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Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Episode #8067:

Franco told someone that Bo and Billie were married in Rome.  He said Hope was devastated, but he would get her to fall in love with him.  Hope was upset that Bo married Billie.  Billie wanted to warn Bo that Max knew he was working undercover.  John and “Kristen’s” wedding was interrupted by Laura.  Laura made accusations about “Kristen”.  Laura tried to warn Mike and Jennifer that “Kristen” had Marlena locked in the DiMera mansion.  Laura wanted to stop the DiMeras.  Vivian and Ivan tried to convince Stefano that they had to leave the mansion, but he thought they had time.  Marlena and Kristen were shown in the secret room.  Abe wondered if John believed Laura’s accusations about Marlena being at the DiMera mansion.  John didn’t believe they were true because he would have felt it if Marlena was at the mansion.  Laura wanted to find Marlena, but Mike wanted to take her to the hospital.  Laura wanted to look in the mansion, but Mike said the police already checked it.  Laura agreed to go home.  When Mike and Jennifer turned their backs on her, she was gone.  Laura went back to the wedding to try and convince everyone that she wasn’t crazy.  Franco tried to comfort Hope over losing Bo.  Bo wanted to take Hope to his hotel.  Things took a left turn for Bo when JL King thought he double crossed him. JL told Bo that his cover was blown.  JL said he would keep Bo around long enough to se his son, Hope, and Billie die.  When another cop showed up, Bo thought he was on his side, but he wasn’t.  The cop turned on Bo.  Laura tried to warn everyone that “Kristen” was working with Stefano.  Laura said “Kristen” knew that Stefano and Peter were alive and that she knew that Marlena was in the mansion.  Mike tried to stop Laura from talking.  Laura told everyone to look in the mansion to find Marlena.  Mike wanted to give Laura something to calm down, but Laura didn’t want it.  When Laura demanded that “Kristen” tell them where Marlena was, she shook her.  While Laura was shaking “Kristen”, “Kristen’s” teeth flew out of her mouth.  Everyone was shocked.

Hope fantasized about being with Bo.  Bo was trying to stand up to the dirty cop and JL.  Billie was listening to them.  Billie told them to freeze and threatened to kill them.  Everyone was surprised that Susan pretended to be Kristen.  John questioned Susan about Stefano and Kristen.  Vivian said she and Ivan had to leave and they had to get Stefano out of there.  Abe said to seal off the exits so no one was able to leave. Abe told John that he had all of his men checking the mansion for Marlena and Kristen.  John wanted Susan to tell him where Kristen was.  John asked if Susan saw Stefano and she said she did.  When Vivian and Ivan tried to leave the wedding, John stopped them to ask where Marlena and Kristen were.  Hope flashed back to Bo warning her that Franco was up to no good.  She thought Bo was wrong about Franco.  Billie warned JL and the cop to drop their guns.  One of JL's goons got the drop on Billie and found out she didn’t have a gun.  JL said she and Bo were as good as dead.  Susan blurted out that Marlena and Kristen were in a secret room in the mansion.  Ivan confirmed that Marlena and Kristen were in the mansion.  Franco was determined to make Hope fall in love with him.  Stefano thought he wouldn’t have been to leave the mansion.  John was outside of the secret room.  He saw Marlena and Kristen and thought they were dead. 

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