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Smallville Transcripts


First aired November 20th, 2009

Oliver, Lois and Clark

Provided and Proofread by Suzanne

Previously on "Smallville"...  

Tess: Lois, where is the orb?

Lois: What orb?!

Tess: The alien technology from my vault.

Lois: You just want to take over the world with some alien nation.

Tess: I am trying to save the world.

Chloe: My cousin Lois vanished for three weeks and then suddenly appeared, claiming that she was being chased by a ninja-clad assassin. I think I know where she was. The future.

Therapist: 4B083CB0.JPGCould the vivid dreams you've been having have something to do with your three weeks of blocked memory?

Woman: Why don't we have the powers we should have under yellow sun?


Zod: I will find the answers we are looking for, or I will die in the quest!

Tess: I give you the world's first solar tower.

Clark: Why are you risking your own life? 4B083CC7.JPG

Woman: Because it's the only chance I have before you destroy our world.

Chloe: Clark would never in a million years risk what needed to be done.

Oliver: And I told you Lois doesn't have that kind of time. You get Dr. Weiss on a helicopter and get him to Met Gen now. Clark. I got three of the country's best neuro MDs on their way.

Clark: It's too late. Lois is already missing.

Oliver: What do you mean she's missing? You took her to the hospital. You've been with her all night, Clark.

Clark: I was. I stepped out to see if you called, and when I got back, she was gone. There's nothing 4B083CEB.JPGin her chart, there's no releases, and there are no witnesses.

Oliver: Hospital said someone called and requested a copy of Lois' test results. Emil.

Clark: Why would Emil care about Lois?

Oliver: He wouldn't. Maybe the person he's working for would.

Clark: Chloe.

Stuart: Spying on Lois' computers and hacking into her therapist files. Did you really need to escalate into kidnapping her 4B083D12.JPGfrom a coma ward?

Tess: There's a mystery surrounding Miss lane. And this is my chance to solve it.

Stuart: So, what -- all this because she told a shrink she has headaches and sees weird futuristic flashes?

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Stuart: What? I can't hack into these files and not read them.

Tess: They're called boundaries, Stuart. Find some.  And these futuristic flashes may not be imaginary. Besides, Lois was investigating Zod's orb when she vanished for three weeks.

Stuart: What, you think these are 4B083D2E.JPGrepressed memories that she's already been through?

Tess: This technology will tell us.

[ Keyboard clacks, computer beeping ]

[ Beep ]

Tess: Can't you get more than just fragments?

Stuart: Look, I'm sorry, Tess, but her mind is like a mental mosh pit right now, okay? Only a human -- 4B083D55.JPG

Tess: Pause it. That's Zod's solar tower... exactly as it's designed to be built. But the plans haven't even gone public yet. Lois did go to the future.

Stuart: Okay, well, you better pop some popcorn. She's remembering something.

[ Echoing ]

Tess: Where's the orb?

Lois: What orb?! [ Breathing heavily ] 4B083D6F.JPG[ Grunts ] Tess, where are you? Don't start what you can't finish. What the Hell? [ Gasps ]

[ Wind whistling, paper rustling ]

[ Door squeaks ]

Lois: Hello?!

[ Air whooshing ] 4B083DBD.JPG

Lois: [ Gasps ]

Man: Why are you out of uniform?

Lois: Maybe because I dropped out of girl scouts years ago.

Man: You're bleeding. You're nothing but a filthy human. This zone is off limits to your kind.

Lois: But this dream is all mine, so what's with the attitude?

Man: It is not your place to ask questions.

Lois: I'm a reporter. Asking questions is in my blood.

Man: Well, then... it would be a shame to spill it.

Lois: [ Panting ] [ Gasps ] The Red-Blue Blur -- he'll stop you.

Man: Not under a red sun. Look around you. Your Blur is dead.

[ Grunts, inhales sharply ]

Stuart: Okay, Tess, tuning the TV to Channel Lois is one thing, but syncing your brainwaves to hers?

Tess: [ Grunts ] All we're seeing on the screen are jumbled images. To get the answers I'm looking for, I need to plug in.

Stuart: Look, I-I didn't build this technology, okay? Don't you think we should have someone from Summerholt here?

Tess: Zod said that his tower's going to change the world. Lois' memories of the future 4B083F17.JPGshould show me how.

[ Keyboard clacks ]

Stuart: Okay. How hard can this be?

[ Keyboard clacking, computer beeping ]

[ Whirring ]

Woman: Hey. Time for food. Come on. Let's go.

[ Thud ]

Woman: You! Move it. I said move.

Man: Aah!

Woman: Stealing will not go unpunished.

Man: Aaaaaah! 4B083F71.JPG[ Gasps ]

Lois: Okay, easy. I was just hoping for some food here. And I'm pretty sure this is a bad dream, but right now, I could eat about 30 maple doughnuts.

Woman: You want food? And what do you have to trade?

Clark: Take this.

Lois: Smallville?

Clark: It's all I have. It's yours if you let her go.

Woman: This will do... for now.

Clark: I thought I'd lost you forever.

Lois: Clark.  Thank God.

Clark: I can't believe 4B083F9F.JPGyou're alive.

Lois:  This dream just got 10 times brighter.

Clark: What do you mean "dream"? Lois, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you're not dreaming.

Lois: Clark, if this isn't a dream, then it's the worst nightmare I could ever imagine. Since when did the Kent family farm become a prison? And why would you give away the one thing of your dad's that meant so much to you?

Clark: I did it for you.

Lois: Okay, hold on. 4B083FB9.JPGExplain about the wicked witch and the flying freaks. Have we been invaded by "The Wizard of Oz"?

Clark: More like another planet.

Lois: Aliens? Clark, before I fought Tess, she went on and on about some orb -- called it alien technology, said there was life inside of it. This invasion -- Tess knew about it.

Clark: Yeah, well, Tess may have helped. These aliens have their own leader. His name is Zod. I tried to fight him, 4B083FD5.JPGbut... ...I made all the wrong choices. A lot of people died.

Lois: Please tell me Chloe wasn't one of them.

Clark: Lois, I don't know. Lois, I don't know. After I thought I lost you, I went off on my own. I haven't talked to her in months.

Lois: Months?

Clark: Lois, you vanished a year ago.

Lois: No, I was just throwing down with Tess a few hours ago. And then I grabbed that gold ring.

Clark: The Legion ring? It must have brought you 4B083FFD.JPGhere when you put it on, do you still have it?

Lois:  Yeah.

Man: You.  General Zod would like to see you.

Clark: Protect the ring.

Lois:  Clark!

Clark: [ Grunting ] Lois!

[ Computer beeps ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Where's Lois?

Chloe: Last I heard, you dropped her at the hospital.

Clark: Someone moved her, and I know that you had Emil look into her records.

Chloe: She's my cousin, Clark.

Clark: Chloe, you've been hiding things from me for months. Now I think you're hiding Lois.

Chloe: Right accusation, wrong girl. Clark, I may not 4B084163.JPGhave been sharing my deep, dark secrets with you lately, but someone else has been playing hide-and-seek a lot longer than I have.

Clark: Tess.

Chloe: Yeah. We can work on your apology later. Tess has been keeping more than just an editorial eye on Lois for the past few months.

Clark: Lois can't answer any of her questions. She's in a coma.

Chloe: She doesn't have to talk to Tess for her to run tests on her. And we both know how obsessed 4B08417B.JPGshe's been with fact that Lois vanished for three weeks.

Clark: You think this has something to do with her trip to the future.

Chloe: I think it's possible. Emil gave me the hospital workups on her. She suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. So every time she has a memory, her body relives the trauma. Her heart can only take so much.

Clark: Chloe, I have to find her.

Chloe: Tess is never gonna admit that she took Lois. Let me try something. 4B084195.JPG

[ Dialing ]

Chloe: I have a guy on the inside.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Stuart: Okay, ladies, we're a little touch-and-go here right now, but we are stable again. And you should have a front-row seat to the Lois matinee.

[ Alarm beeping ]

Stuart: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no. No, no, no, no, no.

Lois: I guess membership has its privileges.

Zod: Try the truffle. It's my favorite. 4B0841BF.JPG

Lois: [ Breathing heavily ]

Zod: To think... a few of these could mean the difference between life and death for your kind. Mmm. I'm General Zod. And all of this is mine to give... if you give me the names of whoever snuck you into the restricted zone.

Lois: My dad's a general, too.

Zod: Oh?

Lois: And he still couldn't get me to spill how I got an M1 Abrams tank to take me to prom. So I'm definitely not 4B0841EF.JPGtelling you anything.

Zod: Then you hear this. No matter how many times you resistance fighters break into the zone, you'll never...

Lois: [ Grunts ]

Zod: ...Never take down my tower.

Lois: [ Gasps ]

Zod: What is this?

Tess: Lois?

Lois: You? You redheaded rat!

Zod: Do you know her?

Tess: She used to work for me. But then she disappeared.

Lois: Traitor!

Tess: I am this planet's savior! 4B084225.JPGI helped General Zod take power to ensure this earth's survival.

Lois: Tess Mercer, the ultimate ecoterrorist.

Zod: And what are you? I understand you were seen talking to Clark Kent. It was only a matter of time before the resistance got to him.

Lois: The only thing I'm resisting is the urge to kick both your asses. And if Clark were here right now, he would back me up.

Zod: The only reason Clark is still alive 4B08423F.JPGis because I'd hoped he'd join us to bridge the gap between our people.

Tess: Trust me, Zod. No one has worked as hard as I have to get Clark to see the good that we're doing. But I think we've fooled ourselves long enough. He won't come around.

Zod: Which is why... ...neither of you is any good to me alive. 4B08425F.JPG

Lois: [ Gasps ] Excuse me?

Zod: A double execution will send out a strong message to anyone who would dare defy me. Hmm. Take heart, Lois. At least you can enjoy a glorious last meal.

Lois: [ Gasps softly ]

Zod: Today, two lives end... but another begins. Rise, soldier.

Lois: You betrayed the entire human race for some crappy dog tags. Way to go! 4B08434F.JPG

[ Door opens ]

Clark: Lois. Let her go. Take my life! Let her live!

Lois: Clark.

Zod: Your bravery is commendable. But by defying me, you have forced my hand.

Lois: [ Gasps ]

Zod: I wanted you to join me on this new earth. But now I must bury you beneath it.

Lois: No! 4B084376.JPG

[ Glass shatters ]

[ Arrows whoosh ]

Woman: There's too much kryptonite.

Man: [ Grunts ]

Lois: Oliver.

Oliver: Heya, Legs. Long time, no see.

Lois: And am I glad to see you and your band of merry men.

Oliver: It's not my band.

Lois: What?

Oliver: It's hers.

Lois: Chloe!

Oliver: I didn't think I was ever gonna see you again.

Lois: You almost didn't. Those crazy space invaders almost killed us.

Clark: I guess we owe you guys our lives. 4B0843B6.JPG

[ Woman whimpering ]

Tess: [ Whimpering ]  You always were a good shot.

Oliver: I didn't do this to you. I didn't.

Tess: [ Crying ] I know. I did this to myself. It was a risk choosing Zod over my own people... but someone had to save the earth. I couldn't give up on that. 4B0843E6.JPG

Oliver: [ Whimpers, sniffles ] [ Breathes shakily ]

Chloe: I had the shot. I had to take it.

Oliver: [ Sniffles ]

[ Shovel scraping ]

Tess: [ Gasps, panting ]

Stuart: Oh.

Tess: [ Sighs ] Chloe kills me.

Stuart: I'm not sure what you saw in there, but out here, you were still alive. 4B08443B.JPG

[ Computer bee ]

Tess: [ Gasps ]

Stuart: So, I guess I did okay, right?

Tess: You did your job, MENSA boy. Now finish it. I don't want Lois waking up with the memories that I just saw. That would be too dangerous. Use the device to wipe them out.

Stuart: Tess, if I make a mistake, she could come out of this catatonic.

Tess: Don't argue with me, Stuart. 4B08444C.JPG

[ Monitor beeping ]

Stuart: [ Sighs ] No. Okay? I won't do it. I won't.

Tess: Excuse me?

Stuart: I'm gonna pull her out, Tess. I'm sorry, but we are literally messing with someone's mind here. 4B084468.JPG

[ Gunshot ]

Tess: I'm sorry, too.

[ Air whooshes ]

Tess: Clark. Stuart went rogue. He took her. I had to stop him.

Clark: What'd you do to her?

[ Thud, clatter ]

Clark: Aah! [ Grunting ]

Chloe: We may have won the battle, but Zod will come back harder now.

Clark: Then it's time we take a stand. Lois vanished a year ago after she put on the Legion ring.

Chloe: You time-traveled here? 4B084492.JPG

Lois: I'm pretty sure I didn't walk a whole year into the future -- not in these heels. The thing is, I lost the ring. That one-named wonder, Zod, took it.

Clark: We need to get the ring back. Then Lois can return to the past and prevent Zod's tower from being built in the first place.

Chloe: That's not a bad plan, Clark, but why should I trust you now? You already left us once to fight on your own.

Oliver: You abandoned us, big guy -- plain and simple.

Clark: I thought I could stop Zod myself. 4B0844AC.JPGI tried to take him on as my enemy, and I was wrong. But I'm here now.

Lois: Okay, then, look. Why Clark decided to take on our enemy E.T.s by himself is beyond me, and maybe you think he abandoned the cause or something. But come on -- aren't we all in this together?

Clark: You guys shut down that tower and bring back the yellow sun, you know I'm your best chance of getting back that ring.

Chloe: Maybe. I still don't trust you.

Lois: Well, I guess that's a start. 4B0844C9.JPGSo, about the tower?

Chloe: The towers are the key to the Kandorians' power. They collect all the sun's radiation, turn it red, and then beam it back up to the LuthorCorp satellites.

Oliver: Those satellites take the radiation, and they beam it back down to earth, giving those alien S.O.B.s all their superhuman strength. Now, we take the tower down, we shut them down.

Lois: Guys, I've seen Zod's troops. We are seriously outnumbered. We'd never reach it.

Chloe: We don't have to. We have a secret weapon -- 4B0844E2.JPGWatchtower. I powered down Watchtower so the Kandorians couldn't find it, but I can use the computers to hack into Zod's big red flashlight and unleash a virus that should shut it off remotely.

Clark: You guys bring back the yellow sun, and I'll take th4B0844FB.JPGe others to find the Legion ring.

Lois: I just have one more question. How does turning the sun yellow make Clark our number-one draft pick for taking on this Zod guy?

Clark: Zod and I have history.

Clark: You okay?

Lois: Define "okay." So far today, I've traveled through time, fought a flying alien, and almost got my head chopped off.

[ Door closes ]

Lois: But despite all those things... one thing I can't believe... ...I can't believe you and Chloe aren't friends anymore.

Clark: It's not her fault. I turned my back on her. Lois, after you disappeared, I couldn't... I couldn't be around 4B084546.JPGOliver or Chloe. It reminded me of you, and that hurt too much.  [ Gulps ] So... I left... ...and trained myself to fight Zod.

Lois: Clark... what did you mean about having a history with him?

Clark: Let's just say that I made some mistakes.

Lois: Stop beating yourself up. You are not alone in this. The truth is... ...we could all die tomorrow. 4B084577.JPG

Clark: Lois, I died when you left.

Lois: I'm here now.

Clark: [ Echoing ] I wish we had more time.

Emil: Clark, can you hear me? 4B0846D0.JPGClark. Can you hear me, Clark?

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Chloe: The ambulance will be here soon.  Stuart's lost a lot of blood, but luckily he's still alive. And I'm sure that Mercer "The Merciless" will be fine.  How's Clark?

Emil: Somehow this machine synced their brainwaves. Clark's literally locked into Lois' memories. But I believe there's a way that I can pull them out.

Chloe: Don't close the curtain yet. I took a peek into Lois' therapy files that Tess hacked into. 4B0846EC.JPGI think that every time that she saw her therapist, it actually unlocked more of her memories from the future.

Emil: Chloe, these memories are physically damaging. You really want to put their lives in danger?

Chloe: Emil, if you pull Clark out now, it will put a lot of other people's lives at stake. When that assassin from the future came back, she told Clark that 4B0846FF.JPGhe would destroy the world. Now, he has to know how to stop it.

[ Beeping ]

Oliver: Honey, I'm home.

Lois: Okay, Chloe, remember when we were 10 and I kicked you out of my clubhouse for spilling soda and you said you'd just build a cooler one? You win. 4B084732.JPG

[ Computer bee ] [ Keyboard clacking ]

Lois: So, this is what happens when there's no Blur.

Oliver: That's why we need every hero we can get. For the woman who has everything. It's a meteor-rock knife. I've encased it in lead so the enemy won't know you're packing till it's too late.

Lois: Even in the future, you still know how to charm a girl.

Chloe: The last firewall's down. I'm in the Zod tower's command center. The virus is almost ready. Take that, master control. 4B084759.JPG

[ Computer beeping ]

Chloe: There. Just a few minutes, we should see our yellow sun rise and shine again.

Oliver: The Kandorians are coming. We should go. I'll scout ahead and make sure the coast is clear.

Chloe: Go. I'll be right behind you. 4B08476A.JPG

[ Computer beeps ]

Lois: [ Panting ] Chloe!

[ Air whooshing ]

Lois: Come on! You can make it!

[ Air whooshing ]

Chloe: [ Grunts ]

Lois: No!

[ Thud ]

Oliver: Get the hell away from her. 4B0847AF.JPG

Lois: [ Panting ] Chloe! Chloe. Chloe.

Chloe: [ Gasping ]

Lois: Chloe, look at me! You're gonna be fine! You're gonna be okay! Chloe? Chloe! [ Crying ] Oh, no.

Oliver: The best way to avenge her death is to get that ring.

Lois: No. [ Sniffles ] No, I won't leave her.

Oliver: She's still alive in the past, Lois. You can save her! Make sure this future never happens, and you'll save all of us. You better get going. 4B0847DB.JPGClark's heading to the tower. I'll cover you.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Air whooshing ]

Zod: I should have guessed you'd come after me. All to save a doomed race. When faced with a crumbling world, these humans, they'd rather die than unite under a single leader and do what's required to build a glorious new world. 4B084804.JPG

Clark: [ Grunts ]

Zod: It's tragic. You thought you could take me on like this. Metropolis would not be destroyed if you had all just stopped fighting and joined me.

Clark: We'll never stop fighting, Zod. Humanity will never lose its spirit. 4B084819.JPG

[ Thud ]

Clark: Aah! Aaaaaah! [ Grunts ] Aah!

Zod: Goodbye, son of Jor-El.

Clark: [ Grunts ]

Lois: Clark!

[ Hissing ]

Zod: No.

Clark: Zod! Your reign of terror is over, Zod. I'm sending Lois home to the past. She can warn us about your tower before it's ever built.

Zod: You chose to fight me. You forced me to unleash my power! We could have made this planet 4B084868.JPGa paradise!

Clark: It always was. But you never gave humanity a chance.

Zod: They've made you weak.

Clark: [ Grunts ]

Zod: If she travels back in time, then the lives we know will cease to exist.

Clark: Aah! 4B084885.JPG

[ Chuckles ] You have destroyed our world.

Zod: Ungh! [ Grunts ]

Lois: Clark! Clark! Clark! [ Panting ]

Clark: Lois. Take the ring, put it on.

Lois: No.

Clark: You have to -- now. 4B0848A8.JPG

Lois: What if I never see you again?

Clark: You will.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Clark: [ Grunts ]

Chloe: Welcome back, Clark.

Clark: How's Lois?

Chloe: She'll be up in a few minutes with a headache, but it's nothing that a couple of aspirin can't handle.

Emil: I was able to isolate the area of her cortex where her synapses were firing at an accelerated rate. By injecting her with a chemical inhibitor, I effectively reset those synapses. 4B0848D8.JPG

Clark: So her memories from the future are gone, right?

Emil: If she had them while under the influence of the machine, she won't remember.

Chloe: From the look on your face, I take it the future isn't so bright. What did you see, Clark?

Clark: Here. This is for you. You just got back from a trip to the hospital, not Hawaii. You need to take it slow.

Lois: I have hypoglycemia, 4B08497B.JPGClark. Not arthritis. Doc says as long as I eat every three hours, I'm gold. Happy?

Clark: Very. I almost lost you once. I don't want it to happen again. Lois, what are we doing?

Lois: I'm eating a maple doughnut. And you're...kind of invading my personal space.

Clark: I mean us. Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois, as a couple.

Lois: Whoa, cowboy! You just went from 10 to, like, 110 in 2 seconds flat. 4B0849A0.JPGLet's just slow it down. You know, I-I still need to get my feet back under me.

Clark: Well, you can lean on me for strength. I feel stronger when you're around, anyway.

Lois: [ Chuckles ] Clark, I have done this dating thing wrong so many times.

Clark: Then let's do it right. Let's take our time. 4B0849CC.JPG

Lois: Really? In that case... let's go get a real cup of coffee. And then we'll have lunch -- the first of many. There will be ice cream and chalupas, picnics in the park, dancing in the rain. And you will take me to a monster-truck rally.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Oliver: You know, for a guy who just got a mondo case of kryptonite, you sure seem happy.

Clark: Well, the sun is shining, Lois is gonna be all right.

Chloe: She should be fine. Dr. Emil ran every possible test on her, and she's healthy and doesn't remember a thing. Except, of course, the flowers that Clark sent to her hospital room, but who could forget five dozen roses?

Oliver: Five dozen roses. Wow. That's subtle. 4B0849F7.JPG

Chloe: Look, I really don't get why the two of you are grinning, considering the fact that we're all about to die terribly tragic deaths in the not-so-distant future.

Clark: That's because if we do something in the present, we can change all that.

Oliver: Well, I vote we take Zod out right now. That way, he doesn't have a chance to take the sunshine off our shoulders.

Clark: No. In the future that I saw, I tried to fight Zod. All I did was turn him into a more powerful enemy.

Chloe: Clark, just because you learned 4B084A0E.JPGa lesson in teamwork doesn't mean we have to stop fighting Zod.

Clark: But going up against Zod will only force him to come back with everything he has.

Oliver: So, what, you think you two can just hug it out?

Cla4B084A21.JPGrk: When my father said "save Zod," what I think he meant was save Zod from himself. Now, if I can befriend him, show him how good life can be here --

Chloe: That would be a mistake. Clark, if Zod gets his solar towers online, that gives him all the power in the world and us none, including you. Zod will fly psychopathic circles around you.

Clark: Chloe, I've seen what happens when I treat Zod like the enemy. This time, I'm gonna do things the right way.

Zod: This tower must be built... at all costs! You... you find your way into city hall. Smooth over any laws that might get in our way. You, infiltrate the power plant to divert the energy we need. And you... 4B084A4C.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: I understand you've been looking for me.

Zod: My brother and sister Kandorians... ...he has come. Kneel...before Kal-el.

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