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Space: 1999 Episode Guide

Recaps of "Space: 1999" Shows!

Space: 1999 pic of John and Helena

We made this guide using Epi-Log Magazine #41)


     Breakway (Nuclear waste disposal sites on the mood explode, causing a chain reaction that sends the moon careening out of the Earth's orbit.)
     Matter of Life and Death (Helena finds her missing husband alive on a planet, but he is composed of antimatter)
     Another Time, Another Place (Moonbase Alpha is mysteriously duplicated when it goes through a displacement field.)
     Collision Course (Koenig finds out that Moonbase Alpha is on a collision course with the planet Astheria.)
     Force of Life (A technician is taken over by a blue light and drains energy from the station.)
     Alpha Child (A child is born that turns into a ruthless alien that brings more of his kind to take over the Alphans.)
     Guardian of Piri (The Alphans are lured into a false paradise by a computer.)
     War Games (Alpha is attacked by alien warships and sustain many casualties.)
     Mission of the Darlans (The Alphans receive an automated distress call from a spaceship that was partially-destroyed 900 years ago.)
     The Black Sun (The approach of a black sun causes the Alphans to devise a survival plan which causes Bergman and Koenig to grow very old.)
     End of Eternity (The Alphans rescue a strange humanoid inside an asteroid that promises them immortality.)
     Voyager's Return (Berman tries to get data from the deep space probe Voyager One, but its drive has been emitting planet-destroying matter.)
     The Testament of Arkadia (Alpha is stopped and being drained of power by the planet Arkadia, which may be the home of Earth's ancestors.)
     The Last Enemy (The Alphans accidentally get involved in a war between two planets.)
     Dragon's Domain (An astronaut, the only survivor of his ship, tries to convince the Alphans that a monster was on board)
     The Full Circle (After bringing back an empty Eagle, the crew finds a planet in a time warp where all of the crew exist as cavepeople.)
     Death's Other Dominion (The Alphans are invited to join the inhabitants of a frozen world, who claim to be members of an Earth expedition that have found immortality.)
    Ring Around the Moon (Aliens steal information from Alpha's computers so they can destroy the Earth.)
     Earthbound (A renegade crewman jeopardizes the chances of one Alphan to return to Earth on an alien ship.)
     The Infernal Machine (A machine tries to force Helena and John to be its companion on its spaceship.)
     Missing Link (Responding to a distress call, Koenig is taken by a mad-woman who enjoys hunting her people)
     The Last Sunset (The Alphans seem to find a planet, Ariel, with an Earth-like atmosphere, but all is not as it seems.)
     Space Brain (Unusual heiroglyphics on their computer screens lead the Alphans to a powerful space brain.)
     The Troubled Spirit (The ghost of a dead botanist haunts Alpha Moon-base.)


     Metamorph (Looking for titanium deposits, some Eagles are captured and their brains drained to feed Psychon, a biological computer maintained by Mentor. The Alphans are saved by Mentor's daughter Maya, who can transform into any organic form at will.)
     All That Glisters (A powerful alien world lures the Alphan to it and then tries to take their water.)
     Journey to Where (In an experiment to get them back to Earth, John, Alan and Helena are hurled back to 1339 where they get caught up in a battle between the British and Scots.)
     The Taybor (An old space trader tries to trade a powerful jump-drive for Maya, then steals her when she won't go willingly.)
     New Adam, New Eve (A godlike-being captures four Alphans to be the genetically altered Adam and Eve for his planet.)
     Mark of Archanon (The Alphans rescue to alliens in suspended animation who are infected by a virus that makes them psychotic.) 
     Brian the Brain (A robot from an old Earth ship kidnaps John and Helena so that they can help extend his life.)
     The Rules of Luton (After picking a flower on a new planet,  Maya must fight some other aliens to set herself and John free.)
     A B Chrysalis ( When some of the Alphans investigate a planet that is sending severe shock waves at the Moonbase, a trio of chlorine-breathing aliens must decide their destiny.)
     The Catacombs of the Moon (A miner and his dying wife try to steal hyper-nitro which may destroy Alpha.)
     Seed of Destruction (A mirror version of John plots to steal the energy from Alpha while the real John is trapped on a mirror planet.)
     The Exiles (The Alphans revive aliens that are trapped in cone-shaped objects, only to find they are cast-out criminals, then the aliens capture them and try to bend the Alphans to their will.)
     Space Warp (Alpha is hurled across the galaxy because of a space warp, leaving Tony and Koenig trapped with only an Eagle; meanwhile, Maya is in the throes of a fever that causes her to change into dangerous monsters.)
     A Matter of Balance (A botanist is being controlled by an alien in another dimension, who forces her to change dimensions with him, using plants to destroy all who get in the way.)
     The Beta Cloud (A cloud of space dust and an alien monster threaten the moonbase's life support system.)
     The Lambda Factor (An unusual cloud heightens the crew's psychic powers, which results in death.)
     One Moment of Humanity (Super androids from the planet Vega kidnap Helena and Tony to try to provoke them into violent emotion, which they want to study to learn.  Meanwhile, Vegans try to stop the androids, who want to bring more Alphans to their planet.)
     The Seance Spectre (A paranoid crewman fights to get to a new planet  that John has discovered, not knowing the planet is a vast desert on a collision course with the moonbase.)
     The Brings of Wonder, Part One (Koenig seems to go mad, and a ship from Earth arrives with the Alphans loved-ones to bring them home.)
     The Brings of Wonder, Part Two (Koenig tries to convince the other Alphans that their loved ones are really horrible aliens trying to kill them all.)
     Dorzak (An alien ship carrying a criminal with mind powers makes contact with the ship, and Maya uniwittingly aids the criminal, who takes her place.)
     The Immunity Syndrome (While investigating a promising planet, an immortal creature unknowingly causes Alphans to go crazy or die; Koenig and Alan try to contact it without being affected by it.)
     Devil's Planet (AKA Devil's Moon) Responding to a distress call, Koenig is trapped on a planet where men are hunted for sport.)
     The Dorcons (AKA Return of the Dorcons) (The moonbase is threatened by the powerful Dorcons, who want Maya's brain stem.)

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Updated 12/13/17  


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