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Smallville Transcripts


First aired October 16th, 2009


Provided and Proofread by Suzanne

Previously on "Smallville"...  

Clark: Isn't it time to move beyond these mental trials?

Jor-El: When you decided to return to your training, I assumed you were ready.

Clark: Tell me what you need from me.

Jor-El: The test of a true hero is to struggle with feelings of loss, not to avoid them.

Clark: I've come this far, and I'm not looking back. I can do this.

Oliver: I need you to pull an address off of Queen Industries' database. It's an engineer that I fired six years ago. 4ADAC146.JPGHis name's Winslow Schott.

Chloe: What happened?

Oliver: He snapped. He started bringing toys to work. Then he started hiding explosives inside the toys.

Woman: Oliver Queen, what are you doing in enemy camp?

Oliver: I've purchased controlling interest in LuthorCorp. Everybody down!

Winslow: How does it feel to not be in control for once?

Oliver: Untie me right now.

Winslow: After this little fella clangs his cymbals together 53 times... it'll be the last sound you ever hear. 4ADAC160.JPG

Chloe: Pieces of a toy bomb were found in the wreckage.

Oliver: Lex deserved to die, Chloe.

Chloe: This is murder.

Oliver: This is justice.

Clark: Oliver crossed the line. He killed Lex Luthor.

Oliver: You're making a big mistake.

Tess:  What the hell were you so afraid of?

Oliver: You. Maybe we should start over.

Tess: It's too late for that now.

Clark: You need help. 4ADAC17D.JPG

Oliver: Not everybody believes in the second coming.

Clark: Is there any part of the person I used to know still there?

Oliver: I took a look in the mirror, and you were right. I've been running away from myself for a long time now. But now I know who I really am.

[ Sirens wailing ]

Cop:  All right, people, let's set up a perimeter. And somebody get me a damn sight line. We don't know how many hostages are inside. You, get me a barricade. Last thing we need is anyone getting in our way. Let's go! Let's move it!

[ Air whooshing ] 4ADAC1BD.JPG

Clark: Don't bother pulling the trigger.

[ Beeping ]

[ Beep ]

[ Indistinct distorted voices ]

[ Tires screech ]

Lois: Clark! Did I miss him?

Clark: If by "him," you mean me, barely.

Lois: Not you -- The Blur.

Clark: Oh, he was long gone by the time I got here. I was just trying to call you.

Lois: From a pay phone?

Clark: A-apparently.

Lois: How'd you get here so fast, anyway? 4ADAC21D.JPGMy guy at Met P.D. didn't leak this until a few minutes ago.

Clark: We all can't be as fashionably late as Lois Lane. 4ADAC23C.JPG

Lois: [ Chuckles ] [ Thinking ] Hello, sailor. [ Grunts softly ]

Clark: What'd you just say?

Lois: Nothing. You should get your hearing checked...  [In her mind] hot stuff.

 Lois:  [In her mind] God, I am dragging ass today. 4ADAC337.JPGI should go for coffee. No, actually, I should really get a B12 shot. I have to keep up with Clark. You know, you got to remember what the general always said -- on certain days, you wear certain underwear... And why today, of all days, why you decided to go with the fl--

[ Elevator dings ]

Lois:  4ADAC344.JPG[ Chuckles ] Hey, Smallville.

Clark: You're in a good mood today.

Lois: Would be in an even better one if our black-clad hero in hiding would have stuck around long enough for a quote. We'd at least know what the Hell happened back there. 4ADAC358.JPG

[ Elevator dings ]

Clark: What happened back there is, The Blur saved all those hostages -- end of story.

Lois: There's always more to the story, grasshopper. Word on the street is the bomber isn't the one who flipped the switch. It was on a timer.

Clark: Why would the bomb be on a timer?

Lois: I don't know. I'm not a mind reader. Why would you take hostages and not make any demands? 4ADAC369.JPG [In her mind] No voicemails? No E-mails? Just be a big girl and get over the fact that The Blur downgraded you from confidante to sidekick to nobody.

Clark: Lois.

Lois: Computer's frozen again. [In her head} Doesn't help that 4ADAC37A.JPGstupid intern Jeff took the last stupid maple bar from the stupid doughnut box.

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Here you go. My eyes are bigger than my stomach this morning.

Lois: No. Okay, I love you.

Clark: A bump in blood sugar might help you from punching someone.

Lois: True. Give me that. Uh... whyever whoever did what he did, he couldn't have picked a less-interesting place to have done it. 4ADAC396.JPGRun-of-the-mill textile factory?

Clark: Run-of-the-mill textile factory which is a subsidiary of Queen Industries. You think it would be enough to get Oliver's attention.

Lois: [In her head] That only matters if Ollie's sober enough to give a crap.

Clark: Yeah, you might be right.

Lois: What'd you say?

Clark: What?

Lois: What?

Clark: Chloe, thanks for meeting me. I know you've been busy.

Chloe: What am I thinking right now?

Clark: I have no clue. 4ADAC3B4.JPGSo far, it's only been Lois.

Chloe: Okay. Well, I know that my Wall of Weird is so three upgrades ago, but I've spent enough time digitizing the strange and unexplained in my life to know that you don't just catch E.S.P. So the question is, how do we know that this isn't just your superhearing on the fritz?

Clark: As loud as Lois is, even she can't speak with her mouth closed. 4ADAC3CB.JPG

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] Good point.  Okay, well, I'll see what I can dig up, but seriously, Clark, unless your warranty's expired, why don't you just check in with dear old Dad? Are you okay?

Clark: Yeah, I-I'd just like to bypass Lois' inside voice from here on out. I'm fine.

Chloe: I'll keep you posted.

Man: I can't miss this meeting, 4ADAC3E6.JPGor I'm gonna get fired.

Man #2: Okay, so I...

Woman: This isn't the life I wanted.

Man: He should have told me that before.

Woman: I'll show them on Monday.

Woman #2: Should have listened to Janet -- once a cheater, always a cheater.

[ Indistinct distorted voices ]

Clark: Jor-el. Reading people's thoughts. You said my trials had begun. Is this one of them?

Jor-El: I've planted within you the seeds for this trial, designed to self-manifest when most needed. 4ADAC40C.JPGAn event must have happened to trigger it, some kind of error or mistake in judgment.

Clark: I don't understand. I saved everyone in that factory.

Jor-El: Assumptions are flaws inherent in the human instincts you have adopted, but they are beneath you. What you have yet to nurture is your Kryptonian intuition. 4ADAC42C.JPG

Clark: You shouldn't underestimate humans.

Jor-El: Neither should you. Being able to discern why humans truly behave as they do will help you to better protect them. This ability is only temporary. You must learn to focus, Clark. Perception can be the difference between life and death.

Lois: Look, I know loose lips sink ships, but tight ones don't do a hell of a lot of good, either. Listen, Chatty Cathy, we just need one answer. You were actually a hostage, right? This one's getting us nowhere. 4ADAC452.JPG

Woman: [ Foreign accent ] [ Inside her head ] Do not let them find out. They can't send me back.  My baby needs me.

Clark: It's okay. You can talk to us. We're not I.N.S.

Woman: I am sorry. I saw a man.

Lois: Okay, so, let me get this straight. You're saying the guy who took you hostage was short and fat but also...tall.

Man: Yeah, uh, way taller than your boyfriend there. Um, thin... thin like a rail. {Inside his head } This is so exciting. 4ADAC47B.JPGI wonder who will talk to me next. The FBI? Maybe Interpol.

Clark: It's clear that this is the most excitement you've had probably ever. Now, you can mislead us, but interfering with a police investigation to keep yourself in the limelight will only land you in jail. Is that understood?

Man: Sorry. I didn't see anything.

Woman: [ inside her head ] I don't care how cute he is. I'd better not get fired 4ADAC49E.JPGfor this.

Lois: I haven't seen you eat a thing all day. Owed you from earlier -- low blood sugar and all.

Clark: Oh, look at this. Thanks for taking care of me.

Lois: Wait. Now we're even.

Clark: What else did you find out?

Lois: Mr. Murphy, our mystery man's puppet, just got out of surgery. He's still unconscious. Well, I've hit enough dead ends for today. 4ADAC4BF.JPGReally no reason for us to keep hanging out here, then, huh?

Clark: You're absolutely right. Why don't we just call it a night?

Lois: That's good. I have plans. [ Inside her head ] Lifetime and some chunky monkey -- or rocky road. 4ADAC4D1.JPGMaybe both.

Clark: Lois. I was hoping that we could grab something to eat tonight once we finished up. You know... you said yourself I hadn't eaten all day.

Lois: [ inside her head ] Is Clark Kent asking me out on a date, like a date date?

Clark: I'm not saying we should go on a date. 4ADAC4E6.JPG

Lois: [ inside her head ] Oh.

Clark: Uh, just something... like a date.

Lois: [ Chuckles ] As sweet as that notion is, Smallville, this is Metropolis on a Saturday night. We ain't getting in anywhere without a reservation.  [ Inside her head ] Except maybe 4ADAC4F2.JPGthe truck rally downtown, but there's no way he'd ever --

Clark: We could probably still get tickets to the monster-truck rally down at the coliseum. It doesn't start for a few more hours.

Lois: [ inside her head ] Shut up! [ Aloud ] I'll meet you there. Standard protocol -- two cars at the beginning of the night, no drama at the end of it. [ Chuckles ]

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Speaks Spanish ]

Oliver: [ Laughs ] Barkeep, I'm gonna need, um... s-something cold, tall, wet, sexy. Put a, uh... one of these in it, will you, please?

Woman: Tres.

Oliver: Looks like I got dollar bills. I got pesos. I got, uh... is that a euro? I got this purple thing. These are fun. Um...listen, why don't we -- just take the whole thing, 4ADAC669.JPGand have a little vacation on me. How does that sound? Okay? All right.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Man: [ Speaking Spanish ] What are you doing with my wife?

Woman: [ Speaks Spanish ] It's nothing.  Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Man: What are you doing with my wife?

Oliver: [ Speaking Spanish ] Which one is your wife?  The short one? [ Sniffs ]Hmm? Or the ugly one?

 Woman: 4ADAC68C.JPG No!

[ Screaming ]

[ Indistinct murmuring ]

Tess: Really?

Oliver: [ Sighs ] You know, Mercy, if you wanted more face time, all you had to do was ask.

[ Shot glass thuds on countertop ]

Tess: This is me asking.

Chloe: Whoa! Lois! Why so fancy?

Clark: Monster trucks.

Chloe: Monster trucks? Lois, I've seen you do monster trucks before, and this is definitely more than that. I would say that this is 4ADAC6D2.JPGstrictly rhinestones-on-mud-flap territory. Who's the Prince Charming?

Lois: I never thought I'd say this out loud, but... ...Clark Kent. I know, right? It's the weirdest thing. Of the five things to do in Kansas, Clark picked the one thing I've wanted to do for weeks. We've been on the same wavelength, like, all day today.

Chloe: I'll bet. Sort of like he's been reading your mind? Like he's hearing things that you've never actually said out loud? 4ADAC6F2.JPG

Lois: Exactly. [ Sighs ]

Chloe: [ Chuckles ] That is the weirdest thing. 4ADAC714.JPG

Lois: Me and Clark. I don't know. I mean, we certainly kick all kinds of ass at work, but feels like we're more than just partners, you know? I think I've gotten so used to carrying the load all by myself, I -- what if I don't have to anymore, you know? Clark and Lois versus the world. Oh, wow. Kind of lost myself in there somewhere, huh? Don't wait up.

4ADAC72C.JPGMr. Murphy:  [ In his mind ] He forced me to do it. It wasn't me. I'm innocent. He strapped the bomb on me. I just work there. He said toys weren't good enough. He wants to play a game. He said Queen will pay for what he's done to him.

Clark: Toyman.

[ Air whooshes ]

Winslow: Let the games begin.

Tess: What the hell were you thinking, Oliver? [ Sighs ] They could have killed you.

Oliver: Yeah. [ Groans ]  You didn't really give them a chance, did you? And now... we'll never know.

Tess: Were you even aware that one of your factories blew up? Do you give a damn about anything anymore?

Oliver: Please tell me you didn't waste all that jet fuel 4ADAC824.JPGto come down here and deliver me a lecture.

Tess: Your company's failing. Your stock is worth less than you think of yourself right now. There's only so much more loss the shareholders will be willing to accept. I'm tired of making excuses.

Oliver: Well, then, why don't you stop making excuses? Tell them the truth about me. Then you can become sole C.E.O. It'll be great for you. It's what you always wanted, right?

Tess: I've seen you go off 4ADAC844.JPGthe rails before, but this... ...this vanishing act, huh? These binges. You're punishing yourself. Why? Oliver, what did you do? No matter what this is about... I understand. You know that. Just talk to me. 4ADAC87E.JPG

Oliver: [ Scoffs lightly ] [ Inhales sharply ] You know, it sounds like you're the one who needs to do the talking. So I guess the real question is, what is it that you want from me?

Tess: I need your pretty face addressing our shareholders. Consider this one of the many favors you owe me. 4ADAC8A3.JPG

Oliver: [ Inhales sharply ] Is that all you want?

Tess: I've learned not to expect too much from you, Oliver. Cheer up. You can fall down drunk in a gutter as soon as it's done. Wheels up in 20.  [ Pats back ]

Chloe: [Inside her head ] It's a good thing he can't hear 4ADAC8D0.JPGwhat I'm thinking or else --

Clark: Or else what, Chloe?

Chloe: Or else I would have to tell you that I don't want you breaking my cousin's heart. Clark, how was I supposed to react when I find out that you've been rifling through Lois' brain like you lost your keys in there? You can't just trick someone into dating you.

Clark: I didn't trick her into anything, and it's not a date.

Chloe: You didn't see her when she left my apartment, Clark. Believe me -- it was a date. And to add insult to injury, 4ADAC8E8.JPGnow you're standing her up?

Clark: You know, I asked her out -- not on a date -- before I knew our bomber was an innocent man.

Chloe: Toyman's back.

Clark: Winslow Schott is responsible for the explosion in Oliver's building. That's why I didn't call Lois back. The last thing I need is her showing up here and following me into harm's way. Winslow's trying to smoke Oliver out of hiding. He's insane.

Chloe: Yeah, he was crazy enough 4ADAC902.JPGbefore Oliver framed him for Lex's murder.

[ Paper crumples ]

Chloe: If he's trying to track Oliver down, he won't have a hard time doing it tonight. Oliver's addressing his shareholders at your requisite red-carpet, black-tie A.O.C. gala.

Clark: All right, you head back to Watchtower. If Winslow strikes again, we need to move fast.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Doorman: Mr. Pierson.

Man: Kirkpatrick.

[ Air whooshes ]

Doorman: [In his head ] Let's see -- "Kendall, Kennair..." there it is -- "Kirkpatrick." [Aloud ] Have a good evening, Mr. Kirkpatrick. Name?

Clark: Kennair.

Doorman: You have a plus-one tonight, Mr. Kennair? 4ADAC938.JPG

[ Tires screech ]

[ Grunts ]

Clark: Lois!

Lois: I can handle this, Smallville. You've already done enough tonight.

Clark: What are you doing here?

Lois:  [ In her head ] Standing in the shadow of 6 1/2 feet of handsome.  No, Lois! 4ADAC94B.JPG He doesn't get off that easy.  Kick his ass! [ Aloud ] Do you honestly think that stacked parking, not having a cocktail dress, and being three steps behind you on your mystery-man story was gonna stand in my way? Did you? Or that you hid the fact that Oliver returned for the sake of an article? Clark, you can't get rid of me that easily. I have the Internet on my phone.

Clark: I can explain. 4ADAC964.JPG

Lois: [ Laughing ] Oh! I know how the boys' club works. You wanted to scoop me on a story -- prose before ho's.

Clark: Now, wait a second.

Doorman: Good evening.

Lois: [ In her head ] How could you be so stupid, Lois? This was never about 4ADAC96D.JPGmore than a story. Maybe it never will be. [ Aloud ] For your sake, there better be an open bar, because I think that Bone Dawg has my purse in his truck.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Clark: Now, Lois, I don't need your help on this one. I can do it on my own.

Lois: Maybe you'd like to think that you can, but we all know there's no way.

Clark: This is my headline.  

Lois: [ In her head ] Oh, God, why would you let 4ADAC98F.JPGyourself get attached, Lois, you know better than that. They always leave. [ Aloud ] You know what? Maybe you're right. I'm gonna get some air -- some really private air. I'm out of here. Good luck flying solo. [ Pats shoulder ]

Clark: Lois...

Man: Maybe I should buy her 4ADAC9A9.JPGa drink.

Woman: I can't afford to lose any more money.

Man: How much lower can this company go?

Woman #2: Company can't be in that bad of shape. Look at this party.

Woman: Mercer never should have gotten us all into this.

Woman: Oh, I hope that comes out in the wash.

Man: Everyone said it was a gamble, 4ADAC9B4.JPGbut I wouldn't listen.

Woman: This stock was supposed to put him through college.

Man: She doesn't know this suit is a rental. She can't.

Man: What the Hell does she really want?

Man: I can't afford to lose any more money.

Woman: So the devil came wearing a blue dress tonight.

Tess: Ladies and gentlemen... ...Your fearless leader, Oliver Queen.

Woman: Look who decided 4ADAC9C9.JPGto grace us with his presence.

[ Scattered applause ]

Oliver: Thank you. [ Clears throat ] Thank you, everyone. "I know this has been a trying year for all of you, "and hopefully I can remain upright long enough "to say what... [ Chuckling ] Needs to be said." Obviously, whoever wrote this speech has a pretty good sense of humor. 4ADAC9E0.JPG

[ Light laughter ]

[ Beeping ]

Oliver: Excuse me. It's, um... sorry. Technical difficulties here. One moment.

[ Feedback ]

[ Indistinct talking ] 4ADACA0E.JPG

[ Talking stops ]

Clark: Thanks, Dad.

Winslow: Oh, yes, Mr. Queen, it's your old playmate Winslow Schott. I'm sure you remember. You framed me for murder, after all. And now that I've finally won your little game of hide-and-seek, I thought we might play something that I'm a little more comfortable with -- "Toyman says." Read everything I've written or you will die. Toyman says... don't try to run, don't take a step. If you move one muscle, I will kill everybody in this room. Toyman says you're standing on a pressure plate. Toyman says... you're standing on a bomb! [ Laughs ]

Oliver:  "I've never truly worked a day in my life, "too busy gagging on the silver spoon... wedged down my throat." "And even when given a second chance at life, I was, uh... I was unable to see past my selfish nature." 4ADACB58.JPG

Toyman: Oh, don't stop there, Mr. Queen. We haven't even gotten to the good part yet.

Oliver: "Time and again, "I've put my own needs "over the needs of my devoted employees. "In fact, the only thing I've ever been selfless enough to part with is the blame..." "...for a heinous act."

Clark: No.  Chloe, the trials aren't over. I just got my training wheels taken away. I think Jor-el wants me to use what I've learned. Can you hack the security feed to the building? He's got to be in here 4ADACB7F.JPGsomewhere.

Chloe: I'm on it.

Oliver: "My name is Oliver Queen, "and I am a coward, "I'm a thief, "and... and I am..."

Toyman: Too ashamed to admit that you were really responsible for killing Lex Luthor. You didn't think twice about blamin' me for it!

Clark: Chloe, we have to get these people out of here now. Oliver's standing on a land mine.

Chloe: Just give me one second.

Oliver: "And I..."

Winslow: Confess!

Man: The emergency alarm 4ADACBB7.JPGhas been activated. Please move in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Thank you.

[ Alarm blaring ]

Clark: I'm not gonna ask. Nice one, Chloe.

Man: The emergency alarm has been activated. Please move in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit. Thank you.

Clark: Winslow, how do I disarm the bomb?

Winslow: I don't know who you are, but you're interrupting my game. I can't just go changing the rules for someone who isn't even playing.

Clark: This isn't a game. 4ADACBD8.JPGIt's a man's life

Winslow: No. It is a game. And Toyman makes the rules now.

Clark: What you're doing is pointless. Oliver would never let those people die.

[ Blaring continues ]

Clark: But you already know that, don't you? You don't allow for human error. 4ADACBEC.JPGYou have to control who wins. That's why you put a timer on the factory bomb. The pressure plate that Oliver's standing on is fake, isn't it? It'ss on a timer.

Winslow: You follow my work. It's always nice to have a fan.

Clark: How long does Oliver have?

Winslow: Not long enough. 4ADACC03.JPG

[ Blaring continues ]

Clark: You know what, Toyman, I might be your biggest fan. And I know that the real Winslow Schott would want to live and dance on Oliver's grave.

[ Thud ]

[ Whirring ]

Clark: No one wins the game if you both lose. 4ADACC31.JPG

Oliver: [ Grunts ] [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Blaring continues ]

Clark: How'd you know the pressure plate wasn't real?

Oliver: I didn't.

Clark: Oliver...

Oliver: I waited till the last person got out, Clark. I knew the explosion wouldn't kill you.

Clark: Winslow -- at least the real Winslow -- has been arrested. Chloe was able to follow the feed from the earpiece. He's on the way to Stryker's as we speak.

Oliver: Speak your mind, Clark.

Clark: I haven't been paying enough attention to everything. There's been danger all around me that I haven't seen... warning signs I haven't noticed... ...and people in need that I've neglected. 4ADACD26.JPGI didn't realize how bad things are. I haven't been here for you. I'm sorry.

Oliver: Well, with all due respect, Clark, I'm not sure I'm worth your concern. You know, when I was reading that speech in there, when I decided to, uh... that speech wasn't just a laundry list of all my sins. It was... it was a fact sheet. Ever tell you how old I was when my parents died? 5. I never really knew them very well. Everything about my life 4ADACD53.JPGis not really mine, it's theirs. I didn't earn it... and it's all a lie. You of all people know what it's like to wear a mask, right? That's all this is -- the Queen name, Green Arrow. Masks. And I just realized there's nothing underneath them.

Clark: There is something behind those masks. You're just afraid to face it. You're not running away from who you are. You're running away from who you think you're becoming. But you don't have 4ADACD8A.JPGto face it alone.  Just because you've given up on Oliver Queen doesn't mean I have.

Oliver: Thank you.

[ Siren wails ] 4ADACDA7.JPG

Oliver: Sounds like they're playing your song. Go on, get the Hell out of here, go be a hero. Go.

[ Air whooshes ]

Oliver: No!

[ Glass shatters ]

Winslow: I...want...! Hello?! Hello?! I want my lawyer! I know you can hear me out there!

Tess: Loud and clear, Mr. Schott.

Winslow: Oh, I know you. You're Oliver Queen's business partner. Sorry about... trying to kill your boyfriend. 4ADACDE1.JPG[ Gasps ] You're not here for revenge, are you? [ Laughs ]

Tess: Something like that. Leave Oliver... the Hell alone.

[ Gunshot ]

Winslow: [ Screaming, sobbing ]

Tess: Pretty please?

Winslow: Help! Someone! [ Grunts ] Help! 4ADACE00.JPG[ Breathing heavily ] The guard will be back here any minute. You're crazy!

Tess: That guard is going on administrative leave, and he and I have a little agreement. See, you tried to escape, and he was only defending himself when he shot you in the knee.

Winslow: No. No, please. They'll put me in solitary. 4ADACE19.JPG[ Splutters ] No. No.

Tess: Which is exactly where you'll need to be to spend some quality time with your new toy. 4ADACE4A.JPG

Winslow: What new toy? [ Breathing raggedly ] It's... [ Exhales sharply ] It's beautiful.

Tess: It is. It's a meteor-rock-powered heart, and you're gonna tell me how it works.

Winslow: [ Breathing ragged ]

[ Printer whirring ]

Clark: You missed all the excitement last night.

Lois: If I remember correctly, it wasn't my excitement to have missed. Was it? I was expecting to read about the exploits of Metropolis' journalistic savior this morning.

Clark: Well, that's the thing -- I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Lois: Really? What's this?

Clark: It's, uh... it's me asking for help. I didn't exactly finish 4ADACE93.JPGmy story last nigh and I missed the deadline.

Lois: Okay.

Clark: I guess I'm not ready to fly solo just yet.

Lois: [ Chuckles ] The sky is a big place. There. Looks like you've got one too many names on there.

Clark: I just thought you'd want to have some creative input. 4ADACEC6.JPG[ Sighs ] Lois, I am sorry for letting you down.

Lois: Is this an olive branch? 'Cause there better be a whole tree somewhere in here. And maybe a new pair of jeans, too. You know, it's not every day Lois Lane allows herself to be stood up.

Clark: Well, then it's a good thing it was only like a date.

4ADACEE0.JPGLois: [ Chuckles lightly ]

Clark: I don't even know how someone would get a second date after messing things up like that.

Lois: Well, if people were to try that again... they might want to do it on a slower news day... hypothetically speaking.

Clark: Well, those don't come along very often.

Lois: No.

Clark: I'm sure people would make sure they got it right the next time... hypothetically speaking, of course.

Lois: My thoughts exactly.

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