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Jeremy and Elena


Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD: October 29, 2009
Teleplay by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Story by: Andrew Kreisberg
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Night. A friend drops Tyler Lockwood off near his car, sitting in the deserted high school parking lot. He finds Vicki sitting in the car, sobbing, saying that she's so scared and hungry and that she can't control it. He thinks she's on drugs again. She vamps out and starts to bite Tyler until Stefan appears and pulls her away. Tyler turns to run and finds Damon, who grabs Tyler and compels him to forget everything that just happened as Vicki begs Damon not to hurt him. Damon effortlessly throws Tyler over his car and when Tyler gets up and looks around, he's alone.

Elena wakes up the next morning and finds Jeremy getting ready to join a search party for Vicki. Vicki calls her brother, Matt, and tells him that she needs some time to figure things out and not to worry.

Vicki is with Stefan and Damon. Stefan gives her animal blood and tells her that she can live on that and that she doesn't have to hurt innocent people, while Damon encourages her to snatch someone, feed and then erase their memory. Stefan reminds her that it will take years to learn to control herself and that she might kill someone and then have to live with that regret for eternity.

Elena arrives at the Salvatore house and asks for Stefan, calling Damon arrogant and glib. He reminds her that she's not dead 'yet' but that could change and tells her that Stefan is upstairs. Elena tells Stefan that the whole town is looking for Vicki and she (Elena) is lying to everyone she loves.

Bonnie talks to her grandmother, getting the history of their family of witches, and how they came from Salem to Mystic Falls in 1692. Her grandmother warns Bonnie that she has to take witchcraft seriously before she starts to practice it.

Mayor Lockwood and his wife talk at the Grill about how many vampires might be in town while Damon sits at the bar, listening with his super-hearing abilities. At the high school, Matt tells Tyler that he heard from Vicki, while Caroline and Bonnie plan their Halloween costumes. Caroline gives Bonnie the amber pendant necklace that Damon gave her.

At the Salvatore house, Elena listens while Stefan counsels Vicki about living with and controlling her urge for human blood. When Stefan leaves the room, Vicki starts to call Jeremy but Elena tells her that she has to stay away from him now. Vicki grabs Elena and says that all Vicki sees when she looks at her is someone who strung her brother, Matt, along for fifteen years and then dumped him. Vicki says that she'll see Jeremy whenever she wants to and won't hesitate to rip Elena's head off.

Later, Elena tells Stefan that Vicki threatened her and wants to know how long before she's under control. Stefan agrees that Vicki can't control being around Jeremy but he won't let anyone get hurt. Elena leaves.

Damon tells Vicki that he turned her out of boredom. Then he shows her that vampires can move really fast and Vicki runs away. She goes home to see Matt but can't go inside until he tells her she can come in. Stefan arrives, looking for her, but Caroline says she doesn't want to see him, so Matt sends him away.

Jeremy leaves Vicki another voicemail and Elena tells him that he has to let Vicki go. He says that keeping him away from her is not the best thing for him. Vicki sends Jeremy a text to meet her at the school Halloween carnival. At the Grill, Mrs. Lockwood, in costume, flirts with Damon. He tries to compel her but it doesn't work and he realizes that she's wearing a bracelet containing vervain. She asks about Zach and Stefan says that, as a Salvatore, of course, he knows about the vervain that Zach had.

Elena and Jeremy arrive at the Halloween carnival in costume, where Matt tells Elena that Vicki is there. Elena goes in search of Jeremy before Vicki finds him. Vicki starts to lose control around all the people there and Stefan pulls her away and tells her that her hunger is controlling her.

Damon asks Mrs. Lockwood how much vervain she needs from Zach, saying that Zach is just out of town, and pretending that he'll ask him where he keeps it. She says she needs enough for everyone on the 'Council.' Damon asks how the hunt for the real vampire is going and she says that they eliminated anyone who showed up in daylight and the rest were dead ends.

Stefan tries to leave the carnival with Vicki but Matt stops them and Vicki gets away. Stefan tells Matt that he's trying to help her and goes after her. Vicki finds Jeremy and pulls him away from the rest of the party. Damon asks Bonnie where Caroline is and then sees Bonnie wearing the amber pendant necklace that he gave Caroline. He grabs it to take it from Bonnie but it burns his hand. Bonnie, frightened, runs away.

Vicki and Jeremy make out in the school bus parking lot. She vamps out just as Elena finds them. Vicki speeds away and Stefan tells an injured Elena and Jeremy to go inside with the crowd. As they try to do that, Vicki grabs Elena and bites her and Stefan is forced to stab and kill Vicki with a piece of jagged wood to save Elena. Stefan pulls Jeremy away and calls Damon for help with Vicki's body.

Bonnie goes to see her grandmother, who shows her a picture of her ancestor, Emily Bennett, who was Katherine's maid, telling her that Emily was one of the most powerful witches in their family. In the picture, Emily is wearing the amber necklace.

Damon shows up to take care of Vicki and Elena is furious with him because people die around him. He says that none of it matters to him and she slaps him. He coolly warns her that her wounds are bleeding and that she needs to leave. Leaving the carnival, Elena is stopped by Matt, who is looking for Vicki, wondering if he's in for a lifetime of worrying about her. Elena lies and says that she hasn't seen her but then gets in her truck and cries in frustration.

Elena gets home and Stefan says that Jeremy is inside. She goes in to find him crying about Vicki, saying that he doesn't understand what happened to her, and asking why everyone has to die on him. Elena holds him while Stefan sits on the front porch, listening, devastated by everyone's pain.

Matt arrives home, looking for Vicki, but their house is dark. Later, Elena comes out to the porch to see Stefan, who says that he just wanted to help Vicki. He asks how Jeremy is and Elena says that he's a mess. She wants Stefan to makes Jeremy forget what happened and forget the pain. Stefan says that he can try but he might not be strong enough because of the way he lives. Damon arrives and says that he'll do it if that's what Elena really wants. She says that she wants Damon to compel Jeremy to believe that Vicki left town and isn't coming back and that he shouldn't worry about her or look for her. Damon goes inside to find Jeremy.

Elena tells Stefan that part of her wants to forget, too, because she doesn't want to feel the way she does. But then she says she can't forget because she can't lose the way she feels about Stefan. Damon comes outside again and says that it's done. Elena goes inside and closes the door.

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