah admired Tony for his life knowledge and said she wants to quit school, but he told her that he'd better not because he just started taking classed himself.  He had a friend check into the calls and found out that they can be made to look like they're coming from anywhere in the world, as long as this little modem-like box is in the vicinity, so they planned to look for the box at Reva's home.  Alexandra was distracted while Edmund chatted to her, worried about some big family secret and how Philip and Alan are fighting instead of getting along.  She got a visit from a mysterious man who tried to blackmail her for more money.  Alan told Olivia and Philip that he should have trusted and believed in them all along.  He burned the prenuptial agreement and said that Olivia is free and will have all her money and accounts back.  He left the room and Philip laughed that he was putting on a big act. Olivia was very confused and didn't know what to believe.  After Philip pressured her to tell Alan about their night together, she fled the mansion.  Harley and Blake shared some Oreos; Blake said she wanted to try being a businesswoman again. 

OLTL by Suzanne

Liz and Antonio continue to fight over the baby.  He wants to tell Keri now.  Hank supports the truth but says they shouldn't ruin Keri's party.  Antonio accuses Liz of just having sex with him to get pregnant, but she reminds him that they just needed each other and it's not true that she planned this.  Keri feels something weird about the baby and rushes to Troy for help.  R.J. and Troy are at an impasse because they both have blackmail info on the other.  R.J. teases Troy about Lindsay in front of Nora, who is clueless as they talk about who Lindsay's new boyfriend might be.  Mitch is furious at Jen for not being careful as he shows her the newspaper headline that ties the two of them together.  She is upset and begs for his help, but he tells her to go away.  He's through with her.  Sam and Blair yell at Todd for making up the story about Jen, but he says it's the truth.  Sam then storms over to Mitch's to yell at him about going near his daughter.  Natalie, worried about Mitch's threat, visits Cris in jail.  A guard shows them the newspaper headline and they wonder if it's true.  Jen arrives to talk to Cris, so Natalie leaves them alone.  Viki and Jessica say goodbye at the train station (bus station? airport? whatever...).  Viki tells her again how much she loves her and assures her that Clint will feel the same way.  She says she's glad that Jess is going to see Clint and although she doesn't want her to leave, she agrees it is best for her to be far away from Mitch.  Jessica seems to soften some and hugs her.  Viki breaks down crying.  Troy takes Keri to the hospital and says she'll be fine if she stays away from stress and lays flat for 48 hours.  Liz is overjoyed, knowing this means Antonio can't tell her the truth until after the 48 hours is up.  R.J. is not happy about Troy being her doctor, now that he knows he's sleeping with Lindsay.  Blair tells Todd that she knows he's just jealous of Sam; he retorts that she just wants Todd to say that he still wants her.

Passions by Ashley

Antonio collapses from his skipped medication. No ambulences could be sent due to the storm. So Luis, Sheridan, and Beth rush Antonio to the hospital. Eve is angry with Sheridan and Luis from not giving Antonio the medication while they were together. Ethan along with Ivy begs Theresa and Julian not to throw Ivy out into the storm. But with no luck Ethan leaves to find out a way to keep his mother at the mansion legally. Theresa tells Ivy to leave and she puts on her coat. T.C. calls Eve who is too busy to take his call so he talks to a nurse. He asks what to do with a sleepwalker because Liz is faking sleepwalking. She says don't wake her and go along with it. So he does even when she kisses him.

PC by Beth

 Rafe watches nervously as Alison talks her way out of her slip of the tongue. Believing that Caleb is a threat to her, Rafe uses his powers to materialize outside the vampire's door. Alone with his soul mate, he reminds her that she must always call Caleb "Stephen." Caleb questions Elizabeth, who assures him that Alison has no idea that they are vampires. After apologizing for neglecting her since their wedding, he feeds on her. Suspicious of the true reason for the trip to Capri, Caleb orders Joshua to accompany Elizabeth and Alison. He must use his charms to make Alison forget about Rafe, and keep a close eye on both her and her mother. When Alison returns to the loft, she learns that her mother and Caleb have made up, but Elizabeth is still going to Capri with her. She also learns that Joshua is going along, and that they'll be flying in Caleb's jet. Hearing her mother refer to Joshua as a "prince," Alison makes a connection to what she learned earlier. Kevin manages to convince Tess that he's sincere in his desire to be a father to her. Happy to have a father, she accepts his invitation to have dinner with him at the lighthouse. Caleb finds Kevin after his little visit with Tess, and while Kevin seems to have second thoughts, he assures Caleb that he does plan to go through with this. Meanwhile, Ian learns that the special water contains blood, or at least components of blood. His research is interrupted by Chris, who sees Lucy and misinterprets her reason for being at Ian's place. Enraged, Ian grabs him and almost strangles him before Lucy intervenes. His throat hurting, Chris sees the water bottle and helps himself. At first, he's fine, but then he begins to feel severe pain. The pain suddenly vanishes, and Chris is tremendously happy to realize that he has become a vampire.

Y&R by Suzanne

Jack is shocked to hear that Victor is Abby's father.  He and Ashley talk about what happened.  Ashley worries about what will happen if Victor finds out; how many lives will be ruined.  Brad and Olivia wake up in bed together.  Dru tells Wes that she's moving in with Neil but tries to persuade him that it's not what he thinks. Wes thinks she's lying to him or herself.  Dru tracks Olivia down and is aghast to find out that Brad is there in bed.  She warns Olivia that she's headed for trouble.  Brad lies in bed and thinks about the arguments with Ash that led to this.  Victor stares into a drink and tries to figure out why Brad is out to get him.  Neil comes along so Victor asks him for his opinion.  Neil tells Vic that Dru and Lily are moving in with him.  A cute guy hits on Sharon at the coffee shop and she is flirting back but Nick puts a stop to it.  She gets angry and tells him that she was serious about moving on.

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