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"Night of the Comet"

Detailed summary by Katya!

OAD:  September 17, 2009 

Teleplay by: Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec 

Directed by: Marcos Siega  

A young couple camp out in a tent in the woods. The woman says that she hopes it won't rain because they won't get to see the comet. Her boyfriend says that it won't rain and leaves the tent to get something from their car. Seconds later, the woman hears a dripping sound. Thinking that it is starting to rain, she looks outside, only to see her boyfriend dead in the tree above her, his blood dripping down. Terrified, she runs to the car, where she is attacked by the same creature that killed her boyfriend. 

The next morning, Elena and Stefan awaken in their own bedrooms, each thinking that today is different, that there is a change, and that today they will see each other again. 

Jenna prepares for a conference with Jeremy's teacher and tells Elena that Jeremy has already left for school, only to realize that Jeremy has lied to her. Jeremy visits Vicki in the hospital, where the nurse tells him that Vicki lost a lot of blood and needs her rest. 

In history class, the teacher talks about the comet that will be seen over their town of Mystic Falls for the first time in 145 years, during tomorrow night's celebration. Elena and Stefan pay little attention, having only eyes for each other. After class, Stefan gives Elena a first edition of "Wuthering Heights." Meanwhile, Bonnie says that she is from a family of Salem witches and Caroline asks her to conjure up a name and phone number for the guy she saw at the Grill, meaning Damon. 

After school, Jeremy challenges Tyler and promises to kill him if he hurts Vicki again. Meanwhile, Matt, Vicki's brother, tells Elena that Vicki will be okay. He says that he has tried to find their mother but hasn't been able to and Elena asks if Vicki said what kind of animal attacked her. Stefan, with his heightened vampire hearing, overhears Matt say that Vicki said that it was a vampire, but he thinks that Vicki was still drunk and not making sense. Matt asks Elena what is up with her and Stefan and Elena refuses to answer, telling Matt that she doesn't want to hurt him. Matt says that he is going back to the hospital and when Elena looks around, Stefan is gone. 

Jenna meets with Jeremy's teacher, who is concerned because Jeremy is missing so many classes. Jenna says that he is still coping with his parents' death and the teacher says that he heard about the tragic accident where their car went off a bridge. He understands but he says that Jeremy shows all the signs of using drugs and then he implies that Jenna is not a fit guardian. 

Vicki freaks out when Matt comes into her hospital room. Matt runs for the nurse and, while he's gone, Stefan compels Vicki to remember only that some kind of animal attacked her. When Matt returns with the nurse, Vicki is sleeping peacefully, but Matt sees Stefan walking down the hall. Matt follows him and Stefan steps out of sight, only to find himself in a blood donation center. Stefan vamps out and when Matt arrives, he finds Stefan gone through an open window. 

Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena have coffee after school. Bonnie says that her grandmother thinks the comet is a bad omen and that the last time it was seen over Mystic Falls, there was death and carnage that created a hotbed of paranormal activity. Caroline dismisses the idea and only wants to know details of what happened between Elena and Stefan. Elena says that they only talked and Caroline encourages her to act on her feelings for Stefan and not talk. 

Jenna tries to counsel Jeremy about using drugs but he won't listen. Matt and Jeremy visit Vicki in the hospital but Vicki tells Jeremy that she is more interested in Tyler, even though Tyler has not come to check on her. Jeremy tells Vicki that he was the one who found her after she was attacked. 

Elena goes to see Stefan at the Salvatore Boarding House, an imposing Gothic mansion, but meets Damon instead. Damon tells Elena that Stefan is still getting over his last girlfriend, Katherine, then guesses that Stefan hasn't mentioned her to Elena. When Stefan appears, Elena immediately sees the animosity and hatred between the brothers. After she leaves, Stefan says that he went to the hospital to compel Vicki to forget that Damon attacked her and Damon reminds him that those tricks only work when he feeds properly. Stefan wants to know how long Elena was there and Damon asks if he's worried that they are doomed to repeat the past they shared with Katherine. Stefan asks Damon what kind of game he's playing and Damon replies that he will just have to wait to find out. 

Elena tells Jenna that Stefan is on the rebound just as Jeremy comes home. Jenna tells him that she will ground him if he keeps skipping classes but he doesn't take her seriously. Vicki has a nightmare where she sees Damon again as a vampire. 

Elena passes out flyers at the Night of the Comet celebration and tells Bonnie that she isn't ready for a relationship with Stefan. Caroline sees Damon but he disappears before she can talk to him. Zach worries about why Damon has returned and whether Vicki will remember that he attacked her. Vicki returns to her job at the Grill, where Jeremy gives her a bottle of pain pills. Tyler asks how she's doing and she blows him off. 

After dark, at the celebration, Elena and Stefan talk. Stefan apologizes for the confrontation with Damon that Elena witnessed, and Elena says she understands complicated brothers and complicated exes. She says that at least she and Stefan met and talked, and it was epic, but then reality set in. 

Vicki sees Damon at the Grill but she can't remember where she knows him from. She goes to the restroom and takes more pain pills, where Damon attacks her again. Later, Jeremy asks if anyone has seen Vicki and that he can't find her anywhere. Tyler calls Jeremy a pill pusher and Elena asks, is he's dealing drugs now? Tyler tells Jeremy that Vicki will never go for him but Jeremy tells him that she already has. Matt just wants to find his sister while Elena confronts Jeremy with some tough love about his drug use, trying to get him to talk to her. He refuses and leaves. 

Matt sees Stefan in the town square and tells him that he saw him at the hospital the day before. Matt also tells Stefan that he has known Elena all their lives and that even though they're not together, he will always look out for her. Stefan's vampire hearing tells him that Damon has Vicki. He finds them on a nearby roof, where Damon compels Vicki to think that Stefan is the vampire that attacked her, in an attempt to force Stefan to feed on human blood, so that he will be strong enough to compel Vicki to forget. Stefan says that he doesn't care if the town knows what he is and kills him, because at least he will be free of Damon. 

Damon, impressed by Stefan's courage, whispers to Vicki, compelling her to forget everything that has happened. She looks around, not knowing how she got on the roof, and leaves. Damon says that it's good to be home and he thinks he'll stay awhile, since the town needs a wake-up call. Stefan asks what he's up to, but Damon won't tell him. Damon says to give Elena his best. 

At the Grill, Matt thanks Stefan for finding Vicki. Stefan asks Bonnie and Caroline where Elena is and Bonnie writes down Elena's phone number so Stefan can text her. But when Bonnie hands the note to Stefan, she is hit with a shocked vibe and she asks Stefan what happened to him. Then she realizes that was rude and leaves. Caroline says that Bonnie wigs out at times. 

At home, Elena sees Jenna searching Jeremy's room for drugs. Jenna is upset that she is a bad guardian and that Elena's mother made raising the children look easy, but it isn't and it will be her fault when Jeremy gets worse. Elena reassures Jenna that it's just her fear talking, then realizes that she feels the same way about Stefan. 

Jeremy is crushed when he sees Vicki kissing Tyler at the Grill. Walking to her car, Caroline sees Damon again. Elena goes to Stefan's house to tell him that she has been afraid to be happy, afraid that the world will come crashing down. Stefan says that the way they feel about each other is reality, and that when they met and talked, it was epic. They kiss for the first time. 

In bed, Damon and Caroline are starting to make love when he vamps out and bites her. She screams.

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