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Teen Wolf Cast List Page

Who plays Who 

Character - Actor


Scott McCall - Tyler Posey
Stiles Stilinski - Dylan O'Brien
Lydia Martin - Holland Roden
Liam Dunbar - Dylan Sprayberry
Malia Tate - Shelley Hennig
Mason Hewitt - Khylin Rhambo
Deputy Jordan Parrish - Ryan Kelley
Hayden Romero - Victoria Moroles
Corey - Michael Johnston
Deputy Strauss - Aaron Thornton
Stephen Lunsford - Alisha Boe
Sheriff Stilinski - Linden Ashby
Melissa McCall - Melissa Ponzio
Chris Argent - JR Bourne
Dr. Alan Deaton - Seth Gilliam
Peter Hale - Ian Bohen
Coach Bobby Finstock - Orny Adams
Natalie Martin - Susan Walters
Deucalion - Gideon Emery
Rafael McCall - Matthew Del Negro
Deputy Valerie Clarke - Benita Robledo
Brett Talbot - Cody Saintgnue
Mr. Garrett Douglas - Pete Ploszek


Derek Hale - Tyler Hoechlin
Allison Argent - Crystal Reed
Kira Yukimura - Arden Cho
Isaac Lahey - Daniel Sharman
Danny Mahealani - Keahu Kahuanui
Jackson Whittemore - Colton Haynes
Aiden - Max Carver
Ken Yukimura - Tom Choi
Gerard Argent - Michael Hogan
Ethan - Charlie Carver
Kate Argent - Jill Wagner
Victoria Argent - Eaddy Mays
Theo Raeken - Cody Christian
Braeden - Meagan Tandy
Sydney - Claire Bryétt Andrew
Noshiko Yukimura - Tamlyn Tomita
Vernon Boyd - Sinqua Walls
Marin Morrell - Bianca Lawson
Tracy Stewart - Kelsey Asbille
Cora Hale - Adelaide Kane
Erica Reyes - Gage Golightly
Jennifer Blake - Haley Webb
Meredith Walker - Maya Eshet
Adrian Harris - Adam Fristoe
The Surgeon - Marti Matulis
The Pathologist - Douglas Tait
The Geneticist - Caitlin Dechelle
Matt Daehler - Stephen Lunsford
Kali - Felisha Terrell
Sebastien Valet - Gilles Marini

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Page updated 8/13/21

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