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Smallville Transcripts


First aired February 19th, 2010

Lois dancing

Provided by Suzan D.

Lois: Sorry about the heels. I need the inches.

Clark: I'm not sure this is such a good idea.

Lois: Look, either R.A.O. Incorporated is throwing a Valentine's Day party for their workers behind this wall, or they are running double shifts on a Saturday night, a total union violation.

Clark: Lois, I'm sure someone is keeping an eye on this situation.

[Lois loses her balance and falls]

[Clark catches her]

Lois: Bingo. They are moving more tech equipment into that building than NASA. And if they're skulking around in the middle of the night, they are definitely hiding something.

[Clark and Lois arrive at a Valentine’s fair on the street]

Lois: [scoffs] Nice teddy. Next time, buy her a silk one. She's not a 6-year-old.

Clark: You know, Lois, I think we should drop this story.

Lois: You sound like you want it all to yourself. Wait. Is there something about that tower that you're no telling me?

Clark: No. It's Valentine's Day. We should be out having dinner together, by candlelight.

Lois: Clark, Valentine's Day is just a smarmy Hallmark holiday engineered by corporate executives to convince people to spend hard-earned money on dead flowers and overpriced meals …

[a couple having dinner on a terrace looks at her disapprovingly]

... but not you two.

Clark: Lois, you're kind of overreacting, even for you.

Lois: History has proven that if I embrace V-day in any romantic way at all, it always end in disaster.

Fairy: [offers a basket with Valentine stuff] Valentine for the lady?

Clark: No, thank you. She doesn't really ...

Lois: Actually ... [takes box of pralines] What? I didn't have dinner.

Fairy: Happy Valentine's day.

[blows magic pixie dust]

[Clark gets affected by the magic]

Lois: Whoa. Easy with the pixie dust there, Tinker Bell.

[They arrive at the Daily Planet]

Clark: Looks like it's too late to follow that story anyway.

Lois: It's never too early for nachos, and it's never too late for hard-hitting journalism.

Clark: Lois, maybe we should put our relationship before our work, just for tonight and ...

Lois: Hold hands? You could come a-courtin' on your horse and buggy. All we need is a chaperone. Sounds mighty traditional.

Clark: And what's wrong with that? With all of our crossed text messages lately, I thought maybe sometimes ... I want ... us to have a more traditional relationship.

[blue magic light lights up in Lois’ eyes]

Editor: Lane! The R.A.O. has scheduled a ribbon-cutting at the solar tower in two days. I'm gonna need the exposé now.

Clark: Two days. Lois, maybe I should check on those building permits that you were talking about. You wanted to avoid the whole “Valentine's-day-thing thing”, right?

Lois: Anything for your career, sweetie.

Editor: Lane?

Lois: Here's the scoop, buddy. A traditional woman does not spend her time in the office when she can be at home taking care of her man. I quit.

[ air whooshes ]

Chloe: Hey. I was gonna ask you for the lowdown on your V-day with Lois, but something about you being here with me tells me it didn't go over so well.

Clark: Do you have the passport and I.D. cards ready?

Chloe: Or we could get right down to business. All the material you would ever need to escape your life and start a new one.

Clark: Thanks, Chloe. You're a life-saver.

Chloe: If by that you mean sweet on the outside and empty in the middle, that's pretty much exactly how I feel right now.

Clark: I realize you're not on board with me helping the Kandorians.

Chloe: Yeah, well, you know how it is. You find out that one of them skewers you to death in the post-apocalyptic future, you kind of lose interest.

Clark: Yeah, well, I know it seems like I may have overlooked some of their mistakes.

Chloe: Mistakes? By "mistakes" do you mean them building a tower so they can give themselves powers to take over the world?

Clark: I want to lead them to a better place.

Chloe: The tower will be complete in two days! Granted, they haven't got the satellites up and running to change the atmosphere, but come on, Clark. We both know one of them killed your father. Look, maybe it would just be safer if we sent the Kandorians to the Phantom Zone.

Chloe: I know that you're saying that because you want to protect people, but right now, I want you to focus on watching my back. Leave the rest of the planet to me.

[blue magic light lights op in Chloe’s eyes]

Chloe: Clark. I will protect you... no matter what it takes.

Clark: Faora. Alia. I have the papers. It's your new life. You'll have your own identities.

Faora: I misjudged you, Kal-El.

Alia: I was born into the military. I never had a choice to live as a civilian. We can't repay you.

Clark: Tell me who killed my father. I know that Zod took him from Tess. And was he the last one to see Jor-El alive?

Alia: I know you want justice, but be careful. Zod has a lot of loyal followers, and if you go after him, there will be war.

Lois: Hey, sweetie pie! Welcome home.

Clark: Lois, what's going on?

Lois: I moved in. But don't worry, I'm camped out into the guest room until we get engaged.

Clark: Engaged?

Lois: Move over, Betty Crocker. I have got this cooking thing down. How's your pot roast?

Clark: [secretly gives his share to Shelby under the table] Oh, it's delicious. Wonderful. It was really sweet of you to do all of this.

Lois: Well, I am just so proud of you for bringing home the bacon. The least I can do is cook it up in a pan. And, well ... never let you forget that you're the man.

Clark: Lois, did something happen? You just seem so cheerful, I ...

Lois: Well, you said you wanted a more traditional relationship … and you were very persuasive.

Clark: What if I miss the old Lois?

Lois: It’s … too late. I... quit my job at The Planet.

Clark: You did what?

Lois: Yeah. Now, instead of being chained to a desk all day, I get to be your ball and chain.

Clark: Lois, you can't quit reporting. That job is your life.

Lois: And now my life is with you, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.

Clark: Lois, what are you talking about?

Lois: You're absolutely right. What kind of adjective is "poorer"? Somebody is gonna need an editor ... for their vows.

Clark: Right. You know, Lois, there's something at the office that I need to ... investigate.

Lois: All right, Mr. Cold Feet. I'll keep the home fires burning. Rain check on talking about the big event for now. [murmuring after Clark left] You better make an honest woman out of me, Clark Kent.

Tess: Security!

Zod: I'm afraid they're otherwise engaged. Ah ... no. I like you just where you are.

Tess: Then maybe you'd like to join me.

Zod: You're already in bed with someone else. Kal-El. [clicks tongue] Wrong choice of bedfellows. I'm moments away from completing my tower.

Tess: I thought you needed the Book of Rao to finish it.

Zod: We found another way. And it seem your satellite systems are lagging behind schedule.

Tess: We're onlining the safety tests now.

Zod: I'll handle that, thank you.

Tess: Only I can run them.

Zod: Well, now that I've got your fingerprints, I can access all of the networking data without you. Cheers.

Tess: You're digging your own grave.

Zod: Then, you better make sure there's room in there for both of us. You neglected to tell me that Kal-El was supplying new identities to my people.

Tess: They're no more your people than they are his. And eventually, he will be their leader.

Zod: Now, don't underestimate their loyalty to me.

Tess: But they don't see you as the savior that he is. There's blood on your hands. You're tainted ... a reminder of their past. He's the promise for their future.

Zod: It's what you've always wanted, isn't it ... Help give my people their powers so they can save your doomed planet? Hand over the reins to Kal-El and then what? Hmm? Get rid of me?

Tess: If necessary. We need the knowledge of your people to help us reverse the damage we've done here, to show mercy to this planet.

Zod: When I take over those satellites tomorrow, and when I gain my own powers ... you will be the one who needs mercy.

Chloe: Clark?

Lois: Hey, Chloe.

Chloe: Lois!

Lois: Well, it is amazing what four hours of scrubbing a kitchen can do. It simply sparkles.

Chloe: Okay. Let's open a window. I think you may have gotten a contact high with that lemony-fresh scent. And why is your vinyl collection here?

Lois: Drum roll, please. Chez Kent has a new resident. I moved in!

Chloe: Great. We can have you move back to the Talon and all packed up before the sun's up.

Lois: Look, I-I'm sorry that you're, uh, having a hard time with this, Chloe, but this love train has left the station.

Chloe: No, the love train has jumped the tracks. I've seen Clark in love before, and it always holds him back.

Lois: Okay, you know what? It is just a little sad that the only way that you can get close to Clark right now is to play mother hen.

Chloe: Clark is a very private person, and when the chips are down, everyone can see your cards.

Lois: Hey. Clark knows that he can trust me.

Chloe: Just like The Blur? When you were secretly talking to him and you announced it to everyone on national television?

Lois: I never planned for it to happen that way.

Chloe: Okay. Look, you know what? As long as I've known you, you have always had to have the scoop, but when it come to understanding the real Clark, you are always gonna be a second-stringer. You know, this whole Martha Stewart-make over thing isn't fooling anyone. Once Clark knows you, the real you underneath all of this Lois armor, he's gonna see that you're just a scared little kid who runs away the second anything goes wrong. If you really love him, the best thing you can do for Clark is leave him.

Clark: Excuse me. You sold my friend and I some candies the other night.

Fairy: Oh, yeah. That's right. You were with the bitter chick.

Clark: Right. Well, the bitter chick isn't feeling so good. She kind of got sick. I'm retracing her steps. Was there anything in that chocolate you sold her?

Fairy: Uh, yeah. Fat. I ate two boxes and gained three pounds.

Clark: Ok. Thanks. Fairy dust. That was ... that was cute. Where'd you get it?

Fairy: Yeah, I ... I don't know what it is, but it comes from some quarry in Smallville.

Clark: Meteor rock.

[cellphone buzzes]

Fairy: Is that your girlfriend?

Clark: No, she's not my... we don't use that word.

Fairy: Oh.

Clark: Lois? Are you all right? What's the emergency?

Lois: [crying] Oh, um...f-false alarm.

Clark: Are you sure? Cause you seem kind of...

Lois: Kind of pathetic. Right? I mean, why even bother going through the motions, Clark? This whole moving-in together thing was a joke.

Clark: You're not yourself right now.

Lois: Come on! I'm not stupid. I could tell that you just hate that burned brick of meat!

Clark: Let's get you some water.

Lois: Stop trying to sugarcoat it, Clark. I am not good for you, Clark! Chloe was right to protect you from me.

Clark: Well, Chloe can be overprotective sometimes.

Lois: No. She hit the target head-on. She said that it was gonna wreck us, and she's right. Clark, I don't ... I don't know the first thing about family time or dinners at home. I don't.

Clark: Lois, I'm glad that you're opening up to me, but there's something else going on here.

Lois: You're right. Something is going on. I've made a fool of myself long enough. It hurts me to be around you. I have to leave you, Clark ... leave Smallville.

Clark: Lois, you ... you need to sleep on this. I promise things will look better in the morning.

Lois: No, they won't. Clark, I'm a big girl. I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps, thank you very much. I just ... I had hope that somehow I'd be able to pull it off, the whole making-a-home thing.

Clark: Lois, stop. You are home.

Lois: No. A home is for real. For always and forever. Not this. Goodbye, Smallville.

Clark: Lois, you can't leave. Not yet. I promise we'll be together, always and... forever?

Lois: Do you mean it?

Clark: I do.

Lois: Guess we can move my stuff out of the guest room now.

Emil: Clark, it's good you're here. For some reason, Chloe has shut me out of all of Watchtower's systems. Everything's encrypted.

Clark: I'm sorry to hear that, Emil, But I have my own fire to put out. Do you know where Chloe is?

Emil: She's gone. She's activated laser trip wires around the system core. There's firewalls around firewalls around firewalls. I can't get into it. I've tried every iteration.

Clark: Emil, look, I want you to calm down. Just try to relax for once. [blue magic light lights up in Emil’s eyes] Emil?

Emil: Whatevs. This place goes nuclear, it is not my problem.

Clark: I want you to go back to the way you were.

Emil: There are no backsies in this lifetime.

Clark: Where are you going?

Emil: I need a brew. This job's way too stressful.

Clark: I need to figure out a way to reverse this. I think I breathed in some sort of new meteor rock.

Emil: Dude, hasn't anyone ever told you not to inhale?

Clark: This is serious. It's like you and Lois are doing whatever I say, but then I can't un-do it. Normally, Kryptonite only affects me, not other people.

Emil: Sounds kind of like hypnosis to me. People are pathetic. They're open to suggestion. I bet it's great with the ladies.

Clark: How do I stop putting people into hypnotic trances?

Emil: Mm. Well, maybe... you don't need to stop. Maybe you just need to chill. Use it or lose it, Kent. Come on! There's got to be something out there that you're after. Huh?

Clark: There is one thing.

[ air whooshes ]

Lois: [wearing a wedding dress] [on the phone] Oh, Mrs. K., can I really? Thanks so much! But actually, I'm wearing it right now! I found it in the back of your closet. I know. Clark will just love it. Thanks ... Mom.

[funky music]

[Lois dances through the house in the wedding dress]

Lois: [on the phone] Okay, I have breaking news. Brace yourself. I am getting married! [calling her dad] Come on, Dad. Can't we just hitch a carrier to Greece? I'm only getting married once.

Clark: We need to talk.

Zod: Why would I make time for you? You're trying to isolate me from my people.

Clark: You lost your right to lead when you killed my father.

Zod: He was a brother to me. We had our differences, but I could never take his life.

Clark: I want you to tell me the truth. Did you kill Jor-El?

[blue magic light lights up in Zod’s eyes]

Zod: I didn't kill him. But I know who did. Tess Mercer.

Clark: How is that possible?

Zod: Well, she obviously had her own agenda. She was the only one who knew where he was. She was the only one who could finish the job. You are his firstborn. Only you can see retribution.

Clark: I'm not gonna kill Tess.

Zod: It's the Kryptonian way. You cannot let this injustice stand. Kal-El. You knew when you started on this path that you had to get your hands dirty. You must avenge him.

Clark: I... I can't.

Zod: I tortured him. I beat him black and blue. I threatened him, and he still wouldn't give you up. You were the son he never met, and he was still willing to sacrifice his life for yours. He died protecting you and you won't even defend his honor.

Clark: You don't think I want justice? You don't think I want revenge? You don't think sometimes I want to be a killer like you?

[blue magic light lights up in Clark’s eyes]

[air whooshes]

Chloe: [keys clacking] I can't believe she piggybacks my cameras.

Tess: And I can't believe you actually managed to be of some use. Go ahead. Hack yourself silly. You'll never crack my system.

Chloe: This isn't so much cracking as it is bleeding out. This is the digital equivalent to the Ebola virus.

Tess: You take down my firewalls, and you'll be exposing Clark to much greater dangers than you can even imagine. I've done everything in my power to postpone this, but the day has finally come. The tower is ready. It's linked up to the satellites. The countdown has started, and in t-minus 18 hours, the atmosphere will turn red and the Kandorians will have their powers. But I have lost my faith in Zod. If Clark joins them, he can rule over all the Kandorians, even Zod. But you and I have to work together.

Chloe: That's quite the offer. Let me think about it.

[hits Tess]

Chloe: I'm sorry, but embracing the red skies definitely violates my no-conspiring-with-baddie policy.

[Tess attacks Chloe and points a gun at her]

Tess: Should have aimed a little higher.

[air whooshes]

Clark: My father was murdered, and I'm here to collect.

Tess: Collect on what?

Clark: Justice or vengeance. It just depends whose side you're on.

Tess: You confided in me, Clark. You revealed your powers. You know I haven't told anyone your secret.

Clark: Only to sell me out to Zod and the others.

Tess: No. So that you could lead them.

Clark: You've seen the future, Tess. You know what happens.

Tess: Which is why you have to join the Kandorians and defeat Zod so he doesn't take your powers away.

Clark: He doesn't take them, Tess. Your tower does when it goes online.

Tess: No, the satellite just creates a shield that filters the radiation.

Clark: And blocks the source of my power, giving them theirs.

Tess: You have to believe me. I had no idea that your powers disappeared.

Clark: Don't worry, Tess. I'll save your world. Just not with you in it.

[Chloe arrives and holds green kryptonite in her hand, making Clark powerless]

Zod: Alia? Why did you call me here?

Alia: I'm sorry. I did it in the name of Rao. Jor-El ... he thought we were abominations. He would have destroyed us.

Zod: You killed him?

Alia: Justice must be served.

[She gives Zod her gun]

[Zod shoots her]

Clark: [on the phone] Yeah, mom, about the engagement ... there was a miscommunication. They're gonna print a retraction. Sure, I'll tell her. Okay, I love you, too, Mom. [ telephone clicks ] My mom says, "when you're ready, you can borrow it." Do you have any idea what she's talking about?

Lois: Nope. It's Greek to me.

Clark: Speaking of Greece, your dad left a message …

Lois: Oh, you know what? I-I just need to make a few phone calls here. Donna Reed on crack. I just ... I'm never gonna buy chocolate from another fairy. I promise you. I wasn't myself. I don't know what she put in that stuff.

Clark: It's too bad. I kind of liked your outfit.

Lois: You really are an old-fashioned romantic, aren't you? Well, I guess it's easier to complain about Valentine's Day than it is to give it a shot. So, in the face of the candy-coated, emotional manipulation of V-day, maybe I just need to trust that what we have is something more. [cellphone beeping] It's Chloe. She's been really sweet. She left 12 message apologizing for what she said after she found out that I moved in together... with you, here.

Clark: Yeah, we should talk.

Lois: Right. When you asked me to move in with you here, I know it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Clark: Yeah, but it wasn't ...

Lois: and about the whole proposal ... It was a dream-come-true level of "wow," but, um, things are moving a little too fast for me.

Clark: All right. I don't know what I was thinking. We should just stick to our plan and take things slow.

Lois: I am so relieved to hear you say that.

Clark: We just have to continue being honest with each other.

Lois: Yeah. About everything, right? God know I spilled my guts. Clark, if you had a really big secret ... would you trust me with it?

Clark: You're the most trustworthy person I know.

Lois: But I confessed to the whole world that I was talking to The Blur on national television and I really meant to keep that secret.

Clark: I don't think The Blur minds, Lois. You were doing the right thing. You were protecting him.

Lois: But that's not the point. Look, I know it sounds crazy, But I'm just afraid that my big mouth is gonna wreck our relationship one day.

Clark: Don't worry, Lois. It's not gonna be that easy to get rid of me.

Clark: How'd she die?

Zod: By my hand.

Clark: You killed her.

Zod: She confessed she murdered your father. She was one of the zealots who thought he would find a way to destroy us.

Clark: She didn't deserve to die. You've gone too far. Just like when you did when you sent me to see Tess!

Zod: You want to become one of us. You want to live by our ways, and yet, you reject them. Kal-El, when you came to us with your powers, I thought ... I thought it represented hope for all of us, but because you were too weak to do it, I had to kill one of my own soldiers ... to get justice for you.

Clark: This isn't my kind of justice.

Zod: In the coming days, you will see there is only one kind of justice. And then you will have to decide if you really are one of us.

Clark: If you were really under a command to protect me, why didn't you let me kill her?

Chloe: Because sometimes protecting you means protecting you from yourself. You're someone we all have to believe in. Nothing can compromise that.

Clark: Zod took matter into his own hands. He killed Jor-El's murderer. It was Alia.

Chloe: So, now Alia can't slay me in the future like she's supposed to. This means the future that we saw is changing.

Clark: But there's only one way to be sure.

[Clark is standing on a rooftop looking at the solar tower and uses his heat vision to destroy it]

Zod: [speaking to journalists in front of the solar tower] When the first rays of the sun fall upon the solar tower tomorrow morning, it will herald the dawn of a new age of infinite power.

[as everyone looks up in surprise the tower starts to fall]

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