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Katherine and Emily

"Lost Girls"

Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD: October 15, 2009
Written by: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed by: Marcos Siega

In present day, Stefan runs out of the Salvatore boarding house and into a flashback to his life as a human in 1864, where he comes out of the family mansion just as a horse and carriage arrive. Out of the carriage steps an elegantly-dressed Katherine Pierce, who looks just like Elena, and her lady's maid.

Cut back to present day, where Elena demands to know what Stefan is. He says she already knows but she says it's impossible. He admits that he is a vampire. Even though Stefan wants to explain, Elena runs to her car and drives away, terrified.

When she gets home, everything looks normal but, of course, it isn't. She finds Stefan in her bedroom. He tells her that he doesn't drink human blood and assures her that he won't hurt her and says that Damon is the one who kills people. He says that she has to promise that she won't tell anyone because it would be dangerous. She tells him to leave and he does.

At the cemetery, Damon finishes killing and feeding on all of Vicki's friends. He douses their bodies with their bottles of whiskey and sets them on fire as he calls Stefan and demands the return of his family ring that protects him from the sun or his next stop will be Elena's house. Leaving, he sees that Vicki is still just barely alive. Stefan stands guard outside Elena's house.

Elena agrees to meet Stefan the next day and he answers all her questions. Yes, he eats garlic, could drink holy water, crucifixes don't affect him, his family ring protects him from the sun, and he drinks animal blood, which keeps him alive but he's not as strong as Damon. Stefan says trying to force Damon not to do something, like feed on Caroline, would have been very dangerous, and that Damon was able compel Caroline and take away her memories of having been bitten.

Elena asks if there are other vampires around and Stefan says not in Mystic Falls but that there was a time when the town was very aware of vampires and it didn't end well. He asks her to give him a day before she decides whether or not to tell anyone what she knows. She agrees.

Sheriff Forbes and her deputies and reporter Logan Fell inspect the murder victims at the cemetery. Logan says he has the Gilbert watch and a deputy finds Vicki's purse and drivers license at the scene.

Damon is at home with a badly-injured but still alive Vicki and feeds her some of his blood so that she will heal. Damon demands that Stefan return his ring so that he isn't trapped inside.

Stefan shows Elena the ruins of the old Salvatore family mansion and tells her that he's been 17 years old since 1864, which leads to a flashback to that time when Stefan and Damon, still human, were playing football, being teased by Katherine. Stunned, Elena says that they both knew and loved Katherine that long ago? Switching from present-day to flashbacks, Stefan explains that Katherine chose him to escort her to the original Founders Ball and Elena remembers seeing their signatures on the old registry.

Stefan says that he and Damon were both sleeping with Katherine. Katherine fed on Stefan and he called her a demon but she compelled him to want to be with her. Katherine said she had great plans for herself with both Stefan and Damon.

The sheriff tells Mayor Lockwood that they covered up what happened at the cemetery and Vicki was not one of the murder victims, but they don't know where she is now. Logan gives the mayor the Gilbert watch and he adds another piece to it, which turns it into a special compass that points towards vampires.

Damon and Vicki, who has been completely healed by Damon's blood, party at the Salvatore house, drinking and dancing. Vicki cries about her pathetic life and Damon says she has no self-esteem. She agrees and he says that only death will help her, then snaps her neck. When she wakes up, he tells her that she drank his blood earlier and that she'll now start craving blood herself to complete the transition. Confused and out of it, not knowing what he means, she leaves. Damon suggests that she go see Jeremy.

In the woods, the sheriff and Logan hunt the mystery vampire responsible for the murders, armed with the compass watch, a gun with wooden bullets and a stake. Vicki shows up at Jeremy's house, saying that she's starving and starts eating everything she can find in the refrigerator.

Elena asks Stefan if he's ever compelled her like Katherine compelled him years ago. He says that the necklace he gave her is filled with vervain and protects her from being compelled by either him or Damon so, no matter what she decides, she can know that it was her own choice.

Matt arrives at Jeremy's, looking for his sister, who they think is sick from some bad drugs. They see Logan's report on TV about the murders at the cemetery and Vicki starts to cry. As Stefan and Elena come in, Jeremy says that they were at the cemetery last night and asks Vicki what happened after he left. Stefan looks into Vicki's eyes and realizes that she is transitioning to becoming a vampire and that Damon must have gotten to her. He tells Elena that Vicki has to feed on human blood or she will die. Stefan says that her mind will clear soon and then she'll have to make the choice to feed or die. Vicki wants to bite Jeremy but runs away, instead. Stefan goes after her.

That night, the sheriff, her deputy, and Logan are still vampire hunting near the old town cemetery. Jeremy worries about Vicki and Elena says that they just have to wait for news and that it'll all be fine. Damon arrives at the Gilbert house and sees that Elena is afraid of him and guesses that Stefan told her everything. She tells him that Stefan is out looking for Vicki. Damon says sarcastically that Vicki will thank him for what he did and Elena asks Damon if he thanked Katherine. Her barb hits home and he leaves her with the advice to be careful who she invites into her house.

Stefan finds Vicki sitting and crying near the cemetery, where she is starting to remember everything. He confirms that if she doesn't feed, she will die soon. Vicki says that she doesn't want this and begs Stefan to take her home. Logan arrives and shoots Stefan, who drops to the ground, helpless. Logan starts to stake Stefan but Damon arrives and bites Logan, saving Stefan. He tells Stefan that if anyone is going to kill him, it'll be him (Damon). Damon demands his ring back from Stefan, who gives it to him. Unable to stop herself, Vicki feeds on Logan, then runs away. Later, the sheriff finds Logan and tells his deputy to look for the watch.

Stefan comes back to Elena's and tells her that he couldn't stop Vicki but promises that he'll find her and show her that she can live like he does and that she doesn't have to kill anyone. Elena is horrified that they will have to lie to Jeremy and Matt. She promises not to tell anyone Stefan's secret but she says that she can't be with him. She goes in the house and dissolves in tears, leaving Stefan alone outside.

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