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What Loretta Watches 2/21/03

The only "must-see" show I require is my "As the World Turns." Since my workweek starts Saturday through Tuesday (10 hours), I tape it and watch it Monday and Tuesday nights. I look forward all day to coming home and enjoying it. The remainder of the week I can watch it as it airs.

I also enjoy "South Park" on Wednesday evenings. Other than that if I'm in front of the TV, I'll watch "Sanford and Son" followed by "Leave It To Beaver" on TV Land, "Judge Judy" and "Jenny Jones" at bedtime.

Day or night, I get a kick out of watching our local Las Vegas TV commercials for Towbin Dodge Superstore. This car dealership features "Chopper" who comically interviews their witty sales people as they drive out the cars which are for sale. Often their sales people will do impressions (like Dustin Hoffman in the film "Rainman") and little comedy skits as they present each low priced vehicle. This car dealership's commercials remind me so much of the old Worthington Dodge TV commercials in Los Angeles, featuring Cal Worthington. If anyone has ever lived in Los Angeles, then you know about Cal Worthington and his dog Spot!


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