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Jeremy and Vicki

"You're Undead To Me"

Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD: October 8, 2009
Written by: Sean Reycraft & Gabrielle Stanton
Directed by: Kevin Bray

Stefan walks to the door of the basement cell just as Damon opens his eyes. He sees that his family ring that allows him to go out in sunlight is gone. Stefan tells Damon that he has injected him with enough vervain to keep him weak until he cannot move for lack of nourishment from blood. Stefan says he will then take Damon to the family crypt and that they will reevaluate the situation in 150 years. He compares what he is doing to how vampires were treated in the dark ages when they threatened to call attention to the whole community and had to be "re-educated." Stefan says that it didn't have to be this way and leaves.

The following morning, Elena goes into the bathroom that she shares with Jeremy and finds Vicki there, meaning that Vicki spent the night. Jenna is okay with Jeremy and Vicki being together but says that they could be a little more crafty about sneaking in and out. Jenna says that she won't be home for dinner and Elena knows that means Jenna has agreed to have dinner with Logan. Jenna asks Elena if she has heard from Stefan and Elena says no, not since he left a vague message three days earlier that he had something to take care of. Elena says that she is not okay with that but she's not going to fall apart over some guy.

Stefan tells Zach that Damon is awake and weak, but that Zach should still stay away from the basement. Stefan says that he is going to school to try to get back to a "normal" life, including Elena, is she is still speaking to him.

Meanwhile, Caroline tells Bonnie that she doesn't remember everything from the party. She says that she thinks she might have let Damon bite her and Bonnie wants to know why she would do that. Bonnie is holding a candle, contemplating her developing powers as a witch. Bonnie sees the large amber crystal necklace and asks Caroline where she got it. Caroline says that Damon gave it to her or, at least, he was going to. Bonnie says that it's ugly.

At school, Caroline hand out flyers for a school fundraiser carwash, while Elena and Bonnie agree that she is in denial about what happened with Damon. Stefan arrives and apologizes to Elena for not calling, saying that he had to take care of Damon. Caroline asks Stefan where Damon is and Stefan tells her that Damon has left and won't be coming back. Stefan asks Elena to meet him at the Grill after school and he will explain further. Elena tells Caroline that Damon being gone is for the best.

Zach disregards Stefan's advice to stay away from the basement. He talks to Damon through the cell door, telling him that he has been drinking vervain every day for years, so biting him would just make Damon even sicker. Damon asks Zach for a rabbit, saying that he would settle for Stefan's diet. Zach refuses and Damons asks whatever happened to family loyalty? Zach says that Damon has only allowed him to live in the house and that it has never been really his and that they are family only in the most dysfunctional sense. Zach says that he just came to say goodbye but, when he turns to go, Damon speeds to the door and grabs him by the neck. Stefan arrives just in time to save Zach and then tells Damon that the more energy he expends, the faster he will go.
At the Grill, Elena tells Matt that she found his sister, Vicki, at her house that morning, very nonchalant about having spent the night with Jeremy. Then Elena tells Matt that Stefan is very secretive and asks what do they really know about him? Matt says that Stefan is good at football, a loner, but he might be a nice guy. Elena wants to know if he thinks she's being paranoid? Stefan arrives, almost an hour late, but won't explain why. He and Elena are about to leave the Grill when an old man sees Stefan and says he knows him but that Stefan hasn't aged a day in all these years and how is that possible? Stefan pretends that he doesn't know what the old man is talking about and Elena, impatient with more vague answers and secrecy, leaves the Grill.
Elena writes in her diary that she wants to make things right with Stefan but something inside of her is telling her to be careful. Logan arrives at the Grill, where he talks to Sheriff Forbes. The Sheriff tells him that she and her deputies have been checking out empty buildings and cabins by the lake but can find no sign of anyone staying there. Logan says that someone who can only come out at night should be obvious. The Sheriff asks Logan about the Gilbert family watch and he says he is working on it. The sheriff says that the watch is passed down from father to son, so he should start with Jeremy. Jenna arrives for their dinner date. Logan says that he is surprised that she came and Jenna tells him that he has one hour and make the most of it.

At Jeremy's suggestion, Elena goes downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat and finds Stefan making dinner for her. He tells her that if she's going to dump him, then she at least needs to know who she is dumping. He tells her about Katherine... that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever known, that she had a wonderful laugh, and that she knew how to have a good time. But Stefan says that Katherine was also impatient, entitled, and selfish. Damon claimed that he was with Katherine first and Stefan admits that he did some things he wasn't proud of and his biggest regret was not being able to make things right before Katherine died.

Upstairs, Vicki has found Elena's pain pills left over from thecar accident and wants to get high on them, but Jeremy asks her why they always have to get high. She said she hopes he isn't one of those guys who is going to try to change her.

Still cooking Italian food, Stefan tells Elena about the books, movies, TV and music he likes. Elena says that she will eat garlic bread only if he eats garlic, too, and Stefan says he loves garlic. Elena accidentally cuts her finger with a knife and Stefan, seeing the blood, begins to vamp out. Elena sees his reflection in the window but he turns away and controls himself before turning back to her. She says that her paranoia is turning into hallucinations. He says that is part of her charm and they kiss.

Damon reaches out psychically to Caroline, who is talking on the phone with a friend about the fund-raising car wash. She hears Damon say her name and turns to see a large black crow sitting on her window sill. She shoos the bird away, frightened. Later that evening, Stefan looks through the bars of the basement cell, checking on Damon. Damon, growing increasingly weaker, says that the truth will catch up to Stefan if he keeps lying about who he is.

The next day, at the fund-raising car wash, Matt broods when he sees Stefan kiss Elena and Bonnie tests her newfound abilities by causing a rude girl to get drenched with a garden hose. Jenna watches as Logan tapes a news report about the car wash raising funds for the football team, still mourning the death of their coach. After he finishes the report, Jenna tells Logan that she had a nice time at dinner the night before and he asks her if she remembers the last time they were in the school parking lot? She says no and she especially doesn't remember the part about having sex in his minivan. Logan says that was a good day. Elena is concerned about Stefan's heirloom ring being damaged by the soapy water and she says that she noticed that Damon has a ring just like it. Stefan tells her that the rings are the Salvatore family crest. Elena offers to keep the ring safe in her bag but Stefan says it's fine for him to just wear it.
Caroline goes to the school janitor's closet for more towels but she hears Damon's voice calling for help and she runs out of the school. In the parking lot, Elena talks to the old man who recognized Stefan the night before at the Grill. The old man says that he stayed at the Salvatore boarding house when he first came to Mystic Falls and that he remembers Stefan and Damon from then. Elena asks when that was and the old man says it was June, 1953. When the old man leaves, Elena is suspicious and confused and asks Stefan if he has any other family in town and Stefan says just his uncle, Zach.
Vicki takes Jeremy to the cemetery, where she hangs out and does drugs with friends. At the car wash, Elena meets Logan and asks him for a favor... does the TV station he works for have archives of news stories from the 1950s? Logan says they have just about everything, so she lies and asks him if she can look something up for an overdue school report.

Responding to Damon's call for help, Caroline goes to the Salvatore house, where she finds Damon sick and locked in the basement cell. His hold over her is fading but he eventually convinces her to unlock the door. Zach arrives and tells Caroline to run while he tries to keep them Damon in the cell, but Damon forces his way out, mercilessly snaps Zach's neck, and then chases Caroline upstairs. Before he can catch her, she throws open the front door and runs out. Without his ring, the sun coming through the front door burns Damon and he can't go after her.

At the car wash, Bonnie stares at some gasoline in a puddle that has drained out of a car. Concentrating on it, she sets it on fire and the fire spreads to another car nearby. She watches the flames in a trance. Stefan pulls her away and the fire dies out. Confused and frightened, she begs him not to tell anyone else that she caused the fire. At the TV station, Logan asks Elena to put in a good word for him with Jenna and is then called away on a story, leaving Elena to look through video archives of news stories from June, 1953.

Still partying at the cemetery, Vicki takes out the bottle of Elena's pills and tosses it to a friend. Jeremy gets angry that she stole them and takes them back. They argue because Jeremy says she is better than her loser friends. In tears, Vicki says that she'll always be a 'loser,' just like her friends, and Jeremy leaves. Logan arrives at the car wash with his cameraman to cover the mysterious fire, just as Matt advises Stefan that Elena is big on trust and that she won't rest until she gets the answers that she's looking for. At the TV station, Elena finds a news report from 1953 showing a Salvatore family member being taken away after being killed in a mysterious animal attack. The grainy black and white news footage shows Stefan in the background.

That night, Caroline's mother, the sheriff, asks Caroline if something is wrong but Caroline refuses to talk to her, saying that if she wants to talk about boys, then she'll call her dad, because he is dating one. Stefan returns home and finds Zach dead, while Elena's voice reads what she is writing in her diary... that she doesn't believe in magic, mysticism or immortality...that people are born, they grow old, and then they die. Bonnie shows up at her grandmother's house in tears, saying that she doesn't know what is happening to her. Her grandmother says she understands. At the Gilbert house, Logan finds the antique pocket watch in Jeremy's room. Jeremy catches Logan, who lies about why he is upstairs, making Jeremy suspicious of him. Elena remembers and says she can't deny every confusing thing that she has seen about Stefan...the news video from 1953, the bad cut Stefan had in his hand that magically healed the night of the football game, and the way his face changed when she cut her hand on the knife. Elena also remembers the bite marks on Caroline's neck and the bodies of murder victims being drained of blood.

At the cemetery, a weak Damon attacks and feeds on Vicki. Stefan, realizing what he has to do now that Damon has escaped, takes a wooden stake out of a box and is about to leave when Elena arrives at his front door. Terrified, she looks at him and asks him, 'what are you?'

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