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"History Repeating"

Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD: November 12, 2009

Written by: Bryan M. Holdman & Brian Young

Directed by: Marcos Siega

Bored in class, Bonnie sees a shadow move past the door. Going into the hallway, she sees that it's empty except for the spirit of her witch ancestor, Emily. She follows Emily and is transported to the woods outside the old church, where Emily asks for her help, saying that this where it all started and this is where it has to end. Bonnie awakens with a gasp, thinking she's fallen asleep in class, and then sees Emily sitting next to her. Bonnie wakes up then for real, finding herself in the woods by the old church.

Walking into school, Elena asks Caroline is she's talked to Bonnie and Caroline says that she's mad at Bonnie for not giving her the crystal necklace back. Caroline asks Elena where Stefan is and Elena says he's avoiding her and it's complicated. Elena goes to her first class and Bonnie comes in, still shaken by her confusing dreams. Elena looks at Stefan's empty desk while their new history teacher introduces himself…Alaric "Ric" Saltzman.

Damon wakes up Stefan with an offering of a cup of blood, which Stefan refuses as he gets dressed. Damon says that he had to kill Lexi to keep them all safe but Stefan just mocks him and leaves. At lunch, Bonnie tells Elena that she's being haunted by her ancestor, Emily, who was a powerful witch during the time of the Civil War, and she thinks Emily is communicating with her through the crystal necklace.

Mr. Saltzman tells Jeremy to write a paper on something from the town's history for extra credit or he'll fail his class. Jeremy readily agrees and comments on Ric's large heirloom ring, which he says was his father's. Caroline confronts Matt about sneaking out of her room the night after the party and says it was a lame-guy move. Matt responds that he left so she wouldn't get in trouble with her mom and that he's treating her just like he has since the first grade. He says that reading more into it than that is a lame-girl move.

Stefan sees Elena after school just to tell her that he didn't kill Damon after all. Stefan says that he'll be staying away from school and Elena says that he means he'll be staying away from her. Damon pesters Bonnie to get the necklace back but she refuses. He says he only wants to protect her from Emily and Bonnie asks how he knows about Emily. Damon says that he knows a lot more than she does and tells her to tell Emily that 'a deal's a deal' the next time she shows up.

Elena advises Bonnie to stay away from Damon. Bonnie throws the crystal necklace out into a field, hoping to keep Emily from haunting her again. Jenna and Jeremy see his history teacher, Ric, at the Mystic Grill. Jeremy offers to introduce his aunt to Ric, but she says no.

Elena tells Stefan that Damon is threatening Bonnie about the necklace that belonged to Emily. Stefan reveals that he knows that Bonnie is a witch and knew Emily 150 years ago, when she was Katherine's maid. He promises to talk to Damon and find out why the necklace is so important to him.

Jenna asks Jeremy if he's picked a topic for his history paper yet and suggests that he look at all the Gilbert family history stuff of his father's that's boxed up in the closet. Ric comes over and says hi to Jeremy and introduces himself to Jenna. Jeremy sees that they are attracted to each other.

Stefan finds Damon drinking at the Mystic Grill bar and suggests that Damon should leave town.

Elena tried to make peace between Caroline and Bonnie and Bonnie tells Caroline that she threw the necklace away. When Caroline finds it in Bonnie's bag, though, she accuses her friend of being a liar. Elena and Bonnie stare at the necklace wide-eyed, afraid of how it got back in Bonnie's bag. Elena confirms to Caroline that she saw Bonnie throw the necklace away and Bonnie questions if it was the ghost of Emily who brought it back to her. Caroline thinks that Bonnie is still lying, talking about ghosts. Bonnie tells Caroline that she is a witch but Caroline doesn't believe her.

After Jeremy leaves the Grill for home, Jenna talks with Ric. She tells him that Logan Fell betrayed her trust and left town, unaware that Logan died fighting vampires. Ric tells her that he had a young wife who died in North Carolina but he and the police never figured out what happened and that it's still a cold case. Ric says he moved to Mystic Falls because of its rich history.

Stefan and Damon play darts at the Grill. Damon wants to know what Stefan is up to but Stefan refuses to tell him.

Caroline apologizes to Bonnie, saying that she's never believed in supernatural stuff but, if it means so much to Bonnie, then Caroline will listen to her story. Caroline give Bonnie the necklace back. Then Caroline suggests a séance to contact Emily, saying that she has some serious explaining to do. During the séance, lit only by a few candles, Bonnie is wearing the necklace and calls on Emily, saying that she's ready to listen to her. The candles flare up brighter and the window blows open. The girls jump to their feet and Bonnie, terrified, throws the necklace to the floor. The candles blow out and when Elena turns the lights on, they see that the necklace has disappeared.

Stefan and Damon throw the football around at the high school field. Stefan says that Katherine compelled both of them to do what she wanted and Stefan tells Damon that he (Stefan) was the last one to see Katherine alive. Stefan wants to know why Damon wants Katherine's crystal necklace back so badly and Damon says that he has a plan to bring Katherine back.

Bonnie finds the necklace lying in the bathroom floor. As she picks it up, the door slams shut and she screams. Elena and Caroline pound on the door as the lights flicker on and off. Then the door opens and Bonnie is wearing the necklace and seems perfectly calm. Only as she leaves the bathroom, her reflection in the mirror shows that she is now possessed by Emily.

Stefan follows Damon, asking how he can bring Katherine back when she died in the fire in the old church 150 years ago? Damon said he made a deal with Emily to protect Katherine by sealing her in a tomb under the church and that she's still there. He explains that Emily used the crystal and a comet that was passing over the town at the time to work her spell. Damon says that he needs to get the crystal back so he can rescue Katherine from the tomb. In exchange for protecting Katherine, Damon promised to save Emily's children so that her lineage would survive and that is why he can't harm Bonnie now.

Bonnie, possessed by Emily, leaves Elena's house, saying that she won't let him have it and it must be destroyed. Elena calls Stefan and tells him what has happened and Damon overhears.

Damon confronts Bonnie/Emily as she heads for the old church and reminds her that they had a deal. Emily says that all that has changed now and she has to protect her family. She uses her powers to hurl Damon against a tree, impaling him on a branch, then leaves.

Jeremy goes through the box of family heirlooms as Jenna comes home, escorted by Ric. She doesn't invite him inside, raising the suspicion in the viewer that he might be a vampire. Jeremy finds a journal belonging to Jonathan Gilbert, dated 1864.

Stefan rescues Damon from the limb, and then sees Emily. She tells Stefan that she won't let Damon free Katherine because that would free all the other vampires imprisoned in the tomb with her and that the people of the town now are innocent and should not be subjected to such evil. Damon argues that the people in Mystic Falls aren't innocent but Stefan says that they shouldn't have to pay for what happened 145 years ago. Emily performs a spell, bringing up a circle of fire all around her. Elena arrives just as Bonnie/Emily throws the necklace up in the air and it explodes. The fire dies down immediately and Emily leaves Bonnie's body. Damon, furious that the crystal has been destroyed, charges forward and attacks Bonnie, biting her. Stefan rushes to her and forces her to drink some of his blood, which heals her.

Matt and Caroline bond over both being alone.

Damon tells Stefan that Katherine never compelled him and that he always knew what was going on. He says that he will leave town now. Bonnie doesn't remember what happened but she's afraid of Stefan. Elena reassures her and tells Stefan that she's going to tell Bonnie everything. Stefan says that Bonnie should be fine as long as she doesn't die with his blood in her system in the next 24 hours. Elena says that she needs someone to talk to and she can't live in secret. Elena tells Stefan that she can be with him but Stefan says that too much has happened and he has to leave. Elena begs him to stay but he says goodbye and walks away.

In a closing music montage, Damon sits, broken-hearted; Caroline and Matt nosh on junk food in her bedroom; Jenna tears up a picture of her and Logan; Stefan throws his journal across his bedroom, almost in tears that he has to leave Elena; and Elena tells Bonnie everything and they cry together, comforting each other.

As the music ends, the Gilbert doorbell rings. Jenna answers the door and is surprised to find Logan Fell there, looking very much alive. He smiles and pointedly asks her…isn't she going to invite him in?

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