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Smallville Transcripts


First aired October 30th, 2008


Provided by Suzanne

"Previously on Smallville"...

J'onn: I have to run faster interference on these mysterious Good-Samaritan reports.

Clark: Well, that just means I'm doing my job.

J'onn: And it's just a matter of time before someone discovers that.

Tess: This crystal is the only clue that we have, so find me Lex Luthor. Clark, do you know what this is?

Clark: Tess mercer has it.

Chloe: That's the computer she wants me to hack into. Maybe I could take a look at that supercomputer.

Tess: It was stolen. Only a handful of people knew about that device. When I find out who has it, I'm taking it back.

Clark: You're reading all this, aren't you? This is all because of Brainiac.

Chloe: After he attacked me, my hacking skills went from analog to digital.

Clark: We don't know what can happen.

Chloe: Exactly! 495DAE23.JPGSo let's not worry about it until we have to.

Tess: What's the status on the Black Creek facility?

Woman: Completely dismantled, and the guests have been re-assimilated.

Oliver: Lionel Luthor killed my parents. Did you know about this?

Jimmy: Oh, I'm just trying to corroborate my new theory. Metropolis' very own mystery hero. I'm gonna prove that this guy exists, C.K. He's out there.


[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Lois: I write news stories, not fairy tales -- especially ones about mythical saviors that no one's ever seen.

Jimmy: Look, I may not have a name or a face to connect him with, but I am telling you, this stealth crime fighter is as real as it gets.

Lois: The only stealth crime fighter I know about wears green leather and plays with arrows. And I think he's hung up his bow.

Jimmy: [ Sighs ] Lois, this guy is light-years beyond bows and arrows. Trust me -- this is the kind of story that careers are made of.

Lois: Well, without a photo, that story is about as relevant as a five-part expos on the Tooth Fairy.

Jimmy: I bet you Clark won't feel that way after I pitch him the story over dinner tonight.

Lois: Oh, Clark is coming to dinner with us?

Jimmy: Yeah, I had a feeling you were too much of a cynic 495DAE70.JPGfor such an uplifting piece. But, hey, C.K. will be all over this.

Lois: I wouldn't be so sure. As shocking as it might seem, Smallville is no hack.

Jimmy: [ Chuckles ] Wait a minute. Did I just hear you give Clark Kent a compliment?

Man: Give me the purse!

Lois: You're robbing the wrong chick. Jimmy! Get a picture of his face! 495DAEBD.JPG

[ Tires screeching ]

Lois: Oh. I knew I got a good lick in.

Jimmy: Oh, my God. [ Chuckles ] It's him.

Jimmy: ha!

Clark: Hey, Jimmy.

Jimmy: C.K., Have I been dying to talk to you.

Clark: You said it was urgent. Is everything okay?

Jimmy: Everything is 495DAFA2.JPGbeyond okay, Clark. Once you see this picture that I took last night, your life will never be the same. You might want to sit down.

Clark: I think I'll stand. What am I looking at?

Jimmy: Well, it's a -- it's a person. 495DAFC1.JPG

Clark: [ Chuckles ] What, this blur?

Jimmy: Well, he's just moving so fast that he's out of focus.

Clark: Jimmy, it looks like a, um... it looks like a reflection in the lens to me. Maybe there was a police car driving by with red-and-blue lights.

Jimmy: In the middle of a mugging? Don't you think that they would have stopped?

Clark: Well, it's not a person. They can't move that fast. It's not possible.

Jimmy: A few years ago, I would have agreed with you. But you have to admit, 495DAFD5.JPGwe both have seen our fair share of the bizarre and unexplained.

Clark: And what about Lois? She's the one who's supposedly saved. Don't you think it's weird she didn't say anything about it last night?

Jimmy: Not...really. I mean, she's a naysayer, a nonbeliever. She swears that it's her lightning-fast reflexes that came to her rescue.

Clark: So you're saying this blur saved Lois from becoming roadkill and she didn't feel a thing?

Jimmy: See, 495DAFEB.JPGthat's how good he is. I mean, does this have "front page" written all over it or what?

Clark: Jimmy, there's no way that Tess is gonna publish an out-of-focus photograph. I wouldn't even bother showing her.

Jimmy: Too late --caught her in the elevator, and she seemed mighty interested. She even agreed to let you write the copy.

Clark: Jimmy, don't you think you should have asked me if I was interested first?

Jimmy: Clark, I was doing you a favor. I mean, this is a huge story. Look, I've been stuck in Lois' shadow ever since I landed at The Planet, and I'm pretty sure the same is true for you. It's time that we made names for ourselves.

Clark: Jimmy, I'd rather be stuck in Lois Lane's shadow than -- than be in the spotlight for some make-believe story. 495DB00F.JPG

Jimmy: Just...think about it, okay? And whatever you do, just keep it on the down-low. If Lois does get wind of this, she's gonna be all over it like a pit bull on a poodle.

Clark: Don't worry. I won't tell a soul.

Jimmy: Thanks.

Lois: How does a violent criminal walk free? Yes, I've heard of bail --for jaywalkers or shoplifters, not muggers who almost killed me. I hope you realize that I will personally take this up with the mayor. Hello? 495DB036.JPG
[ Sighs ]

Sebastian: There she is. The legendary Lois Lane.

Lois: I know you from somewhere, don't I?

Sebastian: I think I'd remember a face like yours.

Lois: You knew my name.

Sebastian: Sebastian Kane -- new city reporter.

Lois: Are you on crack, detective? How does a violent criminal walk free?

Lois: Well, if you like covering robbery and homicide, you've come to the right place. The crime rate's so high, there's actually a "no vacancy" sign in front of County Jail.

Sebastian: Really? Metropolis seems like a safe haven compared to some of the places I've covered.

Lois: Really? Like where --the gates of Hell?

Sebastian: Iraq. Northern Mosul. I was an embedded journalist when the first troops went in. 495DB068.JPG

Lois: You must have seen some pretty graphic imagery.

Sebastian: A little more than I bargained for.

Lois: Well, I've been pretty much embedded since birth. I'm an army brat.  No actual combat. But if you'd met my dad, you'd be surprised I made it out alive.

Sebastian: In that case, you know what it feels like to be the new kid. This is my first time in Metropolis. I still haven't quite got my bearings.

Lois: You know what you need? Lois lane's guide to surviving the big city. I know all the tips and tricks.495DB08E.JPG

Sebastian: Well, I got an idea. Why don't I take you out for dinner tonight? You can share some of those secrets.

Lois: [ Chuckles light ] Well, my calendar's pretty chock-full, but... I may just happen to be free tonight.

Sebastian: Perfect.

[ Echoing ]

Sebastian: Why so sad?

Tess: Don't ever touch me again.  So, did Lane steal that crystal?

Sebastian: It takes a little more than a handshake.

Tess: Well, then I guess you're gonna have to get a little more intimate.

Sebastian: It's already in the works, but not under your employment. I'm done being your personal peeping Tom.

Tess: Hmm. For a memory thief, your own recall is surprisingly spotty. Do I need to remind you that I'm the one that released you from Black Creek? Hmm? That without me, you'd still be staring at four gray walls, waiting in vain for your freedom.

495DB0DD.JPGSebastian: That favor's been repaid three different times. This woman Lois --she's a good person. I'm not gonna steal her memories.

Tess: That's unfortunate. Because I'm one of the few people that know what a sick, voyeuristic predator you really are -- about the women that you stalked and killed before you ended up in Black Creek.

Sebastian: Those things I did... that was before I could control my abilities. I want a fresh start.

Tess: You'll get it. You will. When you find me that crystal. Or I'll have to place a call to my friends in law enforcement -- tell them about the trail of bodies in your wake.

Chloe: So, I'll talk to you next weekend, okay?

Boy: Yeah.

Clark: I need to talk to you.

Chloe: About Jimmy's latest and greatest snapshot? 495DB121.JPG

Clark: You deleted it, right?

Chloe: Not yet. I wanted to talk to you first.

Clark: What's there to talk about? I'm not gonna let my picture land on every doorstep in Metropolis.

Chloe: It's not like anyone's gonna be able to tell it's you, Clark. You're practically just a smudge on the lens.

Clark: But it is me. People will know I'm out there.

Chloe: And why is that such a bad thing? I know that this is gonna sound totally insane, but think about it. We live in dangerous times, and for people to know that there is someone out there, someone dedicated to saving lives? I mean...that could really mean a lot.

Clark: That sounds great, Chloe, but it's not that simple. This is my secret we're talking about. If people find out, it's dangerous not only for me, but it's a threat to everyone who knows me. 495DB14D.JPG

Chloe: Well, I wouldn't say anything if I wasn't absolutely sure.

Clark: You need to talk to Jimmy, get him off this. You're the only one he's gonna listen to.

Chloe: Jimmy is giving you a perfect alter ego. It's called an alias, Clark. Writers have been writing under pen names since the invention of the alphabet. Oliver Queen has the Green Arrow. I think it's time for you to have one of your own.

Clark: This isn't a debate, Chloe.  We need to protect my identity.

Chloe: Look, when it comes to your secret, I've never gone against your wishes. And I understand what a huge leap this is for you. But that picture doesn't reveal anything about Clark Kent. It simply gives the world something that they desperately need right now. A hero.


[ Knock on door ]

Tess: Kent. [ Scoffs ] You know, for a cub reporter, you tend to step into the lion's den quite often. I hope it's urgent.

Clark: Look, I'm not sure where Jimmy Olsen got the idea that I wanted to write his Good-Samaritan story, but I'm not interested.

Tess: "Not interested." In a potential front-page story. Makes me wonder what you would be interested in.

Clark: Well, it just doesn't feel right to put my name on some manufactured story that's based on an out-of-focus photograph.

Tess: From what I remember, the only thing out of focus on that photo was our red-and-blue white knight.

Clark: But you can't even tell who it is. You can't even tell what it is.

Tess: Exactly. That's what makes it so brilliant. It's mysterious, tantalizing, full of hope and just a hint of danger. 495DB2DB.JPG

Clark: And I'm sure it'll sell a lot of newspapers, but to do it by running a tabloid picture? I doubt that's even something Lex Luthor would do.

Tess: I'm not gonna listen to some lecture on journalistic excellence from a reporter whose biggest by-line concerned a kitten-adoption fair. Okay you asked to be taken off the story. I have no problem with that.

Clark: It's not a story.

Tess: No, you're right.  It's a tease. But Jimmy Olsen tells me he's up to his elbows in research, and with a few more leads, we'll have a face and a name. When that happens, then we'll have the real story.

[ Air whooshes ]

Lois: Smallville? What are you doing here?

Clark: Lois. I didn't realize you were here. I was just...

Lois: Rifling through Jimmy's things?

Clark: No. He left his bag here. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd do him a favor and pick it up for him.

Lois: What, so now you're Jimmy's errand boy?

Clark: I'm his friend.  Anything wrong with that?

Lois: Nothing. But, ooh!  Could you do me a favor? Zip.

Clark: Where are you going all 495DB30A.JPGdressed up?

Lois: Little thing called a date. I know you're fresh off the farm, but sometimes, when a guy likes a girl, he asks her out.

Clark: I know what a date is. So, who's the unlucky guy? 495DB34F.JPG

Lois: New reporter -- started work at The Planet today. Unlike a lot of new hires, he's actually a serious journalist.

Clark: You just met him -- today.

Lois: I know. The sparks were flying everywhere. I'm surprised the bullpen didn't burn right down.

Clark: Do you always wear so little on a first date?

Lois: Got a problem with the way I look?

Clark: No. Just looking out for you.  That's all.

Lois: Aw. Thanks, Clark, but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. 495DB373.JPG

[ Knock on door]

[ Sighs ]

Lois: Behave yourself.

Sebastian: These are for being nice to the new guy.

Lois: How sweet. You shouldn't have.

[ Clark clears throat ]

Lois: Oh, you're probably wondering who the strange man in my apartment is. This is Clark. He's one of the Daily Planet's sharpest errand boys. 495DB3B3.JPG

Sebastian: Well, it's nice to meet you, Clark.

Lois: Clark's actually, um, on his way out. So, don't forget to drop off those papers after you pick up my dry-cleaning. Go. Sorry about him. He's still a little wet behind the ears.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Jimmy: C.K., Be prepared for your career to be launched into the stratosphere. You are definitely gonna want the by-line after you hear this.

Clark: Jimmy, I thought I told you I'm not interested in the by-line on some make-believe story.

Jimmy: You're gonna change your tune once you see my research. I think the Good Samaritan started saving lives right here in Smallville.

Clark: Jimmy, that's a pretty random leap.

Jimmy: Not...really. "Teen Mysteriously Saved in Lake." "Girl Rescued in Robbery." "Freak Accident Saves Woman." Now, all those happened right around the time that you and Chloe were in the Ninth Grade.

Clark: What, did Chloe give you all this? 495DB3DC.JPG

Jimmy: [ Scoffs ] Just because I take pictures for a living doesn't mean I don't know my way around a search engine. Whatever. I think that there's a real possibility that you went to school with this guy.

Clark: And what makes you say that?

Jimmy: Look at all the people involved who went to Smallville High. Then right around the time that you guys graduated, these mysterious incidents, they started... well, they started popping up more often in Metropolis. 495DB3F7.JPG

Clark: [ Sighs shakily ] What's your point?

Jimmy: Um, yeah, I-I'm just wondering if anyone at Smallville High stood out. You know --had...hero potential.

Clark: No, not that I can think of. But even if this guy did exist, don't you think it's his decision to go public?

Jimmy: I don't know. I mean, maybe a little... gentle prodding might do him some good.

Clark: I... I mean, it's not really your choice to make. Be careful with that, Jimmy. It's fragile.

Jimmy: Since when do you take such an interest in my family's photographs? What is it? Look, Jimmy, I got a lot of 495DB441.JPGwork to do. And, uh, I got to fix the tractor, so...

Jimmy:  It's all so clear. That's what's been going on between you and Chloe. She's known this whole time. And... and now this picture.

Clark: Jimmy, you're not making any sense.

Jimmy: No, it makes perfect sense. It's you, isn't it?

[ Beeping ]

[ Beep ]

Computerized voice: System overload. 495DB51A.JPGFatal error.

[ Beep ]

Clark: Chloe? Jimmy knows my secret.

Chloe: What?!

Clark: Between the research and these family photos, he put it together.

Chloe: Oh, my God.  What did you do?

Clark: I denied it.  I didn't know what else to do. I told him I had chores, and then I came over here. Chloe, this is not good.

Chloe: I'm so sorry, Clark.  I should have listened to you. I had no idea he could pick you out of a lineup -- not from that blurry mug shot.

Clark: The important thing is that we find a way to throw him off the trail --for his own good.

Jimmy: You beat me here.

Chloe: Jimmy.

Jimmy: When I left you, you were doing chores. You blurred over here, didn't you?

Clark: Jimmy, that's ridiculous. 495DB542.JPGI-I used all the shortcuts.

Jimmy: [ Chuckles ]  What? What shortcut? I was speeding the whole way. Oh, you know what, Clark?  Why don't you show me on a map?

Chloe: Jimmy. [ Chuckles ]  This isn't a witch hunt.

Jimmy: You've known this whole time. That's the big secret that you've been keeping from me. And I get it. I-I get it. And of course you want to keep it a secret. But you can trust me, C.K. I got your back.

Clark: And I appreciate that, Jimmy. But this deep, dark secret that you believe in so strongly just doesn't exist. And I'm sorry to let you down.

Jimmy: Chloe, you -- you'll tell me the truth, right?

Chloe: Yeah, I mean, the truth is, as much as I wish that Clark could shatter land-speed records, it's just --495DB575.JPGHe's just a regular guy.

Jimmy: You don't trust me, do you?

Clark: She's right, Jimmy. There's nothing special about me whatsoever.

Jimmy: Then I guess I'll have to prove it.

Chloe: Jimmy...

[ Air whooshes ]

Woman: [ Laughs ]

Oliver: Clark. [ Sighs ] Hey, man, uh, listen, if you're looking for a little jaunt to Aruba, you're gonna have to find another plane, because this one's packed. It's all full, and we're about ready for takeoff. Isn't that right?

Clark: When your assistant said you were having your preflight drink, she wasn't kidding.

Oliver: No, she was not.

Clark: I hope the pilot's at least sober.

Oliver: Well, I sure hope the pilot's sober, too, Clark.  He's got to get us there. You know what it is, though, honestly --you just got to get 495DB5AD.JPGin the right frame of mind if you're gonna fly the friendly skies. Isn't that right, ladies?

Woman: Yeah.

Clark: Oliver, I need to talk to you.

Oliver: You know what, Clark? Actually, right now --not the greatest time for me. But I tell you what I can do. I'll drop you a postcard, okay?

[ Women chuckle ]

Clark: It's urgent. 495DB5C0.JPG

Woman: [ Chuckles ]

Oliver: Uh...just give us one second. Thank you. Please. Look what you did. So, what's the latest crisis in your life, Clark? Or did you just come here to lecture me about drinking and flying?

Clark: Jimmy's onto my secret.  He's got this picture --

Oliver: and you're afraid that he's gonna plaster it all over the front page of The Planet -- is that it?

Clark: Yeah.

Oliver: You know what? That might not be such a bad idea. It sure would force you to step up a little bit.

Clark: What happened to you? You've all but given upon the Green Arrow. Did you know that Lois was mugged a block away from your apartment? It seems that every time someone sees you, you have a drink in your hand. Maybe I'm not the one who needs to step up. 495DB5F1.JPG

[ Glass thuds ]

Oliver: Whatever. Listen, you just need to relax. Okay? Sometimes even superheroes need to take a vacation.

Clark: Oliver, I understand that you're still upset with me. I knew that Lionel killed your parents, and I didn't tell you. I made a decision, and maybe it was the wrong one. But you're the only one who can help me right now.

Oliver: Well, I tell you what, Clark. I'll call you when I get back.

Clark: There's no time, Oliver! People have died because they know my secret! Lives have been turned upside down. I can't mind-wipe the people who already know my secret. I can only do my best to protect the people like Jimmy. Don't do it for me.  Do it for him. He's an innocent bystander whose life will never be the same.

Sebastian: So, there's bombs going off everywhere. The soldier next to me gets shot, 495DB631.JPGso the lieutenant turns to me, grabs my notebook, Frisbees it out the Humvee window, and sticks an M16 in my hand.

Lois: Wait a minute --I thought you said your notebook made it all the way to Baghdad and back.

Sebastian: It did -- Once the smoke cleared, I walked about a mile and a half to go find it.

Lois: Wow. So, what about the last few years? What kind of misadventures have you had? Come on. You can be honest about your past.

Sebastian: Where do I start?

Lois: Any big investigations? You know, where you went deep undercover with a drug lord or crime family or maximum-security prison?

Sebastian: Okay, bullets flying over my head is one thing, but stick me in a tiny, little cell, no, thank you. Claustrophobia's a bitch.

Lois: So, you've never, you know, seen the inside of a big government facility? 'Cause that would be a great expos waiting to happen. 495DB663.JPG

Sebastian: You want to hear about the last time I was in a big government facility? I think I was in high school. That's about as close to prison as it gets.

Lois: Really?

Sebastian: Have you ever had your palms read?

Lois: I495DB69E.JPG don't do too well with fortune-tellers. The last one I went to see told me that I was destined to fall for a guy who flies a lot and likes to wear tights. So I'm just waiting for my cross-dressing pilot to make his landing.

Sebastian: Well, I'll only tell you the good stuff, then. Give me your hand.

Lois: Okay.

[ Echoing ] Lois: ...Made it all the way to Baghdad and back  "Wilson Turner." Abilities classified. Homicide. I knew it. You were in Black Creek.

Lois: So... am I going to live?

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Sebastian: Uh... excuse me.[ Chuckles ] I should take this. I'll be back in a moment.

Lois: Okay. Hmm.

Tess: So, are you and Lois getting to know each other?

Sebastian: I scanned her.  She doesn't have your artifact. I know that much.

Tess: Anything besides air in that brain of hers?

Sebastian: She's figured out who I am. She has this flash drive from Black Creek.

Tess: The one she stole from the library. Oh, well. The facility's been dismantled. There's nothing on that that could implicate LuthorCorp. 495DB6ED.JPG

Sebastian: It implicates me. She knows the truth about what I can do.

Tess: Well, it sounds like you're in a bit of a quagmire. Especially in light of the fact that she's an overzealous newspaper reporter.

Sebastian: You might want to find yourself a new reporter. Something tells me Lois Lane won't becoming into work tomorrow.

Tess: Move on to our next person of interest -- Jimmy Olsen.

Lois: [ Sighs ] Well, then, thanks for dinner. Now you'll be able to make it across town without a tour book in your hand.

Sebastian: Hey, you said you had that extra transit map. Why don't I come up and get it? We can have a nightcap. 495DB737.JPG

Lois: I like nightcaps, but, unfortunately, I'm on a lethal deadline. I have to proofread a 5,000-worder due at dawn.

Sebastian: I'm a hell of a speller. Why don't I come up and give you a hand?

Lois: Thanks, but, uh, spell-check is actually my best friend. See you maana. Ugh!

Sebastian:  No one can know who I am. I need that flash drive. .

Clark: Are you ready?

Chloe: Ready as I'll ever be. I don't enjoy driving a speeding car at anyone -- even you.

Clark: It's okay, Chloe. Someone's gonna save me. 495DB880.JPG

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Clark: that's him now. Chloe, remember -- 10:00 on the dot.  Tell me you're sober.

Oliver: Let me tell you something --I wish I wasn't sober. I could be in a cabana in Aruba right now. Instead, I'm hanging out in the middle of downtown on a rooftop with you guys.

Clark: You didn't hear me complain when I had to put on green leather to protect your identity.

Oliver: Clark, you made out with my girlfriend, man. What did you have to complain about?

495DB8AC.JPGClark: Look, Jimmy's gonna be here any second. We cross at 10:00. And, Oliver...don't screw this up.

Oliver: Just keep your fingers crossed.

Clark: Jimmy.  Thanks for meeting me.

Jimmy: Clark, I-I want you to know that no matter what you tell me, I'm not gonna look at you any differently. You'll always be the same old C.K. to me.

Lois: I swear. Ask anyone. I know how to keep a secret.

Sebastian: You recognized me at the Daily Planet.

Lois: And I can just as easily forget. I have a terrible memory. You can trust me.

Sebastian: There's one thing you learn... when you get locked up in a cage for four years. That is, you don' anybody.

Clark: Jimmy, let's go get some coffee, set the record straight once and for all.

Jimmy: Whatever you're comfortable with, man. I'm here for you.

Sebastian: I'm sorry, Lois, but I'm never gonna be locked up again. 495DB8FC.JPG

[ Gun rattles ]

Lois: [ Panting ]

[ Dialing ]

Chloe: On the move, Oliver.

Oliver: Yeah. Let's just get this over with, huh?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Clark: Hello?

Lois: Clark! Help! Help, Clark!

Sebastian: Hey!

[ Grunting ]

Clark: Listen, um, I need to make a phone call.  Just wait right here.

Jimmy: Now?

Clark: Yeah. I'll be right back. 495DB936.JPG

[ Air whooshes ]

Lois: [ Grunting ]

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Thud ]

Jimmy: [ Sighs ]

Man: You're coming with me.

Jimmy: What? No, hey, man.  Just take my wallet.

Man: I don't want your money.

Oliver:  This isn't part of the plan. 495DB967.JPG

[ Click ]

[ Tires screech ]

Clark: Jimmy!  What happened?

Jimmy: Do you actually expect me to fall for that? I know exactly what happened.  You -- you just saved me.

Clark: Jimmy, I wish I could take the credit, but it wasn't me. It was him.

Jimmy: No way.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Indistinct talking ]

 [ Indistinct chatting]

Jimmy: I'm so sorry, C.K.

Clark: Congratulations, Jimmy.

Jimmy: To think that I just about pulled you out of a closet you weren't even in. I feel terrible. 495DBA42.JPG

Clark: Don't feel too bad. Actually, I'm honored you thought I could move with lightning speed.

Jimmy: Well, you might not be superhuman, Clark, but there's a reason that I thought you were the Good Samaritan.

Clark: Why is that -- 'cause I buy girl scout cookies twice a year?

Jimmy: Seriously, C.K. You're the kind of guy that people can count on. Whether it's your friends or strangers, you're always there for them. That's rare. 495DBA75.JPG

Lois: What's rare? A pen that works in this place?

Clark: I heard about your date last night. Ended with a thud. I'm sorry I didn't get your phone call till it was all over.

Lois: I wasn't on a date, Smallville. I was deep undercover on a dinner with a psychopath.

Clark: Hmm.  Sounds like your type. Lois, why didn't you tell me you were working on a story?

Lois: If I told you my secret, it would have put you in harm's way. It was for your own safety.

Clark: Thanks for looking out for me.

Lois: You're welcome.

Jimmy: Hey. Lois. By any chance, did you take a peek at today's front page?

Lois: I certainly did, Jimmy Olsen. I have to say that I've underestimated you. As hard as it is to believe, 495DBA9D.JPGI was saved now twice in two days. Without a doubt, I'm officially a true believer in this red-and-blue superdude.

Jimmy: Oh, hey, guys.

Man: Hey, man, congrats. Time to celebrate.

Clark: Word from above -- the mayor's gonna announce the new fire chief at 10:00 A.M.

Jimmy: [ Scoffs ] My days of covering yawner press conferences are all but over. 'Cause I have a new mission in life.

Clark: I didn't realize you had an old one. 495DBAD7.JPG

Lois: I'm gonna use my expert tracking skills and find this camera-shy superhero.

Clark: Really? Good luck with that.

Lois: Mark my words, Clark Kent. I won't stop until I land the first worldwide exclusive interview. Watch me.

Clark: [ Sighs ]

Oliver: Nice press. I got to tell you, I never realized how photogenic you were -- as long as no one sees your face.

Clark: It could have been a lot worse.

Oliver: Yeah, it could have. I'm surprised you let the thing print, though. I was expecting to hear about some last-minute computer meltdown at The Planet.

Clark: To be honest, it did cross my mind. But then I got to thinking. Maybe my destiny is more than just secretly saving people. Maybe it was also to give people hope, someone to believe in.

Oliver: I knew you'd catch on someday.

Clark: Well, I just wanted to say thank you before you went on vacation.

Oliver: Vacation's over, Clark. I'm headed to Europe.

Clark: On business? 495DBB0D.JPG

Oliver: Uh, yeah.  Kinda. Kinda. You know my friends -- the ones who like to dress up and kick ass? We're having a summit.

Clark: What happened to the party plane?

Oliver: Want to know the truth? I don't know. It's like, when I was zipping across the street, taking that punk down... well, I finally felt like myself again, you know? Because that's who I am. I'm not the party boy who runs off on these lost rum-soaked weekends. I'm not the multinational corporate titan. That's not me. Underneath it all, the person I really am is Green Arrow.

Clark: I'm glad you've finally come around.

Oliver: Clark, I understand, uh... why you didn't tell me about my parents' murder. You were afraid of how I'd take it. And it's -- it's fine. 495DBB46.JPGYou were right. And once I found out, I'm pretty sure my parents wouldn't have been proud of how I reacted.

Clark: Oliver, I have no doubt that your parents would be proud of the person you've become. Except for one thing, and it's just a piece of friendly advice. Don't ever wear that cape again.  It looked ridiculous.

Oliver: Really? I kind of liked it. Sure helped with the aerodynamics.

Clark: [ Chuckles ]

Oliver: You should give it a try.

Clark: Not in this lifetime.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sebastian: Who are you? 495DBB73.JPG

Chloe: I thought you might like a visitor...Wilson.

Sebastian: How do you know me?

Chloe: I was in that facility with you. I know all about your ability to read people like Braille. Now, tell me. That man who stopped you the other night -- How much of his story did you get through?

Sebastian: Let's just say he shouldn't have touched me. Guys like him belong in places like Black Creek.  Why were you in there? You don't seem so special.

Chloe: You know, the human mind is simply a highly sophisticated computer. Download too much information, and it crashes. And all the data's lost.

Sebastian: What's that supposed to mean?

Chloe: Here. Let me show you.

Sebastian: Oh! 495DBBC7.JPG

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]

[ Beeping intensifies ]

Sebastian: [ Grunts ]

[ Beeping slows ]

[ Indistinct talking ]

All unitin thea, we have a 4- in progss.

Corner of liberty and 8th. Uh, what's a 4-11? It's the reasonyou came along tonight.

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