Monday 1-13-03 Recaps

Monday 1/13/03 Short Recaps

AMC by Suzanne

Adam & Liza's psychiatrist urged them to go out on a date. Liza picked the movies.  JR and Jamie were also there with their dates.  JR skipped out on his Harvard interview to be with his girl.  Aidan was almost caught by Derek at the bus depot, but Maria distracted Derek while Kendall kissed a disguised Aidan to keep his face hidden.  Aidan recognized the woman who shot him but didn't tell Kendall.  They leave with Maria and the woman finds out about them leaving after showing a picture of Maria.  Trey kissed Greenlee at the boathouse, freaking her out.  He was very embarrassed; David yelled at him and comforted Greenlee.  Greenlee threw herself at David and realized she needs more therapy.  David asked Trey to help out with the kid Reggie (who held Anna at knifepoint the other day), so Trey went to Jack to ask him to help cut through the red tape.  The doctor from David's clinic, Jenelle, stormed in to tell Jack that Reggie never made it to Juvenile Hall.  Jack checked and found out he accidentally got sent to the regular prison, so he sent Trey to get him out, with Jenelle tagging along.


B&B by Matt

Here's today's abbreviated recap folks! Ridge laments about Bridget leaving tonight, but realizes he is making a really big deal about the whole thing. Brooke understands that he and the kids are facing the post-Italy blues, but points out that Bridget probably wants to have her own life. To make things easier for the kids, Brooke has called up Catherine to come get the kids ready for bed and make their morning routine flow a little smoother tomorrow. She also has turned on the spa so Ridge can relax. After a kiss, they both go down to the spa, but Brooke doesn't plan on staying. She has to go home and take care of Hope. Ridge coyly asks Brooks for a kiss, but ends up pulling her into the spa so she and her dress are completely soaked. Horseplay ensues. CJ welcomes Bridget home with some flowers, but their visit it cut short when Mass stops by. CJ leaves and Mass and Bridget start an unpleasant conversation. He makes it clear that he disagrees with her decision to leave Ridge's house. Slowly, she begins to realize that Mass in insinuating that Bridget has more than sibling related feelings for Ridge and is completely floored at Mass' gall. She denies those feelings and also realizes he is really trying to get Brooke out of Ridge's life. Mass says that Brooke will be gone no matter what he does, because she lacks substance. Bridget kicks out Mass after he tells her to not sit on her feelings too long. Coming soon: will Mass get his way and get Bridget into Ridge's love life?

No Days

GH by Suzanne

Ric tells Sonny that he didn't kill Alcazar.  Sonny doesn't believe him and threatens to turn him in.  Ric says if he is turned in, he will tell the police that he saw Brenda there, which will strengthen the DA's case against her.  Zander sees Cameron outside of Kelly's but hides so he won't be seen.  He remembers his father blaming him for his brother's death.  An old drug dealer friend offers him drugs, so Zander takes them.  Cameron yells at Alexis for keeping Ned from seeing Kristina.  She counters that he is just having empathizing because of his own pain at losing his sons.  Ned & Faith chuckle about their plot to make trouble for Sonny and Carly's new club; she is dressed to go out in public so she can have an alibi.  Ned is furious when he tries to see Kristina and is told he can't, so he has an argument with Alexis about how much he loves Kristina.  He only wins because he threatens to tell Sonny that he's the father.  Scott tries to intimidate Carly about Sonny being out of town, but it doesn't faze her.  Faith visits Carly just as Scott is leaving.  She tells Carly again that she thinks Kelly's basement (the old speakeasy) is haunted.  Carly is skeptical but then receives a phone call saying that Kelly's basement is flooded.  She is wise to what Faith is up to.  A drugged-out Zander visits Faith to say he wants her.  Jax, Jason, and Brenda argue about whether Ric is the murderer.  Ric and Carly go to Kelly's about the same time to inspect the damage.  He tells her about what happened with Sonny.  Jax rushes in and takes Ric away by gunpoint.  Jason and Brenda argue once again about Jax's involvement in their case.  She says that he doesn't know what it's like to be in love but he gives her a little speech about what it's like to protect someone you love, so she wonders who his new girlfriend is.  Sonny arrives and tells them about what he learned about Ric, and Brenda fills him in on what she remembered.  Sonny says they can't get Ric arrested until they have more evidence because he could hurt her case.  Brenda is just about to phone Jax to warn him not to go after Ric when Carly arrives to give them the bad news.  Outside the courthouse, Jax brings Ric to Scott and tells him that he is the murderer.  Scott blows him off but then the press rush in (called by Jax?) and so Jax tells them that Scott is only interested in going after Brenda and Jason, even though they might be innocent.


OLTL by Suzanne

Mitch visits Roxy to find out where Jessica is.  Roxy tries to hide Jessica's overnight bag but he finds it and goes upstairs to find Jess.  Meanwhile, Natalie tries to persuade Jessica to come home, but Jess puts on her "poor me" act and says Viki never wanted her.  Lindsay tells Troy on the phone that she's thinking about him and hopes to see him later.  He covers because Nora is standing there.  Nora realizes she has a lot of wedding planning to do.  They tell Emily about the Feb. 14th date and Nora rushes off.  Troy goes to see Allison at the prison to pump her for info about Lindsay and their escape.  He learns that R.J. helped them and that the jail bust was all Lindsay's idea.  Jen visits Lindsay, who's preparing for a romantic evening with Troy, and finds out about her little arrangement with Troy.  Jen tells her that she let slip to the judge about Cris threatening Mitch's life.  Shana tries to interview Nora for the sun and tells her what Jen did.  Nora rushes out without comment and goes to see Lindsay.  Antonio pours his heart out to Cris about the fact that Keri is carrying his baby.  R.J. talks to Keri about he and Liz getting closer.  She is fine with it and talks to Liz about it, too.  Keri knows that her friends & family are planning a surprise party for her.  Liz tells Keri that she's staying in Llanview.  Shana visits Cris and shows him tomorrow's headline, which claims that Mitch and Jen are working together.

Passions By Suzanne

Luis tells Hank he plans to break up with Beth.  Luis and Beth check into their room but they're in Antonio and Sheridan's by mistake. Luis tries to break it off with Beth but can't quite seem to say it right.  Antonio and Sheridan have dinner and settle in for the night but she keeps thinking about Luis.  When Antonio mentions tango, she flashes back to doing the tango with Luis.  Luis and Sheridan run into each other in the hotel while she's getting ice.  Kay has a big fight with Grace and Charity, with Sam taking her side.  When she whines that Grace cares more about her niece when her own daughter is pregnant by Miguel, Jessica says that they all know that Kay tricked Miguel into having sex with her.  Kay feels betrayed and is threatening to run out into the snow with her bags packed.  Whitney thinks that Liz is projecting her own feelings about her sister onto her and Simone's situation.  She wants to tell Simone the truth but decides to wait yet again after seeing Kay and Jessica fight.

PC by Beth

To stop Ian from biting Elizabeth, Lucy reports a fire at Caleb's loft. The two vampires are stopped cold by the sudden activation of the sprinkler system, which leaves them soaking wet. Lucy stops by the loft, feigning innocence, but Ian is onto her. She convinces him to leave with her, which angers Elizabeth. Back at Ian's place, Lucy nags until he drinks some of the water. She informs him that she has left Kevin.

Tess renders Caleb unable to sing to Olivia. She doesn't want him to use his gift of music to do harm. Caleb denies her claim that there is goodness in him. Meanwhile, Jack rushes home to Tess after figuring out who Reese really is. Caleb vanishes when he hears Jack just outside the door. Going to the rehearsal hall, he tries again, but he still can't sing. He has a dream in which Tess comes to him. Jack and Tess have a private wedding at home.

No Y&R

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