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Lexi and Stefan

"162 Candles"

Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD: November 5, 2009
Written by: Barbie Kligman & Gabrielle Stanton
Directed by: Rick Bota

Late night at the Salvatore house. Stefan senses that someone has gotten into the house. Investigating, he is knocked down by a beautiful blonde vampire who seems about to attack him. Confused, he realizes that it's his old friend, Lexi, and asks what she's doing there. Smiling, she says how can you ask that, and they hug as she wishes him a happy birthday.

The next morning, Lexi tries to persuade Stefan to leave Mystic Falls when he tells her that the townspeople are aware of vampires. He says that he can't because of Elena. Picking up the photograph of Katherine, Lexi says that she hopes that Elena is better than Katherine, the last girl he got 'all sprung over.' He reminds her that she never even knew Katherine. Lexi wants to know where Damon is and Stefan says that he's probably out inflicting misery somewhere. Stefan tells Lexi that he's really glad that she came to see him and she asks what they're going to do for his birthday because he's turning 162 years old.

In town, Sheriff Forbes questions the teens about Vicki's disappearance. All Jeremy can remember is what Damon compelled him to remember…that Vicki left town but that he thinks it's for the best. Afterward, Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't think the sheriff suspected the truth but Elena still says that Stefan has to stay away from her.

Damon surprises Lexi and they trade sarcasms. She warns him not to ruin her time with Stefan or she'll hurt him and, since she's older than he is, she grabs him by the throat to prove that she can do it.

Bonnie's grandmother tells her to wear the amber crystal necklace that belonged to their ancestor, Emily, and that a witch's talisman is powerful and will protect her. At the Gilbert house, Jenna laments that Logan left town with only a goodbye e-mail and both Jenna and Elena are surprised to see Jeremy actually doing homework.

Damon brings a box of vervain blooms to Sheriff Forbes and asks if they have any leads on who the vampire is. She says that they have to consider now that the vampire might be able to walk around in daylight and they will have to watch whoever has come to town since the murders began. Damon promises to help.

Bonnie comes to see Elena and finds her depressed because she and Stefan broke up, although Elena doesn't tell Bonnie anything about Stefan being a vampire. Sympathetic about the break-up, Bonnie says that she'll cheer Elena up and magically makes feathers float and fly around the room, revealing that everything her grandmother said was true and that Bonnie is a witch.

Caroline runs into Damon in town and tries to brush him off until he compels her to think she's glad to see him. He tells her that she's going to throw a party that night at the Grill and invite lots of people. When she asks why, he says that she's going to help him "solve" the town's vampire problem and he wants the amber crystal necklace back from Bonnie.

Lexi quizzes Stefan about Elena. He says that she has to want him for himself without any vampire tricks. When Lexi drinks from a bag of human blood, Stefan moves away, saying that he can't start drinking it because he might not be able to stop. Lexi says that she tried Stefan's animal blood diet for a few weeks but it didn't work for her. Damon arrives and tells them about the party that night at the Grill. He says they need to go to be seen with everyone and to blend in. Lexi asks Stefan to go, too.

Elena wants to know why Bonnie told her about being a witch if her grandmother wanted it to be a secret and Bonnie says that she's her best friend and she can't keep a secret from her. Elena looks guilty about keeping Stefan's secret from Bonnie.

Lexi gets ready for the party and says that Stefan has to go, too. She talks about his previous birthdays that they've spent together, being drunk on the Statue of Liberty and jumping naked into the Trevi Fountain. While he's upstairs getting dressed, Elena arrives at his house and meets Lexi, who thinks at first that she is Katherine. Elena leaves, believing that Stefan has already moved on to someone else.

Lexi confronts Stefan, asking him what he's thinking by getting involved with someone who looks just like Katherine. Lexi says that Katherine and Elena must be related but Stefan says that he doesn't know if they are or not. Stefan admits that Elena's resemblance to Katherine is what first drew him to her but that Elena is warm, kind and caring and not at all like Katherine. Lexi realizes that Stefan is in love with her and Stefan confirms that he is.

The party is under way later at the Grill. All Damon is interested in is getting the amber crystal back. Stefan comes to Elena's house and tells her that Lexi is his oldest friend but there is nothing more between them. Elena tells him how hard it is that she has to keep so many secrets from everyone she loves. He wants her to come with him to the party, since it's his birthday, but Elena says that she's staying home.

Caroline tries to get the crystal necklace back from Bonnie but when Caroline touches it, it shocks her.
When Caroline tells Damon that she didn't get the crystal, he says that she is stupid and useless.

Lexi forces Stefan to dance with her while outside, Damon, angry, sees a young couple hiding in an alley, kissing. Damon attacks and bites the young man, killing him.

Stefan has fun playing pool with Lexi. Damon returns and sees that Elena has come to the party, after all. She wants to know what Damon did to Jeremy because he's stopped doing drugs and started doing homework. Damon says that all he did was take away Jeremy's suffering. Bonnie wants to explain to Caroline about the necklace but Caroline refuses to listen, saying that Damon called her shallow and useless.

Outside the Grill, a sheriff's deputy finds the young man's dead body and radios for help. Inside, Lexi tells Elena that she must love Stefan or she wouldn't have come there. Lexi admits that the love of her own life was human and must have felt the same way that Elena is feeling. Stefan overhears their conversation and later thanks Lexi for advising Elena to give their relationship a chance.

Outside, Sheriff Forbes arrives and starts to question the dead man's crying girlfriend about who killed him. Inside, Stefan thanks Elena for coming to the party. A drunk Caroline gets sympathy from Matt, complaining that she doesn't mean to be shallow. Matt is taking Caroline out to drive her home when they run into her mother, the sheriff, who sees that Caroline is drunk.

Lexi grills Damon about what he's really doing in Mystic Falls and he says that he has a diabolical master plan. Sheriff Forbes brings the dead man's girlfriend into the Grill to see if she can identify who attacked her boyfriend. She points to the bar where Damon and Lexi are talking. The Sheriff, confident that Damon is not the vampire, injects Lexi with vervain and the deputies drag her out. Damon pretends to be surprised.

Stefan sees what's happening and follows. Lexi vamps out and attacks the deputies. Arriving too late to help, Stefan and Elena watch helplessly as Sheriff Forbes shoots Lexi several times but regular bullets don't stop her. Damon appears out of the shadows and stakes Lexi. Stunned and dying, Lexi asks him why and he says it's part of his plan. She falls to the ground, dead, and Damon turns to the horrified sheriff, pretending to be concerned if she is okay.

Later, Sheriff Forbes arrests the bartender for giving drinks to her underage daughter, then thanks Damon for what he did, saying that the vampire nightmare is finally over.

Matt brings Caroline home and, feeling unloved, she begs him to not leave her alone. Back in town, Stefan vows to kill Damon and tells Elena that she was right to stay away from him.

Stefan attacks Damon at home. Damon says that he was just trying to get them off their trail but Stefan doesn't buy it. He pulls a wooden stake out and stakes Damon, missing his heart, and says that Damon saved his (Stefan's) life and now Stefan is sparing Damon's, so they're even. Stefan says they're through and walks away. Damon falls to the floor, badly wounded, and has just enough strength to pull the stake out.

Sleeping in her own bed, Bonnie has a nightmare about running through the woods, where she sees her ancestor, Emily, who tells Bonnie, "It's coming." Bonnie wakes up and finds herself in her PJs and robe, but lying on the ground outside the ruins of the old town church.

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