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"Friday Night Bites"

Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD:  September 24, 2009 

Teleplay by: Barbie Kligman & Bryan M. Holdman 

Directed by: John Dahl 

Caroline awakens in her own bedroom. She sees bite marks on her neck and Damon sleeping beside her. Terrified , she tries to leave the room quietly but Damon stops her. Smelling the blood on the pillow, he vamps out and attacks her again. 

Arriving at school, Bonnie warns Elena to take her relationship with Stefan slowly because she got a really bad feeling when she accidentally touched him at the Grill. Elena says that she loves Bonnie for being concerned but that things are getting back to normal again and Stefan is a big part of that. Vicki wants to be just friends with Jeremy but he refuses, wanting more. Tyler and Matt see Stefan walking with Elena, who says that Bonnie and Stefan should come to dinner that night to get to know each other. 

Tyler throws a football at Stefan when he isn't looking but he turns with amazing speed, catches it easily, and throws it back, almost knocking Tyler off his feet. Elena encourages Stefan to join the football team but he says that he's a loner and it's not a good idea. Later, though, watching Elena at cheerleading practice, Stefan reconsiders and asks the coach if he can join the team. Tyler sees an opportunity to try to get back at Stefan and hurt him during practice. Elena tells Bonnie that she has to come to dinner that night to get to know Stefan. Bonnie agrees, reluctantly, and is worried because they haven't seen Caroline all day. 

On cue, Damon drives up in his convertible, dropping a now-calm-and-cheerful Caroline off for cheerleading practice. She tells Elena that she got the other brother and she hopes Elena doesn't mind. Elena tells Bonnie that Damon is Stefan's older brother. Elena watches Stefan work out with the team, showing them and the coach that he is a great player. Tyler, angry that Stefan seems to be the coach's new favorite, tackles him hard. Stefan gets up and says he is fine but, when no one can see, he takes off his glove and straightens a broken finger, which heals immediately. 

Later, at home, Stefan discovers Damon reading Stefan’s journal. Damon pretends that he wants to help Stefan live a normal human life, then laughs when Stefan actually starts to believe him. 

Elena and Bonnie prepare dinner and Bonnie says that she thinks that she really is psychic but that she doesn't want to be a witch. She says that she has been obsessed all day with the numbers 8, 14 and 22. Stefan arrives and they have an awkward dinner until Elena mentions that Bonnie is from a family of Salem witches and Stefan says that Salem witches were known for heroism and non-conformity. Bonnie is pleased that Stefan doesn't make fun of her family history. 

Caroline arrives with Damon. Stefan doesn't want to Elena to invite Damon in but she does, anyway. Over dessert and coffee, Caroline says that Elena used to be so much more fun before her parents died. Damon says that he and Stefan totally understand because they have watched everyone they care about die; then Damon says he's sorry and that he didn't mean to bring ‘her’ up.

 In town, at the Grill, Matt and Jeremy watch as Tyler gropes Vicki, who doesn’t mind. Jeremy starts to leave when Tyler runs into him on purpose, starting a shoving match and threats. Matt gets between them and Jeremy leaves. 

Damon tells Elena that he likes her as he helps her with the last of the dinner dishes. She asks him if he was referring to Katherine as the girl who died and asks if it happened recently. Damon says it seems like it was just yesterday and that Katherine died in a tragic fire. Elena asks what she was like and Damon says that she was beautiful, a lot like Elena, but she was also very complicated, selfish, and sometimes not very nice, but very sexy and seductive. Elena asks which one of them dated Katherine first. Damon says that she is very perceptive and tells her to ask Stefan that question because his answer will be different than Damon's. Then Damon advises Elena to quit cheerleading because she didn't look like she was having any fun. Elena says that it used to be fun and it used to matter but things are different now. Damon says sometimes it's best to move on. Elena tells Damon that she is sorry about Katherine's death and that she knows that Damon lost her, too. Damon seems surprised at Elena's sensitivity.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Caroline explains that Matt is having a hard time getting over his breakup with Elena because they have known each other since the sandbox. Stefan notices Caroline's scarf and asks if she can take it off. She says o, she can’t, but that she doesn't know why. Damon comes into the room and compels Caroline to do as he suggests and go help Elena in the kitchen. When she leaves, Stefan tells Damon that she is not a puppet for him to feed on whenever he wants to. Damon replies that he's wrong and that it's normal for them to all be under his control. Damon says that he can come back to Elena's house anytime he wants to now that he's been invited in. 

That night, Elena dreams that she and Stefan are in her bedroom making out but, when he pulls his shirt off over his head, it's Damon instead. She gasps and wakes up, not noticing the ominous black crow sitting on her bedroom window sill. 

The next morning, Elena dresses for school, deciding if she should wear her cheerleading uniform. Stefan writes in his journal, thinking that Damon must still have a shred of humanity but still wondering how he can protect Elena from his brother. He takes a small ornate metal box out of a cabinet. 

That afternoon, after school, Stefan sees that Elena is not wearing her cheerleading uniform and she tells him that she quit the squad. He gives her the ornate box, which contains an antique necklace that he asks her to always wear for good luck. It has a nice scent, which Stefan says is an herb. He fastens the necklace for her as he thanks her for pushing him to try out for the football team. 

Later, at a pep rally, the coach introduces Stefan as their new star player. Tyler, angry at the attention that Stefan is getting, starts another fight with Jeremy over Vicki. Stefan intervenes and Jeremy swings a broken bottle, cutting Stefan's hand. Elena sees a lot of blood but when Stefan opens his hand, the wound has completely healed. Elena is confused but Stefan just says that it was someone else’s blood and that he will see her after the game and leaves. 

Elena asks Bonnie what she felt or saw when she touched Stefan. Bonnie says that it was a cold feeling, like she would imagine death to be. Bonnie mentions again the numbers 8, 14 and 22, that she's been obsessed with again all day. Elena goes to her car, where she sees Damon, who says that he's hiding from Caroline, because she is so young and talks more than he can listen. Elena defends Caroline and points out that she is not that much younger than Damon. 

Damon says that he doesn't mean to make Elena uncomfortable and she says that is exactly what he means to do because everything he says has an alternate meaning. He says she is right and that he does have other intentions but so does she. Damon says that she wants him and thinks about him and is drawn to him and that she has probably even dreamed about him. Looking into her eyes, trying to compel her, he says that she even wants to kiss him. As he leans toward her, she slaps him, not affected by his attempt at compulsion. Elena says that she doesn't know what kind of game he is trying to play with Stefan but that he should get one thing clear...she is not Katherine. She stalks off, leaving Damon to wonder why compelling her didn't work. 

Matt thanks Stefan for stepping in to help Jeremy and apologizes for treating Stefan badly that week during practice. Matt offers his hand in friendship, then leaves to get ready for the game. Damon, hiding in the shadows, applauds sarcastically that Stefan has made a new friend. Damon says that the necklace was a neat trick and asks where Stefan got the herb, vervain, that is in it. Stefan refuses to tell him. Damon says that it's been a long time since anyone could resist his compulsion. He threatens to seduce Elena the old-fashioned way or just to eat her but Stefan says that Damon won't hurt her because, deep down, he knows that Damon still has feelings. Stefan says that Damon is still torturing him after 145 years because Katherine died, but Damon still loves her, and that is his humanity. 

The coach arrives and Damon asks if that's his humanity, then what is this? And then he attacks the coach, killing him. Stefan shouts no but Damon, covered in the coach’s blood, just says ‘anyone, any time, any place.’ 

Matt argues with Tyler in the locker room, saying that he is a bully, then goes outside to cool off, where he finds the coach's body. Later, horrified students watch as paramedics remove the body. Bonnie, standing with the other students, sees that the coach was killed in front of Building 8, by a car with a license plate ending in the number 14, and was left lying in parking space 22. She is overwhelmed that her vision of the numbers came true. 

Leaving for the night, Tyler sees Matt, who is sad about the coach's death, but he doesn't stop to console him. Vicki finds Jeremy by the bleachers and tells him that she didn't hook up with him over the summer just for the drugs that he could provide for her. 

Standing by Elena's car, she wonders what kind of animal could have come out of the woods and attacked the coach. She also says that she was sure that Stefan's hand was badly cut, but Stefan says that they are both fine and that's all that matters. 

Later, at home, Stefan writes in his journal that he had hoped that there was still something human and normal in Damon but that he was wrong and that his brother is a monster who must be stopped. Stefan is unaware that, at that exact moment, Damon is standing next to Elena's bed, tenderly brushing her hair back from her face as she sleeps. Elena stirs and wakes up but sees no one there.

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