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Smallville Transcripts


First aired October 9th, 2009

Lois as a zombie in "Rabid"

Provided by Suzanne

This still needs final proofreading...


Clark: [ Groans ] [ Groaning ] [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

[ Car alarm wailing in distance ]

[ Alarm stops ]

[ Muffled indistinct shouting ]

Clark: Lois. 4AD40655.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Lois. Lois, are you okay?

Lois: [ Snarls ] [ Snarling ]

[ Radio tuning ]

Man: ...Along the Israeli/Syrian border. Initial reports claim Israeli jet fighters bombed a guerilla base, killing 49 soldiers and 13 civilians. Damage to the base is said to be heavy, and the Israeli jets are 4AD4075E.JPGreported tve mad back to their headquarters safely.

[ Radio turns off ]

[ Thud ]

Lois: [ Chuckles ] You can put away the pepper spray, Smallville. It's only me.

Clark: [ Chuckles ] I wasn't hiding. 4AD4076B.JPG

[ Cellphone snaps shut ]

Lois: Well, looks like another thrilling Friday night -- just you and me flying the red eye on this paper airplane. [ Chuckles ] Almost like you never left the cockpit.

Clark: Well, it's nice to have my copilot here. 4AD4077E.JPG

[ Thud ]

Clark: What's with the bag?

Lois: All-nighter survival kit.

[ Bag rustling ]

Lois: Comfort food... comfort footwear... and comfort music -- chicken soup for my soul.

Clark: Everything okay? You -- you just seem a little off.

Lois: The only thing I'm off is a certain blurry butt-kicker's to-do list. A little over a week, and not so much as a, "sorry, I've been busy saving the world, but got to run."

Clark: I didn't realize the two of you were actually seeing 4AD40799.JPGeach other

Lois:  now at this point, it's not really seeing so much as still looking, but a girl's got to hope.

[ Computer beeps ]

Lois: Okay, get your engines going. Looks like there's a major fire on East Brunswick.

Clark: You know, if we're gonna be here all night, I'll get some coffee.

Lois: That's what I love about you, Smallville -- I say "fire," you say "food." I'll take mine black. 4AD407B0.JPG

[ Drawer closes ]

Lois: That was quick. [ Sniffs ] Do you smell smoke?

Clark: No.

[ Computer beeps ]

Lois: The fire just got put out -- by The Blur. He is so amazing. Here you and I are just having a coffee while he's out squelching five-alarm fires in three seconds flat.

Clark: Two seconds. Not that anyone's counting.

Lois: Yeah. 4AD407CB.JPG

[ Computer beeps ]

There's a high-speed motorcycle chase out near the bypass.

Well, at least somebody's getting a little action tonight.

[ Blows softly ]

[ Keys clack ]

Lois: Clark, this is ice-cold. Never mind. I'll get it myself.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Metal screeching ]

[ Tire screeches ]

Clark: Oliver. Is this your idea of fun now that you've hung up your bow?

Oliver: Should have known it was you -- Clark Kent, the king of buzz kill. You and your pet rock put on a hell of a barbecue. But I had my money on Doomsday, so...

Clark:  You can try to play it off as a joke, but I k4AD407E0.JPGnow that the loss of Jimmy affected us both.

Oliver: Well, I guess God's got a sick sense of humor. Oh, I'm sorry. 4AD4080E.JPGShouldn't be taking you're in vain.

Clark: What, you need to hear me say it? I should have listened to you. I should have gotten rid of Davis instead of believing in him.

Oliver: It's a little late.

Clark: I'm trying to make up for what happened, not add myself to the casualty list.

Oliver: Yeah, well, I can't get my thrills leaping tall buildings or outrunning speeding bullets. We mere mortals -- we have to rely on a tweaked-out Ducati 4AD40829.JPGand the road

Clark: You know that you're meant for more than this. This isn't you.

Oliver: Who are you, huh? W-what's all this? What's the "S" stand for? What is that, "superstar"?

Clark: It gives people hope.

[ Siren wailing ]

Oliver: I'll tell you what, Clark. Why don't you, uh, go ahead and plaster your symbol of superiority all over the city so people can worship you like some kind of modern Jesus. That's what you want, right? 4AD4083D.JPGThat's why you're here -- here to save us?

Clark: You need help.

Yeah, well, maybe. But I hate to break it to you -- not everybody believes in the second coming.

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Wailing continues ]

[ Computer beeping ] 4AD40858.JPG

[ Door opens ]

Tess: Have you found them? They should have reported in by now.

They may have run into trouble. They didn't send out an S.O.S. and I should like to think that 12 ex-Navy S.E.A.L.'s could hold their own.

Tess: The longer it takes for us to locate these Kryptonians, the more they'll blend in and disappear. 4AD4088A.JPG

[ Man screams ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Earpiece beeps, static ]

[ Electricity zaps ]

[ Rustling ]

[ Rustling continues ]

Tess: It's okay. It's just --

[ Growls ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming ] 4AD408DC.JPG

[ Cellphone beeping ]

[ Panting ]

[ Snarls ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Snarling ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Snarling ]

[ Screams ]

[ Grunting ]

Clark: It just doesn't make any sense. Tess is not the nervous-breakdown type.

Lois: But she is the lying, cheating, scheming type. You keep enough secrets, they start to back up on your brain, Clark. Seriously -- alien orbs? Now she's rambling about zombies? It all adds up to "C" for "crazy."

Clark: Just trust me. There's got to be more to the story than that.

Lois: Look, I respect how quickly you managed 4AD540CC.JPGto get the lowdown on little Miss Lithium's mental break, but sometimes you can be a little gullible.

Clark: Really? Why don't you call your new best friend and get him to weigh in on it?

Lois: I-I'm not gonna cry wolf just to get a pity call from Studly Do-Right.

Clark: Something tells me he'd side with me on this one, anyway. 4AD540DB.JPG

Lois: [ Chuckles ] Why, because you h have so much in common?

Man: Dr. Coats. Maybe it's psychological. We could go with a thorazine drip.

Dr. Coats: No, the delusions are most likely caused by the virus. But we can't identify it, and she's not responding to antivirus. I want her isolated. I'm sending all samples to the disease control lab. 4AD540F3.JPG

[ Sighs ] Tess.

Clark: Come on, Lois. At least wait till she's awake to get your comment.

Lois: Don't you want to find out what made Cruella snap? Tess... what happened to you? Care to comment?

Tess: [ Snarls ] 4AD5410C.JPG[ Snarls ]

Tess? It's me, Clark! Doctor! Please, do something!

Tess: [ Shrieks ]

Do something to help her now!

Tess: [ Snarling ]

Clark: Lois, are you okay?

Lois: [ Breathing heavily ] I've thrown down with Tess before, but not quite like that. Looks like there may be some truth in her story after all. Which is why I'm heading back to the office right now to write it.

[ Computer beeping ] 4AD54146.JPG

Chloe: Hey, care for a little lo mein?

Emil: I just came from that Korean macrobiotic place. They do an exquisite Cobb salad. Chloe, I couldn't help but noticing that you practically jumped out of your chair when I came in here. I'd prefer if there were no secrets between us.

Chloe: Then you're in the wrong business. 4AD5415C.JPG

[ Chuckles ] R

[ whoosh, door opens ]

Clark: Chloe, I need your help. Can you run a blood test on this? It belongs to Tess Mercer. She's infected with something. Lois and I went to go see her at Met Gen. She attacked us both.

Chloe: That's different than the way she is on every other day how?

Emil: We'll get right on it.

Chloe: I'm already in there. 4AD5416E.JPG

[ Computer bee ]

Well, Looks like she had some visitors this evening.

[ Computer beeps ]

And not the friendly kind.

Emil: Viral rage... can be traced to a dysfunctional interior singular cortex -- the part of the brain that controls the primitive fight-or-flight instinct -- leaving the victims vulnerable to hyper-aggression. 4AD54186.JPG

[ Computer bee ]

The dcte's pretty impenetrable.

Clark: That's okay. The Disease Control Agency sent in a specialist today. Do you think you can get something out of him?

Emil: I could try. It'll take me at least a half-hour to cross town.

Clark: Do you get motion sickness?

Emil: Mm, not really. Why do you ask? 4AD54198.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Emil: Dr. Coats. Emil Hamilton. Has her condition changed at all?

Dr. Coats: [ Amplified ] I'm afraid not. Now the virus has spread to 31 people and counting.

Emil: Any idea how the virus metastasized so quickly throughout her body?

Dr. Coats: Well, generally something spreading this fast is airborne. We're about to quarantine the hospital, and they've sent a team 4AD541BC.JPGover to Mercer's office.

Clark: The Daily Planet? I thought miss Mercer called an ambulance from the Luthor mansion.

Dr. Coats: No, she arrived at work experiencing some type of a mental trauma. Paramedics picked her up at the Daily Planet.

Clark: Lois.

[ Electricity zapping ]

[ Click ]

Lois: Randall?

[ Receiver hangs up ]

Lois: Randall. Still sleeping on the job, I see. Rise and shine, Randall. I've got a major news flash for you.

Randall: [ Snarling ] 4AD541F3.JPG

Lois: [ Gasps ] [ Gasps ] Clark!

Clark: Lois, I'm gonna get you out of here.

Lois: You have no idea what you're up against. I'll get us through this.

[ Hissing ]

Clark: We got to go.

[ Hissing ] 4AD5421F.JPG

[ Screams ]

[ Snarling ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

Clark: Are you okay?

Lois: That was close. Yeah.

Clark: You're hurt.

Lois: I'm okay.

Clark: Let's get you someplace safe.

Woman: I know I was supposed to give this back to you after I checked your license, but... I couldn't help myself. A lot of platinum cards in here. 4AD54312.JPG[ Chuckles ] But I bet this is the most valuable one of all. Who's she?

Oliver: It's, um... [ Clears throat ] She's just someone I used to know.

Woman: Hey, watch it. Just because I let that speeding ticket slide doesn't mean you can speed in here.

Oliver: Well, I apologize, officer. Don't shoot. But I've been up since, uh... since like 4:00, yeah, on Tuesday. So those pills right now are the only thing 4AD5433C.JPGkeeping me vertical right now.

[ Clatter ]

Oliver: It's fine. Just leave it.

Woman: [ Scoffs ] Is this a camera?

Oliver: [ Chuckling ] A what? It's some kind of spyware. Well, it's not mine. I've never seen this.

Woman: Right. And it just accidentally got caught on your belt buckle? So you could -- what? -- plaster my butt all over YouTube like Pamela Anderson? 4AD5436B.JPG

Oliver: [ Clank ] Okay, first of all, no one's on YouTube looking at Pamela Anderson's butt.

[ Chuckles ]

Woman: Don't call or e-mail.

Oliver: Don't worry. I never do. Mercy.

[ Computer beeps ]

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Hey. I've isolated a suspect enzyme from Tess' blood, but I still haven't been able to find a match. Anything new from the DCA?

Emil: No, just they think the virus is airborne and might have been deliberately released by someone. 4AD5439C.JPGAs you can see, I created a model of the virus path.

Chloe: Oh.

Emil: Dr. Coats said the virus induces sleep so that it can germinate. If we could just mimic the enzyme. We can create an antidote. We just need to find the right blood match. 4AD543B2.JPG

[ Computer beeping ]

Emil:  Hmm. I've only ever seen an enzyme like that once before... Davis Bloome.

Clark: Do you think they've quarantined the city?

Lois: Probably. They found out it was an airborne virus. You realize that means we could both have it.

Clark: We can't think like that. 4AD543E9.JPG

[ Helicopter blade whirring ]

Lois: I'm just saying -- once we go out there, we might not make it.

Clark: Lois --

Lois: I'm serious. Those things are everywhere. It would just suck to go out without any... closure. Clark, do you have any deep, dark secrets?

Clark: Do you? 4AD54403.JPG

Lois: [ Inhales sharply ]  Last year, when I was talking with The Red-Blue Blur... for the first time in my life, I was doing something that mattered. And I wanted to work with him because we did such good things together. 4AD54414.JPG[ Sighs ] But then I started to realize that... I wasn't just doing it to save people. I was doing it for me. I just wanted to be with him.

Clark: We all get crushes, Lois. It doesn't make you a bad person.

Lois: You don't understand. I had never had this connection with someone before. Now that I have this connection, I don't want to go back to the way things were. This is embarrassing to admit. 4AD54445.JPGI don't want to be alone anymore.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Oliver: [ Sighs ] We got to go.

[ Inhales sharply ] Oliver? What are you doing here?

[ Gun cocks ]

Oliver: I was looking for Tess when the whole building went "Resident Evil." Come on. Got any idea what triggered this sudden appetite for human Carpaccio?

Lois: All I know is, one minute, my copy editor's dozing, the next, he's trying to bite my face off.

Clark: Same thing happened to Tess. 4AD5447F.JPGShe was asleep. When she woke up, she became one of them.

You think this thing incubates when people are sleeping.

Let's hope not. We only have a few hours till 4 million people get up to go to work.

That's one hell of a rush hour. 4AD5448B.JPG

[ Elevator bell rings ] get in here. You'll be safe.


Clark: Someone's got to go for help.

Lois: Please, be careful.

Clark: Everything's gonna be all right. Okay.

Oliver: Good luck, Clark.

Clark: Oliver... she's in your hands now. Don't let her fall asleep.

Emil: Chloe, I found the antidote, but we're running out of time. Where's this mystery, extraterrestrial specimen 4AD544AF.JPGwith Davis Bloome's blood type?

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: You're looking at him.

Emil: Well, that explains a lot.

Clark: How do you expect to draw my blood? There's no needle that can puncture my skin.

Chloe: Dr. Emil has a contact at LuthorCorp labs who sent over some liquid Kryptonite. We dip the needle in this, and it'll penetrate your skin. Here we go. 4AD544D2.JPG

[ Clark groaning ] [ Screams ]

Emil: You were right. The allergic reaction's quite intense.

Chloe: Get it out of him.

Emil: No, no, we need more blood.

Clark: [ Groans ]

Chloe: No!

Emil: Almost there.

Chloe: It's killing him!

4AD544EE.JPGEmil: Good. He's gonna be okay, Chloe. His vitals are within range. We need to get on that jet right now.

Chloe: No! I'm not leaving him here.

Emil: I don't have time to prep all the antidotes by myself. Thousands, if not millions, may be unknowingly affected. We have to get this into the water supply immediately. The sooner we do, the more people we can reach.

Lois: [ Sighs ] God, Ollie... you're a mess.

Oliver: Yeah, I know. [ Sniffs ] [ Exhales sharply ] I'm sorry you have to see me like this...Lois. [ Sighs ] Why don't you, um -- why don't you go ahead and tell me I'm full of it, Lois, like you always used to, huh? God, I miss you. I miss our days together. Deep down in your heart, I know you do, too. Lois. 4AD54654.JPGLois! Come on. Hey, Lois? Hey? Wake up.

[ Grunting ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

[ Tray clatters ]

[ Whooshing ]

Emil: All right, the antidote's permeated the water supply and achieved its target concentration.

Chloe: Well, that's great for the people who are taking a shower this morning, but what about the rest of us? 4AD546A5.JPG

[ Thunder crashes ]

Emil: Well, that why we're seeding the atmosphere to release moisture -- deliver the virus in a knockout blow. We should be able to create a curative precipitation to blanket the city.

Man: We've reached our target coordinates. 4AD546B1.JPG

Emil: Prepare to launch. In the event something goes wrong, I want you to know your contributions have been appreciated.

Chloe: Nothing's going wrong.

Emil: [ Chuckles ] Now I know why Oliver had such faith in you. He finally met someone who was a match for his confidence. Probably no surprise that you were the one to betray him.

Chloe: Are you gonna explain that not-so-subtle barb?

Emil: Well, you've been tracking Oliver and the rest of his league, haven't you?

Chloe: Apparently you've made yourself 4AD546E1.JPGmore at home at the Watchtower than I thought.

Emil: May I ask why you're spying on him?

Chloe: The longer they stay separated, the more vulnerable they are.

Emil: So you're protecting them?

Chloe: Yes. Someone has to. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the people who are the worst a4AD54706.JPGt taking care of themselves are the ones the world actually needs the most.

Emil: I assume that no one else knows this.

Chloe: No, it's my secret. Now, the real question is -- will you keep it?

Emil: Well, I guess you'll just have to trust me.

[ Electricity crackling ]

Clark: Lois. Lois, are you okay?

Lois: [ Snarling ]

Clark: Lois? Lois!

[ Groans ]

Lois: [ Snarling ]

Clark: It's okay. You're gonna be all right. 4AD54751.JPG

Lois: [ Snarling ] [ Gasping ] [ Whimpers ]

Clark: Lois?

Lois: Clark. [ Breathing heavily ] Clark, what happened?

Clark: We made it.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

Clark: [ Sighs ] There we go. You only had to do one thing, Oliver -- keep her awake. But Lois almost died! You've spiraled down so far you couldn't even protect her. Is there any part of the person I used to know still there?

Oliver: Maybe not.

Clark: Look, I understand that it's hard trying to figure out how to come back from what happened. Maybe you need help.

Oliver: Actually, I thought about 4AD5486F.JPGwhat you said, and... ...I took a look in the mirror, and you were right. I've been running away from myself for a long time now. But now I know who I really am.

Clark: All right, then you know what you have to do.

Oliver: Yeah. [ Sighs ] Thank you, Clark. 4AD548B1.JPG

[ Suit drops ]

Oliver: [ Sniffs ]

[ Fire crackling ]

[ Wallet thuds ]

Lois: Hey.

[ Door closes ]

Clark: Lois.

Lois: Uh, I just came by to say thanks... and to apologize if I tried to rip your head off or anything. 4AD54900.JPG

Clark: [ Sighs ] You know, you have a... pretty mean left hook.

Lois: I don't remember any of that. But I do remember seeing a whole new side of Clark Kent.

Clark: Which side was that?

Lois: I'll give you a hint. It starts with "H" and ends with "ero."

Clark: And I wasn't even wearing red or blue.

Lois: Well, you've got a long ways to go before you can do that. Still, I think we make a pretty good team.

Clark: Yeah, we do. 4AD54925.JPG[ Chuckles ] You never did tell me your secret.

Lois: Well... relax, Smallville. Keep some mystery. You need to work every last drop of it you've got.

Clark: [ Chuckles ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Zod: Three things cannot be long hidden... ...the sun... the moon... and the truth. That's from a sacred human text from a prophet they call Buddha.

Dr. Coats: Major Zod --

Zod:  No. 4AD54991.JPGAnd the truth is... you've become reckless, haven't you? Unleashing a hostile virus to humanity. Have you lost your foresight?

Dr. Coats: I did it all for our survival.

Zod: Our cloak of anonymity is the only thing keeping our presence from this world. They will hunt us when they discover the virus' true origin.

Dr. Coats: They won't have the chance, sir. I found the secret to our abilities that was promised us. 4AD549C8.JPGWhile you were finding our people, I discovered one of us right here in Metropolis, under our noses.

[ Paper rustling ]

[ Paper rustles ]

Zod: [ Exhales sharply ] Jor-El. He survived.

Dr. Coats: Major... he didn't just survive. According to the news reports of miraculous saves around the city, he has the power from the yellow sun.

Zod: And yet we have none? He has chosen to harness the powers for himself 4AD549F5.JPGand left us defenseless. Jor-El betrayed us.

Dr. Coats: Releasing the virus was the most effective way to uncover him.

Zod: Were you successful?

Dr. Coats: His blood was used to create the antidote to the virus. Track it. He's ours. I trust you see the ri4AD54A30.JPGsk was worth it.

Zod: It takes a certain kind of man to step outside the boundaries of his station. Kneel.

[ Metal slices ]

[ Thud ]

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