Tuesday 1-14-03 Recaps

Tuesday 1/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Adam spies J.R. at the movies and lights into him, disturbing the other patrons and causing a big fight with Liza, Laurie, J.R., Jamie, and Jamie's girlfriend.  Adam tries to get J.R. to reconsider going to Harvard, but he goes about it all the wrong way.  Laurie rushes out after Adam mentions that J.R. might get her pregnant.  J.R. tells Adam that he is the last person he wants to be like and ends up shoving Adam.  He feels bad about it so he rushes out. Adam suddenly realizes that he pushed him to this.  Jamie finds Laurie and comforts her.  Mia remembers a talk with Liza about how marriage changes you.  Jake takes Mia to look at a house in the country and she acts like he is presuming too much.  He tries to be nice and supportive about their future but she keeps acting like he is pushing her. Greenlee has therapy with Lysistrata, who is glad that Trey kissed her. Greenlee comes to realize with her shrink's help that it is really herself that she is mad at and that she is responsible for Leo's death, since she called him to rescue her.  She says she should have died instead, so Lysistrata gets her stand on a chair by the window and prepare to kill herself.  Greenlee realizes she doesn't want to die after all.  Trey and Jenelle bring Reggie back to the clinic; David wants to help him but Reggie won't let anyone look at his wound.  While they're talking Reggie escapes.  Trey tracks him down and tries to reason with him, as well as threaten him, to get him back to the clinic.  Maggie goes to her first day of organic chemistry, a killer class.  She finds out that this sullen young Asian man is Henry, who is super-smart.  They are told to team up for lab partners but everyone is taken, except Henry, who starts to leave.  The professor catches him and tells him that he must have a partner, so she points out Maggie.  Maggie gives him her number but he wants to work alone.


B&B by Matt

Brooke arranges to take her limo over to Ridge's place to take the kids to school. It's a good thing too, because the kids all have stomach aches and don't want to go to school. They didn't eat their breakfast either. Brooke shows up and motivates them with the limo ride, video games, and cinnamon buns. Bridget recalls close moments with Ridge in Portofino. Mass stops by, again and after some arguing tells Bridget that he'll prove to her how much she means to Ridge. CJ stops by and brings Bridget breakfast. They share a close moment. Mass is angered that Brooke took the kids to school in the limo, claiming that she is trying to impress the kids with toys. When Ridge admits how special Bridget is, Mass convinces him to call Bridget in an attempt to get her to come back. He does this and even jokes that if Bridget wasn't his sister, he would ask her to marry him. Bridget agrees to consider coming back. After finishing with CJ, Bridget gets another phone call, this time from Mass reminding her what Ridge said. She screams for him to leave her alone.

No Days

GH by Suzanne

At the police station, Jax tells the press that Scott is only after Brenda, not justice, because of his vendetta against Sonny.  Scott tells them that Jax is in love with the married Brenda and that's why he's bringing forth a false suspect.  Jax tells the press that Ric murdered Alcazar.  Mac comes in, with Taggert, and gets rid of the press.  Jax says there is a witness that proves that Ric was involved in a bad business deal with Alcazar and also that he was in the hotel when he was murdered.  Mac asks who just as Brenda arrives.  Brenda wants to talk to Jax.  Scott says that Ric is a witness against Brenda as Mac takes Ric off to be questioned.  Brenda tells Jax that she can't testify against Ric because his testimony will be worse for her than hers would be against him.  He doesn't buy it but she tells him that he's not acting rational.  They argue until Alexis comes up.  She is upset that she wasn't told about the latest evidence and she confirms what Brenda said.  Faith tells Zander that she can't sleep with him right now but if he can do an errand for her (and not tell Ned), then she might consider it in the future.  Zander remembers his dad, Cameron, yelling at him for shooting his brother, as he takes a crowbar to Carly's bar.  Carly finds him and stops him.  He claims he's angry at her still for how she treated him.  She can tell he's high and asks him not to self-destruct like this.  He leaves and sees Cameron talking to Alexis inside Kelly's.  Alexis tells Cameron that Ned has ensconced himself in Kristina's life again.  They discuss it and she shares her concerns about how Ned is acting and how it might affect Kristina in the future.  Elizabeth and Courtney go to Kelly's to open it at the same time, after a power outage.  Things are very chilly between them.  They hear on the radio about Jax bringing Ric in for questioning.  Courtney thinks this means Jason will go free, but Elizabeth is upset by the news and lashes out at Courtney.  Sonny goes to the police station and glares at Ric, then tries to talk to him, but Scott and Taggert won't let him.  Scott questions Ric in his office, leaving Mac out of the loop.  He tries to get Ric to say that he saw Brenda and Jason that night, but Ric won't say anything.  Scott locks him up for the night.  Later, Sonny gets a call from one of his men who works at the station that Ric has not given up Brenda.  Carly tells Sonny about Zander but asks him not to do anything to him.  Jason meets Courtney at their secret place.  She wants to celebrate but he fills her in on the situation.  She asks him to promise that he will run away if he thinks he's going to have to go jail, and to ask her to go with him.  He assures her that he's not going to jail.


OLTL by Suzanne

Keri goes to her surprise party with Antonio, who has chickened out of telling her the truth about her baby.  Troy corners R.J. at the party and tells him that he knows he helped Lindsay escaped, thanks to Alison.  R.J. laughs and tries to talk his way out of it, but R.J. insists that R.J. must help him put Lindsay away again or he'll tell Hank about his helping.  R.J. says he won't tell or he will Nora that Troy is sleeping with Lindsay.  Hank tells Liz that Antonio knows that he's the father of her baby.  She worries that he will tell Keri and ruin her life (and her party).  Antonio confronts her and they bicker but he agrees not to tell Keri for now.  Nora visits Lindsay, who is leaving hints about her new boyfriend, but Nora is not interested.  She is there to find Jen because of the newspaper article that says she worked with Mitch Lawrence.  Lindsay tells Nora to stop interfering in her daughter's life and to get out.  Nora is appalled that Lindsay is not worried about the danger Jen's in.  Nora yells at Lindsay that she can't do anything to bother her any more because she is happy.  Lindsay acts weird, which worries Nora, but Nora tells Lindsay to stuff it.  Nora goes to Keri's party and wishes her well.  Keri is very happy and blows out the candles on her cake.  Mitch tries to get past Roxy to see Jessica upstairs.  Jessica tells Natalie that she can have everything she has and that she doesn't want to see her or any of them again.  Jessica and Natalie are upstairs and hear Mitch coming, so they try to find a way out.  Natalie says she'll create a disturbance to distract him, so that Jess can slip out, but before she can, Max comes home and grabs Mitch, who is attacking Roxy.  Natalie smiles smugly at Mitch, who is in Max's choke-hold.  She rubs it in face, first that he has lost Jessica, and then that he can't get to Cris in jail.  Mitch asks her why she thinks that he can't get to Cristian in jail.  Roxy is shaken up and doesn't know why she was so protective of the girls.  Max tells her that she done good so she beams.  Viki chats with Al about Jessica and where she is.  After a long while, he gives Viki the train tickets that he was supposed to gie Jessica and tells her where to meet Jessica.  Jessica finds Viki waiting for her at the train station.

No Passions

PC by Beth

While Rafe watches on the monitors, Alison searches Caleb's loft. Finding a copy of the police report of her father's boating accident, she learns that a third person was on the yacht, but the alleged prince has never been found. She and Rafe decide to go to Capri to do some investigating. Jack is alarmed to learn that Caleb paid Tess a visit, but Tess assures him that she wasn't harmed. Jack doesn't think his new bride realizes how dangerous Caleb can be. He goes to Rafe and insists on being trained to be a vampire slayer. Rafe is skeptical until Jack demonstrates his strength, which he attributes to Caleb's return. Rafe reluctantly agrees to train his friend. Kevin is startled to find Caleb in his home. Caleb fills him in on who and what Tess really is, including the fact that she's keeping Livvie inside her. He enlists Kevin's help to get her back. If Kevin will pretend to be a father to Tess, it will make her vulnerable and allow Caleb to get to Olivia. Going along with this, Kevin visits Tess, referring to himself as her father. Elizabeth invites herself along on Alison's trip. Alison discourages this until she realizes how miserable her mother is. When Caleb comes home, he encourages his bride to go if that's what she wants. Angry, Alison lays into him and accidentally calls him "Caleb." He catches this and asks for an explanation.

No Y&R

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